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英语备课大师 en.eywedu.net【全免费】Unit 6 Our Local AreaI. 单项选择。1. There _________ an old clock, a computer and some books on the desk.A. have B. be C. has D. is2. Why not _________ home and watch TV?A. to goB. goC. going D. went3. The keys are on the desk. Please __________.A. put them away B. put away them C. put them on D. put on them4. — music lessons do you have every week? — Two.A. How much B. How soon C. How many D. How often5. She’s ________ her purse, but she can’t _____ it.A. look for, find B. looking for, find C. finding, look for D. find, looking for6. — What’s the matter? — There is ______ with my bike.A. something wrongB. wrong something  C. anything wrong D. wrong anything7. The post office is ______ the bookstore and the hospital.A. from B. between C. in D. on8. _________ turn right!A. Don’t B. Not C. Isn’t D. No9. —What does your mother look like? — __________.A. She is kindB. She is tall with long black hairC. She likes teachingD. She likes us very much10. —I’m sorry I can’t help you now. — _________.A. Thank you very much B. Thanks for your helpC. Thank you all the same D. You are welcome【真题链接】1._____ my cousin is very young, _____ she can help with the housework.. A. Once; 不填 B. Though; but C. Although; 不填2. Sarah, you’d better drink more water after ______ for such a long time. )A. run B. runs C. to run D. running 3. —You come to school early every day.__________ is it from your home to school?—It’s only about one kilometer.A.How long B.How much C.How many D.How farII. 完形填空。 Traffic rules(规则) help to keep people 1 . The pedestrian(行人) has as many rules to 2 as the driver of a car.You should walk on the sidewalk(人行道). Always be careful 3 you walk across the road.If you like riding a bike,don’t ride in the middle of the road or run 4 red traffic lights.When you ride a bike with a friend,don’t look around.If you drive a car,you should 5 at the traffic lights.You must always 6 a seat belt(安全带).Without belts,both the driver and the passengers may be 7 . 8 if you take a bus.Get on or get off a bus only when it comes to a 9 when it is full,don’t try to get inside 10 you may fall.1.A.healthy B.safe C.happy2.A.follow B.make C.break3.A.because B.after C.when4.A.through B.across C.along5.A.drive fast B.go down C.slow down(减速)6.A.take B.wear C.carry7.A.safe B.in danger C.happy8.A.Look around B.Take care C.Take a seat9.A.street B.stop C.corner10.A.and B.so C.orIII. 阅读理解。 AMr. Brown is 80 years old. Every morning he goes for a walk in the park. And he comes home at twelve thirty for lunch. But today a car stops at his house. Two policemen help him get out. One of them says to Mr. Brown’s daughter, “The old man can’t find his way in the park. He asks us to take him home by car.” The daughter thanks the policemen and leave. Then she asks her father, “Dad, you go to that park every day. But today, you can’t find the way. What’s wrong with you?” The old man smiles like a child and says, “I can find my way. I don’t want to walk home.”1. Every morning, Mr. Brown often comes home at . A. twelveB. eleven thirtyC. twelve thirtyD. twelve fifteen2. Today Mr. Brown comes home . A. by carB. by bikeC. by busD. on foot3. The policeman says Mr. Brown in the park. A. doesn’t want to walk homeB. can’t find his way home C. knows the wayD. is ill.4. Mr. Brown’s daughter thinks . A. he wants to go home B. he wants to have lunch early C. he doesn’t want to go to the park D. something is wrong with him5. Mr. Brown has lunch . A. at homeB. in the carC. in the parkD. on the wayBBill, Frank, Dave and Tom were brothers. Every year they sent their mother expensive gifts on her birthday. They liked to show her how rich they were. The eldest brother, Bill, had lots of money and wanted his mother to have the most expensive gift, but he didn’t know what to buy. So he put an ad. in the newspaper, “Wanted—the greatest gift for my mother”.About a week before his mother’s birthday, a man came to his office. He brought a big bird, this bird can speak foreign languages and sing pop songs. The man made the bird talk in French and tell a joke in Japanese. Then the bird sang a beautiful song. The next day, Bill sent the bird to his mother with a birthday card. The day after his mother’s birthday, he called his mother, “Well, mother,” he asked, “what do you think of the bird?” “Oh, it’s very delicious, dear.” said his mother.1. Bill put an ad ________ to find the greatest gift. A. on the radio B. on TV C. in the newspaper D. on the Internet2. What could the bird do? A. Talk in French. B. Tell a joke in Japanese. C. Sing. D. All of the above.3. The next day, Bill sent the bird to his mother with ________.A. a birthday cake B. some flowers C. nine thousand dollars D. a birthday card4. We can infer (推理) ________.A. the mother cooked the bird B. the bird flew awayC. the mother kept the bird as a pet D. the mother sent the bird to Frank5. The best title (标题) for this passage is ________.A. a clever son B. a birthday gift C. a lucky mother D. a talented bird【答案与解析】I. 单项选择。1. D。there be句型依据“就近原则”,an old clock决定谓语动词,故选单数,答案D。2. B。why not后加动词原形,意为“为什么不……”。3. A。put away意为“把……收起来”;put on意为“穿上”。根据句意可知选put away,代词要放在中间,故答案为A。4. C。根据答语可知问句在问数量,所以选how many。5. B。look for意为“寻找”;find意为“找到”,根据句意可知答案为A或B;根据she’s可知选现在进行时,故答案为B。6. A。形容词修饰不定代词,要放在不定代词的后面,肯定句中用something。7. B。between...and...意为“在两者之间”,符合句意。8. A。否定的祈使句以Don’t开头,后面加动词原形。9. B。问句是在问长相或外貌,故选B。10. C。别人不能提供帮助,要说“同样谢谢你”,故选C。【真题链接】1. C。句子是表示“虽然……,但是……”的复合句,英语表达中,不能同时出现“though/athough”和“but”,只能用其中一个。2. D。句意:Sarah,跑了这么长时间的步,你最好喝些水。run跑步;runs第三人称单数形式;to run动词不定式;这里是介词after+动名词形式,故选D。3.D。 句意:——你每天来学校都很早,你家离学校有多远?——只有大约一公里。how long多长时间,提问一段时间;how much多少,修饰不可数名词;多少钱,提问价格;how many多少,修饰可数名词;how far多远,提问距离。根据对话的意思可知选D。II. 完形填空。 1.B。交通规则是为了保证人们的安全,“keep sb. safe”意为“保证某人安全”。 2.A。follow在此意思为“遵循,遵守”。3.C。根据常理,过马路时要小心。4.A。through意思为“通过(障碍、阶段或测试)”,across意思为“穿过平面的物体”,along意思为“沿着……”。此处“闯红灯”指的是通过(障碍、阶段或测试),故用through。5.C。遇见交通灯当然要减速。6.B。表示“系安全带”用动词wear。7.B。不系安全带可能对司机和乘客都很危险,故用in danger。8.B。look around意思为“向四周看”,take care意思为“小心,当心”,take a seat意思为“坐下”.根据语境用take care。9.B。表示“公交车站”用stop,指只有站牌的那种。10.C。 or在此意思为“否则”。III. 阅读理解。 A 1. C。根据文章的“And he comes home at twelve thirty for lunch.”可知答案。 2. A。根据文章的“He asks us to take him home by car.”可知答案。 3. B。根据文章的“The old man can’t find his way in the park.” 可知答案。 4. D。根据文章的“What’s wrong with you?”可知答案。 5. A。根据文章的第三句话可知答案。B1. C。根据短文“So he put an ad in the newspaper, ‘Wanted—the greatest gift for my mother’”.可知比尔把广告投放在报纸上,故选C。2. D。根据短文 “this bird can speak foreign languages and sing pop songs. The man made the bird talk in French and tell a joke in Japanese. Then the bird sang a beautiful song.”可知鸟会唱歌,会说法语,会日语讲笑话,故选D。3. D。 根据短文 “The next day, Bill sent the bird to his mother with a birthday card.”可知比尔同鸟送去的还有生日贺卡。故选D。4. A。根据短文最后一段中妈妈的回答“Oh, it’s very delicious, dear.”可知故选A。5. B。根据短文主要围绕比尔给妈妈送生日礼物来写,对比选项,故选B。“备课大师”全科【9门】:免注册,不收费!http://www.eywedu.cn/




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