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2016 年高 浙江 英语试题 解析 正式版
2016年高考浙江卷英语试题解析(正式版) 绝密★启封前选择题部分(共80分)第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分30分)第一节:单项填空(共20小题;每小题0.5分,满分10分)从A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。1. --Are you sure you're ready for the best?--_________. I'm well prepared for it.A. I'm afraid not B. No problem C. Hard to say D. Not really【答案】B【解析】试题分析:句意:—你确定你准备好考试了吗?—没问题。我已经做好准备了。A.恐怕不;B.没问题;C.很难说;D.不是真的。根据语境,故选B。考点:考查交际用语。2.______prize for the winner of the competition is______two-week holiday in Paris.A. The ; 不填 B. A ; 不填 C. A ; the D. The ; a【答案】D【解析】学科&网试题分析:句意:这个比赛获胜者的奖品是一个巴黎的两个星期的假期。第一空填the,是特指“获胜者的奖品”,用定冠词,第二空是泛指“一个两周的假期”,用不定冠词a。故选A。考点:考查冠词。3. In many ways , the education system in the US is not verydifferent from ____in the UK.A. that B. this C. one D. it【答案】A考点:考查代词。4. It is important to pay your electricity bill on time , aslate payments may affect your ______.A. condition B. income C. credit D. status【答案】C【解析】试题分析:句意:准时付电费很重要,因为付晚了会影响你的信用。Condition条件;income收入;credit学分,信用(卡)。根据句意故选C。考点:考查名词辨析。5._______online shopping has changed our life , not all of itseffects have been positive.A. Since B. After C. While D. Unless【答案】C【解析】试题分析:句意:尽管网上购物已经改变了我们的生活,单数不是所有的影响都是积极的。While引导让步状语从句,意为“尽管,虽然”;since既然,自从;after在……之后;unless除非。故选C。考点:考查连词。6.That young man is honest , cooperative , always there when youneed his help .______, he's reliable.A. Or else B. In short C. By the way D. For one thing【答案】B考点:考查介词短语。7. The study suggests that the cultures we grow up_______influence the basic processes by which we see world aroundus.A. on B. in C. at D. about【答案】B【解析】试题分析:句意:研究表明我们成长的文化影响我们看周围世界的基本过程。Thecultures后面是定语从句,省略that,定语从句中cultures作宾语,那么还缺少一个介词,和cultures搭配用介词in,故选B。考点:考查介词。8. We can achieve a lot when we learn to let our differencesunite , rather than _______ us.A. divide B. reject C. control D. abandon【答案】A【解析】试题分析:句意:当我们学会让我们的差异联合起来而不是将我们分离的时候,我们就获得很多。A.将……分开;B.拒绝,拒收;C.控制;D.放弃。根据语境,故选A。考点:考查动词辨析。9. Silk ______ one of the primary goods traded along the SilkRoad by about 100 BC.A. had become B. reject C. control D. abandon【答案】A考点:考查动词时态。10.To return to the problem of water pollution , I'd like you tolook at a study _______ in Australia in 2012.A. having conducted B. to be conducted C. conducting D.conducted【答案】D【解析】试题分析:句意:为了回到水污染的问题,我想要你研究一下2012年澳大利亚进行的研究。使用非谓语动词作定语,study和conduct是动宾关系,用过去分词作定语。B项也表示被动,但是不定式的被动,表示将要发生的事情。故选D。学科.网考点:考查非谓语动词。11. Scientists have advanced many theories about why humanbeings cry tears , none of ______ has been proved.A. whom B. which C. what D. that【答案】B【解析】试题分析:句意:关于人类为什么哭的时候会流泪,科学家已经提出了很多理论,没有一个被证明了。使用定语从句,先行词是theories,指物,定语从句中用代词+介词+关系代词which引导。故选B。考点:考查定语从句。12.When their children lived far away from them , these oldpeople felt ______from the world.A. carried away B. broken down C. cut off D. brought up【答案】C【解析】试题分析:句意:当孩子远离他们生活的时候,这些老人感觉和世界隔绝了。Carry away带走,夺走;breakdown崩溃,破坏,抛锚,分解;cut off切断;bring up养育,培养。故选C。考点:考查动词短语。13. A sudden stop can be a very frightening experience , ______if you are travelling at high speed.A. eventually B. strangely C. merely D. especially【答案】D考点:考查副词辨析。14. When the time came to make the final decision for a course ,I decided to apply for the one that ______my interest.A. limited B. reserved C. reflected D. spoiled【答案】C【解析】试题分析:句意:当最后决定课程的时候到了,我决定申请能反映我兴趣的课程。A.限制;B.保留;C.反映,反射;D.宠坏。故选C。考点:考查动词辨析。15. Had the governments and scientists not worked together ,AIDS-related deaths _______ since their highest in 2005.A. had not fallen B. would not fall C. did not fall D. would nothave fallen【答案】D【解析】试题分析:句意:如果政府和科学家不共同努力,艾滋病相关的死亡就不会从2005年的最高点下降。使用虚拟语气, if条件句用的haddone,而且省略it,将had提前,主句用would have done表示对过去情况的虚拟。故选D。考点:考查虚拟语气。16. In this article , you need to back up general statementswith ________ examples.A. specific B. permanent C. abstract D. universal【答案】A【解析】试题分析:句意:在文章中,你需要用具体的例子来支持总的观点。A.具体,明确的;B.永久的;C.抽象的;D.全球的,共通的。故选A。考点:考查形容词辨析。17. George _________ too far . His coffee is still warm.学.科网A. must have gone B. might have gone C. can't have gone D.needn't have gone【答案】C【解析】试题分析:乔治不可能走得太远了。他的咖啡仍然是温的。can’t have done是对过去的否定推测;must havedone过去一定做了某事;might have done过去可能做了某事;needn’t havedone过去本不必做某事。故选C。考点:考查情态动词+have done。18. I have always enjoyed all the events you organized and Ihope to attend in the coming yearsA. little more B. no more C.much more D.many more【答案】D考点:考查短语辨析。19. I had as much fun sailing the seas as I now dowithstudents.A. wotking B. work C. to work D. worked【答案】A【解析】试题分析:句意:我在海上航行和现在和学生一起一样快乐。使用非谓语动词作状语,I和work是主谓关系,用现在分词作时间状语。故选A。考点:考查非谓语动词。20.—The movie starta at 8:30,and wo can have a quick bite beforewo go--.See you at 8:10A. So long B. Sounds great C. Good luck D.Have a good time【答案】B考点:考查交际用语。第二节:完形填空(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分0)阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从21—40各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。学.科网During the war,my husband was stationed at an army camp in adesert in California.I went to live there in order to be 21him. I hated the place .I had never 22 been so unhappy . Myhusband was ordered out on a long-term duty,and I was left in atiny shack(棚屋) alone. The heat was 23 -almost 1250F even in the shade of a cactus(仙人掌)。 24 a soulto talk to . The wind blew non-stop ,and all the food I ate ,andthe evry air I breathed,were 25 with sand , sand , sand!I was so sorry for myself that I wrote to my parents. I toldthem I was 26 and coming back home.I said I couldn’t standit one minute longer. I 27 be in prison! My father answeredmy 28 with just two lines-two lines that will always sing inmy 29 - two lines that completely changed my life :Two men looked out from prison barsOne saw the mud ,the other saw the starsI read those two lines 30 I was ashamed of myself. I madeup my mind I would find out what was good in my present 31 ;I would look for the stars.I made friends with the natives,and their 32 amazed me.They gave me presents of their favorite artworks which they had33 to sell to toueists . I studied the delightful forms ofthe cactus .I watched for the desert sunsets,and 34 forseashells that had been left there millions of years ago when thedesert had been an ocean 35What brought about this 36 change in me ? The deserthadn’t changed , 37 I had .I had changed my 38 And bydoing so ,I changed an unhappy experience into the most amazing39 of my life . I was excited by this new world that I haddicovered I had looked out of my self-creatded prison and 40the stars21. A. off B. behind C. near D. beyond22. A. before B. already C. then D. still23. A. inflexible B. incomprehensible C. uncontrollableD.unbearable24. A. Only B. Not C. Many D.Such25. A. covered B. filled C. buried D. charhed26. A. catching up B. keeping up C. giving up D.getting up27. A. ought to B. might well C. would rather D.had better28. A.request B. call C. question D.letter29. A. comparison B. imagination C. consideration D. memory30. A. over and over B. by and by C. up and down D.noe andthen31. A. company B. occupation C. situation D.relationship32. A. movement B. reaction C. guidance D.purpose33. A. refused B. failed C. managed D.happened34. A. asked B. hunted C. waited D.headed35. A. floor B. surface C. rock D.level36. A. shocking B. challenging C. puzzling D.astonishing37. A. as B. but C. for D.or38. A. attitude B. principle C. identity D.standard39. A. vacation B. operation C. affair D. adventure40. A. sought B. counted C. found D.reached【语篇解读】这是一篇记叙文。作者讲述自己为了离丈夫近一些,住在他所在的沙漠的军营里,寂寞的生活和艰苦的生活条件让作者难以忍受,她写信告诉父母要回家。父亲给他的信中就两行字,就是这两行字使作者改变了自己对人生的态度。21.【答案】C【解析】试题分析:根据上文的I went to livethere,可知,作者去住在丈夫的军营为了靠近丈夫。A.远离;B.在……后面;C.靠近;D.超过。故选C。考点:考查介词辨析。22.【答案】A【解析】试题分析:根据下文I was left in a tiny shack(棚屋)alone.可知,作者以前从没有感觉这么不开心。A.以前;B.已经;C.然后;D.仍然。故选A。考点:考查副词辨析。23.【答案】D学科&网考点:考查形容词辨析。24.【答案】B【解析】试题分析:根据上文a desert和alone,可知,没有一个人可以交谈。A.仅仅;B.没有;C.很多;D.这样。故选B。考点:考查副词辨析。25.【答案】B【解析】试题分析:根据上文adesert可知,作者吃的食物,呼吸的空气都充满了沙子。A.覆盖;B.填满;C.埋葬;D.负责,要价。故选B。考点:考查动词辨析。26.【答案】C【解析】试题分析:根据下文coming back home,可知,作者写信给父母,告诉他们她要放弃。A.赶上; B. 维持; C.放弃;D.起床。故选C。考点:考查动词短语辨析。27.【答案】C【解析】试题分析:根据上文I said I couldn’t stand it one minutelonger,可知,我宁愿在监狱里。A.应该;B.不妨,最好;C.宁愿;D.最好。故选C。考点:考查短语辨析。28.【答案】D【解析】试题分析:根据上文I wrote to myparents,可知,作者的爸爸回复了作者的信,只有两行字。A.请求;B.电话;C.问题;D.信。故选D。考点:考查形容词辨析。29.【答案】D考点:考查名词辨析。学科.网30.【答案】A【解析】试题分析:根据下文I was ashamed ofmyself.可知,作者一遍又一遍地读这两行字。A.一遍又一遍;B.不久;C. 上上下下; D. 不时。故选A。考点:考查短语辨析。31.【答案】C【解析】试题分析:根据上文I would look for thestars,可知,作者决定要发现在现在的环境中好的东西。A.公司,陪伴;B.占据,职业;C.环境; D. 关系。故选C。考点:考查名词辨析。32.【答案】B【解析】试题分析:根据下文They gave me presents of their favorite artworks whichthey had 33 to sell to toueists.可知,作者和当地人交朋友,他们的反应让作者很惊讶。A.运动;B.反应;C.指导; D.目的。故选B。考点:考查名词辨析。33.【答案】A【解析】试题分析:根据句意:他们给我最喜欢的艺术作品的礼物,这些作品是他们拒绝卖给游客的。A.拒绝;B.失败;C.设法完成;D.碰巧。故选A。考点:考查动词辨析。34.【答案】B考点:考查动词辨析和短语搭配。35.【答案】A【解析】试题分析:根据上文millions of yearsago可知,几百万年前,沙漠曾经是海床。A.地板;B.表面;C.岩石;D.水平。故选A。考点:考查名词辨析。36.【答案】D【解析】试题分析:根据上文two lines that completely changed my life:,可知,这里是:什么造成我这样令人惊讶的改变?A.令人震惊的;B.有挑战的;C.令人困惑的;D.令人惊讶的。故选D。考点:考查形容词辨析。37.【答案】B【解析】试题分析:根据句意:沙漠没有改变,但是我变了。表示转折关系。A.正如,因为,随着;B.但是;C.因为;D.或者。故选B。考点:考查连词辨析。38.【答案】A【解析】试题分析:根据下文I changed an unhappy experience into the mostamazing可知,虽作者改变了自己的态度。A.态度;B.原则;C.身份;D.标准。故选A。考点:考查名词辨析。39.【答案】D【解析】试题分析:根据上一段内容可知,作者将不愉快的经历变成最令人惊叹的人生冒险。A.假期;B.手术;C.事务;D.冒险。故选D。考点:考查名词辨析。40.【答案】C考点:考查动词辨析。第二部分:阅读理解(第一节20小题,第二节5小题;每小题2分,满分50分)第一节:阅读下列材料,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。学.科网A“Did you hear what happened to Adam Last Friday?”Lindsey whipersto Tori.With her eyes shining,tori brags,“You bet I did,Sean told me twodays ago.”Who are Lindsey and Tori talking about?It just happened to beyours truly,Adam Freedmam,I can tell you that what that what theyare saying is (a) not nice and (b) not even true.Still,Lindsey andTori aren’t very different from most students here at Linton HigtSchool,including me.Many of our conversations are gossip(闲话)。I havenoticed three effects of gossip:it can hurt people,it can givegossipers a strange kind of satisfaction,and it can cause socialpressures in a group.An important negative effect of gossip is that it can hurt theperson being talked about.Usually,gossip spreads information abouta topic-breakups,trouble at home,even dropping out-that a personwould rather keep secret.The more embarrassing or shameful thesecret is,the juicier the gossip it makes.Probably the worst typeof gossip is the absolute lie.People ofen think of gossipers asharmless,but cruel lies can cause pain.If we know that gossip can be harmful,then why do so many of usdo it?Tht answer lies in another effect of gossip:the satisfactionit gives us.Sharing the latest rumor(传言)can make a person feelimportant because he or she knows something that othersdon’t.Similarly,hearing the latest rumor can make a person feellike part of the “in group.”In other words,gossip is satisfyingbecause it gives people a sense of belonging or evensuperiority(优越感).Gossip also can have a third effect:it strengthensunwritten,unspoken rules about how people should act.ProfessorDavid Wilson explains that gossip is important in policingbehaviors in a group.Translated into high school terms, this meansthat if everybody you hang around with is laughing at what Johnwore or what Jane said,then you can bet that wearing or sayingsomething similar will get you the same kind of negativeattention.The do’s and don’ts conveyed through gossip will nevershow up in any student handbook.The effects of gossip vary depending on the situation.The nexttime you feel the urge to spread the latest news,thing about whyyou want to gossip and what effects your “juicy story”mighthave.41.The author uses a conversation at the beginning of thepassahe to .A.introduce a topicB.present an argumentC.describe the charactersD.clarify his writing purpose42.An important negative effects of gossip is that it.A.breaks up relationshipsB.embarrasses the listenerC.spreads information aroundD.causes unpleasant experiences43.In the auther’s opinion,many people like to gossip becauseit.A.gives them a feeling of pleasureB.helpl them to make more friendsC.makes them better at telling storiesD.enables them to meet important people44.Professor David Wilson think that gossip can .A.provide students with written rulesB.help people watch their own behaviorsC.force school to impove student handbooksD.attract the police’s attention to group behaviors45.What advice does the author give in the passage?A.Never become a gossiperB.Stay away from gossipersC.Don’t let gossip turn into liesD.Think twice before you gossip.【语篇解读】本文是一篇议论文。文章讨论了传言的危害和人们为什么喜欢传闲话。41. 【答案】A【解析】试题分析:根据文章第三段的Many of our conversations are gossip.(我们的话题很多都是闲话),可知开头的对话是为了介绍本文的主题,故选A。考点:考查推理判断。42. 【答案】D考点:考查细节理解。43. 【答案】A【解析】学科&网试题分析:根据文章第五段的The answer lies in another effect of gossip: thesatisfaction it gives us,可知人们散播传言是因为它会带来满足感,故选A。考点:考查细节理解。44. 【答案】B【解析】试题分析:根据文章第六段的Professor David Wilson explains that gossip isimportant in policing behaviours in agroup.可知他认为传言能帮助人们观察自身的行为,故选B。考点:考查细节理解。45. 【答案】D【解析】试题分析:根据文章最后一段的The next time you feel the urge to spread thelatest news, think about why you want to gossip and what effectsyour “juicy story” might have. 可知作者的建议是让人们在传言之前三思而后行。故选D。考点:考查细节理解。BBelow are search record from a university library’sdatabaseQuick Search l Category l Full Text l AdvancedSearch full text books for childrenDisplaying 1 to 100 of 639 titles for children where Category isEducationBuild it ,Make it ,Play it ! Guidesfor Children and Teens Bomhold Catharine ;Elder Terri,2004 lABC-CLIOSeries: Children’s and Young Adult Literature ReferenceAvailableFor busy librarians and educators ,finding instructions forprojects ,activities ,sports ,and games that children and teenswill find interesting is a constant challenge, This guide is atime-saving,one-stop….Read this book l View details l Add to CollectionCircle Time for Young ChildrenMosley Jenny,2014 l Taylor and FrancisSeries: Essential Guides for Early Years PractitionersAvailableJenny Mosley’s quality circle time model involves setting up anon-going, timetable processOf circle-meeting for adults and children ,As a basis forteaching relationship skills, building up self-esteem…..Read this book l View details l Add to CollectionConnecting Animals and children in Early ChildhoodSelly Patty Born,2014 l Redleaf PressAvailableUnderstand the value of connecting animals and children .Fromfamilys pets and wild animals to toys ,stuffed animal ,and mediaimages ,animals are a central part of every child’s world .Thisbook examines…. Read this book l View details l Addto CollectionEducation and Disadvantaged Childrenand Young PeopleMatsumoto Mitsuko; Brool Colin,2013 l Bloomsbury PublishiingSeries: Education as a Humanitarian Response AvailableDo street children go ti school ,and if not ,why not? What kindof education can be ‘meaningful’ to young people affected byconflict? The contributors explore groups of children and youngpeople who have….Read this book l View details l Add to Collection




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