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2019版高考英语一轮复习(课标2卷B版)课件:专题十 主旨大意.ppt

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2019 高考 英语 一轮 复习 课标 课件 专题 主旨 大意
A组 统一命题·课标卷题组 Passage 1(2018课标全国Ⅱ,D)词数:312 We􀆳ve all been there:in a lift, in line at the bank or on an airplane, surrounded by people who are, like us, deeply focused on their smartphones or, worse, struggling with the uncomfortable silence. What􀆳s the problem?It􀆳s possible that we all have compromised conversational intelligence. It􀆳s more likely that none of us start a conversation because it􀆳s awkward and challenging, or we think it􀆳s annoying and unnecessary. But the next time you find yourself among strangers, consider that small talk is worth the trouble. Experts say it􀆳s an invaluable social practice that results in big ben-efits. Dismissing small talk as unimportant is easy, but we can􀆳t forget that deep relationships wouldn􀆳t even exist if it weren􀆳t for casual conversation. Small talk is the grease(润滑剂)for social communication, says Bernardo Carducci, director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University,五年高考,Southeast.“Almost every great love story and each big business deal begins with small talk,”he explains. “The key to successful small talk is learning how to connect with others, not just com- municate with them.” In a 2014 study, Elizabeth Dunn, associate professor of psychology at UBC, invited people on their way into a coffee shop. One group was asked to seek out an interaction(互动)with its waiter;the other, to speak only when necessary. The results showed that those who chatted with their server reported significantly higher positive feelings and a better coffee shop experience.“It􀆳s not that talking to the waiter is better than talking to your husband,”says Dunn.“But interactions with pe- ripheral(边缘的)members of our social network matter for our well-being also.” Dunn believes that people who reach out to strangers feel a significantly greater sense of belong- ing, a bond with others. Carducci believes developing such a sense of belonging starts with small talk.“Small talk is the basis of good manners,”he says. 1.What phenomenon is described in the first paragraph? A.Addiction to smartphones.,B.Inappropriate behaviours in public places. C.Absence of communication between strangers. D.Impatience with slow service. 2.What is important for successful small talk according to Carducci? A.Showing good manners. B.Relating to other people. C.Focusing on a topic. D.Making business deals. 3.What does the coffee-shop study suggest about small talk? A.It improves family relationships. B.It raises people􀆳s confidence. C.It matters as much as a formal talk. D.It makes people feel good. 4.What is the best title for the text? A.Conversation Counts B.Ways of Making Small Talk C.Benefits of Small Talk D.Uncomfortable Silence,答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文。介绍了“small talk(闲聊)”的重要性及其意义。 1.C 细节理解题。题干句意:第一段描述的是什么现象?根据第一段描述(无论我们身在何处, 在电梯里、在银行排队或者在飞机上,我们周围的人或是像我们一样在埋头看智能手机,或是 更坏,在和令人不安的沉默做斗争)可知,C项“陌生人之间缺乏交流”和首段描述一致,故答案 为C项。A项“手机控”只是该段描述现象时举的例子;B项“公共场合的不恰当行为”与首 段意思不符;D项“对缓慢的服务缺乏耐心”和第一段的描述无关。 2.B 细节理解题。题干句意:根据Carducci的说法,对于成功的闲聊来说什么是重要的?根据 第三段最后一句(成功的闲聊的关键是学会如何同他人建立联系而不仅仅是同他们交流)可 知,B项“能够理解并认同他人”符合题意,故答案为B项。本题干扰项为A“显示良好的行为 举止”,错因在于锁定的句子“最后一段最后一句(闲聊是良好举止的基础)”和题干要求不 一致,答非所问;D项“做生意”受第三段第三句(几乎每一个伟大的爱情故事和每一单大的生 意都源于闲聊)的影响,犯了逻辑推理错误;C项“聚焦一个话题”在文中没有涉及。,3.D 推理判断题。题干句意:关于闲聊,咖啡店调研表明了什么?根据第四段中的内容(结果表 明那些同服务生闲聊的人明显有更高的积极情感和较好的咖啡店体验。不是同服务生交谈 比和你的丈夫交谈更好,而是同社交网络的边缘人员的互动也对我们的健康和幸福很重要)可 知,D项“它使得人们感觉良好”与题意相符,故答案为D项。A项“它改善家庭关系”、B项 “它提升人们的自信” 和C项“它和正式交谈一样重要”在文章中没有涉及,属于主观臆断。 4.C 主旨大意题。题干句意:文章最好的标题是什么?根据第二段最后一句(专家说闲聊是一 种可带来巨大益处的极有价值的社交行为)以及最后一段最后一句(闲聊是良好举止的基础) 可知,C项“闲聊的益处”与题干要求一致,故答案为C项。A项“会话很重要”为干扰项,错在 偷换概念,conversation(会话, 交谈)和small talk(闲谈)不是一个概念;文章没有就闲聊的方式或 方法做具体的解释,故排除B项“进行闲聊的方式”;D项“令人不安的沉默”只是第一段提 到的现象之一,而不是文章的主旨。,长难句 It􀆳s more likely that none of us start a conversation because it􀆳s awkward and challenging, or we think it􀆳s annoying and unnecessary.更可能的是我们中没有一个人开始交谈,因为这 样做是令人尴尬的和富有挑战性的,或者我们认为这样做是令人讨厌的,并且没有必要。 it为形式主语,真正的主语是that引导的主语从句;在主语从句中because引导原因状语从句,并 列连词or连接两个并列的分句。 高级语块 1.intelligence n. 智力,智慧,聪明 2.awkward adj.笨拙的,令人尴尬的 3.invaluable adj.极有价值的 4.psychology n. 心理学, 心理 5.significantly adv. 显著地;大大地 Passage 2(2018课标全国Ⅱ,C)词数:294 Teens and younger children are reading a lot less for fun, according to a Common Sense Media re- port published Monday. While the decline over the past decade is steep for teen readers, some data in the report shows that,reading remains a big part of many children􀆳s lives, and indicates how parents might help encour- age more reading. According to the report􀆳s key findings, “the proportion(比例)who say they ‘hardly ever’read for fun has gone from 8 percent of 13-year-olds and 9 percent of 17-year-olds in 1984 to 22 per- cent and 27 percent respectively today.” The report data shows that pleasure reading levels for younger children, ages 2—8, remain largely the same. But the amount of time spent in reading each session has declined, from closer to an hour or more to closer to a half hour per session. When it comes to technology and reading, the report does little to counsel(建议) parents looking for data about the effect of e-readers and tablets on reading. It does point out that many parents still limit electronic reading, mainly due to concerns about increased screen time. The most hopeful data shared in the report shows clear evidence of parents serving as examples and important guides for their kids when it comes to reading. Data shows that kids and teens who do read frequently, compared to infrequent readers, have more books in the home, more books,purchased for them, parents who read more often, and parents who set aside time for them to read. As the end of school approaches, and school vacation reading lists loom(逼近) ahead, parents might take this chance to step in and make their own summer reading list and plan a family trip to the library or bookstore. 1.What is the Common Sense Media report probably about? A.Children􀆳s reading habits. B.Quality of children􀆳s books. C.Children􀆳s after-class activities. D.Parent-child relationships. 2.Where can you find the data that best supports “children are reading a lot less for fun”? A.In paragraph 2. B.In paragraph 3. C.In paragraph 4. D.In paragraph 5.,3.Why do many parents limit electronic reading? A.E-books are of poor quality. B.It could be a waste of time. C.It may harm children􀆳s health. D.E-readers are expensive. 4.How should parents encourage their children to read more? A.Act as role models for them. B.Ask them to write book reports. C.Set up reading groups for them. D.Talk with their reading class teachers. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文。根据“常识媒体”所做的一项调查可知,与过去相比,十几岁的 孩子们进行趣味阅读的量越来越少。 1.A 主旨大意题。本题题干意为:“常识媒体”所做的这个报告可能是关于什么的?本文为 说明文,第一段为本文的主旨段。根据第一段(根据周一出版的“常识媒体”的一个报告,十 几岁的孩子和更小的孩子进行趣味阅读的量少多了。)可知该报告主要讲的是孩子们的阅读,习惯的变化,故答案为A项。B项(儿童图书的质量)、C项(孩子们的课外活动)和D项(父母与孩 子间的关系)均不是该报告的内容,故全被排除。 2.B 细节理解题。本题题干意为:你在哪里可以找到最能支撑“孩子们进行趣味阅读的量越 来越少”这一说法的数据?本文第一段提出了本文主题,即孩子们进行趣味阅读的量越来越 少。然后在第三段通过数据(.has gone from 8 percent of 13-year-olds and 9 percent of 17-year- olds in 1984 to 22 percent and 27 percent respectively today.)来支撑这一说法,故答案为B项。 3.C 细节理解题。本题题干意为:为什么许多家长限制电子阅读?根据第五段最后一句(…… 许多家长仍然限制电子阅读,主要是因为他们担心那会增加孩子面对屏幕的时间。)可知家长 限制电子阅读的原因是担心孩子们的健康,故答案为C项。A:电子图书质量差;B:那可能会浪 费时间;D:电子阅读器很昂贵。以上三项均未被提及,故全部排除。 4.A 细节理解题。本题题干意为:家长应该如何鼓励他们的孩子多阅读?根据第六段第一句 (报告中分享的最给人以希望的数据清楚地证明了家长给孩子们做出榜样并在阅读上进行重 要的指导。)可知答案为A项(为他们树立榜样)。B:要求他们写读书报告;C:为他们建立读书 小组;D:和他们的阅读老师谈话。以上三项均未被提及,故全部排除。,长难句 According to the report􀆳s key findings,“the proportion who say they ‘hardly ever’ read for fun has gone from 8 percent of 13-year-olds and 9 percent of 17-year-olds in 1984 to 22 percent and 27 percent respectively today.”根据该报告的重要发现:1984年13岁的孩子中说自 己几乎不为乐趣而读书的比例为8%,17岁的孩子的比例为9%,而现在它们的比例分别增长到2 2%和27%。 本句的主干为:the proportion has gone from 8 percent of 13-year-olds and 9 percent of 17-year- olds in 1984 to 22 percent and 27 percent respectively today。who say they ‘hardly ever’ read for fun为定语从句,先行词为the proportion。 高级语块 1.common sense常识 2.decline n.削减 3.data n.数据,Passage 3(2018课标全国Ⅰ,B)词数:264 Good Morning Britain􀆳s Susanna Reid is used to grilling guests on the sofa every morning, but she is cooking up a storm in her latest role—showing families how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals on a tight budget. In Save Money:Good Food, she visits a different home each week and with the help of chef Matt Tebbutt offers top tips on how to reduce food waste, while preparing recipes for under £5 per family a day. And the Good Morning Britain presenter says she􀆳s been able to put a lot of what she 􀆳s learnt into practice in her own home, preparing meals for sons, Sam, 14, Finn, 13, and Jack,11. “We love Mexican churros, so I buy them on my phone from my local Mexican takeaway restau- rant,”she explains.“I pay £5 for a portion(一份), but Matt makes them for 26p a portion, be- cause they are flour, water, sugar and oil. Everybody can buy takeaway food, but sometimes we􀆳re not aware how cheaply we can make this food ourselves.” The eight-part series(系列节目), Save Money:Good Food, follows in the footsteps of ITV􀆳s Save Money: Good Health, which gave viewers advice on how to get value from the vast range of health products on the market. With food our biggest weekly household expense, Susanna and Matt spend time with a different,family each week. In tonight􀆳s Easter special they come to the aid of a family in need of some de- licious inspiration on a budget. The team transforms the family􀆳s long weekend of celebration with less expensive but still tasty recipes. 1.What do we know about Susanna Reid? A.She enjoys embarrassing her guests. B.She has started a new programme. C.She dislikes working early in the morning. D.She has had a tight budget for her family. 2.How does Matt Tebbutt help Susanna? A.He buys cooking materials for her. B.He prepares food for her kids. C.He assists her in cooking matters. D.He invites guest families for her.,3.What does the author intend to do in paragraph 4? A.Summarize the previous paragraphs. B.Provide some advice for the readers. C.Add some background information. D.Introduce a new topic for discussion. 4.What can be a suitable title for the text? A.Keeping Fit by Eating Smart B.Balancing Our Daily Diet C.Making Yourself a Perfect Chef D.Cooking Well for Less 答案 [语篇解读] 本文介绍了英国节目主持人Susanna Reid创办的一档新节目Save Money:Good Food的相关情况。 1.B 细节理解题。根据第一段的but she is cooking up a storm in her latest role可知,她创办了 一档新节目,故选B项。 2.C 推理判断题。根据第二段第一句话(在节目Save Money:Good Food中,她每周拜访一个不 同的家庭,并且在厨师Matt Tebbutt的帮助下在准备每个家庭每天低于5英镑的食谱时提供如 何减少食物浪费的很好的建议)可知,Matt Tebbutt在做饭方面帮助了Susanna,故选C项。,3.C 推理判断题。文章前三段主要介绍了新节目Save Money:Good Food的相关情况,而第四 段介绍了它和节目Save Money:Good Health的关系。由此推断本段主要补充这一节目的背景 知识,故选C项。 4.D 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章介绍了英国节目主持人Susanna Reid通过创办新节目 Save Money:Good Food教给观众如何花更少的钱制作更美味的食物。故选D项。 长难句 The eight-part series, Save Money:Good Food, follows in the footsteps of ITV􀆳s Save Money:Good Health, which gave viewers advice on how to get value from the vast range of health products on the market. 由八部分组成的系列节目Save Money:Good Food仿效ITV的节目Save Money:Good Health,它给观众提供了如何从市场上各种各样的健康产品中获得价值的建议。 本句的主干为The eight-part series follows in the footsteps of ITV􀆳s Save Money:Good Health。 句中Save Money:Good Food为同位语,which引导定语从句,先行词为Save Money:Good Health, which在从句中作主语;另外,在定语从句中how to get value from the vast range of health prod- ucts on the market作介词on的宾语。,Passage 4(2018课标全国Ⅲ,B)词数:312 Cities usually have a good reason for being where they are, like a nearby port or river. People settle in these places because they are easy to get to and naturally suited to communications and trade. New York City, for example, is near a large harbour at the mouth of the Hudson River. Over 300 years its population grew gradually from 800 people to 8 million. But not all cities develop slowly over a long period of time. Boom towns grow from nothing almost overnight. In 1896, Dawson, Canada, was unmapped wilderness(荒野).But gold was discovered there in 1897, and two years later, it was one of the largest cities in the West, with a population of 30,000. Dawson did not have any of the natural conveniences of cities like London or Paris. People went there for gold. They travelled over snow-covered mountains and sailed hundreds of miles up icy rivers. The path to Dawson was covered with thirty feet of wet snow that could fall without warn- ing. An avalanche(雪崩)once closed the path, killing 63 people. For many who made it to Dawson, however, the rewards were worth the difficult trip. Of the first 20,000 people who dug for gold, 4, 000 got rich. About 100 of these stayed rich men for the rest of their lives.,But no matter how rich they were, Dawson was never comfortable. Necessities like food and wood were very expensive. But soon, the gold that Dawson depended on had all been found. The city was crowded with disappointed people with no interest in settling down, and when they heard there were new gold discoveries in Alaska, they left Dawson City as quickly as they had come. Today, people still come and go—to see where the Canadian gold rush happened. Tourism is now the chief industry of Dawson City—its present population is 762. 1.What attracted the early settlers to New York City? A.Its business culture. B.Its small population. C.Its geographical position. D.Its favourable climate. 2.What do we know about those who first dug for gold in Dawson? A.Two-thirds of them stayed there. B.One out of five people got rich. C.Almost everyone gave up. D.Half of them died.,3.What was the main reason for many people to leave Dawson? A.They found the city too crowded. B.They wanted to try their luck elsewhere. C.They were unable to stand the winter. D.They were short of food. 4.What is the text mainly about? A.The rise and fall of a city. B.The gold rush in Canada. C.Journeys into the wilderness. D.Tourism in Dawson. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文,题材为城市环境类。城市的兴起壮大,城市的兴起又衰落,这 背后的原因是什么呢?本文以纽约和道森两个城市为例,给出了隐藏在背后的真正推手。,1.C 推理判断题。题干句意:是什么吸引那些早期定居者来到纽约市的呢?根据第一段第三 句话(例如纽约市,它在哈得孙河入海口的一个大港口附近。)并结合第四句可知,这个优越的 地理位置使得纽约市的人口在300年的时间里从800增长到800万。所以答案为C项:它的地理 位置。A项:它的贸易文化。B项:它的稀少的人口。D项:它的宜人气候。这三项原文均未提及。 2.B 细节理解题。题干句意:对那些第一批到达道森市淘金的人我们了解到了什么?根据第 二段倒数第二句话(在第一批淘金的20,000人中,有4,000人富了起来。)可知有五分之一的人 富了起来,故B项正确。 3.B 推理判断题。题干句意:很多人离开道森的主要原因是什么?根据第三段第四句话第一 个逗号后的部分(当他们听说在阿拉斯加州发现了新的金矿后,他们就像当初匆忙来道森市一 样,又匆忙离开了这里)可推断出这些人匆匆忙忙离开这里去阿拉斯加州淘金去了,又去碰运 气看能不能变富。B项“他们想去别的地方碰运气。”与原文意思相符。A项:他们觉得这个 城市太拥挤了。C项:他们无法忍受这里的冬天。D项:他们缺少食物。这三项与原文不符。 4.A 主旨大意题。文章第一段第一句话提出观点:一个城市之所以矗立在那里是有充分的原 因的。后文以两个城市为例来论证这个观点。纽约市的兴起是因为它优越的地理位置。道,森市的兴起是因为这里发现了金矿,而这座城市的衰落是因为这里没有了金矿。由此可知本 文主要描述了一个城市的兴起和衰落及其背后的原因。这与A项相符。B项:加拿大的淘金 热。C项:踏进荒野的旅程。D项:道森的旅游业。这三项都不是主题。 长难句 The city was crowded with disappointed people with no interest in settling down, and when they heard there were new gold discoveries in Alaska, they left Dawson City as quickly as they had come.这个城市里挤满了失望的人群,他们对定居下来没有一点儿兴趣。当他们听说 在阿拉斯加州发现了新的金矿后,他们就像当初匆忙来到道森市一样又匆忙离开了这里。 第一个逗号后的并列连词and连接前后两个并列分句。第一个分句是一个简单句,with短语作 定语修饰people。第二个分句中,when引导的是时间状语从句,they left Dawson City as quickly as they had come是句子的主句, as.as引导比较状语从句。 高级语块 1.settle in安顿下来 2.gradually adv.逐渐地;慢慢地 3.convenience n.便利的事物(或设施) 4.make it to成功到达,Passage 5(2017课标全国Ⅱ,C)词数:317 Terrafugia Inc. said Monday that its new flying car has completed its first flight, bringing the com- pany closer to its goal of selling the flying car within the next year. The vehicle—named the Tran- sition—has two seats, four wheels and wings that fold up so it can be driven like a car. The Transi- tion, which flew at 1,400 feet for eight minutes last month, can reach around 70 miles per hour on the road and 115 in the air. It flies using a 23-gallon tank of gas and burns 5 gallons per hour in the air. On the ground, it gets 35 miles per gallon. Around 100 people have already put down a $10,000 deposit to get a Transition when they go on sale, and those numbers will likely rise after Terrafugia introduces the Transition to the public later this week at the New York Auto Show. But don􀆳t expect it to show up in too many driveways. It􀆳 s expected to cost $279,000. And it won􀆳t help if you􀆳re stuck in traffic. The car needs a runway. Inventors have been trying to make flying cars since the 1930s, according to Robert Mann, an air- line industry expert. But Mann thinks Terrafugia has come closer than anyone to making the flying,car a reality. The government has already permitted the company to use special materials to make it easier for the vehicle to fly. The Transition is now going through crash tests to make sure it meets federal safety standards. Mann said Terrafugia was helped by the Federal Aviation Administration􀆳s decision five years ago to create a separate set of standards for light sport aircraft, which are lower than those for pilots of larger planes. Terrafugia says an owner would need to pass a test and complete 20 hours of flying time to be able to fly the Transition, a requirement pilots would find relatively easy to meet. 1.What is the first paragraph mainly about? A.The basic data of the Transition. B.The advantages of flying cars. C.The potential market for flying cars. D.The designers of the Transition. 2.Why is the Transition unlikely to show up in too many driveways? A.It causes traffic jams. B.It is difficult to operate. C.It is very expensive. D.It burns too much fuel.,3.What is the government􀆳s attitude to the development of the flying car? A.Cautious. B.Favorable. C.Ambiguous. D.Disapproving. 4.What is the best title for the text? A.Flying Car at Auto Show B.The Transition􀆳s First Flight C.Pilots􀆳 Dream Coming True D.Flying Car Closer to Reality 答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文,介绍了一种新型的能飞的汽车。 1.A 主旨大意题。第一段中详细介绍了这种能飞行的汽车的资料:两个座位、四个轮子、上 个月在1,400英尺的高空飞行了8分钟、速度是大约每小时70英里、空中速度115英里以及油 耗。所以第一段主要介绍了这种汽车的基本资料,答案为A项。,2.C 推理判断题。根据第二段中的 “But don􀆳t expect it to show up in too many driveways. It 􀆳s expected to cost $279,000.” 可推断出,这种汽车不可能在路上大量出现的原因是这种汽车 的价格昂贵。所以答案为C项。 3.B 推理判断题。根据第三段中的 “The government has already permitted the company to use.”可知,政府已经许可这个公司使用特殊材料让这种车更容易飞起来,由此推断出政府的 态度是支持的,所以答案为B项。 4.D 主旨大意题。根据第一段第一句话 “.bringing the company closer to its goal of selling the flying car within the next year.”以及后文对这种汽车的现状和远景的详细描述可推断出本 文的主题应该是:飞行汽车接近现实。所以答案为D项。A、B两项是文中的某个细节,不是主 题;C项与本文内容无关。 长难句 Mann said Terrafugia was helped by the Federal Aviation Administration􀆳s decision five years ago to create a separate set of standards for light sport aircraft, which are lower than those for pilots of larger planes.Mann说Terrafugia公司得益于联邦航空管理局五年前为轻型运动飞 行器单独创造一套标准的决定,这些标准比较大的飞机的飞行员的标准低。,本句为复合句。said后为宾语从句,从句的引导词that省略;which引导非限制性定语从句,修饰 先行词standards。 高级语块 1.fold up折叠;叠起 2.deposit n.存款;订金 3.show up出现;露面 4.be stuck in被困在……中 5.go through经历;经受 Passage 6(2017课标全国Ⅰ,C)词数:325 Some of the world􀆳s most famous musicians recently gathered in Paris and New Orleans to cele- brate the first annual International Jazz Day. UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)recently set April 30 as a day to raise awareness of jazz music, its signifi- cance, and its potential as a unifying(联合)voice across cultures. Despite the celebrations, though, in the U.S. the jazz audience continues to shrink and grow older, and the music has failed to connect with younger generations.,It􀆳s Jason Moran􀆳s job to help change that. As the Kennedy Center􀆳s artistic adviser for jazz, Moran hopes to widen the audience for jazz, make the music more accessible, and preserve its his- tory and culture. “Jazz seems like it􀆳s not really a part of the American appetite,”Moran tells National Public Ra- dio􀆳s reporter Neal Conan.“What I􀆳m hoping to accomplish is that my generation and younger start to reconsider and understand that jazz is not black and white anymore. It􀆳s actually color, and it􀆳s actually digital.” Moran says one of the problems with jazz today is that the entertainment aspect of the music has been lost.“The music can􀆳t be presented today the way it was in 1908 or 1958. It has to continue to move, because the way the world works is not the same,”says Moran. Last year, Moran worked on a project that arranged Fats Waller􀆳s music for a dance party,“just to kind of put it back in the mind that Waller is dance music as much as it is concert music,”says Moran.“For me, it􀆳s the recontextualization. In music, where does the emotion(情感)lie?Are we,,as humans, gaining any insight(感悟)on how to talk about ourselves and how something as abstract as a Charlie Parker record gets us into a dialogue about our emotions and our thoughts?Sometimes we lose sight that the music has a wider context,”says Moran,“so I want to continue those dia- logues. Those are the things I want to foster.” 1.Why did UNESCO set April 30 as International Jazz Day? A.To remember the birth of jazz. B.To protect cultural diversity. C.To encourage people to study music. D.To recognize the value of jazz. 2.What does the underlined word“that”in paragraph 3 refer to? A.Jazz becoming more accessible. B.The production of jazz growing faster. C.Jazz being less popular with the young. D.The jazz audience becoming larger.,3.What can we infer about Moran􀆳s opinion on jazz? A.It will disappear gradually. B.It remains black and white. C.It should keep up with the times. D.It changes every 50 years. 4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text? A.Exploring the Future of Jazz B.The Rise and Fall of Jazz C.The Story of a Jazz Musician D.Celebrating the Jazz Day 答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文。联合国教科文组织把4月30日定为国际爵士乐日,以此提高人们 对爵士乐的认识,突出它的重要性。,1.D 细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句话 “.to raise awareness of jazz music, its signifi-can ce, and.”可知,联合国教科文组织把这一天定为国际爵士乐日是为了提高人们对爵士乐的 认识,突出它的重要性,即让人们认可它的价值,所以答案为D项。 2.C 推理判断题。根据第二段中的描述:在美国爵士乐的观众越来越少,年纪也越来越大,这 种音乐和年轻一代失去了联系。改变这一点正是Jason Moran的工作。由此可知答案为C项。 3.C 推理判断题。根据第五段中的 “It has to continue to move, because.”可知,Moran认为 爵士乐需要不断地前进,因为当今的世界和以前已经不一样了。由此推断出Moran对爵士乐 的看法应该是:爵士乐应该跟上时代的脚步。所以答案为C项。 4.A 主旨大意题。第一段作者提到为了让人们认可爵士乐的价值而设立了国际爵士乐日;后 面描述了爵士乐的现状,指出了为什么现在的年轻人不接受它;再结合最后一段中的“so I want to continue those dialogues. Those are the things I want to foster.”可知,本文的主题就是探 索爵士乐的未来,答案为A项。 高级语块 1.gain v.获得;赢得;得到 2.abstract adj.抽象的,Passage 7(2017课标全国Ⅲ,D)词数:324 The Intelligent Transport team at Newcastle University have turned an electric car into a mobile laboratory named “DriveLAB” in order to understand the challenges faced by older drivers and to discover where the key stress points are. Research shows that giving up driving is one of the key reasons for a fall in health and well-being among older people, leading to them becoming more isolated(隔绝) and inactive. Led by Professor Phil Blythe, the Newcastle team are developing in-vehicle technologies for older drivers which they hope could help them to continue driving into later life. These include custom-made navigation(导航) tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations. Phil Blythe explains:“For many older people, particularly those living alone or in the country, driving is important for preserving their independence, giving them the freedom to get out and about without having to rely on others.” “But we all have to accept that as we get older our reactions slow down and this often results in people avoiding any potentially challenging driving conditions and losing confidence in their driv- ing skills. The result is that people stop driving before they really need to.“,Dr Amy Guo, the leading researcher on the older driver study, explains: “The DriveLAB is help- ing us to understand what the key stress points and difficulties are for older drivers and how we might use technology to address these problems.” “For example, most of us would expect older drivers always go slower than everyone else but surprisingly, we found that in 30mph zones they struggled to keep at a constant speed and so were more likely to break the speed limit and be at risk of getting fined. We􀆳re looking at the benefits of systems which control their speed as a way of preventing that.” “We hope that our work will help with technological solutions(解决方案) to ensure that older drivers stay safer behind the wheel.” 1.What is the purpose of the DriveLAB? A.To explore new means of transport. B.To design new types of cars. C.To find out older drivers􀆳 problems. D.To teach people traffic rules.,2.Why is driving important for older people according to Phil Blythe? A.It keeps them independent. B.It helps them save time. C.It builds up their strength. D.It cures their mental illnesses. 3.What do researchers hope to do for older drivers? A.Improve their driving skills. B.Develop driver-assist technologies. C.Provide tips on repairing their cars. D.Organize regular physical checkups. 4.What is the best title for the text? A.A New Model Electric Car B.A Solution to Traffic Problems C.Driving Services for Elders D.Keeping Older Drivers on the Road,答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。文章介绍了研究人员为了理解老年司机面临的生活挑战和 压力而进行的一项研究。他们想通过研究,找到一套切实可行的技术方案,以延长老年人的开 车时间,确保他们的开车安全。 1.C 细节理解题。由第一段中的in order to understand the challenges faced by older drivers和 第六段中的is helping us to understand what the key stress points and difficulties are for older drivers可知,答案选C。 2.A 细节理解题。根据第四段第二句中的preserving their independence可以得知A项正确。 3.B 细节理解题。由文章第三段和最后一段可知,研究人员希望



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