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2016 秋季 九年级 第一次 月考 英语试题 答案
九年级第一次月考英语试题 II.单项选择(共15分,每小题1分)6. —How do you improve your English?—______taking notes and reading more.A. By B. In C. On D. At7. —My teachers often encourage me ______ more friends but I find it difficult.—Your teachers’ idea is right. The more friends you make, _____ you will be.A. to make; the more happy B. to make; happierC. making; the happier D. to make; the happier8. —Would you please tell me the way to the Pacific Hotel?—Go _____ the post office, and you will find it on the left.A. pass B. past C. to pass D. passed9. —I want to be a teacher like Mr. Zhang.—He's a good teacher and he's always _____ with his students.A. patient B. crazy C. angry D. nervous10. You should try to guess the meanings of new words before you ______ in the dictionary.A. look up it B. look it upC. look up them D. look them up11. —Have you found the poor dog yet?—Yes, but he was _____ when we found him. The bad weather killed him.A. dying B. died C. dead D. death12. —______ sweet music!—And I really like the voice of China TV programs.A. WhatB. What a C. How D. How a13. —What did the policeman say?—He warned children ______ football on the roadA. don't play B. not to play C. didn't play D. not play14. —Could you please tell me ______?—Yes. There is one on Center Street.A. Where can I buy some stamps B. When you will take your vacationC. When was the telephone invented D. if there are any restaurants around here15. —Li Ming won first prize in this chess competition.—Really? His parents must ______ him.A. look after B. wake up C. be angry with D. be proud of16. —I want to know if Mary ______ us in the fashion show tonight.—I think if she_____ her homework, she will join us.A. joins; finishes B. will join; finishesC. joins; will finish D. will join; will finish17. —How does Jack usually go to work?—He ______ drive a car, but now he ______ there to lose weight.A. used to; is used to walk B. was used to; is used to walkingC. was used to; is used to walk D. used to; is used to walking 18. —We can use MSN to talk with our friends on the Internet.—Really? Could you please show me ______?A. what to use B. how to use C. how to use it D. what to use it19. —Look, Cary! I bring you a storybook.—Great. It's ______ what I need.A. quickly B. hardly C. exactlyD. politely20. It only _____me half an hour _____ to school every day last termA. paid; riding B. spent; to ride C. took ; to ride D. cost; to walkIII.完形填空(共10分,每小题1分)I will never forget a story in the rest of my life. One day about two years ago, I was driving home with my husband. It was freezing cold outside, so I didn't want to get out of the car and just stayed at the wheel when we passed a cafe. Suddenly I 36 a short old man, covered with some bits of cloth, 37 with the cold. He was waiting for anyone who would leave him a coin or a cup of 38 coffee. I asked my husband to 39 and hand this old man something. He looked at my husband's face, smiled and said, "Thank you." I felt so happy 40 I wished the old man could live through the cold night.I was sure to meet him again and find out 41 he was the next day, as I had to pass this way the following day. I did so the next evening, and he 42 the car and came up to my window and smiled at me. This time I 43 him a bag of food. He reached out for the bag and I gave him my hand. He held the food, smiled and said, "May God bless you!" I looked at the old man and he made me think of my father.I do hope all of us will remember that 44 one day, it could happen to one of us, so please do not pass by a poor person 45 offering at least a word of love and a kind smile.36. A. looked B. realized C. noticedD. heard37. A. shakingB. cryingC. standingD. holding38. A. blackB. sweetC. coldD. hot39. A. step byB. go overC. come upD. move to40. A. andB. soC.butD. yet41. A. whyB. whereC. whenD. how42. A. believedB. rememberedC. caughtD. got43. A. returnedB. receivedC. offeredD. threw44. A. anywayB. maybeC. suddenlyD. almost45. A. withoutB. withC. byD. during第三部分 阅读理解IV.阅读理解(每题2分,满分40分)AMy name is Sam. I joined a club called "Passing Help" last month.Now let me tell you why I joined it.One evening this May, on my way home my old car broke down(出故障), It was 25 miles away from my home. I wanted to get a ride, but there was no car. It was also hard to take a taxi. I decided to take a bus home. I went to a bus stop nearby. After a while, a bus came, but it did not go to my town. The bus driver was a young woman. She was kind and she told me which bus I should take. I waited there for about thirty minutes, but no bus came. At last a car came to me and a woman came out of the car. She was just the bus driver."When I reached the bus station, I heard that the bus to your town couldn't come, so I returned here. I just can't leave you here," she said. "Get in my car and I will take you back to your home.""It is a long way," I said."Come on, sir," she said. "Let's go."On the way she told me a story. A few days ago, there wasn't gas(汽油) in her car. An old man drove her up to a gas station and then back to her car.When we got to my home, I wanted to give her some money to thank her, but she didn't accept it. "I only want to help others and do something nice for somebody. Pass it along," she said.46. What happened to Sam one evening this May?A. He got lost.B. His car broke down.C. He was hurt in an accident.D. He couldn't reach the gas station.47. Sam didn't think of going home ______ that evening.A. by train B. by bus C. by car D. by taxi48. From the passage, we know that the young woman was ______.A. a club boss B. a taxi driver C. a bus driverD. a gas station worker49. The young woman wanted Sam to ______.A. give her some money B. get on her busC. take her to her house D. help others just as she did50. The best title of the passage is______.A.A Kind Old Man B. Getting a Ride C. Passing Help D.A Broken CarBWhy do we like drinking water from plastic bottles? Some people think it is healthy and clean. Others drink bottled water because it's easy-----you can carry it around with you. In hot countries, like Greece, we often buy bottles of cold water in the summer.However, making lots of plastic is not a good idea for many reasons. First of all, we need a lot of oil for plastic products. We usually use oil as a source(资源) of energy. If we reduced the number of bottles we made, we wouldn't need so much oil. Plastic bottles also pollute the environment. If we recycled all our plastic bottles, we wouldn't need so much space for rubbish dumps. But in Greece, we don't recycle much of the plastic we use. In 2006, Greeks recycled only about 10% of plastic waste. The rest became rubbish on land and in rivers and seas.So next time you want to throw away a plastic bottle in the litter bin, stop and think If you recycled it, you would help the environment. But what can you do when there isn't a recycling bin near you? Well, there are lots of useful always that you can use your bottles again. For example, an empty bottle makes a great piggy bank for your pocket money, and if you cut a bottle in half, you will have a plant pot. Go green! You can make a difference.51. What is NOT mentioned about bottled water in this passage?A. It's healthy. B. It's clean.C. It's easy D. It's expensive.52. Plastic products are made from ______.A. energy B.oil C. rubbish D. plants53. ______of plastic waste became rubbish in Greece in 2006.A.90% B.50% C.80% D.10%54. Which is the best way to deal with used plastic bottles?A. To drop them into the river. B. To make a piggy bankC. To make a plant pot.D. To recycle them.55. The underlined part in this passage tells us "______".A. To make a different life, you'd better go outside.B. To look different, you'd better wear green clothes.C. To protect the environment, you can do something.D. To go green, you should use plastic products.C"BANG!" the door caused a reverberation (回声). It was just standing there, with father standing on one side, and I on the other side.We were both in great anger. "Never set foot in this house again!" shouted father. With tears welling up in my eyes, I rushed out of the apartment and ran along the street.The street lights were shining, causing rather sad-feeling. I walked aimlessly(漫无目的).A young father who held a child in his arms walked past me. I felt as if I saw my childhood from another space: happy and carefree.But now…I don't know whether it is because I have grown up or because Dad is getting old. We are different in our ways of thinking. He always puts his opinions and rules of behavior on me.We are just like two people coming from two different worlds. It feels like three is an iron door between us that can never be opened.I walked on the streets, without an aim in mind. My heart was frozen on this hot summer night. There were fewer and fewer people on the streets. I walked on until I had only the street lights to keep me company. When I finally reached where I lived. I saw all the lights were off except father's. I thought to myself, "Is father waiting for me, or is he still angry with me?"Dad was always like this. Maybe he didn't know how to express himself. After an argument, he never showed any moments of regret. However, he always has the habit of moving quietly and putting my arms underneath the quilt in my sleep.This was how he always was. He has been a leader for so long that telling everyone else what to do has become his second nature.The light was still on. "Am I wrong?" I whispered, maybe... With the key in my hand, I was very nervous. At last, I decided to open the door. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my father making my bed, my tears running down my cheeks. I suddenly realized that the iron door that I had imagined between us disappeared completely. Love------it's second to none.56. Which is the best order of the following according to what happened in the passage?a. I opened the door and entered the house.b. Sadly I ran out into the street.c. I reached my house and saw the light was still on.d. I thought of my father's kindness towards me.e. I walked about in the street without any aim.A. b, e, d, c, a B. b, e, c, d, a C. b, e, a, c, d D. b, e, c, a, d57. What made the writer think of his childhood?A. The street lights. B. The empty street.C. A father with a child in his arms. D. The light in his own house.58. What does the underlined part "an iron door" mean in the passage?A.难解的隔阂 B.坚固的房门 C.狭窄的通道 D.强烈的共鸣59. Why do you think the father often shouts at his son?A. Perhaps the father is getting older and older.B. Perhaps the son has already grown up.C. Perhaps they never agree with each other.D. Perhaps the father has got used to doing that.60. Which do you think is TRUE according to the passage?A. The father treats his son in an unfair way.B. The father is actually kind to his son.C. The father is neither kind nor cruel to his son.D. The father is always looking for his son's mistakes on purpose.DLi Wen is a normal 15-year-old boy from the countryside. He works very hard and does well in school. However, things began to change a few years ago. 61. His parents moved to the city to look for jobs. He missed his parents so much and he often felt lonely and unhappy. He became less interested in studying. 62. 有时他逃课并且考试不及格 Finally Li Wei's parents made the decision to send him to a boarding school. He found life there difficult and wanted to leave the school. His teacher was worried about him and called his parents. She advised them to talk with their son in person.Li Wen's parents had a long talk with him. "Now I understand that even though they are busy, they are always thinking of me."63. They take pride in everything good that I do." Said Li Wen. After that, he became more outgoing and made some good friends in school. He studies harder than he used to. He is much happier now. 64. It's very important for parents to be there for their children.任务一:将61处句子改为复合句任务二:将62处句子汉语翻译成英语任务三:将63处句子英语翻译成汉语任务四:将64处句子翻译成汉语任务五:(65) 给短文拟一个标题(从文中找出)第四部分 语言综合运用及写作V.完成句子(共9小题,每小题1分)根据括号内的英语或汉语提示,完成句子。66. Please pay more attention to your ______(发音)67. Hon Yi ______ (shoot) down the nine suns and became a hero.68. Some people will ______ (成功) in their efforts to stop smoking.69. He now treats everyone with kindness, ______ (spread) love and joy everywhere he goes.70. Martin drove along until he found a ______ (方便的) parking place.71.Tom used to ______(害羞), but now he is active.72. As she got better. She dared _____ (sing) in front of her class.73. I wondered if my mother _____ (come) to Ezhou next week.74. Parents are always ______(骄傲) of their children in China.VI.补全对话(共6分,每小题2分) 在横线上填写适当的句子,使对话完整。Mr. Brown: Excuse me. 75 ?Wang Ming: Yes, there is a bank on Zhonghua Road.Mr. Brown: 76 ?Wang Ming: Go straight, turn left at the first crossing, then you will find it.Mr. Brown: 77 ?Wang Ming: Not too far, about 20 minutes’ walk.Mr. Brown: Thanks a lot.Wang Ming: You're Welcome.VII.书面表达(15分)假如你是Lucy,你的笔友Lily在英语学习上存在一些困难,她知道你很擅长英语,所以向你求助。请你给她写一封信提出一些建议,并对她提出鼓励。Lily存在的问题:1.不懂语法;2. 阅读有问题; 3. 写作方面有困难。信件开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词汇Dear Lily,I'm sorry to hear that you have some problems in English. Yours,Lucy九年级第一次月考听力稿及答案I. 情景反应 根据你所听到的句子,选择正确应答语。每小题听一遍。1. Can I help you?2. Let's take a walk after supper3. What's the weather like today?4. I think it is important for us to learn English well.5. Who is the woman with sunglasses?II. 对话理解 根据你所听到的对话及问题选择正确答案。每小题听两遍。6. M: Linda, what does your friend Mike look like?W: He's really tall.7. M: Lucy, what did you do last weekend?W: I went to the beach. And I had a great time.8. W: Steve, which sport do you like better, basketball or soccer?M: I don't like basketball, Soccer is my favorite.9. M: Good morning, Gina, I'm going to have a birthday party on Friday. Can you come?W: I'm sorry, I can't, I have to meet my uncle at the airport10. M: How old are you, Amy?W: I'm eleven.M: How about your sister?W: Well. She is three years older than me.听下面一段长对话,回答11,12两个小题。M: Hi! Excuse me.W: Yes. How can I help you?M: Well. I'm new in town. Is there a bank near here?W: Yes, it's on Center Street. It's across from the park.M: Oh, where's Center Street?W: It's not far from here. I can walk with you.M: That's great. Thank you very much.W: No problem.听下面一段长对话,回答13~15三个小题。W: This is Mary. Who's that?M: This is Jack. Are you free this Saturday evening?W: Yes. What's the matter?M: I have two tickets to Jay Chou's concert. Would you like to go with me?W: Certainly. I'd love to. He's my favorite singer. Thanks for your invitation. When and where shall we meet?M: Let's meet at the gate of the park at seven o'clock.W: Could you please get there earlier?M: What about six o'clock?W: OK. See you then.M: See you.III.短文理解 根据你所听到的短文内容及问题选择正确答案。短文听两遍。One day, Bill was walking home from school. He found a dog lying on the road. The dog was black. He took her home and showed her to his parents. His dad found that the dog's leg was broken. So they brought the dog to a doctor for animals by car. The doctor checked the dog and told them that the dog was going to have babies! The next day, Bill put up signs like "Found Dog Black" in his neighborhood. He also wrote his phone number on the signs to find the owner. Two days later, Bill found the owner of the dog. He told Bill he could have one of the babies. Finally Bill got a baby dog. He named the baby dog Lucky, and he liked it very much.答案1-5 ACBCA 6-10 ABACC 11-15 BACBB16-20 BCAAB21-25 ADBAD 26-30 CABDD 31-35 BDCCC36-40 CADBA 41-45 DBCBA46-50 BACDC51-55 DBADC 56-60 BCADB61. His parents moved to the city so that/in order that they could look for jobs.62. Sometimes/At times / From time to time he was absent from class/classes and failed the exams/in the exams/examinations.63.他们对于我们所做的一切好事感到骄傲/自豪。64.对于父母亲来说陪伴在孩子身边是非常重要的。65. He studies herder than he used to. 66. pronunciation 67.shot 68.succeed/be successful69. spreading 70. convenient 71.be shy 72.to sing73. would come 74.proud75. Could you tell me if there is a bank near here?/ Is there a bank near here?76. How can I go/get there?77. Is it far from here?/ Is the bank far from here?10




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