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2019版高考英语一轮复习(课标3卷B版)课件:专题十二 词义猜测.ppt

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2019 高考 英语 一轮 复习 课标 课件 专题 十二 词义 猜测
Passage 1(2018课标全国Ⅲ,D)词数:312 Adults understand what it feels like to be flooded with objects. Why do we often assume that more is more when it comes to kids and their belongings?The good news is that I can help my own kids learn earlier than I did how to live more with less. I found the pre-holidays a good time to encourage young children to donate less-used things, and it worked. Because of our efforts, our daughter Georgia did decide to donate a large bag of toys to a little girl whose mother was unable to pay for her holiday due to illness. She chose to sell a few larger objects that were less often used when we promised to put the money into her school fund (基金)(our kindergarten daughter is serious about becoming a doctor).,五年高考,A组 统一命题·课标卷题组,For weeks, I've been thinking of bigger, deeper questions: How do we make it a habit for them? And how do we train ourselves to help them live with, need, and use less?Yesterday, I sat with my son, Shepherd, determined to test my own theory on this. I decided to play with him with only one toy for as long as it would keep his interest. I expected that one toy would keep his attention for about five minutes, ten minutes, max. I chose a red rubber ball—simple, universally available. We passed it, he tried to put it in his mouth, he tried bouncing it, rolling it, sitting on it, throwing it. It was totally, completely enough for him. Before I knew it an hour had passed and it was time to move on to lunch. We both became absorbed in the simplicity of playing together. He had my full attention and I had his. My little experiment to find joy in a single object worked for both of us. 1.What do the words “more is more” in paragraph 1 probably mean? A.The more, the better. B.Enough is enough. C.More money, more worries. D.Earn more and spend more.,2.What made Georgia agree to sell some of her objects? A.Saving up for her holiday. B.Raising money for a poor girl. C.Adding the money to her fund. D.Giving the money to a sick mother. 3.Why did the author play the ball with Shepherd? A.To try out an idea. B.To show a parent's love. C.To train his attention. D.To help him start a hobby. 4.What can be a suitable title for the text? A.Take It or Leave It B.A Lesson from Kids C.Live More with Less D.The Pleasure of Giving,答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。题材为家庭生活类。作为成年人我们都理解身边用不到的 东西太多给我们的感觉,但是我们却认为我们的孩子拥有的东西越多越好。我在自己的孩子 身上做了一个实验,证明了拥有更少的东西能生活得更好。 1.A 词义猜测题。根据第一段最后一句话可知,我帮我自己的孩子学会了用更少的东西生活 得更好,由此推断出画线词语的意思是“越多越好”,所以答案为A项。B项:适可而止。C项: 钱越多就越担心。D项:挣得多花得多。这三项与父母希望孩子拥有更多的东西的想法不 符。 2.C 细节理解题。题干句意:什么事让Georgia同意卖掉她的一些东西?根据第二段最后一句 话可知,在我们承诺把这笔钱放进她的学校基金后,她选择卖掉几件较大而不太常用的东西,因 为她想把这笔钱放到自己的基金中去,所以答案为C项。A项:为了她的假期攒钱。B项:为一 个贫穷的女孩筹款。D项:把这笔钱给一位生病的母亲。,3.A 推理判断题。题干句意:作者为什么要和Shepherd一起玩球?根据第三段的Yesterday, I sat with my son, Shepherd, determined to test my own theory on this.可以推断出作者和儿子一起 玩球是为了检验一下自己的理论。 4.C 主旨大意题。作者在第一段的最后就提出了本文的主题:how to live more with less,后面 几段描写了作者在自己的孩子身上证明了自己的这个观点是正确的,所以答案为C项。A项: 要么接受,要么放弃。B项:从孩子身上学到的教训。D项:奉献的乐趣。这三项与第一段提出 的主题不符。 难句分析 原句:Because of our efforts, our daughter Georgia did decide to donate a large bag of toys to a lit- tle girl whose mother was unable to pay for her holiday due to illness. 分析:because of.作原因状语;谓语动词decide用助动词did加以强调;关系代词whose引导的定 语从句修饰先行词a little girl。 译文:由于我们的努力,我们的女儿Georgia确实决定把一大袋子玩具捐给一个小女孩,这个女 孩的妈妈因为生病而无法支付她的假期费用。,重点词汇 assume v.认为;假定 when it comes to当说到;当涉及 belongings n.所有物;财产 donate v.捐赠;捐献 due to由于;因为 be determined to do sth.决心做某事 Passage 2(2018课标全国Ⅰ,C)词数:360 Languages have been coming and going for thousands of years, but in recent times there has been less coming and a lot more going. When the world was still populated by hunter-gatherers, small, tightly knit(联系)groups developed their own patterns of speech independent of each other. Some language experts believe that 10,000 years ago, when the world had just five to ten million people, they spoke perhaps 12,000 languages between them. Soon afterwards, many of those people started settling down to become farmers, and their lan- guages too became more settled and fewer in number. In recent centuries, trade, industrialisation, the development of the nation-state and the spread of universal compulsory education, especially globalisation and better communications in the past few decades, all have caused many languages to disappear, and dominant languages such as English, Spanish and Chinese are increasingly taking over.,At present, the world has about 6,800 languages. The distribution of these languages is hugely un- even. The general rule is that mild zones have relatively few languages, often spoken by many people, while hot, wet zones have lots, often spoken by small numbers. Europe has only around 20 0 languages;the Americas about 1,000;Africa 2,400;and Asia and the Pacific perhaps 3,200, of which Papua New Guinea alone accounts for well over 800. The median number(中位数) of speakers is a mere 6,000, which means that half the world's languages are spoken by fewer people than that. Already well over 400 of the total of 6,800 languages are close to extinction(消亡), with only a few elderly speakers left. Pick, at random, Busuu in Cameroon(eight remaining speakers), Chia- paneco in Mexico(150), Lipan Apache in the United States(two or three) or Wadjigu in Australia (one, with a question-mark):none of these seems to have much chance of survival. 1.What can we infer about languages in hunter-gatherer times? A.They developed very fast. B.They were large in number.,C.They had similar patterns. D.They were closely connected. 2.Which of the following best explains“dominant”underlined in paragraph 2? A.Complex. B.Advanced. C.Powerful. D.Modern. 3.How many languages are spoken by less than 6,000 people at present? A.About 6,800. B.About 3,400. C.About 2,400. D.About 1,200. 4.What is the main idea of the text? A.New languages will be created. B.People's lifestyles are reflected in languages. C.Human development results in fewer languages. D.Geography determines language evolution.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文。作者从语言发展历史这一角度论述了人类的发展导致了世界上 语言数量的减少。 1.B 推理判断题。本题题干意为:对于采猎者时代的语言,我们可推断出什么?根据第一段第 二句(当世界人口仍然由采猎者构成的时候,小的、联系紧密的群体彼此独立地形成了自己的 讲话模式。)可知答案为B项(它们的数量很大)。A:它们发展得很快;C:它们有相似的模式;D: 它们联系很紧密。 2.C 词义猜测题。本题题干意为:下面哪一项最好地解释了第二段画线词“dominant”?根 据画线词所在句子中的“such as English, Spanish and Chinese are increasingly taking over”可 推知dominant的意思是“占统治地位的,强大的”,故答案为C项(Powerful)。A:复杂的;B:高级 的;D:现代的。 3.B 细节理解题。本题题干意为:目前,有多少种语言的使用人数少于6,000?根据第三段第一 句(目前世界上大约有6,800种语言。)和第三段最后一句(……这意味着世界的语言中有一半 的语言,其使用人数不足6,000。)可知,答案为B项(6800×1/2=3400)。,4.C 主旨大意题。本题题干意为:本文的主旨是什么?作者在首段首句介绍了本文的主题,即 语言几千年来一直变化不定,但在最近时期,其数量越来越少。然后进一步解释造成这种现象 的原因是社会的发展,故答案为C项。 难句分析 原句:Some language experts believe that 10,000 years ago, when the world had just five to ten mil- lion people, they spoke perhaps 12,000 languages between them. 分析:本句的主句为:Some language experts believe。后面的that从句为宾语从句,该从句的主干 为:they spoke perhaps 12,000 languages between them;10,000 years ago为时间状语;when the world had just five to ten million people为非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词10,000 years ago。 译文:一些专家认为,在一万年前,当时世界上只有五百万至一千万人口,他们之间可能要说12,0 00种语言。 重点词汇 settle down定居下来 globalisation n.全球化 distribution n.分布 relatively adv.相对地,Passage 3(2018课标全国Ⅱ,B)词数:276 Many of us love July because it's the month when nature's berries and stone fruits are in abun- dance. These colourful and sweet jewels from British Columbia's fields are little powerhouses of nutritional protection. Of the common berries, strawberries are highest in vitamin C, although, because of their seeds, raspberries contain a little more protein(蛋白质), iron and zinc(not that fruits have much protein). Blueberries are particularly high in antioxidants (抗氧化物质). The yellow and orange stone fruits such as peaches are high in the carotenoids we turn into vitamin A and which are antioxidants. As for cherries(樱桃), they are so delicious. Who cares?However, they are rich in vitamin C. When combined with berries or slices of other fruits, frozen bananas make an excellent base for thick, cooling fruit shakes and low fat“ice cream”. For this purpose, select ripe bananas for freezing as they are much sweeter. Remove the skin and place them in plastic bags or containers and freeze. If you like, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice on the bananas will prevent them turning brown. Frozen bananas will last several weeks, depending on their ripeness and the temperature of the freezer.,If you have a juicer, you can simply feed in frozen bananas and some berries or sliced fruit. Out comes a “soft-serve”creamy dessert, to be eaten right away. This makes a fun activity for a chil- dren's party;they love feeding the fruit and frozen bananas into the top of the machine and watch- ing the ice cream come out below. 1.What does the author seem to like about cherries? A.They contain protein. B.They are high in vitamin A. C.They have a pleasant taste. D.They are rich in antioxidants. 2.Why is fresh lemon juice used in freezing bananas? A.To make them smell better. B.To keep their colour. C.To speed up their ripening. D.To improve their nutrition.,3.What is“a juicer”in the last paragraph? A.A dessert. B.A drink. C.A container. D.A machine. 4.From which is the text probably taken? A.A biology textbook. B.A health magazine. C.A research paper. D.A travel brochure. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文,题材为食品营养类。许多人最爱七月,因为在这个月份大量 的新鲜水果成熟了。本文介绍了几种对人体有益的水果,还为你推荐了一种孩子们喜欢的自 制果汁。 1.C 细节理解题。题干意为:作者似乎喜欢樱桃的什么?根据第二段最后两句话(至于樱桃,它 们那么美味可口,谁在乎呢?然而,它们富含维他命C。)可知作者喜欢樱桃的美味可口,所以答 案为C项。A项:它们含有蛋白质;B项:它们富含维他命A;D项:它们富含抗氧化物。这三项均 与文章所述不符。,2.B 推理判断题。题干意为:为什么在冷冻香蕉时要加点新鲜的柠檬汁?根据第三段倒数第 二句话(如果你喜欢的话,挤一点新鲜的柠檬汁到香蕉上会防止它们变成褐色。)可推断出这 么做是为了保持香蕉本来的颜色,所以答案为B项。A项:为了让它们更好闻;C项:为了加速它 们的成熟;D项:为了增加它们的营养。这三项均与原文描述不符。 3.D 词义猜测题。题干意为:最后一段的“a juicer”是什么?根据最后一段第一句和第二句 话的描述(如果你有一个榨汁机的话,你就把冷冻的香蕉和一些浆果或者切成片的水果放进 去。就会出来一种软软的奶油状的甜品,要马上吃掉哦。)可以推断出画线部分是一种能制作 果汁样食品的机器,所以答案为D项。 4.B 推理判断题。题干意为:这篇文章可能选自什么?根据第一段第二句话的描述(这些来自 不列颠哥伦比亚省土地上的色彩鲜艳的甜甜的宝贝就是营养保护的小集团。)再结合后文描 述的几种富含各种维生素的水果,我们可以推断出本文是来自与健康营养相关的书,即一本健 康杂志,所以答案为B项。A项:一本生物课本;C项:一篇研究论文;D项:一本旅游册子。这三项 与文章主题不符。,难句分析 原句:When combined with berries or slices of other fruits, frozen bananas make an excellent base for thick, cooling fruit shakes and low fat “ice cream”. 分析:第一个逗号前是when引导的省略了主语和be动词的时间状语从句,相当于When they are combined with.,第一个逗号后是句子的主干。句子的主语frozen bananas与combine 之间是被 动关系。 译文:当与浆果或者其他的水果片混合在一起时,冷冻的香蕉就会成为一种极好的用来制作浓 浓的冷奶昔和低脂肪冰激凌的基本材料。 重点词汇 contain vt.包含;含有 particularly adv.特别;尤其 (be)combined with 与……结合/ 混合 词汇积累 abundance n.大量;充裕 nutritional adj.营养的 container n.容器,Passage 4(2017课标全国Ⅰ,D)词数:311 A build-it-yourself solar still(蒸馏器) is one of the best ways to obtain drinking water in areas where the liquid is not readily available. Developed by two doctors in the U.S. Department of A- griculture, it's an excellent water collector. Unfortunately, you must carry the necessary equipment with you, since it's all but impossible to find natural substitutes. The only components required, though, are a 5'×5' sheet of clear or slightly milky plastic, six feet of plastic tube, and a container— perhaps just a drinking cup—to catch the water. These pieces can be folded into a neat little pack and fastened on your belt. To construct a working still, use a sharp stick or rock to dig a hole four feet across and three feet deep. Try to make the hole in a damp area to increase the water catcher's productivity. Place your cup in the deepest part of the hole. Then lay the tube in place so that one end rests all the way in the cup and the rest of the line runs up—and out—the side of the hole. Next, cover the hole with the plastic sheet, securing the edges of the plastic with dirt and weighting the sheet's center down with a rock. The plastic should now form a cone(圆锥体) with 45-degree- angled sides. The low point of the sheet must be centered directly over, and no more than three inches above, the cup.,The solar still works by creating a greenhouse under the plastic. Ground water evaporates(蒸发) and collects on the sheet until small drops of water form, run down the material, and fall off into the cup. When the container is full, you can suck the refreshment out through the tube, and won't have to break down the still every time you need a drink. 1.What do we know about the solar still equipment from the first paragraph? A.It's delicate. B.It's expensive. C.It's complex. D.It's portable. 2.What does the underlined phrase “the water catcher”in paragraph 2 refer to? A.The tube. B.The still. C.The hole. D.The cup. 3.What is the last step of constructing a working solar still? A.Dig a hole of a certain size. B.Put the cup in place. C.Weight the sheet's center down. D.Cover the hole with the plastic sheet.,4.When a solar still works, drops of water come into the cup from . A.the plastic tube B.outside the hole C.the open air D.beneath the sheet 答案 [语篇解读] 本文为说明文,属于科普类文章。文章介绍了在野外自制蒸馏装置收集饮用水 的过程及其工作原理。短文首先说明了自制蒸馏装置所需的部件,然后详细说明了制作装置 的几个步骤,最后简要阐述了其工作原理。 1.D 细节理解题。根据第一段最后两句,尤其是尾句These pieces can be folded into a neat lit- tle pack and fastened on your belt.可知该装置是可折叠的、便携的(portable),故答案为D项。 2.B 词义猜测题。本题问第二段中画线的“the water catcher”指的是什么。根据第二段前 两句可知,画线短语指代的是该段首句中的a working still,故答案为B项。 3.C 细节理解题。本题问制作蒸馏器的最后一个步骤是什么。根据第二、三段可知四个选 项的正确顺序是A→B→D→C,故答案为C项。 4.D 细节理解题。本题问蒸馏器工作时水滴从何处进入杯子。根据尾段前两句可知该装置 是利用蒸发到塑料薄片上的水分凝聚成水滴,最后滴落到杯子中,故答案为D项。,高级语块 1.substitute n.代用品 2.component n.零件,构成要素;成分 3.productivity n.生产 力;生产效率 4.secure v.把……弄牢 5.fall off into落入,注入 长难句 Then lay the tube in place so that one end rests all the way in the cup and the rest of the line runs up—and out—the side of the hole.接着把管子放在恰当的位置,使管子的一端一直放在 杯子里并且管子的其余部分向上延伸到所挖坑的外部。 主句lay the tube in place为祈使句;so that引导目的状语从句,从句是and连接的并列句。in place 在恰当的地方;all the way自始至终。 Passage 5(2017课标全国Ⅱ,B)词数:289 I first met Paul Newman in 1968, when George Roy Hill, the director of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, introduced us in New York City. When the studio didn't want me for the film—it wanted somebody as well known as Paul—he stood up for me. I don't know how many people would have done that; they would have listened to their agents or the studio powers. The friendship that grew out of the experience of making that film and The Sting four years later,had its root in the fact that although there was an age difference, we both came from a tradition of theater and live TV. We were respectful of craft(技艺) and focused on digging into the characters we were going to play. Both of us had the qualities and virtues that are typical of American actors: humorous, aggressive, and making fun of each other—but always with an underlying affection. Those were also at the core(核心) of our relationship off the screen. We shared the belief that if you're fortunate enough to have success, you should put something back—he with his Newman's Own food and his Hole in the Wall camps for kids who are seriously ill, and me with Sundance and the institute and the festival. Paul and I didn't see each other all that regularly, but sharing that brought us together. We supported each other financially and by showing up at events. I last saw him a few months ago. He'd been in and out of the hospital. He and I both knew what the deal was, and we didn't talk about it. Ours was a relationship that didn't need a lot of words. 1.Why was the studio unwilling to give the role to the author at first? A.Paul Newman wanted it.,B.The studio powers didn't like his agent. C.He wasn't famous enough. D.The director recommended someone else. 2.Why did Paul and the author have a lasting friendship? A.They were of the same age. B.They worked in the same theater. C.They were both good actors. D.They had similar characteristics. 3.What does the underlined word“that”in paragraph 3 refer to? A.Their belief. B.Their care for children. C.Their success. D.Their support for each other. 4.What is the author's purpose in writing the text? A.To show his love of films. B.To remember a friend. C.To introduce a new movie. D.To share his acting experience.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。描述的是作者与著名演员保罗·纽曼的友情。文章内容包 括:两个人最初相识的情景(第一段),友谊的基础(第二段),两人成名后以实际行动回报社会(第 三段),回忆与保罗最后见面的情景(第四段)。 1.C 推理判断题。根据第一段中的 “it wanted somebody as well known as Paul”可知,这家 电影公司不想把这个角色给作者,是因为他们想把角色给像保罗这样出名的人,由此推断作者 当时知名度还不够高,所以答案为C项。 2.D 推理判断题。第二段指出他们的友谊建立于共同参演两部电影的经历。但他们的友谊 能够长久,根本原因是他们有相似的特性:一是具有剧院演出和参加电视直播的背景;二是看重 演技、专注于对角色的探究和发掘;三是他们都具有典型美国演员所具有的品质和美德。根 据以上信息可推断出答案为D。 3.A 词义猜测题。根据本段第一句话 “We shared the belief that if.”可知,我们共同的信念,(belief)是:如果你有幸事业成功,就应该进行回报。文章接着介绍了两人在这方面的具体作为, 画线词所在分句意为“但是分享我们的信念使我们走到了一起”,所以答案为A项。 4.B 推理判断题。文章开头作者介绍了自己与著名演员保罗·纽曼相识的情景,后面描述了 两人的交往和深厚的友谊。最后一段指出“我几个月前最后一次见到保罗,他几乎离不开医 院了”,由此可推断作者发表此文时,保罗或许已经离世,由此推断出作者写这篇文章就是为了 缅怀故友。所以答案为B项。 高级语块 1.experience n.经历 2.be respectful of 尊重 3.humorous adj.幽默的 4.aggressive adj.有进取心的 长难句 We shared the belief that if you're fortunate enough to have success, you should put something back.我们有着相同的信念,那就是如果你足够幸运而成功了的话,你应该对这个世 界有所回报…… 本句为主从复合句。句子的主干为We shared the belief。that引导同位语从句,说明belief的内 容。,Passage 6(2016课标全国Ⅲ,B)词数:323 On one of her trips to New York several years ago, Eudora Welty decided to take a couple of New York friends out to dinner. They settled in at a comfortable East Side cafe and within minutes, an- other customer was approaching their table. “Hey, aren't you from Mississippi?”the elegant, white-haired writer remembered being asked by the stranger.“I'm from Mississippi too.” Without a second thought, the woman joined the Welty party. When her dinner partner showed up, she also pulled up a chair. “They began telling me all the news of Mississippi,”Welty said.“I didn't know what my New York friends were thinking.” Taxis on a rainy New York night are rarer than sunshine. By the time the group got up to leave, it was pouring outside. Welty's new friends immediately sent a waiter to find a cab. Heading back downtown toward her hotel, her big-city friends were amazed at the turn of events that had changed their Big Apple dinner into a Mississippi state reunion(团聚). “My friend said:‘Now we believe your stories,’”Welty added.“And I said:‘Now you,know. These are the people that make me write them.’” Sitting on a sofa in her room, Welty, a slim figure in a simple gray dress, looked pleased with this explanation. “I don't make them up,”she said of the characters in her fiction these last 50 or so years.“I don 't have to.” Beauticians, bartenders, piano players and people with purple hats, Welty's people come from af- ternoons spent visiting with old friends, from walks through the streets of her native Jackson, Miss., from conversations overheard on a bus. It annoys Welty that, at 78, her left ear has now giv- en out. Sometimes, sitting on a bus or a train, she hears only a fragment(片断)of a particularly in- teresting story. 1.What happened when Welty was with her friends at the cafe? A.Two strangers joined her. B.Her childhood friends came in. C.A heavy rain ruined the dinner.,D.Some people held a party there. 2.The underlined word“them”in Paragraph 6 refers to Welty's . A.readers B.parties C.friends D.stories 3.What can we learn about the characters in Welty's fiction? A.They live in big cities. B.They are mostly women. C.They come from real life. D.They are pleasure seekers. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文为记叙文,讲述了美国著名女作家Eudora Welty 在纽约旅游时的一次经历。 她让朋友相信了她小说中的人物都来源于真实的生活。她善于和各种人交往,从而使她的小 说真实、生动。 1.A 细节理解题。根据文章第三段.the woman joined the Welty party. When her dinner part- ner showed up.可以得知选A。干扰项为C项,虽然有大雨,但是没有破坏他们的晚餐,所以排除 C选项。 2.D 词义猜测题。根据上文中的Now we believe your stories可以推断出选D。,3.C 推理判断题。根据第八段中的I don't make them up和最后一段,可以推断出她的小说中 的人物来自真实的生活。 高级语块 1.show up出现;露面 2.make up组成;化妆;编造 3.give out 用完;耗尽;停止运转 长难句 Taxis on a rainy New York night are rarer than sunshine.在纽约的雨夜里,出租车比阳 光还罕见。 本句是个简单句。 Passage 7(2016课标全国Ⅱ,B) 词数:294 Five years ago, when I taught art at a school in Seattle, I used Tinkertoys as a test at the beginning of a term to find out something about my students. I put a small set of Tinkertoys in front of each student, and said:“Make something out of the Tinkertoys. You have 45 minutes today—and 45 minutes each day for the rest of the week.” A few students hesitated to start. They waited to see what the rest of the class would do. Several others checked the instructions and made something according to one of the model plans provided. Another group built something out of their own imaginations.,Once I had a boy who worked experimentally with Tinkertoys in his free time.His constructions filled a shelf in the art classroom and a good part of his bedroom at home. I was delighted at the presence of such a student. Here was an exceptionally creative mind at work. His presence meant that I had an unexpected teaching assistant in class whose creativity would infect(感染)other stu- dents. Encouraging this kind of thinking has a downside. I ran the risk of losing those students who had a different style of thinking.Without fail one would declare,“But I'm just not creative.” “Do you dream at night when you're asleep?” “Oh,sure.” “So tell me one of your most interesting dreams.”The student would tell something wildly imag- inative. Flying in the sky or in a time machine or growing three heads.“That's pretty creative. Who does that for you?” “Nobody. I do it.” “Really—at night, when you're asleep?”,“Sure.” “Try doing it in the daytime, in class, okay?” 1.The teacher used Tinkertoys in class in order to . A.know more about the students B.make the lessons more exciting C.raise the students' interest in art D.teach the students about toy design 2.What do we know about the boy mentioned in Paragraph 3? A.He liked to help his teacher. B.He preferred to study alone. C.He was active in class. D.He was imaginative. 3.What does the underlined word“downside”in Paragraph 4 probably mean? A.Mistake. B.Drawback.,C.Difficulty. D.Burden. 4.Why did the teacher ask the students to talk about their dreams? A.To help them to see their creativity. B.To find out about their sleeping habits. C.To help them to improve their memory. D.To find out about their ways of thinking. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。文章主要讲述作者在西雅图一所学校教学的时候为了更好 地了解学生进行了一次小测试,并且有了新的发现。 1.A 细节理解题。根据文章第一段第一句中的I used Tinkertoys as a test at the beginning of a term to find out something about my students可知,作者在学期开始使用Tinkertoys作为测试是为 了了解学生的一些情况,由此判断A项符合题意。 2.D 推理判断题。根据文章第三段第四句Here was an exceptionally creative mind at work.可 知,这个孩子在他的作品上极有创造力,由此判断他是有想象力的,故选D项。,3.B 词义猜测题。根据文章第四段第二句可知,作者鼓励这种思维就有失去那些有不同风格 的思维的学生的危险,因此可判断这种行为有不利的方面,故选择B项。 4.A 推理判断题。根据文章最后一句中的Try doing it in the daytime可知,作者要孩子们在白 天尝试梦中的想法,由此判断作者让孩子们说出自己的梦的真正目的是让孩子们看到自己的 创造性,故选A项。 长难句 His presence meant that I had an unexpected teaching assistant in class whose creativity would infect other students.他的出现意味着课堂上我突然有了一个教学助手,他的创造力会感 染其他的学生。 本句为复合句,其中that 引导宾语从句。在宾语从句中whose creativity would infect other stu- dents为定语从句,关系词whose在从句中作定语。 Passage 8(2016课标全国Ⅰ,C) 词数:269 I am Peter Hodes,a volunteer stem cell courier. Since March 2012, I've done 89 trips—of those, 5 1 have been abroad. I have 42 hours to carry stem cells(干细胞) in my little box because I've got two ice packs and that's how long they last. In all, from the time the stem cells are harvested from,a donor(捐献者)to the time they can be implanted in the patient, we've got 72 hours at most. So I am always conscious of time. I had one trip last year where I was caught by a hurricane in America. I picked up the stem cells in Providence, Rhode Island, and was meant to fly to Washington then back to London. But when I arrived at the check-in desk at Providence, the lady on the desk said:“Well, I'm really sorry, I've got some bad news for you—there are no flights from Washington.” So I took my box and put it on the desk and I said:“In this box are some stem cells that are urgently needed for a patient— please, please, you've got to get me back to the United Kingdom.” She just dropped everything. She arranged for a flight on a small plane to be held for me, re-routed(改道)me through Newark and got me back to the UK even earlier than originally scheduled. For this courier job,you're consciously aware that in that box you've got something that is poten- tially going to save somebody's life. 1.Which of the following can replace the underlined word“courier”in Paragraph 1? A.provider B.delivery man,C.collector D.medical doctor 2.Why does Peter have to complete his trip within 42 hours? A.He cannot stay away from his job too long. B.The donor can only wait for that long. C.The operation needs that much time. D.The ice won't last any longer. 3.Which flight did the woman put Peter on first? A.To London. B.To Newark. C.To Providence. D.To Washington. 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。文章主要介绍了作为干细胞运送志愿者的Peter Hodes在美 国遇到飓风,航班被取消,后来得到帮助的经历。 1.B 词义猜测题。根据文章第一段可知从在捐献者身上取到干细胞到移植到病人身上最多 有72小时的时间,由此可判断作者是干细胞的运送者,故选B项。A、C、D三项和作者的递送 工作无任何关系,因此可排除。,2.D 细节理解题。根据文章第一段第三句可知作者有两个冰袋,而它们能持续的时间为42小 时,故选D项。A项意为“他不能离开工作太长时间”。B项意为“捐献者只能等那么长时 间”。C项意为“手术需要很长时间”。 3.B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段倒数第一句.re-routed me through Newark.可知选B项。 长难句 For this courier job,you're consciously aware that in that box you've got something that is potentially going to save somebody's life. 对于这个递送的工作,你要意识到在那个箱子里你 拥有的是有可能挽救别人生命的东西。 本句为复合句,其中 that in that box you've got something that is potentially going to save some



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