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2016 二级 笔译 真题试译
2016年5月全国翻译专业资格(水平)考试英语二级《笔译实务》试卷Section 1: English-Chinese Translation (50 points)Translate the following two passages into Chinese.Passage 1Jane Goodall was already on a London dock in March 1957 when she realized that her passportwas missing. In just a few hours, she was due to depart on her first trip toAfrica. A school friend hadmoved to a farm outside Nairobi and, knowing Goodall’s childhood dream was to live among the African wildlife, invited her to stay with the family for a while. Goodall, then 22, saved for two yearsto pay for her passage to Kenya: waitressing, doing secretarial work, temping at the post office inher hometown, Bournemouth, on England’s southern coast. Now all this was for naught, it seemed.1957年3月,简.古多尔已在伦敦码头,突然简.古多尔意识到自己的护照丢失了。还有几个小时,间.古多尔就要启程前往非洲进行第一次旅行。一位移居在内罗毕外一个农场的校友,知道古多尔的童年梦想是要去非洲野外生活,邀请她与家人住一段时间。古多尔,那是才22岁,积攒了两年的钱才支付起她到肯尼亚的旅费:做服务员,做秘书,在自己家乡英格兰南海岸伯恩茅斯邮局做临时工。现在,所有这些付出似乎都是白做了。It’s hard not to wonder how subsequent events in her life — rather consequential as they haveturned out to be to conservation, to science, to our sense of ourselves as a species — might have unfolded differently had someone not found her passport, along with an itinerary from Cook’s, thetravel agency, folded inside, and delivered it to the Cook’s office. An agency representative,documents in hand, found her on the dock. “Incredible,” Goodall told me last month, recalling thatday. “Amazing.”很难不让人对她随后生活中发生的事情感到惊奇-对保护、对科学、对我们作为物种的一种自我意识具有重要的影响力-可能会是另外一番生活,若不是有人发现她的护照,还找到护照内夹着的库克旅游局的旅行路线,并把它交给库克办公室,一位旅游局代表手持文件在码头找到了她。“难以置信”,古多尔上个月回忆那天的情景时对我说道。“太不可思议了”。Within two months of her arrival, Goodall met the paleontologist Louis Leakey — Nairobi was asmall town for its white population in those days — and he immediately offered her a job at the natural-history museum where he was curator. He spent much of the next three years testing hercapacity for repetitive work.在她抵达的两个月内,古多尔遇到了古生物学家路易斯.利基-那时内罗毕还是一个白人居住的小城镇-路易斯.利基是自然历史博物馆的馆长,当即给了简.古多尔一份在自然历史博物馆的工作。他用之后三年的时间考验了简.古多尔应对重复工作的能力。He believed in a hypothesis first put forth by Charles Darwin that humans and chimpanzees sharean evolutionary ancestor. Close study of chimpanzees in the wild, he thought, might tell ussomething about that common progenitor. He was, in other words, looking for someone to liveamongAfrica’s wild animals. One night, he told Goodall that he knew just the place where she coulddo it: Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve, in the British colony of Tanganyika (now Tanzania). 他相信,查尔斯.达尔文首先提出的假说人与黑猩猩有共同的始祖。野外对黑猩猩的近距离研究,他认为,可能会告诉我们一些关于共同祖先的事情。换句话来说,他一直在寻找一个与非洲野生动物生活的人。一天晚上,他告诉古多尔,他知道一个地方正好适合她做:英国殖民地坦噶尼喀(现为坦桑尼亚)的贡贝溪自然保护区。In July 1960, Goodall boarded a boat and after a few hours motoring over the warm, deep waters ofLake Tanganyika, she stepped onto the pebbly beach at Gombe.1960年7月,古多尔登上小船,经过几个小时在坦噶尼喀湖既热又深的湖水上的行驶,古多尔踏上了贡贝溪卵石沙滩。Her finding, published in Nature in 1964, that chimpanzees use tools — extracting insects from a termite mound with leaves of grass — drastically and forever altered humanity’s understanding ofitself; man was no longer the natural world’s only user of tools.她发现,黑猩猩可以使用工具-用草的叶子从白蚁丘中获取白蚁。该发现发表在1964年的《自然》杂志上,极大程度地永久改变了人类对其自身的认知:人类不是自然界中唯一会用工具的使用者。After two and a half decades of living out her childhood dream, Goodall made an abrupt career shift,from scientist to conservationist.经过25年童年梦想的实践,古多尔在事业上做出转变,从科学家转变为保护学家。passage 2 Scientists have found the first evidence that briny water flowed on the surface of Mars as recentlyas last summer, a paper published on Monday showed, raising the possibility that the planet couldsupport life.周一出版的一份报纸表明,去年夏天科学家们最新首次发现火星表面上有流动盐水的证据,火星可能存在生命。Although the source and the chemistry of the water is unknown, the discovery will change scientists’thinking about whether the planet that is most like Earth in the solar system could support presentday microbial life.尽管水源及化学性质未知,但本次发现将改变科学家们认为太阳系中与地球最接近的星球是否可能支持当今微生物生命的存在。The discovery was made when scientists developed a new technique to analyze chemical maps of the surface of Mars obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.本次发现是科学家们通过一种新的技术分析由美国国家航空航天局火星勘测轨道飞行器飞船获取火星表面的化学地貌而得出的结论。They found telltale fingerprints of salts that form only in the presence of water in narrow channelscut into cliff walls throughout the planet’s equatorial region.他们发现指纹状迹象的盐深入峭壁遍布火星赤道地带,而这种迹象仅在狭沟内水存在的地方形成。The slopes appear during the warm summer months on Mars, then vanish when the temperaturesdrop. Scientists suspected the streaks were cut by flowing water, but previously had been unable tomake the measurements.这些斜坡出现在火星温暖的夏季月份,然后在温度降低的时候消失。科学家们怀疑条纹是由于水流作 用形成,但在之前不能提供有力的依据。Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter makes its measurements during the hottest part of the Martian day,so scientists believed any traces of water, or fingerprints from hydrated minerals, would haveevaporated.火星勘测轨道飞行器在火星最热天气中的发现提供了有力的依据,科学家们相信任何迹象的水或是纹路的含水矿物都可以蒸发掉。Also, the chemical-sensing instrument on the orbiting spacecraft cannot home in on details as smallas the narrow streaks, which typically are less than 16 feet wide.同时,由于条纹太小还不到16英尺宽,安装在飞行器飞船上的化学感应仪器不能瞄准细节方面。But Ojha and colleagues created a computer program that could scrutinize individual pixels. Thatdata was then correlated with high-resolution images of the streaks. Scientists concentrated on the widest streaks and came up with a 100 percent match between their locations and detections ofhydrated salts.但是欧哈和同事创建了一种电脑程序可以细察到分开的像素,之后发现数据与高分辨率图像的条纹有着相互联系。科学家们集中精力于最宽的条纹,得到位置和探测含水盐100%吻合的结果。Section 2: Chinese-English Translation (50 points)Translate the following two passages into English.Passage 1人口问题归根结底是发展问题。人口的急剧增长,社会经济的迅速发展,给资源和环境带来了空前压 力。我们要关注人口增长与经济社会发展的关系,统筹解决好人口数量、素质、结构和分布问题。The issue of population comes down to an issue of development. A high growth in population andrapid development in social economy have brought unprecedented pressure to resources andenvironment. We must pay attention to the relationship between population growth and socialeconomy development and solve issues of population quantity, quality, structure and distribution byan overall plan.人口流动和家庭结构变化将对公共服务和社会治理带来挑战。大规模的人口流动成为推动社会变迁的主要力量,同时也加快了家庭的小型化、多样化、离散化。Population mobility and family structural changes will bring challenges to public services and socialgovernance. A large scale of population mobility is becoming a main power to promote socialchanges and also speed up / expedite / quicken family miniaturization, diversity and discretization . 我们要大力推进流动人口基本公共服务均等化,着力提升流动人口服务管理水平,确保流动人口公平公正地享受城镇公共资源和社会福利,全面参与政治、经济、社会和文化生活,实现经济立足、社会接纳、身份认同和文化交融。We must carry forward equalization of basic public services to mobile population and focus on levelupgrading to serviced management of mobile population to ensure that mobile population can enjoytown public resources and social welfare in a just and fair way, to fully participate life in politics,economy, society and culture and to attain economic establishment, social acceptance, personalidentification and cultural integration.passage 2 本美术馆以收藏、研究、展示中国近现代至当代艺术家作品为重点的国家艺术博物馆,是新中国成立以后的国家文化标志性建筑。主体大楼为仿古阁楼式,黄色琉璃瓦大屋顶,四周廊榭围绕,具有鲜明的民族建筑风格。主楼建筑面积18000多平方米,共有17个展览厅,展览总面积8300平方米。The art museum is a national art museum which focuses on collection, research and exhibition ofartworks from China modern times to contemporary times and becomes a national culture landmarkbuilding after founding of new China. The main building body is in imitation of ancient lofts - yellowglazed tiled roofs and surrounded pavilions all around, which has a distinctive style of nationalarchitecture. The main building body covers an area of more than 18,000 m2 and has 18 exhibitionhalls with a total exhibition area of 8,300 m 2.中国美术馆现收藏各类美术作品10万余件,以19世纪末至今中国艺术名家和各时期代表作品为主,兼有部分古代书画和外国艺术作品,同时也包括丰富的民间美术作品。Now, the national art museum of China has kept more than one hundred thousand artworks ofdifferent sorts, mainly from China famous artists of late 19th century up to the present and magnumopus in different times as well as some ancient Chinese books and drawings, foreign artworks andan abundance of folk artworks.建馆以来,中国美术馆已举办数千场具有影响的各类美术展览,反映了中国美术繁荣发展的态势,也成为中国与国际艺术交流的重要平台。Since its establishment, the national art museum of China has held different kinds of influentialexhibitions for thousands of times, reflecting a tendency towards prosperous development of China art and becoming an important exchange platform between China art and international art.中国美术馆也注重通过网站及“数字美术馆”项目建设延展公众服务内容和手段,网站3次改版,建成10多个美术数据库,日益成为美术信息发布、检索与共享平台。Meanwhile, the national art museum of China also attaches importance to project establishment ofwebsite and digital art museum to extend public service content and tools. The website has beenrevised for 3 times on version and establishes more than 10 nos of art database, graduallybecoming a platform to publish, search and share art information.




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