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2019版高考英语一轮复习(课标2卷B版)课件:专题十一 推理判断.ppt

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2019 高考 英语 一轮 复习 课标 课件 专题 十一 推理 判断
A组 统一命题·课标卷题组 Passage 1(2018课标全国Ⅰ,D)词数:351 We may think we􀆳re a culture that gets rid of our worn technology at the first sight of something shiny and new, but a new study shows that we keep using our old devices(装置) well after they go out of style. That􀆳s bad news for the environment—and our wallets—as these outdated devices consume much more energy than the newer ones that do the same things. To figure out how much power these devices are using, Callie Babbitt and her colleagues at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York tracked the environmental costs for each product throughout its life—from when its minerals are mined to when we stop using the device. This method provided a readout for how home energy use has evolved since the early 1990s. Devices were grouped by generation. Desktop computers, basic mobile phones, and box-set TVs defined 19 92. Digital cameras arrived on the scene in 1997. And MP3 players, smartphones, and LCD TVs entered homes in 2002, before tablets and e-readers showed up in 2007.,五年高考,As we accumulated more devices, however, we didn􀆳t throw out our old ones. “The living-room television is replaced and gets planted in the kids􀆳 room, and suddenly one day, you have a TV in every room of the house,”said one researcher. The average number of electronic devices rose from four per household in 1992 to 13 in 2007. We􀆳re not just keeping these old devices—we con- tinue to use them. According to the analysis of Babbitt􀆳s team, old desktop monitors and box TVs with cathode ray tubes are the worst devices with their energy consumption and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions(排放) more than doubling during the 1992 to 2007 window. So what􀆳s the solution(解决方案)?The team􀆳s data only went up to 2007, but the researchers also explored what would happen if consumers replaced old products with new electronics that serve more than one function, such as a tablet for word processing and TV viewing. They found that more on-demand entertainment viewing on tablets instead of TVs and desktop computers could cut energy consumption by 44%.,1.What does the author think of new devices? A.They are environment-friendly. B.They are no better than the old. C.They cost more to use at home. D.They go out of style quickly. 2.Why did Babbitt􀆳s team conduct the research? A.To reduce the cost of minerals. B.To test the life cycle of a product. C.To update consumers on new technology. D.To find out electricity consumption of the devices. 3.Which of the following uses the least energy? A.The box-set TV. B.The tablet. C.The LCD TV. D.The desktop computer. 4.What does the text suggest people do about old electronic devices? A.Stop using them. B.Take them apart. C.Upgrade them. D.Recycle them.,答案 [语篇解读] 我们也许认为当新的科技产品出现时,人们会将已经落后、过时的东西抛弃,但 研究发现事实并非如此。陈旧的产品仍然被使用着,但是使用起来消耗的能源多、污染大,的 确应该及时淘汰。 1.A 推理判断题。本题题干意为:作者认为新装置怎么样?根据第一段最后一句可知,继续使 用过时的装置对环境和我们的钱包都不是好消息,因为它们与新装置相比,做相同的事情会消 耗更多的能源。由此可判断,作者认为新装置有利于环保。 2.D 细节理解题。本题题干意为:为什么Babbitt的团队要进行这项研究?根据第二段第一句 可知,为了弄清楚这些设备消耗多少电量,Babbitt和同事们持续跟踪每个产品在其使用周期内 的环境成本。D项意为“为了查清这些装置耗费的电量。”,与文章内容一致。 3.B 细节理解题。本题题干意为:以下哪种装置耗能最少?根据第一段可知新装置耗费的能 量较少,而第二段则指出与其他几种装置相比,tablets(平板电脑)出现的时间最晚,为最新的科 技产品,而且最后一段指出,tablets具有多种功能,比电视和台式电脑消耗的能量少,故B项正确。,4.A 推理判断题。本题题干意为:文章建议人们如何处理陈旧的电子设备?最后一段讲到了 解决方案,本段指出,研究人员探索了消费者用有多种功能的电子产品替换陈旧产品后的结 果。由最后一句可知,用平板电脑代替电视和台式电脑来收看娱乐节目,会减少44%的能源消 耗。由此可知文章建议人们不要再使用陈旧的电子设备,故A项正确。 长难句 We may think we􀆳re a culture that gets rid of our worn technology at the first sight of something shiny and new, but a new study shows that we keep using our old devices well after they go out of style. 我们也许认为,在我们的文化中,一看到闪光的新东西,就会淘汰陈旧的科 技。但是一项新研究表明,在陈旧装置早就过时之后,我们仍在继续使用它们。 but连接两个并列的分句,在but前的分句中,think后为宾语从句,在该宾语从句中that引导定语 从句,修饰先行词culture;在but后的分句中, that引导的宾语从句作shows的宾语,after引导时间 状语从句。,高级语块 1.shiny adj. 闪光的;有光泽的 2.evolve v. 逐渐发展 3.define v. 给……下定义;界定 4.accumulate v. 积聚;积累 5.cathode ray tube 阴极射线管 6.consumption n. 消费;消耗 Passage 2(2018课标全国Ⅲ,C)词数:368 While famous foreign architects are invited to lead the designs of landmark buildings in China such as the new CCTV tower and the National Center for the Performing Arts, many excellent Chinese architects are making great efforts to take the center stage. Their efforts have been proven fruitful. Wang Shu, a 49-year-old Chinese architect, won the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize—which is often referred to as the Nobel Prize in architecture—on February 28. He is the first Chinese citizen to win this award. Wang serves as head of the Architecture Department at the China Academy of Art(CAA). His of-,fice is located at the Xiangshan campus(校园) of the university in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Many buildings on the campus are his original creations. The style of the campus is quite different from that of most Chinese universities. Many visitors were amazed by the complex architectural space and abundant building types. The curves(曲线) of the buildings perfectly match the rise and fall of hills, forming a unique view. Wang collected more than 7 million abandoned bricks of different ages. He asked the workers to use traditional techniques to make the bricks into walls, roofs and corridors. This creation attracted a lot of attention thanks to its mixture of modern and traditional Chinese elements(元素). Wang􀆳s works show a deep understanding of modern architecture and a good knowledge of tradi- tions. Through such a balance, he had created a new type of Chinese architecture, said Tadao An- do, the winner of the 1995 Pritzker Prize. Wang believes traditions should not be sealed in glass boxes at museums. “That is only evidence that traditions once existed,”he said. “Many Chinese people have a misunderstanding of traditions. They think tradition means old things from the past. In fact, tradition also refers to the things that have been developing and that are still being created,”he said.,“Today, many Chinese people are learning Western styles and theories rather than focusing on Chinese traditions. Many people tend to talk about traditions without knowing what they really are,”said Wang. The study of traditions should be combined with practice. Otherwise, the recreation of traditions would be artificial and empty, he said. 1.Wang􀆳s winning of the prize means that Chinese architects are . A.following the latest world trend B.getting international recognition C.working harder than ever before D.relying on foreign architects 2.What impressed visitors to the CAA Xiangshan campus most? A.Its hilly environment. B.Its large size. C.Its unique style. D.Its diverse functions.,3.What made Wang􀆳s architectural design a success? A.The mixture of different shapes. B.The balance of East and West. C.The use of popular techniques. D.The harmony of old and new. 4.What should we do about Chinese traditions according to Wang? A.Spread them to the world. B.Preserve them at museums. C.Teach them in universities. D.Recreate them in practice. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。题材为人物故事类。文章介绍了中国建筑设计师王澍将传 统与现代结合,将中国传统元素融入自己的建筑设计中,荣获了2012年普利兹克建筑奖。,1.B 推理判断题。根据第二段第一句(他们的努力已被证明是富有成效的。)和最后一句(他 是第一个获得这一奖项的中国公民。)可推知,王澍获奖意味着中国的建筑设计师正在获得世 界的认可,故选B项。 2.C 细节理解题。根据第四段的内容,尤其是最后一句(这些建筑物的曲线与山的起伏完美 搭配,形成了独特的风景。)可知答案为C项。 3.D 推理判断题。题干句意:什么使王澍的建筑设计获得了成功?根据第五段最后一句(由于 现代元素与中国传统元素的结合,这一作品吸引了很多关注。)可知答案为D项。 4.D 细节理解题。根据最后一段第一句(对传统的学习应该和实践相结合。)可知答案为D项。 长难句 Wang Shu, a 49-year-old Chinese architect, won the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize— which is often referred to as the Nobel Prize in architecture—on February 28.王澍,一位49岁的中 国建筑设计师,在2012年2月28日获得了普利兹克建筑奖,这一奖项经常被称为“建筑界的诺 贝尔奖”。 句子的主干为Wang Shu won the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize,句中a 49-year-old Chinese ar- chitect为同位语; which引导定语从句,先行词为Pritzker Architecture Prize,which在从句中作主语。,高级语块 1.landmark building地标建筑 2.fruitful adj.富有成效的 Passage 3(2017课标全国Ⅱ,D)词数:288 When a leafy plant is under attack, it doesn􀆳t sit quietly. Back in 1983, two scientists, Jack Schultz and Ian Baldwin, reported that young maple trees getting bitten by insects send out a particular smell that neighboring plants can get. These chemicals come from the injured parts of the plant and seem to be an alarm. What the plants pump through the air is a mixture of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, VOCs for short. Scientists have found that all kinds of plants give out VOCs when being attacked. It􀆳s a plant􀆳s way of crying out. But is anyone listening?Apparently. Because we can watch the neighbors react. Some plants pump out smelly chemicals to keep insects away. But others do double duty. They pump out perfumes designed to attract different insects who are natural enemies to the attackers.,Once they arrive, the tables are turned. The attacker who was lunching now becomes lunch. In study after study, it appears that these chemical conversations help the neighbors. The damage is usually more serious on the first plant, but the neighbors, relatively speaking, stay safer because they heard the alarm and knew what to do. Does this mean that plants talk to each other?Scientists don􀆳t know. Maybe the first plant just made a cry of pain or was sending a message to its own branches, and so, in effect, was talking to itself. Perhaps the neighbors just happened to“overhear”the cry. So information was exchanged, but it wasn􀆳t a true, intentional back and forth. Charles Darwin, over 150 years ago, imagined a world far busier, noisier and more intimate(亲密 的)than the world we can see and hear. Our senses are weak. There􀆳s a whole lot going on. 1.What does a plant do when it is under attack? A.It makes noises. B.It gets help from other plants. C.It stands quietly. D.It sends out certain chemicals.,2.What does the author mean by“the tables are turned”in paragraph 3? A.The attackers get attacked. B.The insects gather under the table. C.The plants get ready to fight back. D.The perfumes attract natural enemies. 3.Scientists find from their studies that plants can . A.predict natural disasters B.protect themselves against insects C.talk to one another intentionally D.help their neighbors when necessary 4.What can we infer from the last paragraph? A.The world is changing faster than ever. B.People have stronger senses than before. C.The world is more complex than it seems. D.People in Darwin􀆳s time were more imaginative.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文。研究发现,当植物受到攻击时,它们不会坐以待毙,而是会释放出 某种化学物质。这可能是对其他植物发出的一种预警信号,也可能是自我保护的一种方式。 1.D 细节理解题。根据第一段枫树的例子可知,当其受到攻击时,受到伤害的部位会释放出 被称为VOCs的化学物质,由第二段第一句可知所有的植物受到攻击时都会做出这种反应,故D 项正确。植物被攻击时释放出的是化学物质而不是噪音,故排除A;释放出的化学物质是对其 他植物的预警,而不是从其他植物那里得到帮助,故排除B;根据第一段首句可排除C项。 2.A 推理判断题。根据第三段可知,某些植物受到攻击时,会释放出某种香味,将攻击者的天 敌吸引过来,由此可知当它们到来时,攻击者将会成为被攻击者,故A项正确。 3.B 推理判断题。由第四段内容可知,植物可以保护自己免受昆虫伤害。 4.C 推理判断题。最后一段提到,150多年前,达尔文就曾想到这个世界比我们所看到、听到 的更加繁忙,更加吵闹,也更加亲密,我们的感官还不够强大,很多东西都未感知到。由此可推 断出,这个世界实际上更加复杂,故C项正确。,长难句 They pump out perfumes designed to attract different insects who are natural enemies to the attackers. 它们大量排出用来吸引对于攻击者来说是天敌的不同昆虫的香味。 本句为复合句,句中过去分词短语designed to attract different insects作后置定语,修饰perfumes, who引导定语从句,修饰先行词insects。 高级语块 1.leafy adj.多叶的;叶茂的 2.volatile adj.易挥发的 3.compound n.混合物;化合物 4.pump out大量生产(或制造) 5.intentional adj.故意的;蓄意的,Passage 4(2017课标全国Ⅰ,B)词数:290 I work with Volunteers for Wildlife, a rescue and education organization at Bailey Arboretum in Locust Valley. Trying to help injured, displaced or sick creatures can be heartbreaking;survival is never certain. However, when it works, it is simply beautiful. I got a rescue call from a woman in Muttontown. She had found a young owl(猫头鹰)on the ground. When I arrived, I saw a 2- to 3-week-old owl. It had already been placed in a carrier for safety. I examined the chick(雏鸟)and it seemed fine. If I could locate the nest, I might have been able to put it back, but no luck. My next work was to construct a nest and anchor it in a tree.,The homeowner was very helpful. A wire basket was found. I put some pine branches into the bas-ket to make this nest safe and comfortable. I placed the chick in the nest, and it quickly calmed down. Now all that was needed were the parents, but they were absent. I gave the homeowner a recording of the hunger screams of owl chicks. These advertise the presence of chicks to adults;they might also encourage our chick to start calling as well. I gave the owner as much information as possible and headed home to see what news the night might bring. A nervous night to be sure, but sometimes the spirits of nature smile on us all!The homeowner called to say that the parents had responded to the recordings. I drove over and saw the chick in the nest looking healthy and active. And it was accompanied in the nest by the greatest sight of all— LUNCH!The parents had done their duty and would probably continue to do so.,1.What is unavoidable in the author􀆳s rescue work according to paragraph 1? A.Efforts made in vain. B.Getting injured in his work. C.Feeling uncertain about his future. D.Creatures forced out of their homes. 2.Why was the author called to Muttontown? A.To rescue a woman. B.To take care of a woman. C.To look at a baby owl. D.To cure a young owl. 3.What made the chick calm down? A.A new nest. B.Some food. C.A recording. D.Its parents. 4.How would the author feel about the outcome of the event? A.It􀆳s unexpected. B.It􀆳s beautiful. C.It􀆳s humorous. D.It􀆳s discouraging.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。作者在一个保护野生动物的志愿者组织工作,这份工作既 有艰辛痛苦也有拯救生命带来的幸福。请看作者是怎么救助一只猫头鹰雏鸟的吧! 1.A 推理判断题。根据第一段中的 “can be heartbreaking;survival is never certain”可知,拯 救野生动物的工作有时令人心碎,因为动物不一定能活下来,也就是说可能会徒劳无功,由此可 知答案为A项。 2.C 细节理解题。根据第二段中的 “She had found a young owl on the ground.”和第三段中 的“I examined the chick and it seemed fine.”可知,作者接到一个居住在Muttontown的妇女的 电话,于是赶过来看看这只雏鸟的情况,由此可知答案为C项。 3.A 细节理解题。根据第四段中的描述可知作者给这只雏鸟制作了一个安全舒适的新巢,把 它放进去后,很快它就安静了下来。由此可知答案为A项。 4.B 推理判断题。由最后一段的描述可知,作者回到家,焦急地等待结果,结果是雏鸟的父母 被雏鸟发出的声音吸引了过来,并开始照料它了。它存活下来了。结合第一段中的when it works, it is simply beautiful可知答案为B项。,高级语块 1.heartbreaking adj.令人心碎的 2.survival n.存活,生存 3.construct vt.建造;构筑 4.calm down 平静下来 5.respond to 对……做出反应 Passage 5(2017课标全国Ⅲ,B)词数:274 Minutes after the last movie ended yesterday at the Plaza Theater, employees were busy sweeping up popcorns and gathering coke cups. It was a scene that had been repeated many times in the the- ater􀆳s 75-year history. This time, however, the cleanup was a little different. As one group of workers carried out the rubbish, another group began removing seats and other theater equipment in preparation for the building􀆳s end. The film classic The Last Picture Show was the last movie shown in the old theater. Though the,movie is 30 years old, most of the 250 seats were filled with teary-eyed audience wanting to say good-bye to the old building. Theater owner Ed Bradford said he chose the movie because it seemed appropriate. The movie is set in a small town where the only movie theater is preparing to close down. Bradford said that large modern theaters in the city made it impossible for the Plaza to compete. He added that the theater􀆳s location(位置)was also a reason.“This used to be the center of town,”he said.“Now the area is mostly office buildings and warehouses.” Last week some city officials suggested the city might be interested in turning the old theater into a museum and public meeting place. However, these plans were abandoned because of financial problems. Bradford sold the building and land to a local development firm, which plans to build a shopping complex on the land where the theater is located. The theater audience said good-bye as Bradford locked the doors for the last time. After 75 years the Plaza Theater had shown its last movie. The theater will be missed.,1.In what way was yesterday􀆳s cleanup at the Plaza special? A.It made room for new equipment. B.It signaled the closedown of the theater. C.It was done with the help of the audience. D.It marked the 75th anniversary of the theater. 2.Why was The Last Picture Show put on? A.It was an all-time classic. B.It was about the history of the town. C.The audience requested it. D.The theater owner found it suitable. 3.What will probably happen to the building? A.It will be repaired. B.It will be turned into a museum. C.It will be knocked down. D.It will be sold to the city government.,4.What can we infer about the audience? A.They are disappointed with Bradford. B.They are sad to part with the old theater. C.They are supportive of the city officials. D.They are eager to have a shopping center. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。经营了75年的一家影院在放映完最后一场电影后关门了, 观众们眼含热泪依依不舍。老板为什么做出这个决定呢? 1.B 推理判断题。根据第一段中的 “another group began removing seats and other theater e- quipment in preparation for the building􀆳s end”可知,答案为B项。 2.D 细节理解题。根据第二段中的 “Theater owner Ed Bradford said he chose the movie be- cause it seemed appropriate.”可知,答案为D项。 3.C 推理判断题。根据第四段中的“which plans to build a shopping complex on the land”可 知,买家打算在这里修建一栋综合购物大楼,由此推断出不久之后这家影院就要被拆毁了,所以 答案为C项。,4.B 推理判断题。根据第二段中的 “most of the 250 seats were filled with teary-eyed audi- ence wanting to say good-bye to the old building”可推断出,与这家老影院分离,观众非常伤心 难过,所以答案为B项。 长难句 Bradford sold the building and land to a local development firm, which plans to build a shopping complex on the land where the theater is located.Bradford把这栋楼和这块地卖给了当 地的一个开发公司,这家公司计划在这家剧院所处的这块土地上建一栋综合购物大楼。 本句为复合句。逗号后是which引导的非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词firm,在这个定语从句中 还有一个由关系副词where引导的定语从句,修饰先行词land。 高级语块 1.in preparation for 为……做准备 2.classic n.经典作品 3.appropriate adj.合适的;恰当的 4.be set in以……为背景 5.warehouse n.仓库;货栈 6.abandon vt.抛弃;遗弃 7.financial adj.财政的,Passage 6(2017课标全国Ⅲ,C)词数:291 After years of heated debate, gray wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park. Four- teen wolves were caught in Canada and transported to the park. By last year, the Yellowstone wolf population had grown to more than 170 wolves. Gray wolves once were seen here and there in the Yellowstone area and much of the continental United States, but they were gradually displaced by human development. By the 1920s, wolves had practically disappeared from the Yellowstone area. They went farther north into the deep forests of Canada, where there were fewer humans around. The disappearance of the wolves had many unexpected results. Deer and elk populations—major food sources(来源)for the wolf—grew rapidly. These animals consumed large amounts of vegeta- tion(植被),which reduced plant diversity in the park. In the absence of wolves, coyote populations also grew quickly. The coyotes killed a large percentage of the park􀆳s red foxes, and completely drove away the park􀆳s beavers.,As early as 1966, biologists asked the government to consider reintroducing wolves to Yellow- stone Park. They hoped that wolves would be able to control the elk and coyote problems. Many farmers opposed the plan because they feared that wolves would kill their farm animals or pets. The government spent nearly 30 years coming up with a plan to reintroduce the wolves. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service carefully monitors and manages the wolf packs in Yellowstone. Today, the debate continues over how well the gray wolf is fitting in at Yellowstone. Elk, deer, and coyote populations are down, while beavers and red foxes have made a comeback. The Yellowstone wolf project has been a valuable experiment to help biologists decide whether to reintroduce wolves to other parts of the country as well. 1.What is the text mainly about? A.Wildlife research in the United States. B.Plant diversity in the Yellowstone area.,C.The conflict between farmers and gray wolves. D.The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park. 2.What does the underlined word“displaced”in paragraph 2 mean? A.Tested. B.Separated. C.Forced out. D.Tracked down. 3.What did the disappearance of gray wolves bring about? A.Damage to local ecology. B.A decline in the park􀆳s income. C.Preservation of vegetation. D.An increase in the variety of animals. 4.What is the author􀆳s attitude towards the Yellowstone wolf project? A.Doubtful. B.Positive. C.Disapproving. D.Uncaring.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。文章讲述的是,经过多年的激烈争论之后,灰狼又回到了黄 石国家公园。 1.D 主旨大意题。文章第一段第一句为文章的主题句,文章围绕其展开,讲述的就是黄石国 家公园再次引入灰狼这件事,故答案选D。 2.C 词义猜测题。根据第二段第一句和第二句可知,答案选C。灰狼曾经在黄石地区随处可 见,可后来由于人类的发展,该种群被渐渐驱离这里。 3.A 推理判断题。根据第三段可以推断灰狼的消失对生态造成了破坏。 4.B 推理判断题。由文章最后一段最后一句话中的a valuable experiment可知,作者觉得这个 项目很有价值,说明作者的态度是积极的。 高级语块 1.consume v.消耗;吃 2.oppose v.反对 3.reintroduce v.重新引入,Passage 7(2016课标全国Ⅱ,D) 词数:293 A new collection of photos brings an unsuccessful Antarctic voyage back to life. Frank Hurley􀆳s pictures would be outstanding—undoubtedly first-rate photo-journalism—if they had been made last week. In fact, they were shot from 1914 through 1916, most of them after a disastrous shipwreck(海难),by a cameraman who had no reasonable expectation of survival. Many of the images were stored in an ice chest, under freezing water, in the damaged wooden ship. The ship was the Endurance, a small, tight, Norwegian-built three-master that was intended to take Sir Ernest Shackleton and a small crew of seamen and scientists, 27 men in all, to the southern- most shore of Antarctica􀆳s Weddell Sea. From that point Shackleton wanted to force a passage by dog sled(雪橇)across the continent. The journey was intended to achieve more than what Captain Robert Falcon Scott had done. Captain Scott had reached the South Pole early in 1912 but had died with his four companions on the march back. As writer Caroline Alexander makes clear in her forceful and well-researched story The En- durance, adventuring was even then a thoroughly commercial effort. Scott􀆳s last journey, complet- ed as he lay in a tent dying of cold and hunger, caught the world􀆳s imagination, and a film made in,his honor drew crowds. Shackleton, a onetime British merchant-navy officer who had got to with- in 100 miles of the South Pole in 1908, started a business before his 1914 voyage to make money from movie and still photography. Frank Hurley, a confident and gifted Australian photographer who knew the Antarctic, was hired to make the images, most of which have never before been pub- lished. 1.What do we know about the photos taken by Hurley? A.They were made last week. B.They showed undersea sceneries. C.They were found by a cameraman. D.They recorded a disastrous adventure. 2.Who reached the South Pole first according to the text? A.Frank Hurley. B.Ernest Shackleton. C.Robert Falcon Scott. D.Caroline Alexander.,3.What does Alexander think was the purpose of the 1914 voyage? A.Artistic creation. B.Scientific research. C.Money making. D.Treasure hunting. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。文章通过Frank Hurley的照片讲述了那次航行的背景。 1.D 推理判断题。根据文章第二段第二句可知,Frank Hurley的照片拍摄于1914年到1916年,大多数是在经历海难后,在没有生存的希望的情况下拍摄的,由此可判断它们记录了一次海难。 2.C 推理判断题。根据文章第三段中的The journey was intended to achieve more than what Captain Robert Falcon Scott had done.以及下句可知,1912年Robert Falcon Scott到达了南极,而 Endurance航行的目的是超越他,但是遭遇了海难,由此可判断Robert Falcon Scott到达南极的 时间更早。 3.C 细节理解题。根据文章第四段第一句中的a thoroughly commercial effort可知,Alexander 认为那时的冒险完全是一种商业行为,也就是为了赚钱,因此可判断选C项。,长难句 Shackleton, a onetime British merchant-navy officer who had got to within 100 miles of the South Pole in 1908,started a business before his 1914 voyage to make money from movie and still photography.Shackleton是一个原先的英国商船队军官,在1908年到达过南极100英里内,并 且他在1914年航行前开办了一个公司来从电影和剧照摄影中赚钱。 本句为复合句。句中a onetime British merchant-navy officer与Shackleton为同位语,同时作定语 从句who had got to within 100 miles of the South Pole in 1908的先行词。 高级语块 1.bring.back to life使复活;使苏醒;使恢复活力 2.in one􀆳s honor为纪念……;向……表示敬意 Passage 8(2016课标全国Ⅰ,A) 词数:293 You probably know who Marie Curie was, but you may not have heard of Rachel Carson. Of the outstanding ladies listed below, who do you think was the most important woman of the past 100 years? Jane Addams(1860—1935) Anyone who has ever been helped by a social worker has Jane Addams to thank. Addams helped,the poor and worked for peace. She encouraged a sense of community(社区)by creating shelters and promoting education and services for people in need. In 1931, Addams became the first Amer- ican woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Rachel Carson(1907—1964) If it weren􀆳t for Rachel Carson, the environmental movement might not exist today. Her popular 1 962 book Silent Spring raised awareness of the dangers of pollution and the harmful effects of chemicals on humans and on the world􀆳s lakes and oceans. Sandra Day O􀆳Connor(1930—present) When Sandra Day O􀆳Connor finished third in her class at Stanford Law School, in 1952, she could not find work at a law firm because she was a woman. She became an Arizona state senator(参议 员)and, in 1981, the first woman to join the U.S. Supreme Court. O􀆳Connor gave the deciding vote in many important cases during her 24 years on the top court. Rosa Parks(1913—2005) On December 1,1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks would not give up her seat on a bus,to a white passenger. Her simple act landed Parks in prison. But it also set off the Montgomery bus boycott. It lasted for more than a year, and kicked off the civil-rights movement. “The only tired I was, was tired of giving in,”said Parks. 1.What is Jane Addams noted for in history? A.Her social work. B.Her teaching skills. C.Her efforts to win a prize. D.Her community background.



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