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2016 黑龙江省 哈尔滨市 中考 英语试题 答案
2016年黑龙江省哈尔滨市中考英语试题一、选择题l. Boys and girls, keep calm and be confident. I am sure all of you are __________ excellent students.A. an B. a C. /2. Don't stay inside _______such a sunny morning. Let's go out to enjoy the gentle wind and the sweet flowers.A. on B. in C. from3. —The temperature is 30^C today. I prefer staying in to going out.—It will be _______ tomorrow. The temperature will reach 35^C.A. colder . B. hotter C. hottest4. As middle school students, we should ______ to protecting our school environment.A. make a contribution B. make a decision C. make progress5. —Which of the two T-shirt would you like lo choose?—Both. Then I can give one lo my brother and leave _______ lo myself.A. another B. the other C. other6. Xi Jinping, our _______ president, paid a visit to Harbin last month, How encouraging!A. 63 years old B. 63 years' old C. 63-year-old7. —Hi .Jack! Could you come to our English party?—Sorry, I _ . I have to look after my little sister at home.A. must B. could C. can't8. —I am going to Australia next week.—The radio says there is going lo he ________ in Australia. Don't forget to take your warm clothes.A. snow B. snowy C. knowing9. —I want to travel to the Black Bear Island next weekend.—Good idea! Make a plan first, _____ you will enjoy more beautiful scenery.A. but R. and C. however10. —Shakespeare( 莎士比亚 )is a great writer ______ is considered as a genius ( 天才 )•—I think so. Many people around the world admire him very much.A. when B. who C_ whir 1 *11, —Could you tell me where you found Miss Gao just now?—Certainly. In the principal's office. They ________ happily at that lime.A. are talking B. have talked C. were talkingl2. Your hearing will be badly hurt _ you always listen to music by earphone (耳机)A. whether B. where C. if13. — Look at the man in blue! Do you know _____ ?—Oh, he is a policeman.A. what does he B. what he does C. how he does14 —What are you going to do this Saturday?—I am going to the old people's home to celebrate Mrs. Green's______ birthday.A. ninty-ninth B. ninety-ninth C. ninety-nineth15. Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November. On that day, families and friends often get together to have a big dinner, giving their thanks to God for what they have got. It is a traditional ___ festival.A. American R. Chinese C. Japanese16. Nowadays, we don't have enough resources to use. So it's everyone's duly to save them for the future. To save resources, we should____.①throw away a pencil without completely using it②collect waste things for recycling③go to school by kike instead of by car④turn off the tap while brushing our teeth⑤keep the lights on day and nighta . ①②⑤ b . ②③④ c. ②④⑤17. A survey(调查) about the activity Helping the Homeless Children was made in Lucy and Lily's class. They and their 48 classmates took an active part in this activity. According to the form below, _____ students gave away school things.A. 24 B. 15 C.2518. Which of the following words has the same sound as the underlined letters of the word A. though B. third C. throat19. In the following words, which underlined letter has a different sound from the others?A. drum B. husband C. pull20. Which word of the following doesn't have the same stress as the others?A. Again. B. Speaker. C. Window.二、完形填空 Be pleased to do anything even though it is very tiny. In fact, there's no single thing that is not worth doing or you are not able to do. So living a happy life with a light heart is the most important. A good mood decides your quality of life . Then 21 can you live a happy life?Make each day meaningful(有意义的) by helping someone or just making someone smile. The feeling which makes you want to help others 22 at the bottom of your heart. Happiness depends on your feelings in your heart. Helping others is helping yourself. By helping others, you 23 more. Seeing their satisfied smile will make you feel 24 of what you have done.Face difficulties bravely in your life. 25 may meet with difficulties. No one can avoid them. The difficulties can teach you a lot. They are your treasure. They will help you to be closer to 26 .Focus on the good experiences you 27 in the past few years. Be grateful to life. Don't think too much about the negative things. They 28 bad weather. Bad weather will pass sooner or later, so will the negative things. You may find many dead ends in your life. but you will 29_ find your way out of them. Everything will get better al last.Never worry about the things you can't change, Worrying isn't useful. Worrying ran 30 change the situation 30 solve any problem. Perhaps, not every dream will be realized; not every effort(努力) will he completed. Never mind, and take it easy.Come on, everybody! Let's live a happy life with a light heart and enjoy the beautiful sunshine every day.根据短文内容选择最佳答案。( )2l. A. what B. how C. why( )22. A. May B. staying C. slays()23. A. arc giving B. will give C. will he given( )24. A. proud B. afraid C. tired( )25. A. Somebody B. Nobody C. Everybody( )26. A. failure B. success C. trouble()27. A. have had B. have C. has( )28. A. are different from B. are fond of C. are similar lo( )29. A. always B. seldom C. never( )30. A. not only; but also B. neither; nor C. either; or三、(A)Ms. Smith lived in a small village. She was born with a silver spoon. When her parents died, they left her a lot of money. After that, she lived on her own. Unfortunately, she became blind after a serious illness. She went to see lots of famous doctors, hut nobody was able to cure her eyes. She felt very sad.One day. a man named Tom came to the village where Ms. Smith lived. He heard about her illness and came to her house. He told Ms. Smith that he had much experience. He was sure to cure her eyes. But she must pay him a large amount of money. Ms. Smith agreed. “But you can't get a penny if you fail," said the lady.During the treatment, Tom found Ms. Smith was very rich. There were plenty of good thing in her house. He stole many valuable things from the house. Several weeks later, Tom cured Ms. Smith. The lady could really see with her eyes. When Tom asked for moneys. Ms. Smith refused. She said. '*You haven't cured my eyes. Before I was blind, I could all the things in my room._____________________”Hearing that, Tom stood there and couldn’t say a word.根据短文内容选择最佳答案。31. The underlined sentence "She was born with a silver spoon.” most probably means .A. she had poor parentsB. she was born in a rich familyC. she had meals with a very expensive spoon32. Tom came to visit Ms. Smith for the first time because he _A. wanted to steal her moneyB. wanted to help her for freeC. wanted to cure her illness in order to make money33. After Ms. Smith was cured, ________.A. Tom paid her a lot of moneyB. she refused to pay Tom any moneyC. she paid Tom lots of money at once34. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?A. Ms. Smith was horn blind.B. Many valuable things were stolen from Tom' 8 house.C. It took Tom several weeks to cure Ms. Smith.35. " _______ n can be the missing sentence in the passage.A. What a colorful world!B. But now I can't any of them.C. Thank you for curing my eyes.(B)Replacing some things in your house at the right time can make you healthier. Some researches show us when and why the following things should hr replaced.Word Box: wool羊毛 dry-clean 干洗 bacteria 细菌根据表格所提供的信息选择最佳答案 ( )36. According to the form above, _________ of the four items is (are) mainly made of wood.A. one B. two C. three( )37. Your _____needs replacing every three months because it may cause you to have a toothache.A. toothbrush B. cutting board C. blanket( )38. According to the form above, blankets should be used _________ .A. for the shortest lime the fourB. for the longest time of the fourC. as long as chopsticks( )39. You should clean ___ with hoi waterA. chopsticks and blanketsB. cutting boards and chopsticksC. toothbrushes and culling boards( )40. Which of the following is TRUE according to the form above?A. Your cutting board should be dry-cleaned hot water.B. Warm water prevents your chopsticks from producing bacteria.C. Being worn out is the reason for replacing your blanket.(c)Once upon a time, there lived a teacher In a small town. He often taught his students in special ways. Once he Rent four of his students to go to a small farm to see apple trees in different seasons. The first student went in winter, the second in spring. The third in summer. And the last in autumn.After the four students came back .the teacher called them together. They pictured (描述) their feeling to the teacher. The first student said that there were no leaves on the trees. It made him very disappointed. The second student said his eyes were full of light green. It made him feel hopeful. The third one disagreed. ”What are you talking about? How pretty the trees were! The sweet smell of the beautiful flowers spread (传播) here and there.” The last one shook his head. He only saw a lot of apples on the beautiful trees.The teacher smiled and told his students none of them were wrong. They each just saw one season. He continued, “The trees are not the same in different seasons. You can't judge (判断)a tree by only one season. Don' t let the regret of one season destroy the beauty of the rest. 'Everything has different sides in our life. Don't hurry to make a conclusion(结论)before seeing the whole of it.根搌短文内容判断正、误。(注意:考生将答題卡相应位置涂黑。正磽的涂 A",错误的涂"B")( )41. Four students were sent to see apples in different seasons.( )42. The first student left for the small farm in winter.( )43. The last student saw the beautiful trees with many apples.( )44. The teacher thought his four students were completely wrong.( )45. The passage mainly tells us that we should judge things by only one side.(D)Have you ever seen the movie. Big Hero 6 ? Baymax(大白) is a main character in the movie. He's a friendly big robot that looks After people's health. If there is a robot like Baymax in our real life, people will get more benefits. The robot will be especially helpful in caring for the old. The health of old people needs greater monitoring and care;.Scientists in America are now working to make Baymax a really(实现)- Actually. they have already produced some health care robots. These robots provide brain video games to improve people's memory. The garner can help the old remember things for longer. Besides, these provide special app (应用程序) to help the old manage their health at home. The apps can check the old people’ heart rate (心率) and tell them to take their medicine on lime. The apps can also record their daily activities. Such collected information helps doctors discover the cause of an illness faster and more correctly. But the health care robots are’ t as clever as Baymax yet.Nowadays,scientists are working on improving the health care robots. They Hope the robots can produce electricity by walking across the floor. If they succeed. batteries will not be needed. They also hope the robots communicate with humans in the daily life so to make people happier and healthier.Scientists are trying to realize these dreams. Like Baymax, these health care robots may save people's lives in the future. We are looking forward to them.选择最佳答案。( )46. The underlined word ''monitoring** in the passage means “ _____ ” in Chinese.A .监测 B娱乐 C .危害( )47. According to the passage, Baymax is A. a friendly small robot that looks after people's healthB. as clever as the health care robots in real lifeC. a main character in the movie Big Hero 6( )48. In the passage, the health care robots that have been produced by scientists ________ .A. can't improve people's memoryB. can communicate with humane in the daily lifeC. can help the old manage their health at home( )49. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?A. Nowadays the health care robots ran product electricity by walking across the floor.B. Both the doctors and the old who use the health care robots can get help from them.C. The health earn robots can provide video games to check a person's heart rate.( )50. What is the passage mainly about?A. It's mainly about the movie Big Hero 6.B. It's mainly about the health care robotsC. It's mainly about the importance of health.第 n 卷四、交际应用(本 B 共15分,每空1分1( A )从 A - J 选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项补全对话。选项中有两项是多余的A: Hi, Zhou Ning! Happy Children's Day!B: Hi. Li Dan! 51 A: What's your plan for today?B: 52_ I am gelling ready for it now, but I'm a little worried about it.A: It's a good chance to stay with kids 53 B: Yes. I'll communicate with some foreign kids after the ceremony. But I don't know what to talk about.A: 54 In them, you can find out different kinds of topics, such as music, animals, ball games and soon.B: Good idea! Kids must be interested in these topics. 55 A: You can buy them in Xuefu Bookstore.B: 56 A: Yes, but you can go there by subway.B: 57 A: Xuefu Road.B: 58 Thanks a lot.A: My pleasure.51. _____. 52. _____ 53. _____ 54. _____ 55. _____ 56. _____ 57. _____ 58. _____( b )填入一个适当的词补全对话,每空一诵。A: Oh, Jim! Be careful! You almost fell down. Are you 59. right?B: Don't worry. I'm OK.A: You'd _60 _ not look at your phone while walking.B: OK, I won’t.A: By the way, you 61 look very happy on the Wechat (微信) yesterday.B: Haha. you saw my pictures in the friend circle!A: Yeah. I'm 62 to looking through it every day. I found your car was broken. What was wrong?B: There was 63 serious. Just a little traffic accident.A: I' m sorry to hear that. Was anybody hurt?B: No one, because we wore the seat belts (安全带).A: Well done! We should know how to protect ourselves.B: I can’t agree 64 you more. Safely rules an really worth learning.A: But you still need a rest. 65 good care of yourself. Bye.B: I really appreciate your care. Bye-bye.59. ______ 60. _ 61.________62. ________ 63. __ 64. ____________ 65. _五、任务性阅读先阅读(A)、(B)、(C)三篇短文,然后根据題目要求及所给语境完成下列五项任务。(A)Language is a gift belonging to humans. People learn their own language to express 66_ and understand others. Have you learn another language besides Chinese? Of course, English. It’s 67 spoken in the world. Successful language learners often watch English programs on TV and listen to English songs. 68 with others in the English Corner also benefits them. Can you 69 their favorite way of increasing the vocabulary? Let me tell you. It's to read at 70 three English articles a week. If you want to learn English well, try these methods.(B)Sharing means using what we have with others. One small action of sharing may change someone's world. When we were children, we were too young to understand the ture meaning of sharing. We thought only the rich were able to share. As lime goes by, we get to know every person is unique. We all have something special. We can share not only our pocket money but also our personal feeling. For instance, we can share our positive altitude with those who are negative or upset. Encourage them to keep going by describing a bright future for them. Let them know we are with them and that the world is still wonderful. Once we decide to share with others, we should take action immediately. By doing this, we will gel more and more pleasure.(C)Milan《米兰)is an old city with a long history. It was set up about 2,400 years ago. Milan lies in the north of Italy. It is the second largest city in Italy. Another famous city,Venice (威尼斯),is to the east of Milan. Milan is often covered in a thick blanket of fog. There are more than 1,300,000 people in Milan. And it is also the biggest center. There are two international airports in the city, and many main roads meet here, Milan is also one of the cultures centers in Italy. Leonardo da Vinci (达• 芬奇〉worked in Milan from 1482 to 1499. The Last Supper, one of his most famous paintings, was created in Milan. It can still be found here. Today, Milan attracts more and more visitors. Tourist from home and abroad can he seen here and there. If you have a chance. you can choose to visit Milan.任务1:阅读短文(A),用方框中所给词的适当形式填空,使文章通连赏、合理。(毎空一词,毎词限用一次66. ________ 67. ________ 68. ________ 69. ________ 70. _________任务2: 阅读短文(B).根据英文及首字母提示拼写单词。71. u _ being the only one of its kind72. d _ to say what somebody or something is like任务3: 阅读短文(B),进行同义句转换,每空一词。When we were children, we were too young lo understand the true meaning of sharing .When we were children, we 73. 74. enough to understand the true meaning of sharing .任务4: 阅读短文(B)内容简答问题。What may change someone’s world ?75. 任务5:根据短文( C )内容完成表格,每空一词。76. ________ 77. ________78. ________ 79. ________ 80. ________六、书面表达假如你是张鹏 ,转学去了杭州。你的好友王新来信询问你的近况,并告诉你他暑假要来看你。请根据以下提示,绐王新写一封回信。写作要点:1. 表达你收到他来信后的激动心情。2. 介绍新学校。(1) 设施:一个大操场,一个图书馆。(2) 师生:友善,易于相处。3. 针对他独自乘火车来杭州提出具体建议。写作要求:1. 不得使用真实的姓名和学校名。2. 时适当加入细节,使内容充实,行文连贯。3. 字迹工整、语言精练、表达准确、条理淸晰。4. 至少80词。Dear Wang Xin ,How are you doing ? ____ ______________________________________________________ Best wishes!Yours ,Zhang Peng答案1-5 CABAB6-10 CCABB11-15 CCBBA16-20 BCACA21-25 BCCAC26-30 BACAB31-35 BCBCB36-40 BABBC41-45 BAABB46-50 ACCBB51-58 JFCHDBIA59 all60 better61 didn’t62 used63 nothing64 with65 Take66 themselves67 widely68 Chatting69 imagine70 least71 unique72 describe73 weren’t74 old75 One small action of sharing.76 Italian77 west78 airports79 population80 home




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