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2019版高考英语一轮复习(课标3卷B版)课件:专题十五 完形填空.ppt

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2019 高考 英语 一轮 复习 课标 课件 专题 十五 填空
Cloze 1(2018课标全国Ⅲ)词数:280 When most of us get a text message on our cell phone from an unknown person, we usually say “sorry, 1 number!”and move on. But when Dennis Williams 2 a text that clearly wasn't intended for him, he did something 3 . On March 19, Dennis got a group text 4 him that a couple he didn't know were at the hospital, waiting for the 5 of a baby. “Congratulations!But I think someone was mistaken,”Dennis 6 . The baby was born and up- date texts were 7 quickly from the overjoyed grandmother, Teresa. In her 8 , she didn't seem to realize that she was 9 the baby's photos with a complete stranger. “Well, I don't 10,五年高考,A组 统一命题·课标卷题组,you all but I will get there to take pictures with the baby,”replied Dennis before asking which room the new 11 were in. Much to the family's surprise, Dennis stuck to his 12 !He turned up at the hospital 13 gifts for the new mother Lindsey and her baby boy. Lindsey's husband was totally 14 by the unex- pected visit. “I don't think we would have randomly invited him over but we 15 it and the gifts.” Teresa 16 a photo of the chance meeting on a social networking website 17 by the touching words:“What a 18 this young man was to our family!He was so 19 and kind to do this.” The post has since gained the 20 of social media users all over the world, receiving more than 1 84,000 shares and 61,500 likes in just three days. 1.A.unlucky B.secret C.new D.wrong 2.A.received B.translated C.copied D.printed 3.A.reasonable B.special C.necessary D.practical 4.A.convincing B.reminding C.informing D.warning,5.A.wake-up B.recovery C.growth D.arrival 6.A.responded B.interrupted C.predicted D.repeated 7.A.coming in B.setting out C.passing down D.moving around 8.A.opinion B.anxiety C.excitement D.effort 9.A.comparing B.exchanging C.discussing D.sharing 10.A.accept B.know C.believe D.bother 11.A.parents B.doctors C.patients D.visitors 12.A.dream B.promise C.agenda D.principle 13.A.bearing B.collecting C.opening D.making 14.A.discouraged B.relaxed C.astonished D.defeated 15.A.admit B.need C.appreciate D.expect 16.A.found B.selected C.developed D.posted 17.A.confirmed B.simplified C.clarified D.accompanied,18.A.pity B.blessing C.relief D.problem 19.A.smart B.calm C.sweet D.fair 20.A.sympathy B.attention C.control D.trust 答案 [语篇解读] 本文为记叙文。丹尼斯收到短信,说一对夫妇的孩子即将出生。尽管他告诉对 方发错了,但之后还是收到了孩子的照片。最终他带着礼物到医院探望,孩子的奶奶将探望照 片发到了网上,得到了大量转发和点赞。 1.D 根据an unknown person可知,我们大部分人在收到陌生人的短信时,通常会告诉对方发错 了,故wrong(错误的)符合语境。 2.A 根据下文内容可知,丹尼斯收到了陌生人发来的短信,故received正确。translate翻译; copy复制;print印刷。 3.B 本句与上句为转折关系。大部分人会告诉对方发错了,但是丹尼斯收到陌生人的短信 后,却做了特别的事情。reasonable合理的;special特殊的,特别的;necessary必要的,必需的;prac- tical实用的。故选B。,4.C 空格处作定语,修饰text,后面提到了短信的内容,故informing(通知;告知)正确。 5.D 短信告诉他有一对他不认识的夫妻在医院,等待着自己的孩子的出生。根据下文The baby was born.可知,arrival(到来)符合语境。 6.A “恭喜!但是我认为有人弄错了。”这应该是丹尼斯收到短信后作出的回复,故respond- ed正确。interrupt打断;predict预测;repeat重复。 7.A 下文提到特蕾莎和丹尼斯这位陌生人分享了孩子的照片,由此可见孩子出生后,特蕾莎 非常高兴,又向丹尼斯发来了短信,故coming in正确。set out出发,动身;pass down流传;move around走来走去。 8.C 因为孩子出生了,所以孩子的奶奶特蕾莎很兴奋,根据上句的overjoyed可知excitement正 确。 9.D 根据语境可知,特蕾莎给陌生人丹尼斯发来了短信,分享(sharing)了孩子的照片。com- pare比较;exchange交换;discuss讨论。故选D。 10.B 根据前面的stranger可知,丹尼斯回复对方“噢,我不认识(know)你们所有人,但是我会去 那儿和宝宝照相。”,11.A 孩子刚刚出生,由此可知丹尼斯要去医院和孩子照相,应该询问孩子的父母(parents)在 哪个房间。故选A。 12.B 下句提到丹尼斯带着礼物来到了医院,由此可见他信守了自己做出的承诺,即到医院和 孩子照相。dream梦;promise承诺;agenda议程;principle原则。根据语境可知选B。 13.A 根据空格后的gifts可知丹尼斯为婴儿以及婴儿的妈妈带来了礼物。bear携带;collect收 集;open打开;make制作。 14.C 根据the unexpected visit以及他说的话可以看出他对丹尼斯的探望感到很吃惊。由此 可知选C。 15.C 空格后的it指代上文提到的the unexpected visit,由此可知丈夫对丹尼斯的探望以及他带 来的礼物感到感激(appreciate)。 16.D 根据下文的The post has since gained.可知,特蕾莎将这次偶然会面的照片发到了一家 社交网站,故posted(公布;贴)正确。 17.D 根据空格后的引号里的内容可知这是给图片配的文字,故accompanied(附有;配有)正 确。confirm证实,确认;simplify简化;clarify澄清,阐明。,18.B 这位年轻人真是我们全家的福气!pity遗憾,可惜;blessing福气;relief安慰;problem问题。 19.C 空格处与kind并列,再结合上文可知,丹尼斯去探望了素不相识的一家人,因此sweet(和 蔼的,友好的)正确。smart聪明的;calm冷静的;fair公平的。 20.B 根据下文“184,000次分享和61,500次点赞”可知,网上的这个帖子得到了全世界社交 媒体用户的关注(attention)。sympathy同情;control控制;trust信任。 难句分析 原句:On March 19, Dennis got a group text informing him that a couple he didn't know were at the hospital, waiting for the arrival of a baby. 分析:本句的主干为Dennis got a group text,现在分词短语informing him that.作后置定语,修饰 a group text;that引导宾语从句,he didn't know为省略关系词的定语从句,先行词为a couple,现 在分词短语waiting for the arrival of a baby作伴随状语。 译文:在3月19日,丹尼斯收到了一个群发短信,告诉他一对他并不认识的夫妇正在医院等待着 孩子的出生。 重点词汇 be intended for为……准备的;为……设计的 randomly adv.任意地;随机地,Cloze 2(2018课标全国Ⅰ)词数:276 During my second year at the city college, I was told that the education department was offering a “free”course, called Thinking Chess, for three credits. I 1 the idea of taking the class be- cause, after all, who doesn't want to 2 a few dollars?More than that, I'd always wanted to learn chess. And, even if I weren't 3 enough about free credits, news about our 4 was ap- pealing enough to me. He was an international grand master, which 5 I would be learning from one of the game's 6 . I could hardly wait to 7 him. Maurice Ashley was kind and smart, a former graduate returning to teach, and this 8 was no game for him;he meant business. In his introduction, he made it 9 that our credits would be hard-earned. In order to 10 the class, among other criteria, we had to write a paper on how we plan to 11 what we would learn in class to our future professions and, 12 , to our lives. I managed to get an A in that 13 and learned life lessons that have served me well beyond the 1 4 . Ten years after my chess class with Ashley, I'm still putting to use what he 15 me:“The abso-,lute most important 16 that you learn when you play chess is how to make good 17 . On every single move you have to 18 a situation, process what your opponent(对手)is doing and 19 the best move from among all your options.”These words still ring true today in my 20 as a journalist. 1.A.put forward B.jumped at C.tried out D.turned down 2.A.waste B.earn C.save D.pay 3.A.excited B.worried C.moved D.tired 4.A.title B.competitor C.textbook D.instructor 5.A.urged B.demanded C.held D.meant 6.A.fastest B.easiest C.best D.rarest 7.A.interview B.meet C.challenge D.beat 8.A.chance B.qualification C.honor D.job 9.A.real B.perfect C.clear D.possible,10.A.attend B.pass C.skip D.observe 11.A.add B.expose C.apply D.compare 12.A.eventually B.naturally C.directly D.normally 13.A.game B.presentation C.course D.experiment 14.A.criterion B.classroom C.department D.situation 15.A.taught B.wrote C.questioned D.promised 16.A.fact B.step C.manner D.skill 17.A.grades B.decisions C.impressions D.comments 18.A.analyze B.describe C.rebuild D.control 19.A.announce B.signal C.block D.evaluate 20.A.role B.desire C.concern D.behavior 答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。在我上大二的那年有幸师从一位国际象棋大师, 他教给我的不仅仅是下棋的技巧,更重要的是让我知道这门课程给我的生活和工作带来了无 穷的智慧和益处。,1.B 我欣然接受这次机会,决定参加这门课程的学习。jump at欣然接受(机会、建议等),符合 题意,故答案为B项。put forward 提出;try out试用;turn down拒绝。 2.C 根据前文的a“free”course可知,参加这门课不用花钱。此处表示“毕竟谁不想省下几 美元呢?”。save 节约,节省,符合题意。 3.A 尽管我对免费的学分没那么兴奋,但关于我们象棋导师的消息足够吸引我。所以答案为 A项。 4.D 根据后文内容可知,此处指我们的象棋导师。instructor 导师,教练。title头衔;competitor 参赛者;textbook课本。 5.D 句意:他是一位国际象棋大师,这就意味着我将师从这个行业中最棒的人之一了。mean 意味着。urge 督促,敦促;demand 要求,需要;hold容纳,举办。根据句意可知选D。 6.C 根据上题的解析可知,他是国际象棋领域中最棒的人之一,所以答案为C项。 7.B 我迫不及待要见到他。meet sb.与某人见面,符合语境。interview 采访;challenge挑战,质 疑;beat击败,打败。,8.D 他是一位回校任教的毕业生,这份工作对他来说不再是游戏而是事业了。他教我们是他 的工作(job),所以答案为D项。chance 机会,机遇;qualification资格,资历;honor荣誉。 9.C 句意:在他的介绍中,他明确地告诉我们,我们的学分不容易获得。make sth. clear让某事 清楚。所以答案为C项。 10.B 为了通过这门课程,除了其他的标准,我们还要写一篇论文来说明我们计划如何把将在 课堂上学到的东西运用到我们未来的职业中,并最终运用到生活中。pass通过,符合题意。at- tend参加;skip略过;observe 观察,遵守。 11.C apply sth. to.把某事运用到……;add sth. to.把某物加到……;expose sth. to.把某物暴 露在……;compare sth. to.把某物比作……。根据上题解析可知选C项。 12.A eventually最后,最终;naturally自然,当然;directly直接地;normally正常地。根据第10题解 析可知A项符合题意。 13.C 我在这门课中取得了A的成绩。根据文章第一句中的offering a “free” course可知,此 处要用course,所以答案为C项。game游戏,比赛;presentation 出示,陈述;experiment实验。,14.B 根据语境可知我跟老师学习这门课程是在教室里面,而对我的影响要大大超出了教室, 所以答案为B项。criterion 标准,准则;department部;situation局势,形势。 15.A 十年之后,我还在把他教给我的东西运用到我的生活中。此处表达老师十年前教给我 的东西,所以答案为A项。 16.D 此处指下象棋的技巧,所以答案为D项。 17.B 这个最重要的技巧就是如何做出最好的决定,也就是在走下一步棋之前要做出最好的 决定(decisions),所以答案为B项。grade年级,成绩;impression印象;comment评论。 18.A 每走一步你都要认真分析形势。analyze 分析,符合语境。describe描写,描述;rebuild重 建,重修;control控制。 19.D 在你的所有选择中评估出最佳的一步。evaluate 评价,评估,符合语境。announce 宣布, 宣告;signal发信号;block堵塞,阻塞。 20.A 句意:如今,在我作为一名新闻工作者的角色中他的话依旧是正确的。role 角色,符合语 境。desire渴望,愿望;concern关心,担心;behavior行为,举止。,难句分析 原句:In order to pass the class, among other criteria, we had to write a paper on how we plan to apply what we would learn in class to our future professions and, eventually, to our lives. 分析:In order to.作目的状语。介词on在此处意为“关于”;how引导宾语从句;apply.to.意 为“把……运用到……”;what引导宾语从句。 译文:为了通过这门课程,除了其他标准,我们不得不写一篇论文说明我们打算如何把将会在课 堂上学到的东西运用到我们将来所从事的职业之中,并最终运用到我们的生活中。 重点词汇 appealing adj.有吸引力的 criterion n.标准;准则 profession n.职业;专业 option n. 选择 Cloze 3(2018课标全国Ⅱ)词数:264 Two weeks earlier, my son, Ben, had got in touch. He'd moved to England with his mum when he was three and it had been 13 years since I'd 1 seen him. So imagine my 2 when he emailed me saying he wanted to come to visit me. I was 3 !I arrived early at Byron Bay where we were supposed to 4 . The bay was 5 in sunshine, and there was a group of kayakers around 150m off the shore. Getting a little 6 , I re- alized one kayak(皮划艇)was in 7 .“Something's not 8 !”I took off my T-shirt and 9,into the water. I saw there were two instructors on board and a man lying across the middle. He was 10 violently. Linking arms with one of the instructors, I helped 11 the young man out of the water. He was unconscious and as I looked at his face, something 12 to me. Those brown eyes were very 13 .“What's his name?”I asked the instructor.“Ben,”he replied, and im- mediately I 14 . That stranger was my son! The instructors called for an ambulance. 15 , after a brief stay in hospital, Ben was well enough to be allowed to 16 and later the family met up for dinner. We chatted about everything and then Ben 17 to me.“I just want to say thank you,”he said.“You 18 my life!” I still can't believe what a 19 it was. I'm just so glad I was there 20 to help my son. 1.A.also B.often C.even D.last 2.A.delight B.relief C.anger D.worry 3.A.scared B.shocked C.thrilled D.ashamed 4.A.talk B.stay C.meet D.settle 5.A.bathed B.clean C.deep D.formed,6.A.faster B.closer C.heavier D.wiser 7.A.trouble B.advance C.question D.battle 8.A.real B.right C.fair D.fit 9.A.stared B.sank C.dived D.fell 10.A.arguing B.fighting C.shouting D.shaking 11.A.lead B.persuade C.carry D.keep 12.A.happened B.occurred C.applied D.appealed 13.A.sharp B.pleasant C.attractive D.familiar 14.A.agreed B.hesitated C.doubted D.knew 15.A.Fortunately B.Frankly C.Sadly D.Suddenly 16.A.return B.relax C.speak D.leave 17.A.joked B.turned C.listened D.pointed 18.A.created B.honored C.saved D.guided 19.A.coincidence B.change C.pity D.pain,20.A.on board B.in time C.for sure D.on purpose 答案 [语篇解读] 作者的儿子从3岁就和他的母亲搬到英国了,13年后给作者发邮件要来一处海湾 和他相见。巧合的是,作者竟然在那里救了久未谋面的儿子。 1.D 句意:他三岁的时候和他的母亲搬到了英国,自从我上次见到他,时间已经过去13年了。 It is/has been/had been+时间段+since.表示“自从……以来,已经过去多长时间了”。also也; often经常;even甚至;last上一次。根据句意可知选D。 2.A 根据语境可知,和儿子13年未见,要见到自己的儿子了,作者肯定很“高兴”。delight高 兴;relief宽慰; anger怒气; worry担心。 3.C 根据下一句作者很早就到达了即将见面的海湾可知,作者很激动。scared害怕的;shocked 震惊的;thrilled激动的;ashamed羞愧的。故选C。 4.C 根据第一段可知,作者的儿子要来看他,所以作者到达他们要见面的海湾。talk谈论;stay 停留;meet会面;settle定居,解决。,5.A 句意:海湾沐浴在阳光下,离海岸大约150米的地方有一群划皮艇的人。bathed被(光线) 覆盖;clean干净的;deep深的;form形成。 6.B 上句提到划皮艇的人离海岸大约有150米,那作者只有再靠近(closer)一点儿,才能意识到 其中一艘皮艇遇到了麻烦。故选B。 7.A 见上题解析。trouble麻烦;advance前进,进展;question问题;battle战斗。 8.B 意识到一艘皮艇遇到了麻烦,作者才会在心里想“有什么事不正常”。real真的;right对 的,正常的;fair公平的;fit恰当的。 9.C 要救那位遇险者,作者需要脱掉衣服,然后“潜入(dived into)”水里,故选C。stare凝视; sink下沉;dive跳水;fall落下。 10.D 根据上文中的a man lying across the middle可知,他当时正抖得厉害。argue争论;fight战 斗;shout喊叫;shake发抖。 11.C 根据句意可知,作者应该是帮助把那个年轻人拉出水来。lead带领;persuade说服;carry 搬,运送;keep保持。,12.B 把人救上来之后,当作者看着他的脸时,作者想到了某件事。故选B。sth. happens to sb. 某人发生某事;sth. occurs to sb.某人想起某事;apply sth. to sth.把某物应用到某物上;sth. appeals to sb.某物吸引某人。 13.D 作者救了那位年轻人,看到他棕色的眼睛,觉得很熟悉(familiar)。sharp尖的;pleasant高 兴的;attractive吸引人的;familiar熟悉的。 14.D 第一段作者提到自己的儿子叫Ben,被救的陌生人也叫Ben,并且有熟悉的棕色的眼睛, 父子见面的地方也是在这片海湾,因此作者一下子知道了,他就是作者的儿子!agree同意;hesi- tate犹豫;doubt怀疑;know知道。 15.A 幸运的是,在医院里待了不长时间Ben就被允许出院了。故选A。fortunately幸运的是; frankly坦率地说;sadly悲伤地;suddenly突然。 16.D 见上题解析。return返回;relax放松;speak说;leave离开。 17.B 根据语境可知,作者的儿子应该是转身面对(turned to)作者,向作者表示感谢。joke开玩 笑;turn转身;listen听;point指着。 18.C 根据上文可知,作者的儿子感谢作者救了他的命,故选C。 create 创造;honor感到荣幸; save挽救;guide指导。,19.A 作者竟然救了13年未见的儿子的命,所以作者应该是不敢相信它是一个巧合。coinci- dence巧合;change变化;pity遗憾;pain疼痛。 20.B 作者应该是很高兴他及时(in time)出现在那里救了儿子。on board在船上;in time及时; for sure确定;on purpose故意。故选B。 难句分析 原句:He'd moved to England with his mum when he was three and it had been 13 years since I'd last seen him. 分析:在本句中,and连接了两个并列分句。第一个分句中,主句为He'd moved to England with his mum,when引导的是时间状语从句;第二个分句中,it+had been+时间段+since.,表示“自从 ……以来,已经过去多长时间了”。 译文:当他3岁时,他和他的妈妈搬到了英国,自从我上一次见到他,时间已过去13年了。 重点词汇 imagine vt.想象 delight n.高兴 relief n.减轻,宽慰 thrilled adj.激动的 be sup- posed to do sth.应该做某事 in trouble处于困境中 unconscious adj.无意识的 fortunately adv.幸运的是 be allowed to do sth.被允许做某事 coincidence n.巧合 词汇积累 ambulance n.救护车 chat n. & v.闲谈, 聊天,Cloze 4(2017课标全国Ⅲ)词数:261 A Toronto man is offering a free round-the-world air ticket to the right woman. But 1 ap- ply. You must be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian 2 . Jordan Axani, 28, said he and his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the-world air tickets in May, but their 3 ended and he did not want her ticket to 4 . The ticket had a strict no-transfer(不可转让) 5 , but since passport information was not re- quired when 6 , any Canadian Elizabeth Gallagher can 7 it. “I just want to see the ticket go to good use and for someone to 8 a lot of joy,”said Axani. He posted his 9 on a social networking website, and received thousands of e-mails, including thirty from actual Elizabeth Gallaghers with the 10 passports. “More 11 , there are hun- dreds of Canadians who are interested in 12 their name to Elizabeth Gallagher,”Axani said. “It was absolutely out of 13 , thousands of e-mails, people around the world 14 their sto- ries of travel.”,Axani wrote in his post that he is not 15 anything in return and that the woman who uses the 16 ticket can choose to either travel with him or 17 the ticket and travel on her own. The 18 is scheduled to start on December 21 in New York City and continue on to Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi before 19 in Toronto on January 8. He said the 20 woman will be announced on the website and the trip will be shared online. 1.A.benefits B.deposits C.restrictions D.examinations 2.A.origin B.passport C.accent D.friend 3.A.holiday B.marriage C.dream D.relationship 4.A.go to waste B.come to mind C.go on sale D.come into effect 5.A.policy B.order C.payment D.schedule 6.A.applying B.booking C.checking D.bargaining 7.A.use B.borrow C.choose D.buy 8.A.sacrifice B.express C.experience D.provide,9.A.answer B.advice C.offer D.comment 10.A.same B.right C.new D.real 11.A.interesting B.annoying C.satisfying D.convincing 12.A.writing B.giving C.lending D.changing 13.A.touch B.question C.date D.control 14.A.admiring B.advertising C.sharing D.doubting 15.A.leaving B.looking for C.losing D.dealing with 16.A.single B.strange C.regular D.extra 17.A.return B.take C.reserve D.hide 18.A.interview B.program C.trip D.meeting 19.A.ending B.calling C.repeating D.staying 20.A.honored B.lovely C.intelligent D.lucky,答案 [语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。一位加拿大男士在与女友分手后,免费给与前女友同名的 女士提供他们之前预订的一张环球旅行的机票,此事引起了许多网友的关注。 1.C 由下文You must be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian 2 .可知,对于这张 机票,有一些限制,故选C项。 2.B 此处与下文第10空前后的内容照应,由第10空后的passports可知选B。 3.D 根据上文的his then girlfriend判断,现在Jordan Axani已经与他的女友分手,故选D。 4.A 由后文可知该票有严格的不可转让政策,无法转让给他人,而他前女友已经不可能用这 张票了,这样就会白白浪费掉这张票。所以四个选项中只有go to waste(白白浪费)符合句意。 其他选项come to mind(突然想起)、go on sale(开始出售)、come into effect(生效)都与语境不 符。 5.A 这张票不可转让,policy政策,制度,符合题意。其他几个选项order(订单)、payment(支 付)、schedule(日程安排)都不符合上下文意思。 6.B 根据第二段第一句中的booked可知booking(订购)符合句意。apply(应用)、check(查 验)、bargain(讨价还价)都不符合句意。,7.A 从上下文可知,正因为订票的时候没有要求提供护照的具体信息,所以才有了一个“空 子”可钻,即只要乘机人的姓名和国籍符合订票时的信息即可。这里的意思是任何一个与其 前女友Elizabeth Gallagher同名同姓的加拿大人都能够使用这张票,四个选项中,只有use(使用) 最符合句意。 8.C 从上下文可知,Axani希望这张票能够不被浪费,让得到这张票的幸运儿从免费环球旅行 中体验快乐。四个选项中,只有experience(体验)符合句意,sacrifice(牺牲)、express(表达)、 provide(提供)都不符合语境。 9.C Axani希望这张票不被浪费,所以在社交网站上发布提议,征寻符合条件的人。四个选项 中,只有offer符合句意。 10.B 从上下文可知,他发帖以后,就收到了数以千计的电子邮件,其中就包含30位跟他前女友 同名同姓的人,而且也符合持有加拿大护照的要求。四个选项中,只有right(正确的)符合句意, 即持有的护照国籍符合要求,是加拿大护照,而且护照上的名字与Axani的前女友完全一样。 其他几个选项中,same(同样的)不对,护照的唯一性决定不可能有完全相同的护照存在;new(新 的)不对,因为这里要求的是护照的国籍和持有者姓名符合条件,单单是新的护照并不符合条 件;real(真实的)也不对,单单是真实的护照并不符合条件。,11.A Axani的帖子发出以后,得到了意想不到的热烈回应,他收到数千封电子邮件,其中有30 人符合姓名与护照的条件,甚至还有几百位加拿大人表示想把姓名改成他前女友的名字。这 里指更有意思的是……。四个选项中,interesting(有趣的)符合句意。annoying令人烦恼的;sat- isfying令人满意的;convincing让人信服的,都不符合语境。 12.D 从上下文可知,要得到这张免费机票,前提是姓名必须与Axani前女友一模一样,所以有 些人想把名字改成Elizabeth Gallagher。四个选项中,只有changing(更改)符合句意。 13.D Axani的帖子获得了意想不到的热烈回应,几千封邮件涌入。四个选项中,只有control控 制,放在空白处符合句意,out of control意思是“失控”。此处指“这简直是失控了”。其他 几个选项放入原文都不符合句意;out of touch的意思是“失去联系”,out of question的意思是 “毫无疑问”,out of date的意思是“过时”。 14.C Axani收到了来自全球的几千封邮件,网友们纷纷 14 他们的旅行故事。四个选项 中,只有sharing(分享)符合上下文意思。admire(羡慕)不对,网友们不会羡慕自己的旅行故事; advertise(登广告)、doubt(怀疑)都不合适。,15.B 从上文可知,Axani要无偿赠送这张环球旅行机票。从下文来看,介词短语in return的意 思是“作为回报”,那么整句的意思应该是他表示他并不需要什么回报。四个选项中,只有 looking for(寻求)符合句意。 16.D 从上文可知,Axani已与女友分手,当初给她买的这张票现在就是D项“多出来的”,故 extra(额外的)符合句意。A项single不对,single ticket的意思是“单程票”,但我们从上下文可 知,这张票并非是单程票,而是环球旅行票。 17.B 从上下文可知,Axani表示,得到这张票的幸运儿有两种选择。第一种是travel with him (与他一起结伴旅行),另外一种选择是自己单独旅行。四个选项中,只有take(拿上)最符合句 意。 18.C 本句是在讲这张环球旅行票的具体行程,四个选项中,只有trip(旅程)符合上下文和句 意。 19.A 本句是在讲这张环球旅行机票的具体行程,行程的最后一站是多伦多。before(在…… 之前)是一个表示时间的介词,后面要么用名词,要么用动名词。四个选项中,只有ending(结束) 符合句意。,20.D 得到这张票的人,得从完全符合条件的几十个人中选出来,才能免费享受这次环球旅行, 能被选上当然是幸运的。故lucky符合句意。 高级语块 1.discounted adj.打折的 2.absolutely adv.绝对地, 完全地 3.be scheduled to预期, 计划 长难句 Jordan Axani, 28, said he and his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the-world air tickets in May, but their relationship ended and he did not want her ticket to go to waste.28岁的Jordan Axani说,在五月他和他当时的女友Elizabeth Gallagher预订 了超低折扣的环球机票,但是他们分手了,他不想让她(Elizabeth Gallagher)的机票被浪费掉。 本句为并列复合句。连词but连接两个分句,前一个分句主干是Jordan Axani said.,said后接一 个宾语从句he and his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the- world air tickets in May。but后是由and连接的并列句。 Cloze 5(2017课标全国Ⅰ)词数:265 While high school does not generally encourage students to explore new aspects of life, col- lege sets the stage for that exploration. I myself went through this 1 process and found some-,thing that has changed my 2 at college for the better:I discovered ASL—American Sign Lan- guage(美式手语). I never felt an urge to 3 any sign language before. My entire family is hearing, and so are all my friends. The 4 languages were enough in all my interactions(交往). Little did I know that I would discover my 5 for ASL. The 6 began during my first week at college. I watched as the ASL Club 7 their translation of a song. Both the hand movements and the very 8 of communicating without speaking 9 me. What I saw was completely unlike anything I had experienced in the 10 . This newness just left me 11 more. After that, feeling the need to 12 further, I decided to drop in on one of ASL Club's meetings. I only learned how to 13 the alphabet that day. Yet instead of being discouraged by my 14 progress, I was excited. I then made it a point to 15 those meetings and learn all I could. The following term, I 16 an ASL class. The professor was deaf and any talking was 17 . I soon realized that the silence was not unpleasant. 18 , if there had been any talking, it would,have 19 us to learn less. Now, I appreciate the silence and the 20 way of communication it opens. 1.A.searching B.planning C.natural D.formal 2.A.progress B.experience C.major D.opinion 3.A.choose B.read C.learn D.create 4.A.official B.foreign C.body D.spoken 5.A.love B.concern C.goal D.request 6.A.meeting B.trip C.story D.task 7.A.recorded B.performed C.recited D.discussed 8.A.idea B.amount C.dream D.reason 9.A.disturbed B.supported C.embarrassed D.attracted 10.A.end B.past C.course D.distance 11.A.showing B.acting C.saying D.wanting 12.A.exercise B.explore C.express D.explain,13.A.print B.write C.sign D.count 14.A.slow B.steady C.normal D.obvious 15.A.chair B.sponsor C.attend D.organize 16.A.missed B.passed C.gave up D.registered for 17.A.prohibited B.welcomed C.ignored D.repeated 18.A.Lastly B.Thus C.Instead D.However 19.A.required B.caused C.allowed D.expected 20.A.easy B.popular C.quick D.new 答案 [语篇解读] 本文主要讲述的是大学为了开阔学生的视野,在多个领域为学生提供探索和学 习的舞台。作者发现了美式手语这一新颖的交流方式,通过自己学习手语的经历,阐释了高等 教育不仅使学生学习和积累知识,而且帮助他们理解人生、扩大自身发展空间。,1.A 文章开篇说明高中与大学的不同之处在于大学为学生探索新领域搭建了平台,作者本人 也经历了这样的探索过程,使其大学生活丰富多彩。四个选项中,只有searching与上句提到的 explore和exploration语义相关。 2.B 我发现了某种使我的大学生活经历(experience)变得更美好的东西——美式手语。 progress进步,发展;major 主修课程,专业课;opinion意见,见解。 3.C 我以前从来没有感觉到有学习(learn)任何一种手语的冲动。不定式短语to learn.作定 语修饰名词urge。choose 选择;read 阅读;create创造。 4.D 在我所有的人际交往中口头(spoken)语言就已经足够了。与家人、朋友进行日常交流 没必要一定使用官方(official)语言、外(foreign)语及肢体(body)语言,故排除A、B、C三项。 5.A 根据第二段的内容可知,本题所在的句子表达了作者的与自己的期待不一样的感觉,即 “我也没想到自己会喜欢上美式手语”。love(喜爱)符合这种比较强烈的对比。下文描述的 作者对手语的兴趣和投入说明他绝不仅仅是关注(concern)。此外学习手语并不是作者上大 学的目标(goal);request(请求)不合逻辑。,6.C 上文提到作者上大学后对美式手语产生了兴趣,下文作者介绍自己的兴趣发展经过,所 以此处表示“故事(story)是从我上大学的第一周开始的”。故答案为C项。meeting(会议)在 下文出现,指手语俱乐部的聚会,有一定的干扰性,但此处不是写聚会是怎样开始的,而是要概 述整个学习过程是怎样开始的;trip(旅行)与上下文语境无关;task(任务)不合适,因为学习手语 既不是作者给自己制订的任务,也不是大学的任何一门课程要求的,因此排除task。 7.B 我观看了美式手语俱乐部成员用手语表演的(performed)一首歌。选项中recorded(录 音)、recited(背诵)和discussed(讨论)都不符合涉及聋哑人的语境。 8.A 手的动作和无声交流的想法(idea)吸引了我。amount (数量)与句意不符;dream(梦想)一 般指想法远大,不能表达即将付诸实践的想法;reason(理由)与上下文无关,也不符合句意。 9.D 无声交流的想法吸引了(attracted)我。disturb(困扰)、support(支持)、embarrass(使尴尬) 均不符合上下文逻辑。 10.B 我所看到的完全不像任何我在过去(past)体验过的。下文的newness也暗示了答案。 11.D 本句承接上文。这种新奇使我想(wanting)更多地了解它。leave sb. doing使某人做。 show(展示)、act(行动)、say(说)均不符合逻辑,故全被排除。,12.B 在那之后,我觉得有必要进一步探索(explore),于是决定参加美式手语俱乐部的一次集 会。 13.C 那一天我仅仅学会了怎样用手势表达(sign)字母。print印刷,出版,发行;write写,书写; count计算,重要,有价值。以上三个动词均与手语特点不符。 14.A 然而我并没有对自己缓慢的(slow)进步感到沮丧,相反,我感到兴奋。steady(稳步的)、 normal(正常的)、obvious(明显的)均与句子意思不符。 15.C 我确保参加(attend)所有的集会,学习我所能学到的一切。chair主持;sponsor主办;orga- nize组织。以上三个词在下文中没有相关线索,故被排除。 16.D 接下来的一个学期,我注册了(registered for)美式手语课程。miss错过;pass经过,走过; give up放弃,抛弃。以上三项与上下文意思不符,故被排除。 17.A 教授耳朵听不见,因此任何口语交谈都是禁止的(prohibited)。welcome欢迎;ignore忽视, 不理;repeat重复。以上三个词都不符合逻辑,故被排除。 18.C 我很快就意识到无声并没有让人感到不快。与之相反(Instead),如果课堂上允许说话, 会导致我们学到较少的东西。从行文逻辑判断此处表示前后叙述的是两种相反的情况,而不 是单纯的转折关系,故排除D项。lastly(最后,最终地)和thus(因此)不符合逻辑,故也被排除。,19.B 相反,如果有任何交谈,那就会导致(caused)我们学到较少的东西。cause sb. to do sth.导 致某人做某事。require需要,要求,命令;allow允许;expect期盼,期望。以上三个词与语境不符, 故被排除。 20.D 现在,我很感激这种无声以及它所开启的新的(new)交流方式。对作者来说,手语并不是 简单的(easy)交流方式,也不能认为它是时髦的(popular)交流方式,文中以及常识都没有说手语 是快捷的(quick)交流方式。 高级语块 1.aspect n.方面 2.urge n.冲动 3.appreciate v.感激 长难句 Instead,if there had been any talking, it would have caused us to learn less.相反,如果有 任何交谈,那就会导致我们学到较少的东西。 本句为主从复合句。句子使用了虚拟语气,表示对过去的虚拟。条件状语从句使用了there be 结构的过去完成时形式there had been;主句使用了“would have done”结构。 Cloze 6(2017课标全国Ⅱ)词数:269 In 1973, I was teaching elementary school. Each day, 27 kids 1 “The Thinking Laborato- ry”. That was the 2 students voted for after deciding that “Room 104” was too 3 .,Freddy was an average 4 , but not an average person. He had the rare balance of fun and com- passion(同情). He would 5 the loudest over fun and be the saddest over anyone's 6 . Before the school year 7 , I gave the kids a special 8 , T-shirts with the words “Verbs Are Your 9 ” on them. I had advised the kids that while verbs(动词) may seem dull, most of the 10 things they do throughout their lives will be verbs. Through the years, I'd run into former students who would provide 11 on old classmates. I learned that Freddy did several jobs after his 12 from high school and remained the same 1 3 person I met forty years before. Once, while working overnight at a store, he let a homeless man 14 in his truck. Another time, he 15 a friend money to buy a house. Just last year, I was 16 a workshop when someone knocked at the classroom door. A woman 17 the interruption and handed me an envelope. I stopped teaching and 18 it up. Inside were the “Verbs” shirt and a 19 from Freddy's mother. “Freddy passed away on Thanks- giving. He wanted you to have this.” I told the story to the class. As sad as it was, I couldn't help smiling. Although Freddy was taken from us, we all 20 something from Freddy.,1.A.built B.entered C.decorated D.ran 2.A.name B.rule C.brand D.plan 3.A.small B.dark C.strange D.dull 4.A.scholar B.student C.citizen D.worker 5.A.speak B.sing C.question D.laugh 6.A.misfortune B.disbelief C.dishonesty D.mistake 7.A.changed B.approached C.returned D.ended 8.A.lesson B.gift C.report D.message 9.A.Friends B.Awards C.Masters D.Tasks 10.A.simple B.unique C.fun D.clever 11.A.assessments B.comments C.instructions D.updates 12.A.graduation B.retirement C.separation D.resignation 13.A.daring B.modest C.caring D.s



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