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新视野 大学 英语 读写 课后 部分 答案
新视野大学英语-读写1 1 VocabularyUnit1.1.Give the chance to show his ability, he regained confidence and began to succeed in school.2.It is so difficult to explore the bottom of the ocean because some parts are very deep.3.It was about 30 seconds before Alex emerged from the water; we were quite scared.4.We often assume that when other people do the same things as we do, they do them for the samereasons; but this assumption is not always reasonable.5.There is widespread concern that the rising unemployment may pose a threat to social stability.6.After a(n) comprehensive physical exam, my doctor said i was in good condition except that my bloodpressure was a little high.7.It is well known that China is a country with rich natural resources and a very big population.8.Some people believe that the earth can yield enough food to support at least twice its presentpopulation.9.Sam inherited the gift of imagination from his family, but he lacked the driving power to take action. 10.A bee that found honey is able to transmit to other bees the information they need in other tocollect the honey.Unit3.11.To make our companies competitive in the market, we have to be more creative and productive.12.People are beginning to realize that to transform nature at will is the biggest mistake that man hasever made.13.It is difficult to conclude, what a(n) typical student does in his spare time because every student hasdifferent interests.14.A month ago i wrote to the store complaining about its bad service, but i haven’t gotten a(n) responseyet.15.Some of your suggestions have been adopted , but other have been turned down as they are notworkable.16.All of a sudden, he lost his interest in engineering, and focused his attention on learning a foreignlanguage. 17.If a company decreases health benefits for its employees, they should increases salaries tocompensate the workers.18.I failed to pass the exam although i had worked very hard. I should analyze the causes of my failure.19.When you do yoga,try to regulate your breathing. Don’t breathe too fast and make sure you breatheonly through your nose.20.It was difficult to estimate how many people had been wounded in the earthquake.Unit5.21.The annual conference which i attend every year is going to be held in London in January next year.22.According to the terms of your contract , you must give three month’s notice if you intend to leavethis company.23.We were honored that so many people of distinction and talent were present to discuss the issues.24.The local government has been providing substantial support to them, without which they couldn’thave been so successful.25.The secret agent promised that the information he furnished was obtained from reliable sources. 26.Whether amateur or professional, American football is perhaps the most popular sport in the US. Itattracts a total attendance of over 40 million and is watched by many more millions on television each year.27.Shops try to meet the DIY (do-it- yourself) fashion by offering consumers parts and hardware which they 新视野大学英语-读写1 2 can assemble at home.28.I wonder how she will react to the news if i tell her she is not going to get a raise this year.29.It was apparent that the professor’s lecture failed to impress the students as some of them had leftbefore it was over.30.We all admitted that the trip was worthwhile after we saw a(n) magnificent palace and a fantasticmuseum.Unit6.31.Studies indicate that children who often take part in cooperative programs benefit a lot more thanother children.32.They are such a(n) conventional family-they must have been shocked when their son dyed his hairpink.33.Testing students by examinations has long been regarded as a reliable way to assess students’ability.34.Many power stations have been modernized to give off less pollution, or they were moved further away from the living areas in order to decrease the damage.35.Unemployment has come down slightly , but this does not alter the fact that it is still a majorproblem.36.Mr.smith is not doing well; the doctor told us that several colds hasundermined his health.37.The best way to deal with problems at home is to talk things out calmly and honestly and try to reacha(n) compromise .38.Darwin’s theory of evolution remains controversial partly because it challenges the religious beliefthat God created man.39.It was reported the president had resolved to fight if war was necessary,even if it meant destroyinghis chances of re-election.40.I had to abandon one of my email accounts as it was filled with junk mail. 新视野大学英语-读写1 3 ReadUnit3There have been increased demands for higher education to provide students with better courses andmore opportunities. To deal with this complex issue, colleges and universities are turning to theInternet for quick access to its rich educational resources.Now the internet has been accepted as the preferred technology to many other methods incolleges and universities. Many teachers now routinely post their teaching materials online. A growingnumber of schools offer at least some undergraduate courses over the Internet.There are two different models of making use of the Internet for higher education. The first modelseeks to improve existing courses by using the Internet. This model provides high-speed Internetconnectivity to all students, faculty, and staff. While this model uses the Internet, it doesn’t requiremany changes, and it keeps most existing institutional structures unchanged.A different, more revolutionary model regards the Internet as indispensable to an importantchange in higher education, for it is believed that the Internet can transform teacher-centered instruction into student-centered learning. This, as a result, will bring about basic change to our university education.Answer:1.Complex 2.access 3.preferred 4.post5.undergraduate 6.Seeks 7.connectivity8.require 9.indispensable 10.transformUnit6Nowadays college education cost is rising sharply. More and more college students have to work inorder to generate income to support themselves. But how can you prevent working from interferingwith your study?Firstly, plan your class and work schedules as far ahead as possible. Arrange your classes in a way so that you have one or two days for work.Secondly, use time well instead of burning the midnight oil. Studying late until midnight may makeyou tired and take a(n) consistent toll on your health. Use those 10 minutes waiting for the bus to reada few more pages. If your job has a lot of downtime, use the opportunity to do school assignmentsfrom other students.Thirdly, set a goal for your academic performance. You’ll probably have to decrease your workhours, or even, if possible and necessary, withdraw from the workforce to be successful in study.After all, it is not a good idea to risk compromising your student career with part-time jobs.Fourthly, inform all your professors, teaching assistants and employers about your situation so thatthey can be flexible as well. Winning their support is the best way to keep them on your side.Answer:1.generate 2.interfering 3.schedules 4.burning5.consistent 6.opportunity 7.decrease 8.withdraw9.compromising 10.flexible 新视野大学英语-读写1 4 PrepositionUnit1.1.My family get(by) on my father’s unemployment benefit after he lost his job.2.Many subway riders read books or listen to music in order to make the most ( of ) their time on theway to work.3.In order to make sure he would be able to attend the meeting, i called him up two weeks ( in )advance .4.Experts say our company is amazing in that sales have been increasing steadily (over)time .5.In order to reapthebenefits(of) the physical exercise, you have to exercise regularly, and for at leasthalf an hour each time.6.They all tried to talk all(at)once , but i couldn’t hear anything they said.7.Yellow flowers in the field always remind me (of) my childhood in the countryside.8.We have been practicing for so long and so hard that our team should stand a chance ( of ) winningthe game. 9.Research on genes will openthedoor(to) exciting new medical treatments.10.Every one of you has made a contribution and i takepleasure(in) acknowledging what each of youhas done to make this academic convention such a success.Unit3.11.I fired(off) a letter of complaint to the manager of the store as soon as i found they had sold me apair of mismatched shoes.12.People browse the internet,read newspapers and watch TV to keepup(with) what is happening inthe word .13.The university has set ( up ) another large laboratory for students to design more complicatedrobots.14.I find it very difficult to account(for) the fact that two of our best students failed the exam.15.In the current economy, with unemployment high and competition for jobs fierce, your resume needs tostand(out) for all the right reasons.16.She is getting popular since she appeared in a TV interview last month. Her new movie will no doubt add(to) her growing fame.17.The developed countries should ( take) thelead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providesupport for the developing nations to follow.18.If your spoken English is not very good, then you may be (at)adisadvantage when you are lookingfor a job.19.Their success was due (in)largepart to their well-conceived plan.20.He has been so occupied with his work these days that he barely has time to visit(with) his friends.Unit5.21.I felt terribly sorry to learn that his sister pass away after having fought against cancer for threeyears.22.The Chinese swimmer was left behind at the beginning of the women’ s 100-meter freestyle final,but she didn’t give up and finally took the lead.23.The rich man thinks that he will die in disgrace if he does not give away his money for the publicgood. 24.They have no intention ( of ) letting him go and would like him to stay on after his present contractexpires.25. Up(to) seven million students are graduating from university this year. This will undoubtedly add to 新视野大学英语-读写1 5 the employment pressure in the job market.26.If he is determined to do something, he will do it regardless(of) what other people will say.27.The movie was a complete waste of time. I mightaswell have stayed at home.28.The authorities promise to introduce an effective health service so that people do not need to spendtoo much money when they fallill .29.Thousands of people were (in)attendance(at) yesterday’s strike, which caused great confusion.30.They got to know each other in their 20s and ( to ) this day they are still in close touch with eachother.Unit6.31.The new government has committed to cuttingback(on) emissions of greenhouse gases.32.my parents do not object to my taking part-time jobs, but they remind me not to let them interfere(with) my school work.33.anger, worry, disappointment, these negative emotions takeatoll(on) your heart, brain and body.34.if a person adopts an unhealthy lifestyle, he will surely be (at)risk(of) developing diseases. 35.most people were ready to give up on him when he dropped(out) of school, but latter he returnedand earned his degree.36.drinking too much can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, which (in)turn can leadto heart attack or stroke.37.low-cast airlines are emerging all over Asia; this will contribute(to) the development of the world’sair-travel market as a whole.38.when you move to a new country, you many find the food there strange and you many miss the familiarsmells of the food you areaccustomed(to) in your own country.39.although he kept trying and failing, i always held(on)to the belief that he would succeed one day.40.The tax only affects people with an annual income over $200,000- ( in ) other words , it will only affect the very rich. 新视野大学英语-读写1 6 translationUnit1.孔子是中国历史上著名的思想家、教育家,是儒家学派(Confucianism)的创始人,被尊称为古代的“圣人”(sage)。他的言论和生平活动记录在《论语》(The Analects)一书中。《论语》是中国古代文化的经典著作,对后来历代的思想家、文学家、政治家产生了很大的影响。不研究《论语》, 就不能真正把握中国几千年的传统文化。孔子的很多思想,尤其是其教育思想,对中国社会产生了深远的影响。在 21 世纪的今天,孔子的学说不仅受到中国人的重视,而且也越来越受到整个国际社会的重视。Confucius was a great thinker and educator in Chinese history. He was the founder of theConfucianism and was respectfully referred to as an ancient “sage”. His words and life story were recordedin The Analects. An enduring classic of ancient Chinese culture, The Analects has had a great influence onthe thinkers, writers, and statesmen that came after Confucius. Without studying this book, one could hardly truly understand the thousands-of-years’ traditional Chinese culture. Much of Confucius’s thought,especially his thought on education, has had a profound influence on Chinese society. In the 21st century,Confucian thought not only retains the attention of the Chinese, but it also wins an increasing attentionfrom the international community.Unit5.太极拳(Tai Chi)是一种武术项目,也是一种健身运动,在中国有着悠久的历史。太极拳动作缓慢而柔和,适合任何年龄、性别、体型的人练习。太极拳既可防身,又能强身健体,因而深受中国人的喜爱。太极拳在发展的过程中,借鉴并吸收了中国传统哲学、医术、武术的合理内容,成为特色鲜明的一项运动。作为中国特有的一种运动形式,太极拳也越来越受到众多外国朋友的喜爱。Tai Chi is a kind of martial arts, and a fitness exercise as well. It has a long history in China. With slowand gentle movements, Tai Chi is suitable for people of any age, sex, or body type to practice. It can be used to provide self-defense as well as build the body. Therefore, it has become very popular among Chinesepeople. During its development, Tai Chi borrowed and absorbed desirable elements from traditionalChinese philosophy, medicine, and martial arts, and it has developed into a sport with unique features. As aunique sport in China, Tai Chi is also gaining increasing popularity among many foreign friends.




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