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2016 成都 中考 英语 答案
解密时间:2m6年 6月14日下午2B0姓名: 准考证号成都市二0一六年高中阶段教育学校统一招生考试(含成都市初三毕业会考)注意事项:l.全卷分A卷和B卷,A卷满分100分,B卷满分50分:考试时间120分钟。2.在作答前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号涂写在试卷和答题卡规定的位置。考试结束后,监考人员将试卷和答题卡一并收回。3.选择题部分必须使用2B铅笔填涂:非选择题部分必须使用0 5毫米黑色签字笔书写,字体工整、笔迹清楚。4请按照题号在答题卡上各题目对应的答题区域内作答,超出答题区域书写的答案无效;在草稿纸、试卷上答题均无效。5.保持答题卡清洁,不得折叠、污染、破损等。A卷(共100分)第一部分听力(共30小题:计25分)、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答语。每小题念两遍。(共6小题,每小题1 分:计6分)l .A Yes, it、B. Yes, I amC. Yes, she沁之A. I'm丘om Chengdu.B. I'm at home.C. I m gomg to London工A. He is fine.B. He is cookmg.C. He is a teacher.4.A. At 6:30 am.B. At 7 ℃0 pm.C.At 7:30pm,5.A. Sure, I'd love to.B. Sony, I'mbusy today.C. Certamly, but I can't swun.6.A. OK-I will.B.All right. I'm hungl¥C. Sony. I won't agam.、听句子,选择与所听句子内容相符的图片,并将代表图片的字母填涂在卡的相应位置。每小题念两遍。(共4小题,每小题1分:计4分)ABCD1 / l . A. AmyB. Lucy.12. A. Meet the girl at the school gate.B. Go to the Old People's Home.C. John.C. Go to the library.13. A. Music club.B. Art club.C. Football club.14. A. At an airport.B. In a hotel.C. In a restaurant.15. A. Doing exercise.B. Watching movies.C. Reading books.16. A. September 4th.B. September 5thC. September 6th.17. A. Large.B. MediumC. Small.18. A. On your right hand.B. Across from the post office.C. Next to the supermarket.19. A. Before 7:00 am.B. At 8:00 am.C. After 9:00 am.20. A. 40 dollars.B. 45 dollars.C. 60 dollars.ith 5 4})21. Where does Dongzi live?A. In a village.B. In a small town.C. In a big city.22. Why hasn't Dongzi's father been home for 3 years?A. Because he enjoys the city life.B. Because he wants to learn from city people.C. Because he has to make more money for the family.23. What will help Dongzi's family live better soon?A. Planting vegetables and fftlits.B. Dongzi's study in town.C. The newly built road.24. What is Dongzi's father doing now?A. He is building the new road.B. He is building houses in a big city.C. He is helping his wife in Nong-jia-le.25. Why does Dongzi want his father to come home?A. Because his father can help with his study.B. Because he wants his family to live together.C. Because his father can help build their new house.2/14Topic: A26summer vacationMain work: I spent my time27at a kindergarten, taking care of the kids.Work time: July 21 August 1Before the workI thought it was an easy job because I just needed to28young kids.During the workThe job was difficult because there were 20 kids to take care of.I tried many things to make them stop29or running.After the workThe teachers praised me for my job and I felt proud and happy.I am able to be30with young kids.A)A.hardB. more thanC. returnD.had fun31. Though she is over fifty, she looks very young.32. We had a good time at Mary's birthday party last night. 33. It rained heavily this moming in the west of Chengdu.34. They will go back to school to visit their teachers next week.B)it 12 5} )35.36. —Sally, there's a pen on the floor. Is it yours?_Oh.. .yes. It's-Thank you.A. mineB. yoursC. hers37. Teachers' Day isSeptember 10.A. inB. onC. at38. do you play basketball?_usually twice a week.A. How soon B. How longC. How often39. I'll have a ten-day holiday. But I don't knowHow about Paris?A. what to doB. where to go C. when to go40. The womanis singing on the TV show is our English teacher.A. whoB. whichC. whose41. It's windy outside._your jacket, Bob. Don 't catch a cold.A. try onB. put onC. take off42. Lily, where is your father now? Go and get him for lunch. Just a moment, please. Fathera phone call in his room.A. makesB. IS makmgC. was making43. —-1s that man Mr.Zhang?—Itbe him.He went to Beijing for a meetingyesterday.A. can'tB. mustn 'tC. needn 't44. AlphaGo has beaten the top professional go(fflffl) player. So many people think it's go player in the world.A. a goodB. a betterC. the best45. You are not supposed to go to a family party unless youtoin the US.A. are not invitedB. are invitedC. will be invited46. __could you tell me—My life is not what it used to be.A. what you think of yourself B. how you like your present lifeC. what your life is like after you became famous.A: Hi, Lily. Where did you go this Spring Festival?B: I went to Xiamen.47B: I went there with my friend, Liu Ying.A: Did you go to Xiamen University?B:48It was really nice.A: What was the weather like there?B:49A: Did you try any sea food there?B: Yes. And I even bought some for my family.4/ 14B: It's a beautiful seaside city and it's worth traveling around-A.B.C.D.Yes, 1 did.It was quite warm.What do you think of Xiamen?Oh, really? Whom did you go with? do you get to school every day?For most students in cities, it's51for them to get toschool. They can walk or ride a bike to school. They can get toschool by bus or even by subway. It won't52them toolong to get to school and back home.But for some students in faraway villages, things are quite53life for them is hard. It's difficult for them to get toschool every day. Usually they will spend a few54on the way. In one small vill age, there is a big river55the school and the village. The students can't get to sc hool by boat because the river56too quickly. They have to go on a ropeway to57 the big river. Though it's dangerous, they are used to it and are not afraid. In their mind, going out to study is their 58 thing. Because of this, many villagers59 leave their village. How they are looking forward to having a do hope one day their dream can come true.5/1751. A. goodB. easyC. dangerous52. A. takeB. costC. spend53. A. commonB. importantC. different54. A. minutesB. hoursC. days55. A. besideB. betweenC. behind56. A. changesB. turnsC. runs57. A. crossB. go throughC. walk across58. A. hardestB. worstC. happiest59. A. neverB. oftenC. sometimes60. A. boatB. bridgeC. roadSeptember is the time for students to go back to school! For Chinese students, most schools start on the same day. We will share summer stories with the same classmates61the first-year students.But in US schools, students get ready for classes a little 62First of all, US schools don't all start on the same day. Classes begin any time between August and September. Every 63 decides when to begin their classes. If summers are too 64 then school will usually start a little later.Every year we usually see the same teachers and classmates, but US students have some big changes. In US high schools, teachers divide65into different levels or focuses. Students can choose their favorite teachers and courses according to their abilities and66This means that every year US students will67different classrooms for each class. They will meet 68 classmates and teachers in each one. Also, students will go to school a few days early to get their 69 so that they can know the classes every day.For first year students, the first day of school also means they finally get their own lockers(fifififfi). Primary school students in the US have to share closets (litiþJ+þ) with their 70 But once students make it to junior high they finally get one. A. including B. except C. besides 62 A. early B. late C. differently 63 A. school B. City C. town64. A. dry B. cool C. hot 65 A. students B. classes C. subjects 66 A. ages B. interests C. habits67 A. seeB. enterC. build A. new B. special C. unfriendly 69 . A. homework B. books C. schedule 70 . A. classmates B. teachers C. ownersFirst, we should eat right.* Don't eat too much candy or drink too much cola, or our teeth will go bad easily.* Have more cheese, milk and yogurt to make teeth strong.* Eat more vegetables and fruits to help clean teeth.Second, we should keep these numbers in mind.* 2/DayBHIsh your teeth at least twice a day: in the moming and before bedtime. 2-3 MinutesBrush for at least two to three minutes every time. 3 MonthsGet a new toothbmsh every three months. 6 MonthsGo to the dentist every six months for a check-up.11/1771. We're too young, so we needn't start protecting our teeth. (B)72. Cheese, milk and yogurt can keep our teeth strong. (A)73. We shouldn't billsh our teeth after lunch. (B)74. We can bmsh our teeth for only one minute each time. (B)75. At least four toothbrushes should be used in a year. (A)Shopping Guide in New World Shopping MallRestaurantCoffee shop/Tea houseChildren's pleasure groundCinemaElectrical equipmentWriting materialsOffice suppliesMen's clothingBeddingWomen' s clothingChildren's clothingIFFruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, drinks, cooked food, etc. Kitchen wareBusiness hoursWeekdays: 8:00 am-6:00 pmWeekends: 9:00 am-9:00 pm76. From the shopping guide, we can see there arefloors in NewWorld Shopping Mall. (B)A. fiveB. sixC. seven77. On the second floor, Mrs. Zhang can buy clothing for herA. childrenB. husbandC. father78. You can buyand writing materials on the fourth floor. (A)A. desksB. bowlsC. quilts79. You can invite your friends toor drink tea on the top floor. (C)A. play gamesB. watch films.C. have lunch80. According to the guide, Mr. Li can go shoppingon weekdays. (B)A. at 7:30 amB. at 8:30 amC. at 6:30 pmDear Merry,Recently, I have trouble with my study.In school I can't listen to teachers carefully because I always feel tired and sleepy. I don't spend time with friends after class either because I think it's a waste of time. I even miss writing some answers in the test.At home, I can't get my homework done every night. My parents don't let me stay up. SoI have to get up early the next morning to finish it. Lately, I even get a bad headache.How can I solve these problems?Yours, LiuDear Liu Ya,When you have trouble listening to teachers carefully in class, you can ask your teachers or deskmate to remind you often. Then spending time talking about many different things with friends can make you happy. It's not a waste of time. As for homework, when it's hard to get finished, one thing you can try is setting goals for yourself. Ask your parents to help you. You must take a break, especially if you don't feel well. You might be surprised but a short break can help you get more done! Lastly, if you don't worry and have enough sleep, your headache will leave you.Yours,Merry81. Liu Ya wrote the letter to Men-y in order toA. ask for helpB. express worriesC. share her experience82. Liu Ya doesn't want to stay with friends after class because(B)A. she needs to sleepB. she thinks it's a waste of timeC. she has trouble with her classmates83. Meny thinksA. taking a break is necessaryB. being with parents is helpfulC. setting goals by parents is important84. According to the underlined part, what might Liu Ya's teacher say? (B)A. Sleep for a minute.B. Listen carefully.C. Stop talking.85. From Liu Ya's letter, we can find that she is too (C)A. passiveB. proudC. stressedB ( #509)( # ì+10ñ)A: To be honest, Steve, I'm not pleased with you.B: I'm sorry. Mr. Thompson, would you please tell me what makes you unsatisfied?A: It's something about the1you deal with the work, your attitude to it, and that wonies me,B: Oh, really? I'm sorry you think so.A: You know I can't offer a chance to2doesn't show great interest in his work.B: Mr. Thompson, I3I was doing my best.A: Maybe, but you don't4to like the job. I wonder if you're happy at our TV station. Perhapsyou need a 5B: Well, no. It's not that. I like working for our TV station, but my present job requires little 6I mean that the same simple work is7from day to day.A: I see. Yes, I think I understand how you feel and I'm glad you told me. But you've got to realize the .8 Steve. Actually, we can't do exciting work all the time.B: Yes, I know that.A: Look, this is what we'd better do. Bill White who deals with to our program wants someone to help him do door-to-door 9 . What do you think about it?B: I think it's proper for me. I believe I10will be helpful to Bill. Thalfl< you, Mr. Thompson. holdbeauty1color keepdisappear luckdown paintgo workA boy thought that he was the most unhappy person in the world. In his opinion, he was 1 because almost everything bad always happened to him. So he wanted to find the secret to happiness. He walked a long way and finally came to a 2 palace. There, he met the king.After leaming why the boy had come, the king suggested that he should look around the palace and come back in two hours. "At the same time, I want you 3 this spoon with milk," said the king."As you walk around my palace, cany this spoon without spilling ) the milk."The boy4his eyes fixed on the spoon and began to walk around the golden palace. Aftertwo hours, he came back to the king. "Well, " asked the king. "Did you see the wonderful5In my dining hall? Did you see the 6 flowers in the garden?" The boy felt sorry because he saw nothing. He only paid attention to the milk."Then go back and see the beauty of 7 world," said the king. This time the boy saw all of the .8 of art on the walls. He saw the great gardens and mountains all around. When he cameback, he described everything he saw."But where is the milk?" asked the king. Looking 9 at the spoon he held, the boy saw the milk was 10 "Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you, " said the king. "The secret to happiness is to see all the beauty of the world and also keep an eye on the milk on the spoon. is one of the most popular cold dishes in China. You can find the green dish anywhere from restaurants to homes.1According to The New York Times, smashed cucumber salad is "everywhere" in New York. Some restaurants have even added the dish to their menus. 2 But American cooks are trying yogurt ,honey , lemon and other common western ingredients.Why is this dish becoming so popular ? 3 Smashed cucumbers can hold onto tastes more than cucumbers which are cut into fixed shape and size. "Just changing the way you break down an ingredient...changes the way it feels and tastes. It's cool." said Danny Bowien, a cook at a New Yorkrestaurant.4 The cook smashes fresh cucumbers with the flat side of a knife.5Then otheringredients can be added. Also, it takes only five minutes to make the salad. Cook Julia Goldberg said it's really "satisfying"The success of smashed cucumber salad abroad shows that we should try to fit into local conditions when spreading Chinese culture across the world, said The Beijing News.A. This summer, even Americans are trying it.B. Most people like the special taste it produces.C. The way the dish is prepared also draws people's attention.D. The strong smash makes the cucumbers different shapes and sizes.E. Americans have expressed their opinions on the taste of this salad.F. In China , people use garlic(ñ'), vinegar(Aå) and oil to make the cucumber tastier.Humans have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. They collect information for the brain.For example, the eyes collect information on pictures and the ears collect information on sounds.Sometimes a person loses a sense. Their other senses become better. For example, a blind person has much better senses of hearing and touch.SightThe eyes can only see with light. Light canies the picture of something into the eyes so humans can see it. But do you know that the picture is upside down? The brain has to turn the picture the right way up again.HearingSounds travel through the air like waves (ilk). Human ears are like cups. They catch sound waves for the brain and the brain translates them as different sounds.SmellHumans smell with their noses. Most people can recognize about 10,000 kinds of smell. This is amazmg! Humans each have five million receptor cells 111 then noses. Noses are not only tor smelling. They also clean and warm the air that people breathe in. How does the nose prevent the dirty air from getting into the body? Well, itTouchThere are receptor cells for the sense of touch all over the body. This is different from the other senses. Touch receptor cells are in the lowest part of the skin. They help the body to have all kinds of feelings like pain, cold and heat. Some parts of the body (like the finger) are more sensitive(íSjý JÑ4 fill) than other parts of the body (like the back) because they have more touch receptor cells.TastePeople can taste food because they have about 10,000 taste on their tongues. Old taste buds die and new ones come out every two weeks. But when people get older, this happens less often. That's why old people often complain their food is tasteless. Scientists also find that smokers have fewer taste buds. Do you want food to taste good? Well, don't smoke!For hundreds of years, people Imew the basic tastes were sour, sweet, salty and In 2002, a fifth taste, umami (delicious taste) jomed the list. Now, a study from Purdue University in the US found that fat could actually be the sixth basic taste.To be considered a basic one, a taste needs to be able to activate certain receptor cells in the mouths. A study has shown that humans have fat receptors in the mouths. Not long after that, a scientist made a study to test a second question: can people taste the difference between fat and other tastes?Richard Mattes gave the testers six different kinds of things. Each kind had a taste: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, tunami or the newcomer—fat. Mattes asked the people to pick out tastes by their differences. This was to test whether or not fat would be picked out from the group. Most of the testers could clearly find outthe different taste of fat.Then how does fat taste? "It's terrible." Mattes said. "However, the taste can be pleasant in a small amount, just as we enjoy the bitterness of chocolate."senses1facts about the senses11/ 14sighteyesPictures of real things are completely different in2 from those can-ied by light into the eyes.hearmgearsSound waves caught by ears must go through a process like3so that we can hear different sounds.smellnoseThe functions of nose are smelling, cleaning and warming the air people breathe in. Sneezing is the way to 4 the dirty air we breathe in.touch5People feel pain, cold and heat 6 the function of the receptors. So the more touch receptors we have, the more sensitive we are.tastetongueOld taste buds die and new ones come out every 2 weeks. Losing a certain amount of taste buds7 that the old and the smokers have a bad sense of taste. They can't enjoy tasty food like others.8sour sweet salty bitter umamione newly found tasteA scientific study has proved people have fat receptorsin the mouth. One9study shows: people can clearly10the taste of fat from other tastes.成都市二0一六年高中阶段教育学校统一招生考试(含成都市初三毕业会考)英参考答案第二部分基础知识运用(共40小题,计45分)六、选择填空(共20小题,每小题1分;计20分)3 1一一3 5:BDACB3 6一一40:ABCBA41,一.45:BBACB46:C七、 完形填空A篇:51.55 BACBBB篇:61.65 BCACB56一60 CACAB66丷0 BBACA第三部分阅读理解(共15小题,计30分)八、 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容判断句了的正误。正确的涂'A' '错误的涂“B '71.75:BABBA九、 阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。A篇:76.80:BAACB B篇:8卜85:ABABC B卷(共50分)一、完成对话。1.way2 · who3.think.seem5.change6.excitement7.repeated8.truth9.survey10.myself、短文填空。1.unlucky2.beautiful3.to hold5.paintings6.colorful8.9 · down10.gone、阅读理解。6.A 7· F9.C10.DB.完成表格13 / 141 .parts of the body/collectors/organs2.brain3. translating4.take out5. skin6. because of7. causes8.basic tastes9.more10. tellHow to Have a Wonderful Day?I believe all of us, young or old, want to spend our every day joyfully. Therefore, I'd like to introduce you a good plan—A Day Trip in the Panda Research Base. Here is the information you might need. Firstly, it's necessary to learn the price of entrance. There are four kinds of tickets which are 50yuan for adults ,25yuan for the old aging above sixty years old and children aging from six to twelve, and totally free for children under six years old. (The ticket is only available for one day). Secondly, if you travel here by car, you don 't have to pay for the car parking. What's more, you're able to pay a visit to the base from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 a.m. any day of the week. Last but not the least, the base is open all year round except the Lantern Festival.I hope you all will have an unforgettable experience once you have a day in the Panda Research Base.14/14




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