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年级 英语 下册 Unit5OurSchoolLife 综合 能力 演练 新版 仁爱 20180724426
英语备课大师 en.eywedu.net【全免费】Unit 5 Our School Life综合能力演练巩固练习Ⅰ. 单项选择。1. Did you talk ______ him yesterday?A. to B. of C. about D. at2. I like Chinese, but I _______ like English.A. don’t B. doesn’t C. aren’t D. am not3. Please ________the blackboard.A. look B. see C. watch D. look at4.—What ________ do you go to bed? —At nine o’clock.A.o’clock B.day C.month D.time5.We have an English class ________ 10:30 ________ Friday.A.at;in B.in;on C.on;in D.at;on6.-_____ does your mother like red? -Because the color makes her happy.A. What    B. Why    C. How    D. When7. I don’t like history because it is ________.A. interesting    B. difficult    C. exciting    D. beautiful8. He often _____ English _____ his classmates. So his English is wonderful.A. says; to B. speaks; with C. talks; withD. tells; to9. Tom often _____ TV on Saturday evenings, but now he is _____ stories.A. watches; reading B. watching; reads C. looks; reading D. watches; looking10.—_____ does he meet his friends?—_____ a month.A. How often; Twice B. How long; TwiceC. When; TwoD. What time; Two【真题链接】1.—So beautiful flowers! I can’t decide _____ for my mom. —For Mother’s Day, it can’t be better to take some carnations(康乃馨).A. when to choose B.which to chooseC. how to choose2. — Look! The old man ______ a big box into the house.— Let’s go and help him.A. pulls B. pulled C. is pulling D. has pulled3. — ________ do you play chess? — I play at least twice a week. A. How much B. How often C. How longⅡ. 完形填空。   It’s  1 Friday. Dave comes to school at 7:15 in the morning. He has maths  2  eight-fifteen. He likes maths  3  it is very interesting. Dave doesn’t like Chinese because it’s ___4___. At eleven he has English. The English teacher speaks very well, but Dave doesn’t like it.____5___ favorite teacher is P.E. teacher, Mr. Smith. He is fun. His class sounds funny. He has P.E. 6  Monday afternoon. So Dave  7  Monday. On weekdays, from Monday to  8 , Dave has ___9___at school at 11:45. After school (放学后) Dave plays  10 on the school playground, then he goes home.  1. A. on       B. at      C. /        D. in  2. A. on       B. at      C. /        D. of  3. A. and       B. but     C. because     D. so  4. A. interesting   B. beautiful     C. difficult     D. easy  5. A. Dave’s     B. he’s     C. Daves’      D. his is  6. A. in       B. on      C. at        D. of  7. A. like      B. want     C. likes       D. is like  8. A. Friday     B. Saturday   C. Sunday      D. Tuesday  9. A. breakfast    B. lunch     C. dinner       D. supper  10. A. a soccer     B. soccer    C. the soccer    D. an soccerIII. 阅读理解。 ADong Yi lives in Beijing.Read and learn about her day.6:50 a. m.My father takes me to school.It takes 35 minutes.7:40 a. m.I start classes.I learn Chinese,math and music.Each class is 45 minutes long.10:50 a. m.Between classes,we get a 10-minute break.I like to go outside and play with my friends in the schoolyard.11:50 a. m.It’s lunch time! I have lunch at the dining room with my classmates.I have rice with meatballs and vegetables,eggs and tomato soup.Sometimes I have beef and carrot noodles.4:10 p. m.My father takes me home.I have some ice cream and then do my homework.After that,I listen to English tapes.7:00 p. m.Time for dinner.We eat meat dumplings,vegetables and rice.After dinner,I play Chinese chess with my father or watch TV.I’m in bed by 9:00.1.Dong Yi gets to school at about ________. A.6:50 a. m. B.7:00 a. m. C.7:25 a. m. D.7:45 a. m.2.At 11:10 a. m. Dong Yi may ________. A.go outside B.play in the schoolyard C.have a break D.have an class3.Dong Yi have lunch _______. A.at home B.at school C.in a restaurant D.outside school4.What does Dong Yi have for dinner? A.Meatballs. B.Eggs and tomato soup.C.Meat dumplings. D.Noodles.B There is a shy girl in our class. She is thirteen years old. She is not tall and she is not short. She is a little heavy. Her face is round,like an apple. She has two big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is big,but her ears are small. Her hair is short and black. She likes red best. But today she is wearing a yellow sweater, blue jeans and brown shoes. She doesn't like getting up early so she is usually late for school. She likes little animals very much. She has a little black dog. They are good friends.5. How old is the girl?She is ________.A.11 B.12 C.13 6. What does she look like?A.She is of medium height and a little heavy.B.She has long black hair and a round face.C.She has two small eyes and a big nose.7. What color are the girl’s shoes?A.Red. B.Yellow. C.Brown.8.What is the girl’s favorite color?A.Red. B.Yellow. C. Brown.9.—What does the girl like?—She likes ________.A.little toys B.little animals C. her cat 【答案与解析】Ⅰ. 单项选择。1. A。talk to/with sb.意为“和某人一起谈话”。2.A。含有实义动词的一般现在时的句子,变疑问和否定句时,需要用助动词do或三单作主语时用does。疑问句把助动词提前,否定句用don’t或doesn’t。3. D。考查表示“看”的几个同义词的区别,look强调看的动作,see强调看的结果,watch强调观看,欣赏。句意强调“看黑板”这一动作,后跟宾语blackboard,所以选D。4. D。提问“具体时刻”要用what time。5. D。在具体的时间点前用介词at,在星期前用介词on。6.B。对话后面的回答是,用连词because来解释“我妈妈喜欢红色的原因”,所以前面句子是用特殊疑问词why来询问,“你妈妈为什么喜欢红色?”。7. B。由前面的句子“我不喜欢历史”,可知是因为历史很难,所以选择B答案。8.B。speak为“说话”之意,讲某种语言用speak。say多指用言语表达自己的思想,强调说话的内容;talk意为“谈话,谈论”,指相互之间的对话;tell意为“讲述,告诉”,指把一件事或一个故事讲出来,有连续述说的意思,故选B。9.A。表示“看电视”用watch,“看书” 用read。在本题中,“Tom经常在星期六晚上看电视”为一般现在时,主语Tom又是第三人称单数,故用watches, 后句“他正在看故事书”为现在进行时,用reading,故选A。10.A。考查特殊疑问词和次数的表达法。how often 提问频度,how long 提问多长时间,when 和 what time 对时间提问。根据题意,“他和他的朋友一个月会面两次。”表示 “两次”,只能用twice,故选A。【真题链接】1.B。根据答语“最好选择康乃馨”可知提问的是不能决定买哪一种,同时decide后应接宾语,故选择which+不定式。2. C。句意为“——看!那位老人正拖着个大箱子进屋。——让我们去帮帮他”。根据后面一句,可推知老人正在拖着箱子,所以用现在进行时,故选C。3. B。根据答语“我一周至少玩两次”,可知前句是在问频率,故选B。Ⅱ. 完形填空。1. C。在表示今天是星期几的时候,直接用It’s+名词,中间不需要用介词。2. B。表示在几点钟的时候用介词at,在表示在某一个年、月、季节的时候用介词in,表示在某一天或者某一个具体的早上、下午、晚上用介词on。3. C。本空用连词because来解释“他喜欢科学”的原因,用because引导原因状语从句。4. C。本空是用形容词difficult来解释他不喜欢数学的原因(数学太难了)。5. A。本句子是用名词所有格Dave’s, 意为“大卫的最喜爱的老师”。6. B。本空是考查介词的用法,在表示某一个具体的上午、下午或者晚上用介词on,本句子是在星期一的下午,所以用介词on。7. C。本句子的主语是第三人称单数形式,所以谓语动词用likes。8. A。从短文的单词weekdays所表示的意思可以理解是从星期一到星期五,所以本空用名词Friday,和前面的from Monday表示“从星期一到星期五”的意思。9. B。从短文句子的时间11:45可以判断是吃午饭的时间,所以用lunch。10. B。动词play和表示球类的名词连用的时候不需要用冠词,所以A、C和D都不正确,选择B。III. 阅读理解。A篇1.C。由句子“At 6:50 a. m. My father takes me to school.It takes 35 minutes.”可知,6点50分去上学,路上花费35分钟,大约在7点25分时到学校。2.D。因为11点50分是午饭时间,一节课45分钟,由此可推算出,在11点10分时,在上课。3.B。由句子“I have lunch at the dining room with my classmates.”可推断,在学校吃午饭。4.C。由句子“Time for dinner. We eat meat dumplings,vegetables and rice.”可知,晚饭吃肉馅饺子。B篇5. C。由第二句“She is thirteen years old.”可知。6. A。由句子“She is not tall and she is not short. She is a little heavy.”可知。7. C。由句子“But today she is wearing a yellow sweater, blue jeans and brown shoes”可知。8. A。由句子“She likes red best.”可知。9. B。由句子“She likes little animals very much.”可知。“备课大师”全科【9门】:免注册,不收费!http://www.eywedu.cn/




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