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年级 英语 下册 Unit8TheSeasonsandtheWeather 综合 能力 演练 新版 仁爱 20180724439
英语备课大师 en.eywedu.net【全免费】Unit 8 The Seasons and the Weather综合能力演练I. 单项选择1. —What is the weather _____ in fall?—It’s cool.A. for B. like C. as D.at2. It _____ and some boys are making a snowman outside.A. snow B.is snowing C. snowy D.is sunny3. It’s hot in summer. It’s a good season _____ swimming.A.at B.in C.to D. for4. It is very cold outside. You’d better _____ warm clothes.A.to wear B. wear C. wearingD. wears5. It’s raining now, so you need _____ an umbrella with you.A.to taking B. takes C.to take D. taking6.—Where does Tom plan _____ for his summer holiday?—Bei Daihe.A. go B. goes C. to go D. going7. —Please remember _____ me the weather report tomorrow, Xiao Ming.—OK. No problem.A. tell B. told C. tells D.to tell8. Before Spring Festival, people are busy _____ for it.A. preparing B. prepared C. prepare D.to prepare9.—When is Halloween?—Halloween is _____ the night of October 31st.A.in B.at C. of D. on10. —Wish you good luck in the new year!—_____A. Me, too. B. Thank you. C. All right. D. The same to you.【真题链接】1. —I’m not finished with my dinner yet.—But our friends _______ for us.A. wait     B. waited     C. are waiting     D. were waiting 2. I really need to take more exercise because I’m weight. A. putting off B. putting on C. putting down D. putting away3. I had some _______,vegetables and two eggs for dinner.A.rice B.noodle C.bananaII. 完形填空In Britain(英国), winter is not very cold 1 summer is not very hot. There is not a great difference 2 summer and winter. 3 is this?Britain has a warm winter and a cool summer because it is an island(岛) country. In winter the sea is warmer than the land. The winds from the sea 4 warm air to Britain. In summer the sea is cooler than the land. The winds from the sea bring 5 air to Britain.The winds from the west(西部) blow 6 Britain all the year. They blow from the southwest(西南部). They are wet(湿的) 7 . They bring rain to Britain all the year. Britain has 8 rain all the year. The west of Britain is wetter than the east(东部). The winds must blow over the highland(高原) in the west. They drop more rain there. The east of Britain is drier(更干) than the west.The four seasons are 9 three months long. Winter is in December, January and February. Spring lasts 10 March to May. Summer is in June, July and August. Fall is in September, October and November.1. A. orB. butC. andD. so2. A. betweenB. from C. withD. in3. A. WhatB. Why C. HowD. Where4. A. carryB. take C. bringD. get5. A. coolB. cooler C. warmD. warmer6. A. overB. under C. atD. on7. A. rainB. rains C. windD. winds8. A. manyB. a lot C. a lot ofD. a few9. A. everyB. both C. allD. between10. A. fromB. inC. atD. onIII. 阅读理解 AIt is a beautiful spring morning. There isn’t a cloud, and the sun is warm but not too hot. So Mr. Green is surprised when he sees an old man at the bus stop with a big strong black umbrella in his hand.Mr. Green says to him, “Do you think we are going to have rain today?”“No,” says the old man,“I don’t think so.”“Then are you carrying the umbrella to keep the sun off you?”“No, the sun is not very hot in spring.”Mr. Green looks at the big umbrella again, then the man says, “I am an old man, and my legs are not very strong. So I really need a walking stick(拐杖). When I carry a walking stick, people will say, ‘Look at that poor man.’ And I don’t like that. When I carry an umbrella in fine weather, people only say, ‘Look at that foolish man.’ ”1. Where does Mr. Green meet the old man?A. In the bus. B. Near the bus stop.C. At the bus stop.D. In a big shop.2. How does Mr. Green feel when he sees the old man with an umbrella in his hand?A. He feels worried.B. He feels surprised.C. He feels happy.D. He feels sad.3. What colour is the old man’s umbrella?A. Black. B. Blue. C. Brown. D. White.4. What is the weather like?A. Cloudy. B. Rainy. C. Fine. D. Windy.5. What do people think of the old man when he carries an umbrella in fine weather?A. He is very strong. B. He is very foolish.C. He is very poor. D. He is healthy.BIt was nearly dark, the sun was dropping down the mountains far away. Little Tom came back home, with tears in his eyes. “What’s the matter, Tom? How’s your trip?” his mother asked with a big smile. “I failed. The mountain is so high and full of big or small stones on the way, I still go ahead. But I was tired and it was so late that I had to come back.” Tom cried. “It doesn’t matter. You are only 14 years old after all. You will have another chance.” his mother said. “But, standing at the top of the mountain is my dream!” Tom said. His father came over and asked, “Did you see the green trees on your way to the mountain?” “Sure, and there are a lot of beautiful flowers by the side of the road.” Tom replied. “Did you hear the birds singing?” his father asked. “There were many kinds of birds singing in the trees, and the sound was very sweet.” Tom said. “Did you feel the beauty of nature?” his father asked. “Yes, the blue sky, the white clouds, the green trees and the colorful flowers made a nice picture.” Tom answered. “That’s enough!” his father smiled and said, “Please remember, son. For often, achieving what you expect is not the most important thing. Although you didn’t reach the top of the mountain, you got a lot on the way.” It is true that not every goal will be achieved, not every job will end up with a success, and not every dream will come true. The most beautiful scenery (风景) is on the way. 6. Tom got back home when the sun was dropping. A. slowly B. sadly C. quickly D. Early7. Tom’s parents wanted Tom . A. to be friendly B. to be happy C. to be clever D. to be healthy 8. What’s the main reason that Tom didn’t reach the top of the mountain? A. The mountain was so high.B. The way was full of big or small stones.C. He was tired and it was so late.D. He was only 14 years old.9. Tom saw a lot of things on the way to the mountain except .A. clear water B. blue sky C. colorful flowers D. green trees【答案与解析】I. 单项选择。1. B。考查询问天气的固定句型“What’s the weather like …?”,故选B。2. B。考查动词现在进行时的用法,题干中有“some boys are making a snowman”,因此时态是现在进行时,故选B。3. D。考查It’s good … for … 句型,for后边可以跟名词或动名词,C项to后边要跟动词原形,故选D。4. B。考查固定用法had better (do sth.) 意为“最好(做某事)”。5. C。考查need to do sth. 意为“需要做某事”,故选C。6. C。考查固定用法plan to do sth. 意为“计划去做某事”,故选C。7. D。考查 remember to do sth. 表示“记着(要去做)某事”,remember doing sth. 表示“记得做过某事”,故选D。8. A。考查固定句型。be busy doing sth.意为“忙于做某事”。在be busy 后要求动词用v.-ing形式,故选A。9. D。考查时间前介词的用法,本题虽然有night 出现,但在具体的某一天的夜晚仍要用on,故选D。10. D。回答彼此共同的节日问候,应说“The same to you.” ;表示和对方看法相同则用“Me, too.”;表示感谢时用“Thank you. ”;表示同意则说“All right. ”。本句问候的是圣诞节,是共同的节日,故选D。I. 单项选择。【真题链接】1. C。根据句意可知“我的晚饭还没有吃完,但是朋友们正在等我们”,应用现在进行时。故选C。2. B。此题意为:因为我体重在增加,所以需要多参加锻炼。put on weight意为“增加体重,发福”符合题意。put off “推迟”; put down“放下,记下”;put away“收起来,放好”均不符合题意。3.A。rice意为“米饭”,是不可数名词;noodle意为“面条”,是可数名词;banana意为“香蕉”,是可数名词。some后接不可数名词或可数名词复数形式。故选A。II. 完形填空。1. C。and 表示“和,又”,表并列;or往往用在选择疑问句中;but表转折;so表因果关系,故选C。2. A。考查固定搭配 between … and … 意为“在……和……之间”,故选A。3. B。本句意为“这是什么原因?”,问为什么,要用疑问副词why。4. C。bring带来;take带走,故选C。5. A。根据句意,与上文对应,选形容词cool。6. A。over在……的上方;under 在……下边;at 在某个点上;on 在……(表面)之上,故选A。7. D。They指的是上文的winds。8. C。后面的rain是不可数名词,a lot of既可修饰可数名词,又可以修饰不可数名词;a lot不能直接修饰名词;many和a few修饰可数名词,故选C。9. C。all 修饰三者或三者以上;every每一个;both 两个都;between两者之间。因为主语是四个季节,所以用all。10. A。last from … to … 表示“从……持续到……”。III. 阅读理解。A篇1. C。由第一段中“he sees an old man at the bus stop”得知。2. B。由第一段第三句中“So Mr. Green is surprised …”可知。3. A。由第一段最后一句中“with a big strong black umbrella”可知。4. C。由第一段第二句中“the sun is warm”可知。5. B。根据文章最后一句“When I carry an umbrella in fine weather, people only say, ‘Look at that foolish man.’ ”,可知人们认为 He is foolish。B篇6. B。根据短文第一段中“Little Tom came back home, with tears in his eyes.” 和第二段中Tom所说的话中可知Tom是伤心的。7. B。根据第二中“I failed. The mountain is so high and full of big or small stones on the way, I still go ahead. But I was tired and it was so late that I had to come back.” Tom cried.可知Tom是因没爬到山顶而伤心,后文Tom的父母都劝他以使他开心,故选B。8. C。根据文中“The mountain is so high and full of big or small stones on the way, I still go ahead. But I was tired and it was so late that I had to come back.”可知主要原因是答案C。9. A。根据Tom和他父亲的对话内容可知Tom没有提到clear water,故选A。“备课大师”全科【9门】:免注册,不收费!http://www.eywedu.cn/




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