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年级 英语 下册 Unit5OurSchoolLife 综合 能力 演练 新版 仁爱 20180724427
英语备课大师 en.eywedu.net【全免费】Unit 5 Our School Life综合能力演练巩固练习Ⅰ. 单项选择。1. Sam _____ walks to school. He always goes to school by bike.A. sometimesB. oftenC. neverD. seldom2.—Would you like to come and play soccer, Jim?—_____.A. No, I wouldn’t.B. Good idea!C. Thank you.D. You’re right.3.—How long can I _____ the VCD?—A week.A. borrowB. seeC. buyD. keep4. Don’t make any noise. We _____ to the news.A. listenedB. listenC. are listening D. listens5.—Excuse me, do you have any basketballs?—Sorry, we don’t have any.—_____A. Oh, I want to buy it. B. Thank you all the sameC. Bye-bye.D. It doesn’t matter.6.—Where’s Mike?—He is working _____ physics _____ in the classroom.A.in; problemB. out; problemC.in; problemsD. on; problems7. History is a useful subject. We can learn _____ the past.A. of B. about C. fromD.at8. —What are you doing?—I’m _____ my English book.A. looking afterB. looking atC. looking forD. looking like【真题链接】1. Could you please give me a hand? I can’t complete the task on time ______ your help.A.without B.under C.with D.for 2. There was something wrong with the line.We couldn’t ______ each other clearly.A.listen B.sound C.hearD.speak3. —_____ is it from here to the train station?—It’s about 10 minutes’ bus ride.A.How far B.How long C.How soonII. 阅读理解。 ADear pen friend,Hi! I’m Kelly Hunter. I’m 13 years old. I live in Sydney in Australia. I go to Aranda Junior High School. On weekdays, I get up at 7:00. I usually help my mum in the morning. I go to school at about 8:00. I usually go to school by bike, but sometimes on foot. I get to school at 8:30. Morning classes begin at 9:10. I go to school from Monday to Friday. I have six classes every day. My favorite subjects are English and music. I have lunch at school. We have lots of after-school activities in the afternoon. I go home at four pm. I do my homework after supper. And I go to bed at 9:30.阅读短文,判断对(T)错(F)。1. Kelly Hunter lives in Austria. ( )2. On weekends, she usually helps her mum. ( )3. She studies in Junior High School. ( )4. It takes her one hour to go to school by bike. ( )5. Kelly is writing to her pen pal. ( )B 配对阅读.请阅读以下人员的相关信息,然后匹配他们感兴趣的广告。 6. Mrs. Li’s daughter’s dress is short. She needs a new one.7. Zhang Rui is a boy of 14. He likes to play the guitar and sings on school days. He wants to join a music club.8. Mrs. Wilson is old and she lives alone. She loves animals very much. She keeps a cat. And now she wants some others pets.9. Taylor works in a restaurant, but he wants to find another workplace because he doesn’t like working in a restaurant.10. Betty is a middle school student of Jinyuan Experimental Middle School. She wants a pen friend very much to learn more about English.A. Lovely Dog Aged 5I’ll leave the city and can’t take my dog with me. The dog is very lovely and beautiful. Do you like animals?Tel:887-7891B.WANTEDMr. Black has a hotel on Longyan Street. He needs a waiter. His phone number 417-2011C. Pen Friend WantedName: Gina Age: 14 Birthday: Mar 3rdFrom: America Hobby: music, movie, toys.D. Children’s Dress on SaleNo.11 Clothes Store is selling all kinds of children’s dress. They are beautiful. Call Mr. Green at 0711-1982 if you want to know more.E. Music ClubDo you want to be a musician? Come to our club, and you’ll be very happy in the club. We have lessons about the piano, the drums, the guitar and the violin for just $20 each. Tel: 224-5201.F. Museum ShowPLACE: Shanghai MuseumPRICE: $15($10 for students)TEL: 1379-0088TIME: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-FridayIII. 书面表达。假如你叫汤姆,你的笔友Jack从英国给你写了一封信, 信中谈了他在英国学校中的学习情况。请你给他回信,信中谈谈你所在学校的学校情况,如:你在几年级、学习什么科目、你最喜欢哪门功课、最喜爱哪项体育运动等等。不少于60个单词。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________【答案与解析】Ⅰ. 单项选择。1. C。考查频度副词的用法。本题后半句中always(总是),表明Sam从没有走路去上学。never意为“从未,从来没有”,与题意相符,故选C。2.B。Would you like to…?表示建议,回答用Good idea./Yes, I’d love to. 故选B。3.D。考查“借”的表达方式。borrow为短暂性动词,不能与一段时间连用,keep为延续性动词,可以与一段时间连用,故选D。4.C。根据句意,前句为祈使句,后句应为现在进行时,故选C。5.B。 根据句意,“打扰一下,有篮球吗?”“对不起,没有”。这时,买东西的人还应礼貌性地说“仍然要谢谢”。故选B。6.D。考查动词短语。work on从事于;work out算出,解决; problem为可数名词,本题句意是“Mike正在教室做物理题”,故选D。7.B。learn about意为“了解”;learn from sb.意为“向某人学习”,故选B。8.C。考查动词look构成的短语。look after照顾;look at看;look for寻找;look like看起来像……;根据句意,“我正在寻找我的英语书”,故选C。【真题链接】1.A。句意为:你能不能帮我一下呢?没有你的帮助我不能按时完成任务。A项意为“没有”;根据语境可知,答案选A。2.C。listen意为“听”,强调听的过程,固定搭配为listen to;sound意为“听起来”;hear意为“听见”,强调听的结果,后可直接接名词;speak意为“讲”。句意为:线路有故障。我们听不清楚彼此。此处强调听的结果,使用hear。故选C。3. A。句意:——这儿离火车站有多无远?——坐公交大约十分钟。A.How far多远,问距离;B.How long多久,问时间的长度;多长,问东西的长度;C.How soon多快,问动作多快就要发生。“坐公交大约十分钟的行程”指的是两地间的路程,用how far提问。故选A。II. 阅读理解。A篇1. F。由文中句子“I live in Sydney in Australia.”可判断。注意是Australia,而不是Austria(奥地利)。2. F。文中未提到周末的情况。3. T。由文中句子“I go to Aranda Junior High School.”可判断。4. F。由文中句子“I go to school at about 8:00.”和“I get to school at 8:30.”可知骑自行车上学,路上时间应是半小时左右,而不是一小时。5. T。从称呼上就可以判断。pen friend和pen pal是一个意思,“笔友”。B篇6.D。Mrs. Li女儿裙子短了,所以需要到儿童裙子促销的地去购买,选D。7.E。Zhang Rui想参加音乐俱乐部,所以选E。8.A。Mrs. Wilson 还想养别的宠物,所以选A,收养那只可爱的狗狗。9.B。Taylor不喜欢工作在饭馆,所以可以换到旅店的工作。10.C。Betty想找一个笔友,正好和C选项一致。III. 书面表达。【参考范文】 Dear Jack I am in Grade One in a middle school this year. I have many new subjects. They are English, geography, history and so on. I like English very much because it’s very interesting. Every morning I read English and often see English films in the evening. I have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. After class I do sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I think it’s very relaxing. I know you play basketball very well. Maybe we will have a basketball game some day. Do you think so? Yours,Tom“备课大师”全科【9门】:免注册,不收费!http://www.eywedu.cn/




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