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2019版高考英语一轮复习(课标3卷B版)课件:专题一 名词、代词、冠词.ppt

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2019 高考 英语 一轮 复习 课标 课件 专题 名词 代词 冠词
考点一 名词 1.(2018天津,6)The (possible) that there is life on other planets in the universe has always inspired scientists to explore the outer space.,五年高考,答案 possibility 句意:在宇宙中的其他行星上可能存在生命,这一直鼓舞着科学家们探索外 太空。考查名词。设空处在句中作主语,故填名词。possibility可能,可能性,其后为that引导的 同位语从句。,2.(2018江苏,32)Try to understand what's actually happening instead of acting on the (as- sume) you've made.,答案 assumption 句意:要努力去弄明白实际上正在发生的事,而不要根据自己的假设就采 取行动。根据语境和设空处前的定冠词the可知此处要用所给单词的名词形式。assumption 假定;假设。,3.(2017江苏,34)The disappearance of dinosaurs is not necessarily caused by astronomical inci- dents. But alternative (explain) are hard to find.,答案 explanations 句意:恐龙灭绝未必是由天体事故造成的,但是也很难找到其他的解释。 设空处作句子的主语,要用其名词形式。根据系动词are可知此处要用名词的复数形式。,4.(2016浙江,4)It is important to pay your (electric)bill on time, as late payments may affect your credit.,答案 electricity 句意:按时交电费很重要, 因为晚交电费可能会影响你的信誉。本题考查名 词作定语。名词作定语时,常用其单数形式,故答案为electricity。,5.(2016江苏,24)—Can you tell us your recipe for (happy) and a long life? —Living every day to the full, definitely.,答案 happiness 句意:——你能告诉我们你幸福、长寿的诀窍吗?——确切地说,就是充实 地度过每一天。介词后须用名词形式,happiness作“幸福” 讲为不可数名词,故答案为happi- ness。,6.(2015江苏,32)Some schools will have to make (adjust)in agreement with the national soccer reform.,答案 adjustments 句意:有些学校将不得不做出一些调整来和国家足球改革保持一致。ad- justment 是adjust的名词形式, make adjustments 意为“做出调整”。,7.(2015江苏,35)—Go and say sorry to your Mom, Dave. —I'd like to, but I'm afraid she won't be happy with my (apologize).,答案 apology/apologies 句意:——戴夫,去向你妈妈道歉。——我愿意去,但是我担心她对 我的道歉并不会感到满意。apologize的名词形式是apology。,8.(2015浙江,15)One of the most effective ways to reduce (stressed) is to talk about feelings with someone you trust.,答案 stress 句意:减轻压力最有效的方法之一就是与你信任的人谈谈感受。在本句中应用 名词形式,stress是名词,意为“压力”。,9.(2015安徽,30)There is no need to tell me your answer now. Give it some (think)and then let me know.,答案 thought 句意:现在没有必要告诉我你的答案,思考一下然后让我知道。本题考查名 词。some修饰名词,故填thought。,10.(2015湖北,21)When he was running after his brother, the boy lost his (balanced) and had a bad fall.,答案 balance 句意:这个男孩在追他哥哥的时候失去了平衡,重重地摔了一跤。lose one's balance失去平衡,符合语境。,11.(2015湖北,22)He gave himself a new name to hide his (identify) when he went to carry out the secret task.,答案 identity 句意:在去执行秘密任务的时候,为了隐藏自己的身份,他给自己取了一个新 名字。考查名词。identify是动词,意为“鉴定,识别”。identity是名词,意为“身份”。,12.(2014安徽,29)—Why not buy a second-hand car first if you don't have enough money for a new one? —That's a good (suggest).,答案 suggestion 句意:——如果你没有足够的钱买辆新车的话,为什么不先买辆二手车呢? ——那个建议不错。根据句子结构可推知设空处须用名词形式,设空处前有不定冠词,故设空 处填suggestion。,13.(2014湖北,21)Her (motivate)for writing was a desire for women to get the right to high- er education.,答案 motivation 句意:她写作的动机是渴望为妇女争取接受高等教育的权利。形容词性物 主代词后须用名词形式,此外后面的系动词为was,故设空处须用名词单数形式。,考点二 代词 1.(2017天津,11) was when I got back to my apartment that I first came across my new neighbors.,答案 It 句意:是在我返回我的公寓的时候,我第一次遇到了我的新邻居。根据语境和结构 可知,本句考查强调句式,被强调部分为when引导的时间状语从句,根据基本结构“It is/was. that.”可知设空处填It。,2.(2016浙江,3)In many ways, the education system in the US is not very different from in the UK.,答案 that 句意:在许多方面,美国的教育制度与英国的教育制度没有很大差异。考查代 词。首先将原句改为:In many ways, the education system in the US is not very different from the education system in the UK.然后考虑用that代替特指的单数名词。,3.(2015天津,2)The quality of education in this small school is better than in some larger schools.,答案 that 句意:这所小学校的教育质量比一些更大的学校的(教育质量)好。考查代词。根 据语境可知设空处用来替代前面出现的the quality of education,以避免重复,故答案为that。,4.(2015浙江,12)How would you like if you were watching your favorite TV program and someone came into the room and just shut it off without asking you?,答案 it 句意:如果你正在看你最喜欢的电视节目,而有人进入房间没有问你就把电视关上, 你觉得怎样?本题考查代词。it在句中作形式宾语,if从句是真正的宾语。,5.(2015重庆,2)The meeting will be held in September, but knows the date for sure.,答案 nobody 句意:会议将在9月份召开,但是没有人知道确切日期。考查不定代词。根据 题干中的but可知此处应该用表示否定意义的nobody。,6.(2015陕西,13)To warm himself, the sailor sat in front of the fire rubbing one bare foot against the .,答案 other 句意:为了使自己暖和,那个水手坐在炉火前面光着脚互相摩擦。本题考查代 词。此处指“两者中的另一个”,故填other。,7.(2015四川,10)Niki is always full of ideas, but is useful to my knowledge.,答案 none 句意:尼克总是会有很多想法,但是据我所知没有一个想法是有用的。本题考查 代词。none没有一个。,8.(2014大纲全国,25)—Who's that at the door? — is the milkman.,答案 It 句意:——门口的那个人是谁?——是送牛奶的人。考查代词用法。用以指代不明 性别的人时常用it。,9.(2014山东,4)Susan made clear to me that she wished to make a new life for herself.,答案 it 句意:苏珊清楚地向我表明,她希望自己开始一种新生活。句中that she wished to make.是真正的宾语,空格处应为形式宾语,故用it。 10.(2014重庆,1)A smile costs ,but gives much. 答案 nothing/little 句意:微笑不会损失什么,但是却能给予很多。根据题干中的but可推知 设空处应为表示否定意义的代词,故答案为nothing或little。 11.(2014福建,21)In some countries,people eat with chopsticks,while in ,knives and forks.,答案 others 句意:在一些国家,人们用筷子吃饭,而在其他国家,人们用刀叉吃饭。some. others.表示“一些……,其他……”。,12.(2014浙江,3)An average of just 18.75 cm of rain fell last year,making the driest year since California became a state in 1850.,答案 it 句意:去年加利福尼亚州的平均降雨量只有18.75厘米,使得那成为自加利福尼亚州 在1850年建州以来最干旱的一年。本题考查代词的用法。此处it指代前面的last year以避免 重复。,13.(2014安徽,24)You can ask anyone for help. here is willing to lend you a hand.,答案 Everyone/Everybody 句意:你可以找任何人帮忙。这儿的每一个人都愿意帮助你。根 据前后逻辑可知此处表示“这里的每个人”,故答案为Everyone或Everybody。,14.(2014陕西,21)I'd appreciate if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come.,答案 it 句意:假如你提前让我知道你是否会来,我将不胜感激。考查代词。I'd appreciate it if.属于固定句式,表示“假如……我将不胜感激”。,15.(2014四川,1)She'd lived in London and Manchester,but she liked and moved to Cam- bridge.,答案 neither 句意:她在伦敦和曼彻斯特居住过,但是她不喜欢这两座城市,然后搬到剑桥 了。由表示转折的连词but可知该空应该表示否定意义,根据题干中两个名词(London,Manch- ester)可知,答案为neither。,16.(2014江西,32)—When shall I call,in the morning or afternoon? — .I'll be in all day.,答案 Either 句意:——我该在上午还是在下午打电话?——哪个时间都行。我一整天都 在。根据句意可知,答句表示在上午或下午两个时间中任意一个时间都可以,故答案为Either (两者中的任意一个)。,考点三 冠词 1.(2016浙江,2) prize for the winner of the competition is two-week holiday in Paris.,答案 The; a 句意:这次比赛获胜者的奖项是巴黎两周游。第一空后的名词prize在本句中表 示特指,故用the;第二空后的holiday为可数名词,在本句中表示泛指,故与不定冠词a连用。,2.(2015浙江,2)Jane's grandmother had wanted to write a children's book for many years,but one thing or another always got in way.,答案 the 句意:多年以来,简的外祖母本来想写一本儿童读物,但是这样或那样的事情总是 阻碍她的计划。in the way妨碍。,3.(2015重庆,3)I just heard bank where Dora works was robbed by gunman wearing a mask.,答案 the;a 句意:我刚听说Dora工作的那家银行遭到了一名戴面具的持枪人抢劫。考查冠 词。第一个空后的名词后有定语从句修饰,特指Dora工作的那家银行,应该用定冠词the;第二 个空后的名词gunman在本句中表示泛指,故用不定冠词a。,4.(2015陕西,14) more learned a man is, more modest he usually becomes.,答案 The;the 句意:一个人学识越渊博,他通常就会越谦逊。“The more.the more.”为固 定句型,意为“越……就越……”。,5.(2015四川,5)Brian is gifted in writing music; he is very likely to be Beethoven.,答案 a 句意:布赖恩在作曲方面很有天赋,他很有可能会成为一个贝多芬式的人物。本题 考查冠词。a在此处表示:……式的人物。,6.(2014天津,8)Life is like ocean:Only the strong-willed can reach the other shore.,答案 an 句意:生活就像一片海洋,只有那些意志坚强的人才能到达彼岸。ocean为可数名 词,在本句中表示泛指,故用不定冠词,ocean读音以元音音素开头,故答案为an。,7.(2014重庆,6)I can't tell you way to the Wilsons' because we don't have Wilson here in the village.,答案 the;a 句意:我不能告诉你去威尔逊家的路,因为我们村里没有姓威尔逊的。本题考查 冠词。第一个空表示特指,故用the;第二个空用不定冠词表示“某一,一位(用于陌生人的姓名 前)”。,8.(2014浙江,2)The paper is due next month,and I am working seven days week,often long into night.,答案 a;the 句意:论文下个月要上交了。我现在每周工作七天,经常工作到深夜。第一空填 a相当于one;第二空是固定搭配long into the night。,9.(2014陕西,19) village where I was born has grown into town.,答案 The;a 句意:我出生的那个村庄已经变成一个城镇了。由village后的定语从句where I was born可知这里特指“我”出生的村庄,故第一个设空处用定冠词the。而第二个设空处泛 指一个城镇,故用不定冠词a。,考点一 名词 1.(2018贵州凯里一中高三三模,46)These feelings led to better academic (perform).,三年模拟,A组 2016—2018年高考模拟·基础题组 (时间:12分钟 分值:36分),答案 performance/performances 句意:这些情感带来了更好的学业表现。设空处作led to的 宾语,且被形容词academic修饰,故填名词。performance作“表现”讲为可数名词或不可数名 词,故填performance/performances。,2.(2018四川双流中学高三4月月考,61)In the USA the high school graduation ceremony is of great (important).,答案 importance 句意:在美国,高中毕业典礼很重要。be of great importance=be very impor- tant。,3.(2018广西高三4月模拟,66)The painting is highly detailed and features shops of all kinds and different economic (activity)in and out of the city.,答案 activities 句意:这幅画非常细致,重点描绘了城内外各种各样的商店和不同的经济活 动。不同的经济活动,应该不止一个,故应用复数名词。,4.(2018四川龙泉中学高三二诊,66)If you examine the language attentively, you can learn to ap- preciate different English writing (style).,答案 styles 句意:如果你认真地研究这门语言,你就能学会欣赏不同的英语写作方式。根据 形容词different可判断此处使用名词复数形式。,5.(2018云南民族大学附中高三3月月考,62)I was always checking the time and thinking of future (plan).,答案 plans 句意:我总是查看时间,思考未来的计划。plan为可数名词,在本句中表泛指,故 使用复数形式。,6.(2018四川雅安高三下学期三诊,67)In late 2006, Hawking said in a BBC interview that one of his greatest unfulfilled (desire)was to travel to space.,答案 desires 句意:在2006年晚些时候,霍金在接受BBC的一次采访中说,他最大的没有实现 的愿望之一是到太空旅行。根据one of可判断此处使用复数名词。,7.(2018四川成都高三二诊,64)When you do go for hot pot, you will often be asked to make a (choose)of broth in which you cook your raw ingredients(食材).,答案 choice 句意:当你真的去吃火锅的时候,有人经常会让你选择一种涮生食材的肉汤。 设空处作make的宾语,故填名词形式,根据设空处前的冠词a,可知应填名词单数。,8.(2017广西钦州港经济技术开发区中学3月调研,68)The (announce) was presented as a letter written by the couple to their new baby girl.,答案 announcement 句意:这个布告是以这对夫妇写给他们新生女婴的一封信的形式展现 的。此处作主语,须用名词形式。根据was可知此处须用单数形式。,9.(2017四川乐山高三3月一调,63)He had been working for a long time on a new game, which would have the (excite)of American football.,答案 excitement 句意:他很长时间以来一直在搞一款新游戏,它与美式足球一样令人兴 奋。在定冠词之后、介词of之前须用名词。,10.(2017四川石室中学二诊, 70)His anger and his newly found faith stimulated him to go at arithmetic (problem) with a new spirit.,答案 problems 句意:他的愤怒和新发现的信心激发了他以新的激情解决算术问题。本题 考查名词的数。根据语境可判断此处使用problem的复数形式。,11.(2017四川成都龙泉中学高三4月月考, 62) I was always checking the time and thinking of fu- ture (plan).,答案 plans 句意:我过去一直在检查时间并考虑未来的计划。根据句意和句子结构可判断 此处使用plan的复数形式。,12.(2017云南昆明高三下学期第二次统测,43) Erica Kenney, a (science),originally planned to look into the amount of sugary drinks that kids were consuming in schools.,答案 scientist 句意:Erica Kenney,一位科学家,原计划调查孩子们在校饮用的含糖饮料的数 量。根据句意可判断Erica Kenney是一位科学家。,13.(2016吉林大学附中第一次摸底考试,65)Although a (major) of people wear seat belts regularly, statistics show that mostly the younger population between the age groups 16—35 are hardly found wearing them.,答案 majority 句意:虽然大多数人经常会系安全带,但数据表明,一般地,16至35岁的年轻人 几乎没有被发现有系安全带的。a majority of 意为:大部分……。,14.(2016甘肃河西五市部分普高第一次联考,45)Restaurant (own) will pay a heavy fine if people smoke in their restaurants.,答案 owners 句意:如果人们在饭店抽烟,饭店老板将会支付巨额罚款。考查名词。owner 意为:物主,所有权人。,15.(2016陕西高三教学质量检测二,36)A few dollars can help to fill a (child)hungry stomach.,答案 child's 句意:几美元可以帮助填饱一个孩子饥饿的肚子。本题考查名词所有格。根 据空格后的名词stomach可知用所有格。,考点二 代词 1.(2018四川龙泉中学高三二诊,68)Sometimes it is necessary to read a book more than once in order to absorb (it)full benefit.,答案 its 句意:有时候为了吸收一本书中所有的养分,(我们)有必要读不止一遍。修饰名词 benefit需要形容词性物主代词。,2.(2018广西南宁高三2月月考,68)It thinks that Singlish may hurt people's ability to speak stan- dard English and make hard for them to communicate with foreigners.,答案 it 句意:它认为新加坡式英语可能伤害人们说标准英语的能力,而且会使他们和外国 人交流变得困难。设空处在句中作形式宾语,须用it。,3.(2018四川成都外国语高三下学期3月月考,63)On this day, dragons, a prominent totem(图腾)in Chinese culture, raise (they)heads with the sound of thunder.,答案 their 句意:这一天,龙——中国文化中一个重要的图腾——在雷声中抬头。修饰名词 heads须用形容词性物主代词。,4.(2018云南昆明一中高三第七次月考,43)Yousafzai won international fame in 2012. came after she was shot by a Taliban gunman in Pakistan because of her speaking out for the right of girls to go to school.,答案 It 句意:2012年马拉拉·优素福·扎伊赢得了国际声誉。这发生在因她为争取女孩子上 学的权利大声疾呼而受到巴基斯坦塔利班持枪人员的袭击后。此处指代“她在2012年获得 国际声誉”这件事,故使用代词it。,5.(2017云南昆明高三下学期第二次统测,48) Kenney said, “ is good news that this public health problem has a simple solution.”,答案 It 句意:Kenney说:“这个公共卫生问题有了一个简单的解决办法是一个好消息。” 本题考查形式主语,that引导主语从句。,6.(2017四川石室中学二诊,63)In this way, they too developed the idea, “Isn't too bad that Alfred can't do arithmetic?”,答案 it 句意:以这种方式,他们也形成了这样的观点,“艾尔弗雷德不会做算术题难道不是 太糟糕吗?”本题考查it作形式主语,that引导主语从句。,7.(2017广西南宁高三二模,66)The restaurant opened (it)doors for a trial on April 10, 2 016.,答案 its 句意:这家餐馆在2016年4月10号进行试营业。修饰名词doors使用形容词性物主 代词。,8.(2017四川资阳高三4月模拟,61)I've dreamed of becoming a writer since I was a teenager. But isn't easy to get a book of mine published.,答案 it 句意:从青少年时期以来我就梦想成为一名作家。但是出版自己的一本书并不容 易。在句中作形式主语须用代词it。,9.(2017宁夏石嘴山高三4月二模,62)It is not merely used by westerners like us. It has proved to be a useful tool for Chinese people (they) to learn standard pronunciation in their early education.,答案 themselves 句意:它不仅仅被像我们这样的西方人使用。事实证明它对中国人自己来 说在早期的教育中学习标准发音也是一种有用的工具。表达“中国人自己”须用反身代词 形式。,10.(2016吉林一中第六次质量检测,65)People all over the world use the Internet to connect with individuals from (others) countries and cultures.,答案 other 句意:世界各地的人们用因特网将来自其他国家和文化的人联系起来。other意 为:其他的。,11.(2016重庆南开中学二诊,68)Then seven specialists got on the plane to kill these small crea- tures. Many means had been tried but of them was good enough.,答案 none 句意:接着七个专家上了飞机来杀死这些小动物。许多方法都试了,但是没有一 个足够好。根据句中的but(表示转折)及空格后的of、was可以得出答案是none,意为:没有一 个。,考点三 冠词 1.(2018四川双流中学高三4月月考,68)The cards often include invitation to the ceremony.,答案 an 句意:这些卡片常常包含一张参加仪式的请帖。名词invitation在本句中表示泛指, 且invitation的读音以元音音素开头,故使用不定冠词an。,2.(2018贵州贵阳一中高三3月月考,44)On that year's Dia de los Muertos, accident took him to the Land of the Dead.,答案 an 句意:那一年的亡灵节,他意外地踏入了亡灵之地。accident在本句中表泛指,它的 读音以元音音素开头,故使用不定冠词an。,3.(2018四川龙泉中学高三二诊,67)The light and ironic style of Jane Austen is quite different from serious and intense style of Charlotte Bronte though both of them are great writers of England.,答案 the 句意:简·奥斯汀轻松且具有讽刺意味的风格和夏洛蒂·勃朗特严肃、紧张的风格 截然不同,尽管她们两个都是英国著名的作家。此处特指夏洛蒂·勃朗特的写作风格,故使用定 冠词the。,4.(2018四川绵阳高三三诊)In 2013, however, his existence was proven when pedestrian took the photograph of Le Loyon.,答案 a 句意:然而,在2013年当一位行人拍到Le Loyon的照片的时候,他的存在得到了证 实。设空后的名词pedestrian表示泛指,故使用不定冠词a。,5.(2018贵州凯里一中高三三模,47)Julie, co-director of Children's Sleep Disorders Clinic, was pleased with the research findings.,答案 the 句意:朱莉,儿童睡眠障碍诊所的联席主任对这项研究的发现感到很满意。设空后 为含普通名词的专有名词,且该专有名词的第一个名词不是纯专有名词,故使用定冠词the。,6.(2017四川石室中学二诊,61)Alfred Adler, a famous psychiatrist, had interesting ex- perience.,答案 an 句意:Alfred Adler,一位著名的精神病学家,有过一次有趣的经历。本题考查冠 词。experience作“经历”讲时为可数名词,且此处表泛指。interesting的读音以元音音素开 头,故使用不定冠词an。,7.(2017四川凉山州高中毕业班二检,62)Poor health with no sign of any identified disease, a con- dition known as “subhealth” ,is on rise.,答案 the 句意:没有确诊任何疾病症状的不佳的健康状况,即被称为“亚健康”的一种状 况,在增多。本题考查固定短语。on the rise意为“在上涨”。,8.(2017贵州凯里一中高三下学期高考适应性月考卷五,66)The specialized help she offers to deaf and blind has made a huge difference to dozens of children who would find them- selves struggling to learn.,答案 the 句意:她给耳聋的人和盲人提供的专业帮助已经对很多学习吃力的孩子产生了巨 大的影响。“定冠词the+形容词”表示一类人。,9.(2016吉林大学附中第一次摸底考试,63)Do you know that a car accident is one of most major reasons of death in young adults?,答案 the 句意:你知道车祸是年轻人死亡的最主要的原因之一吗?“one of +the+形容词最 高级+名词复数”结构意为:最……的……之一。,10.(2016吉林一中第六次质量检测,61)The Internet is anamazing information resource. Students, teachers and researchers use it as investigative tool.,答案 an 句意:互联网是一种惊人的信息资源。学生、老师和研究者们把它当作一个调查 工具使用。此处表泛指,investigative的读音以元音音素开头,故填an。,1.(2018四川绵阳高三三诊)Then I wiped the dust of all the furnitures.,B组 2016—2018年高考模拟·单句改错 (时间:18分钟 分值:30分),答案 furnitures→furniture 句意:然后我擦掉所有家具上的灰尘。本题考查名词。furniture 为不可数名词,没有复数形式。,2.(2018四川成都七中高三三诊)In social practice, we can surely make a rapid progress in both knowledge and practical ability.,答案 去掉rapid前的a 句意:在社会实践中,我们一定能在知识和实践能力两方面取得迅速 的进步。本题考查名词。progress为不可数名词,前面无须使用冠词。,3.(2018西藏拉萨中学第七次月考)Moreover, the city is trying to change people behavior, step by step.,答案 people→people's 句意:此外,这座城市正努力一步步地改变人们的行为。本题考查名 词所有格。设空处作behavior的定语,须用people的所有格形式。,4.(2018贵州黔东高三一模)With your help, I have made great progresses in my English.,答案 progresses→progress 句意:在你的帮助下,我在英语方面已经取得了巨大的进步。本 题考查名词。progress为不可数名词,没有复数形式。,5.(2018四川龙泉中学高三二诊)We can also form a good habit of putting rubbishes into trash cans.,答案 rubbishes→rubbish 句意:我们也能养成将垃圾放入垃圾桶的好习惯。本题考查名 词。rubbish是不可数名词,没有复数形式。,6.(2018贵州凯里一中高三二模)The others had either broken windows or torn roof.,答案 roof→roofs 句意:其他人要么打破了窗户,要么捅破了屋顶。本题考查名词复数。 roof为可数名词,根据windows的提示可确定使用roofs。,7.(2018贵州贵阳一中高三3月月考)Teachers can take opportunity to encourage or invite them to give their views.,答案 opportunity→opportunities 句意:老师能够抓住机会鼓励或邀请他们表达自己的观 点。本题考查名词复数。opportunity是可数名词,根据句意可知,此处表示“各种各样的机 会”,故使用其复数形式。,8.(2018四川成都七中高三三诊)Thus, I suggest we senior school students take part-time jobs in their holidays, if possible.,答案 their→our 句意:因此,我建议如果有可能的话,我们中学生在假期应该做一些兼职工 作。错误处与上文的we呼应,应使用代词our。,9.(2018贵州黔东高三一模)While I'm writing letter, precious memories crowd in on me.,答案 letter前加the 句意:当我正在写这封信的时候,珍贵的回忆涌上心头。本题考查冠词。 此处的书信表特指,故使用定冠词the。,10.(2018广西桂林高三模拟)Now I have a new plan for using my time wisely. I have set my alarm clock half a hour ahead.,答案 第二个a→an 句意:现在我有一个明智地使用时间的新计划。我已经将我的闹钟拨快 了半小时。本题考查冠词。hour以元音音素开头,故使用不定冠词an。,11.(2018四川绵阳高三三诊)Firstly I collected all the books, newspapers and another things scat- tered in the rooms and put them in place.,答案 another→other 句意:首先,我把散落在房间里的所有的书、报纸和其他的东西都收集 起来,然后把它们整理得井井有条。本题考查不定代词。other其他的;another另一个。根据 things可知应用other。,12.(2017四川成都龙泉中学高三4月月考)Located in the north of the city, this Residential Center is small with only six building.,答案 building→buildings 本题考查名词的数。根据数词six可判断后面使用名词的复数形 式。,13.(2017四川乐山高三3月一调)However, the cost of the meals was a little high. Also, we have only a limited variety of dish which are the same every day.,答案 dish→dishes 本题考查名词的数。根据a limited variety of以及后面的are可判断后面 的名词应使用复数形式。,14.(2017四川凉山州高中毕业班二检)The passenger pigeons became extinct for two reason.,答案 reason→reasons 本题考查名词的数。根据数词two可判断后面的名词reason使用复数 形式。,15.(2017云南曲靖一中高三第六次月考)It was her determinations and courage that made her a huge success.,答案 determinations→determination 本题考查名词。determination意为“决心”,是不可数 名词,没有复数形式。,16.(2017四川乐山高三3月一调) I'd like to say anything about the dining hall service in my new school.,答案 anything→something 本题考查不定代词。句意:我想对我的新学校餐厅的服务发表 一下看法。say something about.意为“对……说点什么”。,17.(2017云南昆明高三下学期第二次统测)I was delighted an other day when I saw a card left on the table to say thanks.,答案 an→the 考查固定短语。the other day意为“那天”。,18.(2017云南昆明高三下学期第二次统测)It was so lovely to find out that my book could bring anyone pleasure!,答案 anyone→someone/somebody 本题考查不定代词。句意:发现我的书能够给人带来快 乐真是一件美好的事情!anyone任何人,用在此处意义太绝对。,19.(2017四川成都龙泉中学高三4月月考)My flat, which covers the area of 36 square meters, is on the fourth floor in Building 2.,答案 第一个the→an 本题考查冠词。cover an area of 为固定短语,意为“占地……”。,20.(2017四川双流中学高三二诊)I can still remember I was once asked to make speech before the whole class at the age of 9.,答案 make后加a 本题考查冠词。speech在这里是可数名词,make a speech意为“做演 讲”。,21.(2017贵州黔东南州高三下学期高考模拟) Although I was tired that day, I really had wonder- ful time.,答案 在wonderful前加a 句意:那天尽管我很累,但我玩得很高兴。have a wonderful time为 固定短语,意为“玩得高兴”。,22.(2017贵州高三下学期适应性考试)One Christmas Eve, Susan's father saw that Susan had used piece of gold wrapping paper to decorate a shoebox, which is so precious to their family, and she put it under the Christmas tree.,答案 piece前加a 考查冠词。a piece of paper一张纸。,23.(2016四川凉山州第二次诊断性检测)With the tools of technology man has changed many physical feature of the earth.,答案 feature→features 句意:借助技术工具,人类已经改变了地球的许多自然特征。根据句 中的many可以推断用feature的复数形式,feature意为:特征,特点。,24.(2016四川眉山第一次诊断性考试)Li Hua and Wang Hai are students of Senior Three. They all work hard but have different learning methods.,答案 all→both 第二句句意:他们俩都学习努力但是有着不同的学习方法。表示“两者 都”用both, 表示“三者以上都”用all。,25.(2016广西南宁第二次适应性测试)When you enter one of these shops, you take a basket and put the things you wish to buy into them.,答案 them→it 句意:当你进入这些商店中的一家时,你拿一个购物篮然后把你想要买的东 西放进里面。此处考查代词。put.into.把……放进……。根据句中a basket可知应该用it指 代。,26.(2016 广西柳州模拟)As science and technology make a rapid progress, it is hard to predict what would happen by 2030.,答案 去掉a 句意:随着科学和技术取得快速进步,很难预测到2030年会发生什么事。 progress为不可数名词,make progress意为:取得进步。,27.(2016四川眉山第一次诊断性考试)He likes to stay up late at the night, so he often feels sleepy in class.,答案 去掉the 句意:他喜欢晚上熬夜到很晚,所以他常常在上课时感到昏昏欲睡。at night是 固定短语,类似短语还有at dawn, at noon, at dusk 等。,28.(2016四川资阳第一次诊断性考试)Last week, our school organized an activity to climb the West Mountain. As soon as we arrived at the foot of a mountain, we set out for the summit in high spirits.,答案 a→the 句意:上周我们学校组织了一次爬西山活动。我们一到达山脚就兴高采烈地 向山顶出发了。根据上句中the West Mountain可知是特指西山脚下。,29.(2016四川资阳第二次诊断性考试)One Monday afternoon, we were playing the basketball in the playground when I suddenly slipped and fell over.,答案 去掉第一个the play+球类运动,中间不加冠词。另外,play+the+西洋乐器,如play the piano。,30.(2016广西南宁第二次适应性测试)Many people fromoverseas are astonished at British habit of queueing. 答案 British前加the 句意:很多从国外来的人对英国人的排队习惯感到很惊讶。考查定冠 词。特指英国人的排队习惯,故加定冠词the。,Passage 1(用所给词的适当形式填空) It was late at night.Two 1 (German)were sleeping in their room when suddenly,one of them, Mrs. Green,was woken up and found a thief slipping into their room to try his luck.She had three thousand 2 (dollar)in her pocket.“What should I do?Many 3 (thief)usually bring 4 (knife)with them,” she thought in 5 (silent).And at the same time the thief happened to touch a 6 (sport)suit.It seemed as if he found there was someone in the room,so he went out to the next room where two 7 (Frenchman)were sleeping.When he was looking for 8 (money) or some 9 (jewel)in the next room,Mrs. Green woke up her husband quickly and called the 10 (policeman).And then the thief knew what had happened.He was so scared that he took out a knife. Just then the police showed up.Before the thief ran away,the police caught him.For Mrs. Green,it was really an unusual experience.,C组 2016—2018年高考模拟·综合题组,答案 [语篇解读] 本文为记叙文,讲述了格林夫人晚上配合警方抓贼的故事。 1.Germans 设空处前有数词two,故设空处用名词复数形式。German的复数为Germans。 2.dollars 根据前面的three thousand可知用复数。 3.thieves 由前面的Many可知应用复数。thief的复数形式为thieves。 4.knives knife是可数名词,由语境可知此处应用复数形式表泛指。knife的复数形式为 knives。 5.silence 介词后须用名词。in silence为固定词组,意为:沉默地。 6.sports 名词作定语时一般用单数形式,但下列名词须用复数形式,如sports,customs(海关), sales。 7.Frenchmen 由前面的two可知用复数。Frenchman的复数形式为Frenchmen。 8.money money为不可数名词。 9.jewels/jewelry jewel的复数形式为jewels;jewelry为不可数名词,是珠宝的总称。 10.police police表示“警方,警察部门”。call the police叫警察,报警。,Passage 2(冠词填空) When I walked down Third Avenue,as 1 rule,I would love to look into the windows of 2 old shop that sold old and beautiful things.Since I often took my walk after the closing time,I cupped my hands against 3 windows to get 4 small look at the treasures inside. Some things looked as if they had not been cared for 5 long time,but I knew their beauty was still there beneath their own surface.I even thought they were 6 most beautiful that I had ever seen.That was how I felt about 7 old, too. I knew their value,and it hurt me when others missed it.I was raised by my grandmother and given 8 deep sense of the value of experience.Taught to behave well,my sister and I respected other people,regardless of their age or color.My grandmother was loved by all 9 people around her.She was known to be 10 wise and kind woman,who was able to do things well even in her last years. Old people should be treated as fine gold.They may be gradually tarnished(失去光泽)with age,but they can be polished with respect.You might be surprised by their bright and shining qualities.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文为议论文。一些旧的东西虽然外表不再光鲜亮丽,但仍有内在的美,老年人 也是如此。如果老年人受到尊重,同样会焕发出新的活力。,1.a as a rule为固定短语,意为:一贯。 2.an 在第三大街卖旧货的一家老店,本空表示泛指,设空处后的old的读音以元音音素开头,故 设空处用不定冠词an。 3.the 设空处后的windows指的是那个老店铺的橱窗,表示特指,故填定冠词the。 4.a get a look at为固定短语,意为:看一眼。 5.a 一些东西看上去好像很长时间没有人管了。for a long time很长时间。 6.the 设空处后有most,且most在此处和后面的形容词构成最高级,故设空处填the。 7.the the old表示老年人。 8.a 我被我祖母养大并被赋予了对经验价值的理解力。sense在本句中作“理解力,判断力” 讲,且在本句中表示泛指,故与不定冠词连用。 9.the 设空处后的people有介词短语修饰,在本句中表示特指,故设空处填the。,10.a 众所周知,她是一位有智慧且善良的女人。woman在本句中表示泛指,故设空处填不定 冠词a。,Passage 3(代词填空) “Without the ball,I'm half complete of 1 (myself,my),”Luís Figo,one of the world's great- est football players once said. The Portuguese played his first international match in 1991 at the age of 18 and has kept scoring ever since. He reached a new mark on February 18 by playing 2 (his,him)hundredth match for his national team in a friendly match against England.A crowd of more than 30,000 fans watched and cheered for 3 (him,them)in Lisbon.“Figo,Figo,” 4 (all,both)shouted excitedly when he walked onto the field. The Real Madrid player,31,wanted to help his country in Euro 2004 and to win 5 (another,oth- er)Spanish Cup with Real Madrid.Madrid bought Figo from FC Barcelona for 82.4 million dollars in 2000,and he showed 6 (everyone,anyone)what a great player he was by winning FIFA's Footballer of the Year award in 2001.,“Figo works like an artist and has the skills to be the most complete player,” said FIFA Presi- dent Joseph Blatter in 2001.Figo 7 (himself,he) is a real leader 8 (who,which)always tries his best on the field and a good team player.He doesn't have any problems working together with his teammate at Real Madrid,star footballer David Beckham.In fact,Figo was the first 9 (one, some)to welcome Beckham when he arrived.“We have a strong team,and we can help one 10 (other,another) and work together to be successful,”Figo said.,答案 [语篇解读] 本文为记叙文,介绍了足球明星路易斯·菲戈从事足球竞技的历程。,1.myself 主语是“I”,故设空处应为I的反身代词myself。 2.his 根据设空处后的match可知设空处应为物主代词his。 3.him 此处指代Figo,故应用him。 4.all 设空处表示三者以上都,故选择all。both指“两者都”,不符合语境。 5.another 设空处后的Spanish Cup为单数名词,故设空处应为another。 6.everyone everyone表示某范围之内的每个人;anyone任何人。根据句意可知本空应填ev- eryone。 7.himself 根据该句的结构可推知设空处应用反身代词作Figo的同位语,故答案为himself。 8.who “ 8 always tries his best on the field”为定语从句,



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