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新加坡 签证 申请 表格 2015
Tel: ___________________ 电话 Notes: * Tick (√) where appropriate 请在适用处打勾 ( √) APPLICATION FOR AN ENTRY VISA (申请入境签证) PART I – PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT 申请者信息 Name: Name as in Travel Document 姓名 ( 根据旅游证件格式, 用英文填写) Alias (别名) Date of Birth: 出生日期 D D (日) M M (月) Y Y Y Y (年) Sex:* 性别 Male 男 Female 女 Marital Status:* Single Married Separated Divorced Widowed 婚姻状况 单身 已婚 分居 离婚 丧偶 Country of Birth: 出生国家 State/Province of Birth: 出生省份 Race: (e.g. Malay, Indian, Chinese, Caucasian, etc) 种族 (如 马来人、印度人、华人、欧亚人等) Nationality: 国籍 Type of Travel Document Held: 所持旅游证件种类 (如:护照、身份证书、临时身份证明等 ) (e.g. Passport, Certificate of Identity, Document of Identity, etc) Travel Document No.: 旅游证件号码 Travel Document Issued Date: Expiry Date: 旅游证件签发日期 D D (日) M M (月) Y Y Y Y (年) 有效期至 D D (日) M M (月) Y Y Y Y (年) Country of Issue: 签发国家 Place of Issue: 签发地点 Affix a recent Passport-size photograph here 贴上近期 护照照片一张 签证申请表格 ( 请用英语填写 ) FORM 14A IMMIGRATION ACT [CHAPTER 133, SECTION – 55(1)] PASSPORTS ACT [No. 33 of 2007] IMM 14A - 1 - THIS FORM IS ISSUED FREE 此表免费分发 (只限用于中国国内 ) IMM 14A - 2 - THIS FORM IS ISSUED FREE 此表免费分发 (只限用于中国国内 ) Address in Country of Origin 所属国家地址 Country of Origin: 所属国家 Division/State/Province of Origin: 所属省份 Prefecture of Origin 所属城市 County/District of Origin 所属县/ 区 Address : ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 地址 PART II –OTHER DETAILS 其他信息 Occupation: 职业 Highest Academic/Professional Qualifications Attained: __________________________________________________________ 最高学历 Religion/Denomination: _____________________________________________________________________________________ 宗教信仰/ 宗派 Purpose of visit : ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 到访目的 Date of Intended Arrival in Singapore / Period of Visa Applied For: _______________________________________________ 预计到访新加坡的日期/ 欲申请签证的期限 How long do you intend to stay in Singapore ?* Up to 30 days More than 30 days 您预计在新加坡居留多久? 最多 30 天 超过 30 天 If your intended stay in Singapore is more than 30 days, please state the reason for your intended length of stay and the duration. 若您预计将在新加坡居留超过 30 天,请说明理由并注明您将居留的期限。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nationality of Spouse:* Singapore Citizen Singapore Permanent Resident 配偶国籍 新加坡公民 新加坡永久居民 Others (Please Specify) 其他(请注明) Address in Singapore 在新加坡的地址 Where will you be staying in Singapore ?* 您将在新加坡何处住宿? Next-of-kin’s Place Relative’s Place Friend’s Place Hotel Others (Please Specify)______________ 直系亲属处 亲戚处 朋友处 酒店 其他 (请注明) Block/House No.(楼号) : Floor No. (楼层) : Unit No.(门号) : Postal Code(邮编) : Street Name: Tel No: _______________ 街道名字 电话号码 Building Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 大楼名称 Did you reside in other countries, other than your country of origin, for one year or more during the last 5 years ?* 您是否在过去 5年内,除了在您所属国家外,在其他国家居留一年或以上? Yes 是 No 否 If yes, please furnish details 若是,请提供相关详情 Period of Stay 居留日期 Country 国家 Address 地址 From 从 To 至 PART III – ANTECEDENT OF APPLICANT * 申请人申请背景 (a) Have you ever been refused entry into or deported from any country, including Singapore? Yes 是 No 否 您是否曾被任何国家(包括新加坡)拒绝入境或遣返回国? (b) Have you ever been convicted in a court of law in any country, including Singapore? Yes 是 No 否 您是否曾在任何国家(包括新加坡)的法律下被宣判有罪? (c) Have you ever been prohibited from entering Singapore? Yes 是 No 否 您是否曾被禁止进入新加坡? (d) Have you ever entered Singapore using a different passport or name? Yes 是 No 否 您是否曾用其他名字或护照进入新加坡? If any of the answer is “YES”, please furnish details on a separate sheet of paper. 若以上任何一个问题答案为“是”,请用另一页纸提供详情。 PART IV - DECLARATION BY APPLICANT (申请人宣誓) I declare that the particulars and documents furnished in respect of this application are true and correct. 本人谨此声明,本人在这份申请书里所提供的一切资料均属实与正确。 I undertake not to misuse controlled drugs or to take part in any political or other activities during my stay in Singapore which would make me an undesirable or prohibited immigrant under the Immigration Act. 本人保证在居留新加坡期间不滥用受管制药物,或参加任何政治性活动或其他足以使本人成为在移民法令下不受欢迎或被禁入境人士的活动。 I undertake to comply with the provisions of the Immigration Act and any regulations made thereunder or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force in Singapore. 本人保证遵守移民法令的规定以及该法令下的任何条列,或新加坡现行的对该法令所作的任何法定修改或重新制定。 I undertake not to involve in any criminal offences in Singapore. 本人保证在新加坡期间不涉及任何刑事罪行。 I undertake not to indulge in any activities which are inconsistent with the purpose for which the immigration passes have been issued 本人保证不沉溺于任何不符合贵局签发移民证件原意的活动。 I further undertake not to be engaged in any form of employment, business or occupation whilst in Singapore without a valid work pass issued under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act ( Cap. 91A ). 本人进一步保证在居留新加坡期间,在没持有外国劳工雇佣法令签发的工作准证的情况下,不参与任何形式的就业,商业或职业。 I am aware that overstaying or working illegally in Singapore is a serious offence and on conviction, the penalties may include mandatory imprisonment and caning. 本人知道,在新加坡逾期居留或非法工作是很严重的罪行,而且罪名成立时的惩罚可能包括强制性监禁和鞭刑。 I understand that if the Controller of Immigration is satisfied that I or any member of my family breaches this undertaking or becomes an undesirable or prohibited immigrant, he will cancel my immigration pass and the passes of the members of my family, and we may be required to leave Singapore within 24 hours of such cancellation. 本人明白,如果移民与关卡局总监确信本人或本人任何一名家庭成员违背了这份担保书或成为不受欢迎或被禁入境人士,他将取消我与我家人的 移民证 件,而我们可能必须在证件被取消后 24 小时之内离开新加坡。 I understand that this application for and possession of a visa does not guarantee entry into Singapore and permission to entry is entirely discretionary at the point of entry. 本人明白,提呈这份签证申请书以及持有签证都不能成为入境担保,本人能否入境,全视临入境前的情况而定。 I give my consent for your department to obtain and verify information from or with any source as you deem appropriate for the assessment of my application for immigration facilities. 本人同意让贵局向任何视为恰当的消息来源获取或核实资料,以便对本人的移民证件申请作出评估。 Date 日期 Signature of Applicant 申请人签名 IMM 14A - 3 - THIS FORM IS ISSUED FREE 此表免费分发 (只限用于中国国内 )




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