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期末 考前 填空 训练 答案
期末考前完型填空训练(1)I walked into the grocery store, not really wanting to buy anything. I just wanted to stay there quietly-the pain of losing my     1     was still too great. And this supermarket held so many sweet     2    . He often came with me, and always bought me yellow roses.    Standing      3    the meat, I searched for the perfect small steak     4    my husband used to love it.     5      a woman came up beside me. I watched as she picked up a large pack of T­bone steaks, dropped them in her basket,     6    , and then put them back. She turned to go and once again     7    for the pack of steaks. She saw me     8    her and she smiled, “My husband loves  T­bone steaks, but they are so expensive.”    “My husband     9      away eight days ago,” I told  her,  and     10     to control the sadness in my voice.  “Buy him the T-bone steaks.  And     11    every moment you have together. ”         12    by my words, she placed the steaks in her  basket and walked away     13    . But several minutes  later she came towards me again,     14     a package in  her arms. She was     15     the brightest smile I had ever seen.    As she     16     I saw what she held. “These are for you,” she placed three beautiful yellow roses in my hands. I wanted to tell her what the roses     17     for me, but was unable to speak, only watching her walking away.    Looking down at the roses, I wondered     18     she knew it. Suddenly the answer seemed so     19    . I wasn't alone. There were     20    many people caring for me and willing to help me. Just be thankful for what you have and who you are.1.A.father     B.brother     C.husband      D.son2.A.groceries   B.memories     C.flowers      D.dreams3.A.by     B.for     C.beyond     D.against4.A.even ff     B.in case     C.until     D.since5.A.Actually     B.Suddenly     C.Instantly       D.Hopefully6.A.missed     B.suffered     C.doubted     D.hesitated7.A.reached     B.searched     C.sent     D.paid8.A.following     B.helping     C.watching     D.stopping9.A.broke     B.cleared     C.moved     D.passed10.A.decided     B.fought     C.offered     D.pretended11.A.forget     B.recover     C.treasure      D.imagine12.A.Surprised     B.Embarrassed     C.Panicked     D.Frightened13.A.softly     B.violently     C.silently     D.wildly14.A.fastening     B.carrying     C.picking      D.opening15.A.covering     B.rolling     C.spreading     D.wearing16.A.approached     B.turned     C.continued     D.bent17.A.smelled     B.tasted     C.collected     D.meant18.A.what     B.how     C.whether     D.when19.A.accidental     B.strange      C.obvious     D.funny20.A.still     B.just     C.even     D.also(2)I lifted my wet woollen gloves to my face and wiped the snowflakes from my eyes. I could not feel my nose and my    1    formed a thick fog in the air. The biting wind was making me    2     . I was fed up! I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to go home. But Mum and Dad had    3    me to go for a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. I could see my    4    in the snowy path, like a trail of breadcrumbs (一串面包屑) in the forest showing me the way    5        I stopped and listened to my    6    . I could     7    the wind crying like a homeless dog hungry for a delicious    8    The once-green tree     9    which used to wave gently in the breeze, had become bare, and the grass was covered with a        10    blanket of fresh snow. Then I saw a broken spider’s web shining golden beneath a pale sun. My breath was like silky soft    11    floating up into the freezing cold air. Suddenly there was Mum,    12    handing me a big cup of hot chocolate. Her big smile immediately     13    my heart.     “Here you are, Jo. This will keep you    14    ,” she said as she placed a comforting arm around my shoulders and    15    her cheek against mine.     I slowly took a mouthful of the hot    16    and felt it slowly dripping down my throat like lava (熔岩)    17    down a mountainside. My wet woollen gloves were now warm, not    18    My breath warmed, and I was     19    fed up or cold. I was happy and     20    1.A.sweat    B. breath    C. tears    D.words2.A.hungry    B. thirsty    C. cold    D.tired3.A.forced    B. forbidden    C. allowed    D.needed4.A.shadow    B. image    C. shoes    D.footprints5.A.up    B .inside    C. home    D.there6.A.surroundings    B. whispers    C. heartbeat    D.mind7.A.see    B. hear    C. feel    D.smell8.A.Chocolate    B. drink    C. bone    D.snowball9.A.roots    B. Branches    C. trunks    D.leaves10.A.colourful    B. shabby    C.plain   D.white11.A.ice    B.rain  C.smoke    D.light12.A.finally     B.cheerfully    C.gradually    D.unwillingly13.A.melted    B.impressed    C.broke    D.stopped14.A.calm    B.alive    C.warm    D.awake15.A.raised    B.felt    C.dropped    D.pressed16.A.soup    B.liquid    C.meal    D.cup17.A.flowing    B.walking C.jumping    D.squeezing18.A.damaged     B.abandoned  C.frozen    D.worn19.A.either    B.sometimes    C.no less    D.no longer20.A.surprised    B.contented    C.determined    D.warm-hearted(3) In the years before high school, I concentrated much on football and the marching band, tests and grades. That is the     1     that I spent my time in a world of my design.    I have never really let go of my civil engineering     2    . I often imagine how things can be better.     3     construction projects send me into thinking about how the projects could     4     faster, cheaper and safer, and how I could     5     them that way. Sitting on my bicycle for hours watching the houses around mine constructed has let me feel the     6     to work to shape our physical infrastructure (基础建设) into wonderful     7    .    In school, I’m always good at math and truly enjoyed science, and especially history. However, my high school years have had     8    , between balancing homework and football, and     9     poor writing skills a month and a half before I took the SAT’s. Even so I always struggle to     10     the quality of my homework, and every semester is better than the last one. This is the first year I am     11     enough to write AP essays, and that     12     should continue into my college career.     As my life has progressed, I have learned always to stick with     13     things. I make friends perhaps less freely than some,    14     once someone is my friend, I am loyal to them, and so are they, and we have a real, lasting     15    . Football tested me, philosophy classes     16     me, and band hurt my ears, but I     17     with it, just like I still hold my childhood fascination with civil engineering. This     18     of character will stay with it till my efforts pay off. I believe it will make me a (n)     19     college student. That, combined with my longstanding curiosity about     20     our world, is what will make me a great civil engineer someday soon.1.A.truth    B.cost    C.way    D.regulation2.A.ambitions    B.procedures    C.reasons    D.performances3.A.Large    B.Imperfect    C.Entire    D.Unstable4.A.transform    B.increase    C.exchange    D.progress5.A.get    B.share    C.write    D.recognize6.A.relation    B.magic    C.reward    D.necessity7.A.information    B.condition    C.love    D.description8.A.desires    B.achievements    C.opportunities   D.challenges9.A.finding out    B.getting through    C.dealing with    D.looking after10.A.improve    B.access    C.calculate    D.accept11.A.terrified    B.confident    C.sensitive    D.curious12.A.growth    B.failure    C.demand    D.personality13.A.interesting    B.common    C.right    D.complex14.A.or    B.so    C.but    D.and15.A.range   B.variety    C.influence    D.friendship16.A.suited    B.overworked    C.delighted    D.enriched17.A.agreed    B.argued    C.stuck    D.communicated18.A.effect    B.strength    C.connection    D.phenomenon19.A.average    B.bad    C.careless    D.excellent20.A.shaping    B.ignoring    C.viewing    D.understanding(4 ) Mary, 16, was suffering from cancer. As a father, Mitchell always stayed home to care for her. He said the    1    left them financially worse off. Then a group called Growing Hope    2   in with $1,800 to help with his living costs.        3    , he wanted to pay them back. In his    4    , he had been a    5    . So at age 40, Mitchell took up the    6    again, participating in two fights in Fairfax. Mitchell was    7    out in the first and second rounds, but he still    8    to raise $ 20,000 that he gave to Growing Hope. During this time, he    9   his daughter. And for six months, he did little but    10    .    One day, Mitchell    11    a Mark Twain quote --- The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you    12    why. “After I read that quote, I was going to spend the    13    of my life helping kids with cancer and their families,” he said.    Mitchell thought of creating a foundation,    14    boxing did not seem practical anymore for fund-raising, due to his age. Then he found that    15    could be a source to raise money. In the Corps Marathon, he cut a striking figure on the course.    16    by this success, he set his sights higher. He    17    each of the miles of the race to a different child with cancer, and he carried their    18    with him. Years after his daughter’s death, Mitchell now    19    up in the morning knowing his    20    .1.A.atmosphere    B.phenomenon    C.situation    D.poverty2.A.brought    B.stepped    C.took    D.broke3.A.Grateful    B.Hopeful    C.Sorrowful    D.Helpful4.A.life    B.reality    C.memory    D.youth5.A.runner    B.singer    C.boxer    D.fighter6.A.helmets    B.gloves    C.boxes    D.sneakers7.A.knocked    B.sent    C.driven    D.put8.A.managed    B.persuaded    C.failed    D.tried9.A.cured    B.accompanied    C.comforted    D.lost10.A.fight    B.mourn    C.burst    D.work11.A.came upon    B.agreed to    C.looked at    D.depended on12.A.consider    B.ask    C.discover    D.make13.A.forces    B.rest    C.energy    D.resources14.A.yet    B.so    C.or    D.although15.A.fund    B.singing    C.running    D.project16.A.Depressed    B.Moved    C.Shocked    D.Inspired17.A.ran    B.donated    C.competed    D.conveyed18.A.smile    B.parents    C.strength    D.pictures19.A.stands    B.goes    C.wakes    D.climbs20.A.time    B.what    C.course    D.why(5)  The aim of advertising is to change our ideas about things we want and need.    Many ads use people's     1    —like fear or love—to persuade us that we need the product. Think of a TV commercial that shows a woman out     2     in a car on a rainy day, with her two small children.     3    , another car turns in front of her. The mother quickly hits the     4    , and her car comes to a stop. The children are     5     smiling and laughing. The message is: This car will keep you safe. Other examples are     6      that tell you to “take vitamins to prevent heart diseases”, or “buy insurance—    7     your family”.    Commercials for soft drinks often show everyone in the ad is having a good time. The message is:     8     you buy this drink, you will have a good time too. Many ads like this are based on people's     9      for fun and enjoyment.    Advertising for designer products uses people's vanity(虚荣心) to     10     the products. The ads try to create a personality for each brand.     11    , one brand of watches is for people who like adventure,     12     ads featuring an auto racer or a pilot wearing them.     13     brand of watches is for elegant and fashionable people, and the ads show wealthy travelers on a cruise ship. The watches look almost the same—only their images are     14    . When you buy that brand of watch, you are buying the     15     .    After an ad is prepared, advertisers use psychology to make it more     16    . Psychologists have found that people have positive feelings about things they see more often, so the same ad is used for a long time before it is     17     with a new ad. Other studies found that people     18     an ad better when it is fresh in their memory,     19     TV ads are repeated very often. Knowing about     20     in advertising lets us make better decisions about the things we buy.1.A.emotions    B.hobbies    C.senses     D.affection2.A.sitting    B.riding   C.driving    D.waiting3.A.Immediately     B.Desperately    C.Suddenly    D.Slowly4.A.engine     B.seat     C.switch     D.brake5.A.still     B.always     C.just     D.even6.A.quotes     B.slogans     C.comments     D.requests7.A.satisfy     B.raise     C.shelter     D.improve8.A.Unless    B.Until     C.As     D.If9.A.desire     B.habit     C.discovery     D.imagination10.A.preserve     B.produce     C.develop     D.promote11.A.In short     B.Thus     C.However     D.For example12.A.for      B.with     C.through     D.on13.A.Other      B.The other     C.Another     D.Others14.A.elegant     B.different     C.similar     D.flexible15.A.media      B.attractiveness     C.image     D.idea16.A.effective     B.obvious     C.suitable     D.interesting17.A.loaded     B.repeated     C.removed     D.replaced18.A.live on     B.react to     C.object to     D.rely on19.A.although      B.so     C.since     D.but20.A.psychology     B.feelings    C.products     D. message参考答案:(1)1.答案:1.C; 2.B; 3.A; 4.D; 5.B; 6.D; 7.A; 8.C; 9.D; 10.B; 11.C; 12.A; 13.C; 14.B; 15.D; 16.A; 17.D; 18.B; 19.C; 20.A解析:1.根据第4空后的“my husband used...”可知此处C项正确。答案:C2.这个超市有我们太多甜蜜的回忆(memories)。答案:B3.站在肉类食品柜台旁,“我”寻找精美小牛排。stand by“站在  旁边”,符合语境。4.因为“我”丈夫过去喜欢吃牛排。据语境知此处since(由于,因为)引导原因状语从5.突然(suddenly)一位妇女来到“我”身旁。答案:B6.“我”看到她拿起了一大包T字骨牛排,放进篮子里,犹豫了一下,然后又把牛排放了回去。hesitate“犹豫,迟疑”,符合语境。答案:D7.reach for“伸手去拿”,符合语境。答案:A8.她见“我”在看着(watching)她,就笑着说……答案:C9.“我”丈夫八天前去世了。pass away“去世”,是固定短语,符合语境。答案:D10.“我”强忍住声音中的悲伤。fight to do sth.“努力做某事”,是固定短语,符合语境。11.给他买下那些牛排吧,珍惜你们在一起的每一刻。treasure“珍惜”,符合语境。答案:C12.听了“我”的话,她很惊讶。surprised“惊讶的”,符合语境。答案:A13.她把牛排放进篮子里,默默地走开了。silently“静静地,默默地”,符合语境。答案:C14.但是几分钟后,她向“我”走来,双臂抱着一束东西。carry“搬,抱”,符合语境。15.她脸上带着“我”所见过的最灿烂的笑容,表示“面带微笑”,用动词wear16.当她走近时,“我”看清了她抱着的东西。approach“走近,接近”,符合语境。答案:A17.“我”想告诉她这些玫瑰对“我”来说意味着(meant)什么。答案:D18.“我”低下头看着玫瑰,寻思着她是怎么知道。根语境知此用how引导宾语从句。19.突然间答案似乎很明显。obvious“明显的,显而易见的”,符合语境。20.仍然(still)有许多关心“我”、愿意帮助“我”的人。答案:A(2)答案:1.B; 2.C; 3.A; 4.D; 5.C; 6.A; 7.B; 8.C; 9.B; 10.D; 11.C; 12.B; 13.A; 14.C; 15.D; 16.B; 17.A; 18.C; 19.D; 20.B(3)答案:1.C; 2.A; 3.B; 4.D; 5.A; 6.D; 7.B; 8.D; 9.C; 10.A; 11.B; 12.A; 13.C; 14.C; 15.D; 16.B; 17.C; 18.B; 19.D; 20.A(4)答案:1.C; 2.B; 3.A; 4.D; 5.C; 6.B; 7.A; 8.A; 9.D; 10.B; 11.A; 12.C; 13.B; 14.A; 15.C; 16.D; 17.B; 18.D; 19.C; 20.D(5)14.答案:1.A; 2.C; 3.C; 4.D; 5.A; 6.B; 7.C; 8.D; 9.A; 10.D; 11.D; 12.B; 13.C; 14.B; 15.C; 16.A; 17.D; 18.B; 19.B; 20.A解析:1.考查名词。根据本句“—like fear or love”破折号后面的内容是对前者的解释说明,由此可以断定A“情感”符合句意。2.考查动词。根据上下文“一位女士在雨天带着两孩子驾着车,突然,另一辆汽车拐到她前面。”可知C符合句意。3.考查副词。解析见上题。4.考查名词。根据下文“and her car comes to a stop”可知她踩了刹车,所以D项正确。5.考查副词。根据下文“The message is: This car will keep you safe.”可知孩子们仍然在欢歌笑语。6.考查名词。根据下文“take vitamins to prevent heart diseases”, or “buy insurance ... ”可知另一些例子是一些“标语,广告词”,B正确,A“引语”,C“评论”,D“请求”。7.考查动词。根据上文that tell you to “take vitamins to prevent heart diseases” or “buy insurance...”可知买保险的目的是保护家人。8.考查连词。根据上下文可知此处是条件状语从句。9.考查名词。许多像这样的广告都会基于人们对享乐的追求来设计。10.考查动词。为设计师产品做的广告会利用人们的虚荣心推销产品,所以D正确,A“保护,保存”,B“生产”,C“开发”。11.考查逻辑连接。根据上下文可知此处应该是举例说明。12.考查介词。此处是with的复合结构。13.考查限定词。14.考查形容词。根据上文“The watches look almost the same—only their images are”此处破折号为转折,“这些表看起来几乎一样,只有给人留下的形象是不同的”,只有B符合语境。15.考查名词。根据上下文逻辑,“当你买那种品牌的手表,实际上是买这种手表带来的形象”。16.考查形容词。根据上文提示“Many ads use people's ______—like fear or love—to persuade us that we need the product.”“Advertising for designer products uses people's vanity(虚荣心) to ____ the products.”广告利用人们的情感因素、虚荣心来诱导人们买产品,广告也利用心理因素诱导人们买产品。因此此处应该是“更有效(更能诱导人们买产品)”。17.考查动词。心理学家发现人们对他们经常见到的东西会有积极的态度,因此同一个广告会播放很长一段时间再由新的广告替换。18.考查词组。其他的研究发现当广告还历历在目时,人们会更好地回应广告,所以电视广告会经常重复。19.考查连词。解析见上题。20.考查名词。根据上下文逻辑可知此处“了解到广告中运用的心理因素,能让我们对所买的东西做出更好的判断”。6




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