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15 篇文章 贯通 词汇 中英对照
\\15篇文章贯通四级词汇(中英对照)15篇文章贯通四级词汇1、A Question of Rights  [一项权利问题]Unfortunately , a crime was about to be committed but at that moment Lesley was unaware of the impending(即将发生的,迫近的) event , which would affect her life so drastically(极端地,彻底地) for the next years .一项犯罪就要得逞了。而不幸的是,就在那时,莱斯利对即将发生的事毫无察觉。这件事将彻底改变她此后两年的生活。For the moment at least, her holiday at the cottage had been ideal. She had spent many idle hours relaxing on the deck , reading ,eating a sandwich when she was hungry and in the evening watching the sky turn from brilliant orange to peach and finally to pale purple , eventually the light becoming dim . It was about this time that the mist would begin to rise from the cool water hiding in the dense forest that hugged(环绕,拥抱) the shoreline(海岸线). Late evening dew(露水) glistened(闪耀,反光) on every bush and soon the loons' (潜鸟) call would resound (回响) across the water . She decided to take on last dip in the lake. As the cool night air touched her arms. She gave a little shiver and decided it was time to move inside.至少在那个时候,她在小别墅的假期还是很惬意的。她在平台上度过了很多闲适轻松的时光,读书、饿了吃块三明治;晚上,看着天空由鲜橙色变为桃红色,然后变为淡紫色,最后光线终于黯淡下来。就在这时,薄雾开始从隐藏在环绕岸边的密林里的冷水中升起;再晚些,灌木上的露珠开始闪烁,不久,潜水鸟的叫声就会在水面上回荡起来。她决定在湖里最后再泡一会儿。当她的手臂触到夜晚凉爽的空气时,不禁有些发抖,于是她决定该是回到屋里去的时候了。This was to be her last evening alone as Jeff, her former mate, would be returning Zac to her early in the morning. As the case in many marriages these days, problems had arisen between Lesley and Jeff, but they did not extend to Zac. He was a good kid, just entering kindergarten. The couple had come to a mutual agreement , as dictated by the legal custody(监管,保管) agreement .It stated that each parent would share Zac's care every second weekend and this had been her weekend to be alone.这是她在家中独处的最后一个晚上,因为她的前夫杰夫会在早上把扎克送回来。与当时许多婚姻情况一样,莱斯利和杰夫之间出现了许多问题,但并未影响到扎克。他是个好孩子,刚刚上幼儿园。他们达成了一个依法监护的协议,协议规定双亲每两个周末轮换照顾孩子,这是她独处的周末。Jeff was an architect, with a high-profile reputation, who worked in downtown Toronto, a partner in a private corporation which mostly did consultant work for the university. Lesley’s company had been hired to advertise the new science complex in order to raise corporate(公司的) money for the proposed building. She liked her work and she harbored a secret ambition to manage her division of the company some day.杰夫是个建筑师,名声很大,在多伦多市区工作,是一家私人公司的合伙人,该公司主要为大学做咨询工作。莱斯利的公司已经接下了为新的科学综合大楼做广告的工作,以便为计划中的大楼筹集合作基金。她喜欢她的工作,并且心怀抱负:有一天她要管理这个部门。After a whirlwind(旋风般的) courtship(求爱,热恋) and a fairytale wedding the couple had settled down to an urban lifestyle. However, after three years and one child the dreamlike marriage came smashing down. One disadvantage(不利条件) of being young and ambitious(有抱负的) was that both of them needed to devote untold hours to their busy schedules. As a result of these late hours, Lesley became suspicious(猜疑的) of Jeff’s after hours activities. She accused him of making her part of a love triangle. The whole miserable scene was to set the proceedings(过程,诉讼,诉讼程序) for an ugly(不愉快的) divorce in motion.在一段旋风般的热恋和一个童话式的婚礼之后,夫妻俩定居下来,过起了都市生活。然而,在过了三年并有了孩子之后,这段梦幻般的婚姻开始破裂了。年轻而又雄心勃勃的不利之处,就是两个人都要把数不清的时间花在忙不完的事业上。由于经常工作到很晚,莱斯利开始怀疑杰夫工作之余的活动,她指责他让她成了三角爱情的一部分。事情发展到最痛苦的场面就是提出不愉快的离婚诉讼。Daydreaming(幻想,白日梦) about those earlier days would not help tonight. So with a shrug of her shoulders she tackled the advertising assignment she needed to complete. Tomorrow would be a busy day with Zac arriving home.那些对最初美好时光的回忆,对今夜也无济于事。于是,她耸了耸肩,着手处理她必须完成的广告业务。明天扎克到家后将会非常忙碌。The next day, as the morning wore on, Lesley became more and more agitated(烦躁), and her mood became apprehensive(忧虑的,不安的), when Jeff did not appear. When noon hour arrived and he still had not appeared, she started making some phone calls. None of their mutual friends had either seen or talked with Jeff that day. Until today, Jeff had always been very punctual about returning the boy at the appointed time. Lesley felt a knot forming in her stomach as a crazy thought persisted at the back of her mind. She was absolutely sure something was wrong.Jeff sat with his head bowed. He was undecided what to do. The domestic arrangement with his former wife was proving to be awkward. He was frustrated at being able to see his son only on weekends and felt he was always making concessions to accommodate(适应,迁就) Lesley’s work schedule. Every meeting was turning into a competition for the boy’s affection. His one desire was to take Zac away for good. The enormous decision to undertake this plan appeared to be presenting itself. Today he would depart for a conference in California. This appeared to be a marvelous opportunity to take the boy and leave the country for good. He bet that he could pack sufficient baggage into his vehicle and then disappears across the border, gaining entry the U.S.A. He gave little thought to whatsoever of the fact this act could lead to his conviction if he was tracked down by the cops.第二天,随着上午的时间慢慢逝去,莱斯利越来越感到不安。杰夫没有出现,她变得焦躁起来。到了中午,他还没出现,于是她开始打电话。他们共同的朋友都说那天没看见他,也没和他通过电话。以前,杰夫总是非常准时地将孩子送回来。一种不祥的想法在下意识地困扰着她,莱斯利感到恐惧。她绝对肯定是出事了。杰夫低头坐着,他不知该做些什么。和前妻商定的对家庭的安排看来是蠢笨的,只能在周末看看儿子令他沮丧极了。为了莱斯利的工作安排,他觉得一直在迁就。每次相见都变成一场争夺“孩子到底爱谁”的竞争。他有一个心愿就是把扎克永远带走,现在就应做出实施这个计划的重大决定了。今天,他要前往加利福尼亚参加一个会议,这显然是一个带走孩子,永远离开这个国家的绝好机会。他确信他能够把足够多的行李装上车,然后跨过边境,进入美国后就消失掉。如果被警察抓住,这种行为是可以构成犯罪的,可他不再多想了。Meanwhile, for Lesley the nightmare continued to unfold(展现,显露) as the reality of the situation deepened. After 48 hours, the spokesman for the district police department assured her they would investigate Zac’s disappearance. Her faith that justice would be realized was faint. The shock of the past two days’ events made her realize that possibly her son would become one more statistic in the missing children file. The police completed a preliminary survey after asking hundreds of detailed(详细的) questions. Hot lines proved fruitless(无结果的).Meanwhile, over the next year there were countless visits and interviews at the police station and her home. The police appeared to be making no progress in tracking Zac’s whereabouts(行踪). As the days passed, Lesley’s frustration(挫败) mounted and she felt a sense of alarm. Eventually, she decided to take the initiative in continuing the search and she began to use well-established child find agencies. At times, boosted by hopes, she appeared to be on the right trail with a sense of disgust, but her hopes were dashed at the final moment. These obstacles hope. After Zac’s picture was circulated nationwide, telephone calls followed from strangers reporting sightings(被看见的人或事物) of a Zac look alike. Month by month her plan evolved into a campaign equal to a full-scale battle plan. She paid an exceedingly high fee for specialized help, such as the services of an attorney. Lesley became determined to target every major city where Jeff normally contracted business. As the months slopped by, Lesley’s exhaustion became noticeable in her eyes. Her cheeks became hollow pits. Most days she felt as though she did not have an ounce of energy left because proof of Zac’s existence seemed impossible to find.Another year passed and her hopes dimmed. Unexpectedly, late in August a promising lead brought her to Los Angeles.与此同时,对于莱斯利,随着事件真相的不断深入,噩梦也在继续显现。48小时后,地区警察部门发言人向她保证,他们将对扎克的失踪展开调查。她对正义会得到伸张的信心减弱了。最近两天发生的事使她认识到,他的儿子很可能成为失踪儿童名单中增加的又一个新数字。在询问了许许多多的细节问题之后,警察完成了初步调查。热线电话丝毫没有结果。在接下来的一年多时间里,她在警察局和家中接受了无数次的访问和会见。在寻找礼物的下落上,警察似乎并没有取得什么进展。时间一天天地过去,莱斯利感到日益失望,她有一种恐慌的感觉。终于,她决定要争取主动,继续找寻,她开始求助于专门的儿童寻找机构。有时,尽管感到有些厌烦,由于希望的驱使,她还是加入到搜寻线索的行列,但她的希望都在最后时刻破灭了。这些挫折只会令她更坚定不放弃寻找或不丧失希望的决心。扎克的照片在全国传阅,不断有陌生人打来电话,报告说看见了像扎克模样了人。一月又一月,她参与活动的计划安排相当于一场大规模的战役部署。她出高薪请专家帮忙,例如聘请代理人为她服务。莱斯利开始决定在杰夫平日联系生意的每一个主要城市去寻找目标。几个月过去了,从莱斯利的眼里,可以明显感觉到她的确精疲力竭了。她的脸颊深深地凹了下去。大多数日子里,她觉得好像一点儿精力也没有了,因为证明扎克还在的证据看来是不可能找到了。The interior of the bar was dark. Her quest to locate Jeff and Zac had taken two years. She had paid private investigators in American currency to help her locate her ex-husband. In her handbag she carried the necessary proof that would identify her to the authorities if she was successful in being able to bring Zac home again, to Canada. She had been impatient for this moment to arrive for so long and yet now she just wanted to secure her son with a minimum of fuss. Now, right on cue, a tall stranger slipped into the bar and sat down. One glimpse told her it was Jeff. He looked weary(疲劳的) and older but definitely familiar. A chill ran up her spine(脊椎,脊柱). Close to success, she refused to concede defeat. It was the time to remedy the enormous sadness. This time she wanted a guarantee of success. She stared straight ahead with a vacant look, trying to grasp the important moment. Vivid scenes, from the pass two years’ search, flashed(思想等的闪现) through her mind.又一年过去了,她的希望变得更加渺茫。但出乎意料,八月底,一个很有希望的线索把她带到洛杉矶。酒吧里面很暗。追寻杰夫和扎克和下落已经花了她现年时间。她付费给在美国的私家侦察机构,帮她查找前夫的下落。在她的手提包里,有可以向当局证明的必要材料,一旦成功,她就可以将扎克带回家,回到加拿大。她焦急地等待着这一刻的到来已经很久了,而现在她只想找回她的儿子,发行量不要出什么乱子。就在这个时候,一个高个的陌生人溜进酒吧坐下来。她一眼就认出那是杰夫。他看起来很疲惫,显得更苍老了,但还是相当熟悉。一阵寒气掠过她的背脊。马上就要成功了!她拒绝承认失败,这正是治疗巨大伤痛的时刻。这次,她要确保成功。她带着迷茫的神情凝视着前方,努力要抓住这重要的时刻。过去两年的搜寻情景,一幕幕清晰地在她的脑海中闪现。The following day, happily for Lesley, the headline of the local paper read, “Father turns over child, Mother slams system.”翌日,使莱斯利感到高兴的是当地报纸的头条新闻:“父亲将孩子送回,母亲猛烈抨击体制”。Lesley and Zac’s subsequent life could now resume some form of normalcy(正常状态), however, the stress and strain of the past two years would always remain as a part of this renewed relationship in the memory.至于莱斯利和扎克后来的生活,现在可能恢复到某种正常状态了。然而,过去两年的压力和紧张将成为这种重新恢复起来的关系中的一部分,永远留在记忆里。 2、One Chance   [一次机会]The tiny antique silver pin lay in my hand. I stared hard at the solemn face looking back at me from the oval frame. I was looking for some resemblance between my ancestor and myself. Her brow was broad and strong, the eyes kind and forgiving. She wore a stiff black bonnet(无边小圆软帽), a high white collar and a coarsely woven shawl(披肩) around her shoulders. In examining her face more closely, maybe I could identify some similarity around the eyes and the nose. An inner strength shone from the eyes of this diminutive lady who had helped lead her family from Ireland to the New World.那枚小小的旧银别针就放在我的手上。我紧盯着那张从椭圆形镜框里反过来看着我的严肃面孔。我在寻找我的祖先和我自己之间的某些相似之处。她的眉毛宽大浓密,眼睛里温和慈祥。她戴着一顶绷紧的黑色软帽,高白领,肩上披着一条做工粗糙的披肩。再近点观察她的脸孔,或许我能在眼睛和鼻子周围辨认出一些相似的地方。从这位身材矮小的女士的眼里,透射出一种内在的力量,她曾帮助和带领她的家庭,从爱尔兰来到了新世界。The times, in Ireland during the 1770’s, were difficult for everyone. John and Lily Love and all the tenants(租地者,佃户) of the Barren’s Court Estate were suffering after terrible floods destroyed their crops. The landlord was generous in allowing the land rent to fall into arrears(拖欠,还款), due to the difficult times. However, as weather conditions continued to worsen, the little family became pessimistic and felt desperate about the direction of their lives. Nearly every family at this time had at least one member of their family who had left for the New World. The ugly face of famine was lurking(潜藏,潜伏) everywhere. It was not possible with one acre of arable(可耕作的) land to make a living.那时候,在18世纪70年代的爱尔兰,人人处境艰难。一场特大洪水毁掉了他们的庄稼之后,约翰和莉莉·洛夫一家像其他所有的巴伦斯宫廷庄园的佃户一样痛苦不堪。庄园主还算慷慨,鉴于这个艰难时期,允许佃户们拖欠租金。然而,天气状况持续恶化,这个小家庭变得悲观起来,对他们的生活前途感到绝望。那个时候,几乎每个家庭至少有一名家庭成员出走前往新世界。饱受饥荒之苦的憔悴面容到处都是,要靠一英亩耕地生活是不可能的。Late one night, after the children were in bed, John and Lily discussed the possibility of making a reservation aboard a sailing ship bound for America. John had noticed a poster in the town square, that posted by a ship’s owner trying to recruit people for his ship. John knew that conditions aboard ship would not be ideal for Lily, her new infant son and the two elder boys; however, she acknowledged that settling in America would be the only way for the family to gain some independence and to earn a living. More importantly, it was rumored that land was free in the new country. Lily gave her consent to leave.一天夜里,孩子们入睡以后,约翰和莉莉讨论起预定船只前往美国的可能性。就在当天,约翰在市镇广场上看到一张海报,是船主张贴出来招揽乘客的。约翰知道船上的条件对莉莉不大合适,她有一个刚出生的婴儿和两个大点的男孩。但是,她认为在美国定居将是这个家庭取得独立和谋生的唯一出路。更重要的是,据说在那个新国家土地是免费的。莉莉也赞成出去。In port, the sailing ship, Hannah, under the command of Captain Mitchell lay at anchor. The adventure of crossing the Atlantic Ocean bound for Philadelphia would take two to three months. Passengers were assured there would be the best provisions and plenty of barrels of fresh water. Storms could be fierce and living conditions below deck would be primitive. John joined the long queue and eventually after a lengthy wait, reached the revenue table. He affixed(签署名字) his signature to the contract promising to pay five pounds per person for berths(卧铺) aboard ship. The clerk returned the receipt to John indicating that the sum of money had been paid.在港口,那艘帆船“汉纳”号,在米切尔船长的指挥下,正抛锚停泊。跨越大西洋前往费城的冒险要花两到三个月。乘客们被许诺有最好的食品供应和充足的淡水。暴风雨可能很猛烈,甲板下面的生活条件将是很单调的。约翰加入到了那长长的队列里,等了很久以后,终于来到付款台前。他在合同上签了字,按要求为乘坐那艘船的每个人付5英镑。办事员为约翰开了收据,表示钱已付清。Once under sail the three hundred passengers found themselves crowded into miserable conditions. The smell of so many people crowded together was offensive. The breadth of the vessel was narrow and the headroom(净空,头上空间) below deck minimal.可是一上船,三百名乘客发现船上非常拥挤,条件很恶劣。这么多人挤在一起,气味简直让人受不了。船舱狭窄又很低矮。As the tiny craft sailed out of Lough Foyle, and entered the Atlantic Ocean, it started to roll ominously(不吉利的) and those aboard wondered if they would survive the long voyage ahead or be swallowed up by the enormous waves. Seasickness(晕船) was everywhere and people had no appetite. The food, instead of being of high quality as promised, was too often rotten and the water was brackish(有咸味的).小船驶离洛夫福伊进入大西洋的时候,就开始不祥地摇晃起来,船上的人担心他们是否能够安全完成航程还是会被巨浪吞噬。到处都是晕船的,人们没有食欲。伙食没有承诺的那么好,还常常是腐烂的,水也有咸味。Eventually, the winds lessened and the Captain was able to set his sights towards America and become ably steering the ship on an even course(航线). Eight weeks later, plus on day, the Hannah made landfall(着陆) and the Love family disembarked(离船上岸) in America and became American newest immigrants. Gazing at the mainland after so many days of sailing was indeed a glorious sight. The difficult days aboard ship seemed worthwhile. Porters hurried along the docks pushing baggage. Little girls with ribbons in their hair scanned the ship’s decks hoping to get a first glimpse of their father arriving. It seemed to Lily that it took forever to register and to pass through immigration.终于风浪减弱了,船长能够看准美国的方向,成功地驾船工行驶在平静的航线上。八个星期零一天之后,“汉纳”号靠岸,洛夫一家在美国登陆,成为美国最早的移民。经过这么多天的航行,凝视着这片大地,的确令人心旷神怡。看来在船上过的那些艰苦的日子还是值得的。码头上的搬运工在忙着搬运行李。头发上带着丝带的小姑娘们环视着甲板,希望第一眼看到他们到来的父亲。对于莉莉来说,登记和办理移民手续好像没完没了。John said that he would go ahead to scout out some land in the far west of the state. He would push on to the frontier with a bunch of other Irish chaps. Lily and the children could follow more slowly, harnessing the horse and cart to convey their scanty(贫乏的,少的) possessions. The stuff in the cart would include a kettle, dishes, blankets, a chair, a bucket and an axe.约翰说他要先出发,在这个州遥远的西部找一些土地。他和一帮爱尔兰小伙子一起赶往边疆。莉莉和孩子们可以在后面慢慢地跟,坐马车把他们仅有的一点家产运来。车上的那些东西包括一个壶、一个盘子、毯子、一把椅子、一个提桶和一把斧头。There was a perception by the government at this time that the feisty(易怒的,好斗的) Irish would resist any hostile natives refusing to retreat and thus maintaining the western boundary. The Irish, too, were pleased to settle as far away from the government as possible. Instead of purchasing land, they would “squat(占据)” on the property erecting only a temporary, humble shelter to stave off(遮挡) the weather. Once their families arrived, they would inspire the men to build proper cabins. Neither fancy nor elegant, these log structures would be their first real homes. Property boundaries at this time were not marked out with iron rods or stakes in a standard fashion, but rather designated(标明,标出) by natural objects such as rocks, trees and creeks. Confusion and disputes must often have followed later, when these survey points disappeared.After exploring the area around Shirley’s burg, John and his sons rode over Sandy Ridge to survey the property below Black Log Mountain. It was here in a long narrow valley they decided to settle. The valley became known then, and is still called Love’s valley today.那时候,政府认为,好斗的爱尔兰人会抵抗那些有敌意的当地人,拒绝妥协让步,以保住西部边疆。而爱尔兰人也乐得尽量远离政府定居。不需要购买,他们只要支起一个能遮蔽风雨的临时简陋住所,就算占用了这片土地。一旦家人到达,他们会鼓励男人们建造合适的房屋。既不奇特也不优雅,这些原木结构的建筑物将是他们第一个真正的家。那时,地产边界不是用标准的铁棍或木桩来做标志,而是用象岩石、树木和小溪等自然物来界定。后来因为这些测量点消失了,混乱和争执时常发生。At the time, drums were used to forewarn(预先警告) that the natives were going to capture the forts(城堡), which guarded the western frontier. Daily life in this new land, for the early settlers, was harsh and difficult. First they needed to tame the land, chopping down trees, in order to be able to plant crops. At times they needed to defend their land and be wary(机警的) of attacks from wild animals, such as wolves and bears. Mosquito bites caused severe reactions of swelling and itchiness(痒痒). Once the work was done, neighbors would gather for an occasional social function. The children would play for hours chasing butterflies and looking for birds’ nests. The boys would catch frogs and then tease(戏弄) the girls with them. There would be a delicious picnic lunch spread on the grass. John asked Lily to bring some freshly squeezed lemon juice for the picnic. He found the sour taste of lemonade(柠檬汽水) was refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Some of the men would have a drink of homemade(自制的) in the moonshine before striking up a tune on the fiddle(小提琴). Square dancing was popular among the young people and the young lads would leap up to dance with the eligible(中意的,合格的) young ladies. Rivals for a young lady’s hand in marriage would tend to compete to walk her home at the end of an evening. The romantic times were few and contrasted sharply with the stern reality of everyday life.在探究了歇里斯伯格周围的地区之后,约翰和他的儿子们翻过桑迪山脉,在布莱克拉格山下面勘察了土地,他们决定就在这条狭长的山谷里定居下来。因此这个山谷被称为洛夫山谷,直到今天还这样叫。那时候,当土著人来夺取防护西部边界的那些城堡时,他们就使用鼓声作为预先的示警。在这块新土地上的日常生活对于早期的定居者来说是非常艰辛和困苦的。首先,他们需要开垦土地,砍倒树木,以便能够种上庄稼。有时,他们需要保卫他们的土地,提防狼和熊等野兽的攻击以及蚊子叮咬造成的肿痛和奇痒。干完活后,邻居们偶尔会聚在一起举行社交活动。孩子们会玩上好几个小时,去捕蝴蝶,掏鸟窝,男孩子们会逮青蛙去捉弄女孩们,还有布置在草地上的美味午餐。约翰叫莉莉为野餐带去一些鲜榨柠檬汁,他发现柠檬的酸味在炎热的夏天令人清爽,使人振奋。月光下,有的人还会来一杯自家酿的酒,然后便趁兴用小提琴拉上一曲。青年人中很流行方块舞,年轻的小伙子们就会跳出来与中意的姑娘们一起跳舞。晚上,向姑娘们求婚的竞争对手们往往会竞相来到她们的家里。浪漫的时候虽然很少,但却和每天严酷的现实生活形成鲜明的对照。Neighbors were also few and Lily found she was very lonely. She looked forward to the occasional visits of the minister, Robert Ayers, who was a Methodist circuit rider. Meetings would be held in fields or small barns, three to four times a year. At other times neighbor women from over the mountain would meet to make quilts(被子), blankets and cushions and to gossip(聊天) about their respective lives. They would share their secret fears regarding their new lives, their hopes for their children’s future and enjoy each other’s companionship(友谊,伴侣关系).邻居也很少,莉莉觉得孤独。她盼望着卫理公会教派骑马巡回的罗伯特?埃亚牧师的偶然造访。一年有三、四次在田地里或小库房进行集会。另外,有时候,翻山过来的邻家妇女会聚在一起做被子,织地毯和垫子,聊聊各自生活中的琐事。他们分担着对新生活的暗自担心,对孩子前程的殷切期望,并为相互间的友谊高兴不已。Twenty years slipped by and John Love died at the early age of 47. Several years later, son James and his family, as well as widow Lily, his Mother, made the decision to leave Pennsylvania and settle in Canada. They made the arduous(困难的,艰巨的) trek(旅行) over Indian trails, crossing the Niagara River to settle in what we now call Ontario.20年过去了,约翰洛夫在47岁时就过早地去世了。几年后,儿子詹姆斯和他的家庭,还有他的母亲——寡妇莉莉,决定离开宾夕法尼亚到加拿大定居。他们经过艰难跋涉,沿着印第安人的足迹,渡过尼亚加拉河,在今天我们称之为安大略的地方定居下来。I am a Canadian. Having traced my roots and followed in the footsteps of these early settlers, I feel a sense of gratitude to my ancestors who faced extreme difficulties and severe hardship to settle in a new land. Liberty, then and in today’s world, is a priceless inheritance(遗产).Once more, I glanced at the silver pin before returning it to the velvet(丝绒的) box. Once again, I questioned, “What did I inherit from my Love ancestors?” I realize the answer has been revealed while writing this story. I have determination, strength, loyalty and a love of adventure. This is my inheritance.我是加拿大人。追根溯源,沿着这些早期移民的足迹,一种感激之情油然而生。我的祖先们面对艰难困苦,克服重重困难才在这片土地上定居下来。不论那时还是现在,自由都是宝贵的遗产。在把那枚银别针放回丝绒盒之前,我又看了它一眼。我再次问到:“我从洛夫祖先那里继承了什么呢?”在写这个故事的时候,我知道我有了答案。我所拥有的决心、力量、忠诚和对冒险的热爱就是我继承到的遗产。 3-4、A Man and His Castle   [一个大人物和他的城堡]La Cuesta Encantada (The Enchanted[使用魔法迷惑] Castle) is one of the most remarkable displays of power and passion in the world. This marvelous tourist site now known as Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument is better known as Hearst Castle. It is located six hours south of San Francisco and five hours north of Los Angeles. Sheltered by the mountains in northern San Luis Obispo County, the complex of 165rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces(露台), pools, fountains and footpaths draws approximately 800,000 visitors annually. To understand the castle, you have to understand the man who built it, William Randolph Hearst. And to understand the man, you have to understand the land upon which he built his dream.魔幻城堡是世界上最著名的展示才能与激情的名胜之一。这个奇迹般的游览地,就是现在著名的赫斯特圣西蒙国家历史博物馆,它作为赫斯特城堡,则更为有名。它位于旧金山以南6小时、洛杉矶以北5小时车程的地方。这座隐蔽在圣路易斯?奥比斯波郡北部群山之中的综合建筑有165个房间,占地127英亩,有花园、游廊、水池、喷泉和小径,每年吸引大约80万名游客来到这里。要了解这座城堡,你就得了解建造它的那个人——威廉·伦道夫·赫斯特,而要了解这个人,你就得了解他把梦想建在其上的这块土地。Born on April 29, 1863, William Randolph Hearst was the only child of Gorge Hearst and his wife, Phoebe. George was a multimillionaire(千万富翁) who amassed(积聚) his fortune through partnerships(合作关系) in three of the ever largest mining discoveries of copper, silver, and gold ores. In 1865, George began to accumulate parcels of land by obtaining 46,000 acres of the Piedra Blanco Ranch on California’s Central Coast. There he began a successful cattle ranch(大农场), eventually enlarging it to 250,000 acres stretching 50 miles along the coast.威廉·伦道夫·赫斯,生于1863年4月29日,是乔治?赫斯特和他的妻子菲比唯一的孩子。乔治是一个千万富翁,他通过合伙参与三个曾经是最大的铜矿、银矿和金矿的发现和开采,积聚起大量财富。1865年,乔治得到了在加利福尼亚海岸的46000英亩的皮亚得拉布兰可牧场,开始积聚大片土地。在那里,他开始了对养牛场的成功经营,并最终将它扩大到沿着50英里海岸的250,000英亩。William loved the ranch where he spent his summer vacations as a youngster and a youth, playing in the rugged canyons(峡谷), descending the cliffs and camping in colorful Arab-style tents in the mountains with his family.威廉热爱这个青年时期渡过暑假的牧场。在崎岖不平的溪谷里游玩,攀登悬崖,和家人一起在山里华美的阿拉伯式的帐篷里野营。Phoebe was delighted in exposing her darling child to the beauties and wonders of the world and spared no expense doing so. During one of their adventures, an 18-month tour of the historic palaces and castles of Europe, William began a lifelong love of collecting. With his first acquisitions, German picture books, he embarked(着手,开始工作) on a 78-year session of excessive spending. He confessed to a love of the finer things in life and, as he had a bottomless(不见底的) purse, would never deny himself anything he wanted.菲比很喜欢让她心爱的孩子去认识这个美丽而奇妙的世界,花费多少都无所谓。在一次冒险活动期间,他们用18个月游览了欧洲历史上著名的宫殿和城堡,从那时起威廉开始养成收集的终身爱好。他从最初收集德国的图画书开始,进行了长达78年的超级消费。他承认一生中对精美物品的痴迷和热爱,而且因为有一个用不完的钱包,他对想要的任何东西从不吝惜金钱。In 1887, while William was at Harvard University, he decided to take over the small newspaper, the San Francisco Examiner, which his father had accepted as payment for a gambling(赌博) debt several years earlier. George would have preferred that his son be involved in the mining and ranching interests, but William declined this offer and was given ownership of the Examiner in March 1887. He was determined to increase the popularity(普遍,流行) of the paper and acquire the best equipment and writers available. William’s resolve to succeed inspired him to publish juicy(有趣的) tales of vice and stories full of drama and motivation(积极性,动机). In 1895, he purchased the New York Morning Journal, putting him in direct competition with the distinguished(杰出的) Joseph Pulitzer and a circulation(传播,发行) war began.1887年,当威廉在哈佛大学读书时,他决定接管一家小报纸《旧金山问询报》,几年前他的父亲将其作为一笔赌债接收了下来。乔治更希望他的儿子把兴趣放在采矿和经营牧场上,但威廉拒绝了这个建议并于1887年3月接手成为《问询报》的主人。他决定购置最好的设备,邀请最好的作者撰稿,提升报纸的声望。威廉渴望成功的决心,促使他出版有趣的下流传闻和充满戏剧性、引人入胜的故事。1895年,他买下《纽约晨报》,与著名的约瑟夫?普利策展开直接的竞争,开始了一场扩大发行量的商战。Both the Hearst and Pulitzer newspapers started to include sensational(耸人听闻的) stories about the Cuban Insurrection(起义). The stories greatly exaggerated claims of Spanish troops placing Cubans in concentration camps, forcing them to live under substandard conditions, disease-ridden, starving and dying. This style of reporting became known as “Yellow Journalism(新闻事件)”. The newspapers were transformed as the scope of the news broadened and became less conservative. Circulation soared as the public could get enough of the banner headlines and abundant illustrations. At the time, many people believed William actually might have initiated(开始,发动) the Spanish-American War to encourage sales. According to one report, when one of his correspondents, Frederick Remington, requested to return from Havana, William responded that if Remington would furnish the pictures, William would furnish the war. He was once quoted in an editorial as saying, “Make the news thorough Print all the news. Condense it if necessary. Frequently it is better when intelligently(聪明的) condensed.”赫斯特和普利策的报纸都开始刊登有关古巴起义的耸人听闻的故事。这些故事极大地夸大了西班牙部队的行为:他们把古巴人关进集中营,迫使他们在恶劣的条件下生活,饱受疾病、饥饿和死亡的折磨。这种报道形式成了有名的“黄色新闻”。报纸在向扩大新闻范围方面转变,并变得不那么保守了。因为能够使公众获得足够的头条新闻和丰富的插图,发行量激增。那时,很多人相




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