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年级 英语 下册 Unit7TheBirthdayParty 综合 能力 演练 新版 仁爱 20180724436
英语备课大师 en.eywedu.net【全免费】Unit 7 The Birthday Party综合能力演练I. 单项选择。 1. —_____ is your brother’s birthday?—His birthday is _____ July 19th.A. What; inB. When; onC. Where; atD. How; for2. —What’s the month between September and November?—It’s _____ .A. JanuaryB. March C. October D. June 3. —What happened _____ you last Sunday?—I hurt myself with the knife.A. forB. ofC.to D. on4. —What time _____ Lily go to the park yesterday?—At about eight o’clock.A. doesB.do C. didD. was5. — _____ —It was August 1st.A. What was the date yesterday? B. When was yesterday?C. How was yesterday? D. What day was it yesterday?6. — _____ is your teacher’s desk?—It’s about 140 centimeters long.A. How far B. How many C. How wideD. How long7. The boy is only _____ and today is his _____ birthday.A. nine; nine B. ninth; nine C. nine; ninthD. ninth; ninth8. —Dad, I worked out the math problem at last.— _____ A. That’s nothing.B. You’re so smart!C. So bad!D. Thank you.【真题链接】1. —Sir, Jenny wants to know when she can leave the office.—Only when she ______ copying this report.A.finishes B.finish C.finished D.will finish2.Jim sits behind me,so I sit ________ him.A.at the top of B.at the end of C.in the middle of D.in front of3. —Dinner is ready. Help yourself, please!—Wow! It ________ delicious. You are really good at cooking.A. gets B. sounds C. tastes D. turnsII. 阅读理解。 A It was Betty’s birthday, December 6th. She received(接收) a letter from her uncle. “Dear Betty,” he wrote in his letter, “Happy birthday! I’m sending you some hens(母鸡). They will arrive(到达) the day after tomorrow. I hope you’ll like them. Uncle Tony. December 5th.”Betty was very happy. She likes eating eggs and chicken. “I can keep the hens for their eggs or eat them.” She thought.When the hens arrived, they were in a box. Betty was very pleased (高兴). She took the box off the truck and began to carry it into her garden, but the box of hens was so heavy that she dropped (掉落) it.The box fell on the ground and broke(摔坏). The hens all ran out. They ran here and there. Betty spent hours trying to find them.A few days later, her uncle came. He asked, “Did the hens arrive safely(安全地)?” “Yes, but I dropped the box. It broke open and the hens ran everywhere. It took me the whole(整个) morning to look for them.” Betty said.“Did you find them all?” asked her uncle. “I hope so,” Betty answered, “but I only caught (抓到) eleven of them.”“That’s interesting. I only sent you six.” her uncle said with a smile.1. What did Betty receive from her uncle as a birthday present?A. Hens. B. A box.C. A letter.D. A card.2. When did Betty receive the hens?A .On December 7th.B. On December 8th.C. On December 5th.D. On December 6th.3. Where were the hens when they arrived?A. On the truck.B. On the ground.C. In the garden.D. In a box.4. Why did the hens run everywhere?A. Because they were afraid (害怕) of Betty.B. Because they were hungry (饥饿) and looked for food.C. Because the box was broken.D. We don’t know.5. How many hens did Betty’s uncle give her?A.11 B.6 C.5 D.17BMy mother only had one eye.I never wanted her to show up at my school.One day during primary school, I was terribly ill.My mother came.“Your mom only has one eye!” yelled some of my classmates.I wished my mother would have just disappeared(消失).“If you embarrass (使……尴尬) me, why don’t you just die?” I shouted at her, taking no notice of the sad look on her face.My mother just handed me some medicine and left without saying anything.At that time, I didn’t think I had hurt her feelings very much.That night I saw my mom crying in her room.Even so, I hated her tears from one eye.I made a decision: I must study hard and leave my mother.Years later my dream came true.I was quite successful.I never thought of going back to see my “ugly” mother until one day I got a letter.“My son ,I’m sorry I only have one eye.When you were little, you got into an accident and lost your eye.As a mom, I couldn’t stand watching you live with only one eye.So I gave you mine.I was never angry with you and I never regretted it because I love you.”I cried out aloud.Only then did I realize how beautiful my mother was!6.Why didn’t the writer want his mom to show up at his school?A.Because he thought she was ugly.B.Because his mom couldn’t see anything.C.Because his classmates didn’t like her.7.From the underlined word “shouted” in Paragraph 4, we learn that at that time the writer was very _____.A.nervousB.angryC.excited8.That night, the writer decided to _______.A.ask his mom never to go to his schoolB.take good care of his mom from that timeC.work hard and stay away from his mom9.The writer’s mom lost one eye because _______.A.she used it to save her son’s sightB.she had a serious car accidentC.she was born with only one eye10.The story is mainly about _______.A.the difficulties on a boy’s way to successB.a naughty boy’s experience of growing upC.a mother’s great love for her sonⅢ. 书面表达。 根据所给的提示以“Jenny的周末”为题,写一篇短文。1. 上星期六早上在家做作业、练习说英语。 下午看电视、打网球。 晚上看电影。2. 星期天的早上打扫房间,然后去海滩。下午购物、访友。晚上参加晚会。3. 她的周末繁忙但有趣。______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案Ⅰ. 单项选择。 1. B。本句句意为“你哥哥的生日是什么时候?” 提问时间用when。而what是提问事物;where是提问地点;how提问方式。有具体日期用介词on;只有年、月用in,故选B。2. C。九月份与十一月份之间是十月October,故选C。 3. C。考查固定短语happen to sb. 某人发生了什么事,故选C。4. C。考查特殊疑问句的一般过去时,由yesterday可知用did,故选C。5. A。What’s the date …?是问日期。What day …?是问星期,故选A。6. D。how far用于问距离;how many问可数名词的数量;how wide问物体的宽度;how long问物体的长度或时间段。句子的语境是问教师桌子的长度,故选D。7. C。nine是基数词,表示年龄、数字等;ninth是序数词,表示顺序。句子的意思是说小男孩九岁,今天是他的第九个生日,故选C。8. B。考查口语 You’re so smart! 根据语境父亲应该表扬自己的孩子聪明,故选B。【真题链接】1.A。句意为:老师,Jenny想知道她何时可以离开办公室。只有当她抄完报告她才可以离开。when引导的条件状语从句遵循“主将从现”的原则。主句为“情态动词+动词原形”,从句要用一般现在时表达一般将来时的意思。故选A。2. D。由“Jim sits behind me”可知,Jim坐在“我”后面,“我”坐在Jim的前面。故选D。at the top of意为“在……的顶部”;at the end of意为“在……结尾”;in the middle of意为“在……中间”;in front of意为“在……前面”。3. C。句意:——晚饭已经准备好了,请随便吃吧。——哇,尝起来多么好吃呀。你真擅长做饭。sounds“听起来”;tastes“尝起来”;根据情景可知是尝后对事物的称赞,故选C。II. 阅读理解。 A 1. A。由叔叔的信中写道:I’m sending you some hens. 判断得知。2. A。由They will arrive the day after tomorrow … Dec.5th. 可知5号的后天应该是7号。3. D。由第三段第一句判断得知。4. C。由The box fell on the ground and broke. The hens all ran out. They ran here and there.可知盒子掉在地上摔破了,小鸡都跑了出来。5. B。由That’s interesting. I only sent you six. 可知叔叔只寄来了6只小鸡。B6.A。题意:为什么作者不想要他的妈妈出现在他的学校?由短文后面的“I never thought of going back to see my“ugly”mother”可知作者认为妈妈丑。故选A。7.B。题意:从第四段有下划线的“shouted”,我们知道作者当时非常怎样? 根据作者的话“If you embarrass(使……尴尬) me,why don’t you just die”(如黑你使我尴尬,你为什么不去死呢?)可知,当时他非常的愤怒。故选B.8.C。题意:那天晚上,作者决定干什么? 从文中的“I made a decision:I must study hard and leave my mother.”(我决定:我必须努力学习并且离开妈妈。)可知,本题选C。9.A。题意:作者的妈妈为什么失去了一只眼睛?从短文后面妈妈给作者的信中可知,是妈妈把一只眼睛给了儿子。故选A。10.C。主旨大意题。题意:这个故事主要是关于什么的?妈妈把自己的一只眼睛给了儿子,自己还忍受着儿子的冷落。体现了伟大的母爱。故选C。III. 书面表达。 Jenny had a busy weekend. Last Saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speakingEnglish at home. She watched TV and played tennis on Saturday afternoon. That night, she went to the movies. On Sunday morning, she cleaned her room and went to the beach. On Sunday afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping .She had a party last night. What a busy but happy weekend she had!“备课大师”全科【9门】:免注册,不收费!http://www.eywedu.cn/




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