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新世纪研究生公共英语教材 听说(上)答案.pdf

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新世纪研究生公共英语教材 听说上答案 新世纪 研究生 公共 英语教材 听说 答案
1 新世纪研究生公共英语教材听说(上)听力原文LESSON 1Music1 .B. she couldn’t talk to the consultantbefore two2 . c. Ask the school radio station for help3 . d. the book does include the answer4 . B. He probably has a poor memory5 . D. spend some time travelling6 . B the man should refer to theinstruction manual7 . A he has received his telephone bill.8 . B he assigns too much work9 . B he’ll go and watch the fireworks1 0 . A he had bad study habits 1 1 . D Casual dress will be appropriate1 2 . C he wants her to get him anewspaper1 3 . C she’ll try to see what method wasused1 4 . B ask Carol to play tennis1 5 . A he is likely to buy a new printerthe Passage II: American Music1 . D All of the above2 . D Because it has a fast pace andrhythmic beat3 .C The blues is usually played by blackmusicians4 . C Rock music was influenced by theblues and country music5 . C The words of songs differ, and sodoes the enjoyment of American pop musicPassage III: Music in Different Cultures1 . C In Western culture2 . B Classical music and popular music3 . C Music is a special form ofcommunication with supernaturalbeing in Asia4 . D Religious ritual宗教仪式5 . D Friendship LESSON 21 . B She ‘s not going to graduatedschool immediately after graduation.2 . A Hurry3 . C The man should buy a high- qualityprinter.4 . C Where the woman got coupon5 . A She has changed her schedule 2 6 . B the man’s current roommate ismoving7 . D the man won’t be able to go to theparty8 . B They eventually arrived9 . D The man’s apartment is dirty1 0 .D Doris purchased it for her1 1 . C She won’t be able to get thestudent discount1 2 . A She won’t be able to get the book before class1 3 . C She isn’t surprised1 4 . C she needs to read the pagecarefully1 5 . B Send the new students on a bustour of cityPART BPassage I:1 . A Two weeks 2 . C Eight days3 . D Florida4 . C Europe5 . B For skiingPassage II:1 . A Roman ruler2 . D At the end of summer 3 . D To drive a way evil spirits fromtheir home4 . A They throw broken piece of jarsor pots against the sides of friends’houses5 . B ItalyLESSON 3见B 5LESSON 4 EducationPART A1 . D He is satisfied with it2 . C Tom should consider quitting thetrack team3 . D Her skin is sensitive to the sun4 .B They won’t go swimming in the lake that day5 . B The man saw Jane wearing thesweater6 . D The man should get his carchecked7 . C She thinks the cafeteria is tooexpensive8 . A Keep looking for his wallet9 . C To invite him to go to a film1 0 . A She wants to exercise before she runs 3 1 1 . D She worked hard on herpresentation1 2 . A It’s just past ten o’clock1 3 . B He won’t do as the women asks1 4 . B The woman should go toCalifornia to attend the wedding1 5 . C He thinks he selected a nice scarfPART B Passage I:1 . B Post-Civil War developments inhigher education in the USA 2 . B Three3 . C Over one million4 . D Harvard and John HopkinsUniversity5 . D It was not highly developed.Passage III:1 . B Students have to attend schooluntil the age of fifteen or sixteen.2 . C Quebec3 . A Traditional universities 4 . B The relationship between theircurricula , the economy and society5 . D Education in Canada is uniquebecause of its bilingual and biculturalheritage LESSON 5 Life on Campus PART A1 . C .the information may be inaccurate2 . A. he has trouble rememberingwhen things happen3 . D. she needs a warm jacket4 . B. she saw Becky recently5 . B. she isn't really interested in artmuseums6 . C. her roommate forgot to give her the message7 . C .the man is too sensitive8 . D. he regrets that he can't go to theparty 9 . B he feel a littletired1 0 . D. bills behavior could cause him tolose his job1 1 . A. the woman's roommate went toget it1 2 . C. being well rested will help Debra in the exam1 3 . A. he's grow very quickly1 4 . D. he doesn't know how to operatethe computer1 5 . A. discuss the situation with theperson in charge of the dormitoryPART B Passage 1 : Homing Optionsin the United States 4 1 . C. international students国际学生2 . d. the advantages anddisadvantages of living on and offcampus3 . A .a residence hall学生宿舍4 . B. having much privacy5 . D. wasting time in transportation1 . B. the residence hall is very far fromthe sea 2 . D .a computer3 . A. on the first floor4 . D. a group of well-trained staff训练有素的员工5 . B. students are required to havemeals in the dining hall食堂LESSON 6见B 5LESSON 7LESSON SEVEN Health1 . B. reference books are not allowedto be checked out签出2 . D. the man should give up watchingthe movie 3 . C. the man met a friend by chance偶然4 . C. at a newspaper office5 . A. they are equally competent胜任for the job6 . C. ask to have the package delivered送来to his home7 .B. try to find another place to study8 . C. her sweater is not warm enough9 . D. he's too busy to clean the house 1 0 . B. visit her relatives.1 1 . D. Fred probably borrowedsomeone else's sleeping bag.1 2 . B. two new-comers.1 3 . C. professor Johnson's lectureswere boring1 4 . D. Watch the game at home1 5 . C. taking public transportationsaves time Passage I: art in hospitals1 . A. the importance of the quality of the environment in hospitals2 .B. the artists are helping hospitals totransform the environment becausethey enjoy the job very much3 . C. An artist4 . B. 5 0 0 0 5 5 . B. they would need less pain killers.止痛药Passage I I: medicine in britain andamerica1 . B. in Britain, everyone goes to GP全科to receive treatment接受治疗2 . D. the patients may have to wait along time before they can see aspecialist专家.3 . A. See a GP first 4 . C. the cost of medical insurance ishigh to some people医疗保险成本很高5 . A. go to see a GP or an internist l.内科LESSON 9FoodsPART A 1 . B Go to the concert2 . C The woman should find out if shecan reserve a table3 . A The plants may need more light4 . D Buy the woman some magazines5 . C The machine isn’t work right now6 . C She is a fast reader 7 .D The time on her bus schedule mayno longer be correct8 . D the car is in front of somethinginteresting9 . B he can recommend many things todo1 0 . B give the woman her keys at herclass1 1 .C the man can’t address theproblem right then 1 2 . A Find out if a place opens up in thecourse later1 3 . C Take a shower at the gym1 4 . D his cold will go away by itself1 5 . C It’s hasn’t been graded等级PART BPassage I: English Food1 . B it’s not nourishing.不滋补2 . D Because English food oftenprepared rapidly迅速in large quantities where foreigners often eat.3 . C When eaten with fish, coarseoatmeal porridge燕麦粥is tasty andnourishing4 . A Veal小牛肉5 . D Puddings布丁Passage II: 6 l. B Hamburgers, hot dogs ,fried chickenand pizza2 . C Thanksgiving turkey3 . D Egg rolls4 . A Potato chips5 . D America is a land of immigrants.移民LESSON 1 0Introducing Foreign Universities Part A1 . D She doesn’t want anything to eatat that moment2 . A An electrician3 . A he doesn’t mind speaking Englishwith an accent4 . C the man should get his money back5 . C his racket is not usable6 . C The man’s apartment7 . C he should choose a proper color 8 . C go to work9 . B take the woman’s book with him1 0 .B Record himself practicing thepresentation1 1 . D he forgot to return the notes toPam1 2 . B he can’t schedule anappointment for the woman 1 3 . B she wants to watch her sister play1 4 . C she doesn’t plan to move out ofher apartment1 5 . A he isn’t very hungry right then1 . C Cambridge University is the placefor student with discipline problems.纪律问题2 . A the student himself or herself3 . C At least AAB grades at GCE A-level or the equivalent4 . D The founding资金of theuniversity.5 . C they go into a very wide range ofoccupations



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