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2016 江苏省 常州市 中考 英语 试卷 答案
常州市2016年中考英语试卷(满分:90分 考试时间:l 00分钟)一、单项选择(共10小题;每小题l分,满分l 0分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填人空白处的最佳选项。 ( ) 1. Though Kongfu Panda 3 is popular with teenagers, it won't be liked by ____. A. nobody B. somebody C. everybody D. anybody ( ) 2. Our teacher a bookshelf at the back of our classroom to make a small reading corner. A. picked up B. put up C. took up D. got up ( ) 3. --I've bought all the food for the party tonight. -- Thank you. Then I go to the supermarket. A. can't B. mustn't C. shouldn't D. needn't ( )4. ---Do you enjoy yourself at the concert? --Yes. I have never been to one before. A. a better B. the best C. a worse D. the worst ( )5. ---Do you know when we ? --I'm not sure. I will tell you about it when the time A. leave; is fixed B. will leave; is fixed C. leave; will be fixed D. will leave; will be fixed ( )6. The coach thinks of Mary's sports talents, for she jumped very ________at the sports meeting. A. high; high B. highly; highly C. high; highly D. highly; high ( ) 7. --What shall we buy for Lucy as a present? --Let's buy a new bike for her. Her bike breaks down from time to time . A. after all B. above all C. at all D. in all( )8. --How did you put together the model plane so perfectly? ---It's easy. I just followed the . A. instructions B. instruments C. interviews D. inventions( )9.--_______will the discussion last? --________we reach an agreement. A. How long; Not until B. When; Not until C. How long; Until D. When; Until( ) 10. --Could you show me how to make a fruit salad?--______. First, you need to choose some fresh fruit of different A. It doesn't matter B. My pleasure C. You're welcome D. With pleasure二、完形填空(共1 2小题:每小题l分,满分l 2分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 What does taking a risk mean? It means trying 11 things even if(即使) they make you feel uncomfortable or afraid. One of the greatest risks I'd ever taken was playing a role in my high school's fall play. I was not only a person who had 12 performance(表演) experience, but also I stuttered(c口吃). The 13 of performing in front of people made me worried. The reason why I 14 to perform was that I wanted to take part in my school theatre program. On the day of the audition(试演), there were also some acting exercises to warm us up. We were divided into pairs to 15 parts of the play. I felt very worried. After I said some of the lines( 台词), my partner said, "I 16 you are stuttering. Is that for dramatic effect or do you really stutter?" I was speechless. When my 17 to audition came, my heart was beating fast. Across from me sat the director and his assistants (助手 ). Needless to say, I was really 18 my performance. I played the role of a man painter who pretended(假装) to be a woman. My partner was playing a businessman who wanted to marry me (the woman). We said our lines and, 19 , , I didn't stutter. We went through it several times, and finally it was over. I was so 20 . The next Monday I was told that I had made the play. How excited I was! It was a lot of fun doing the play, and it was clear to me that my stuttering couldn't 21 me doing what I wanted to do, and taking risks was well worth the time and 22 . ( )11. A. interesting B. exciting C. tiring D. challenging ( )12. A. enough B. some C. little D. much ( )13. A. experience B. thought C. memory D. purpose ( )14. A. failed B. decided C. afforded D. refused ( )15. A. compare B. understand C. describe D. prepare ( )16. A. promise B. realize C. notice D. imagine ( )17. A. turn B. hope C. dream D. plan ( )18. A. amazed at B. worried about C. used to D. curious about ( )19. A. surprisingly B. finally C. probably D. certainly ( )20. A. bored B. interested C. touched D. relaxed ( )21. A. stop B. get C. have D. find ( )22. A. attention B. power C. effort D. feeling 三、阅读理解(共1 3小题;每小题2分,满分2 6分)阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A Every living thing on Earth is either a plant or an animal, fight? Wrong! Many organisms (有机体) in our world are neither. Some of them float through the air, and some lie hidden in the ground. They do not need sunlight to survive, and if the weather becomes too cold, they can become inactive until condition improve. What are these? They are called fungi(菌类), and you see them almost every day. Many kinds of fungi seem disgusting, such as the green black things that appear on the food which are left too long in the refrigerator. But other kinds are not so bad. For example, the yeast that is used to make bread rise and mushrooms (蘑菇) are both fungi. What makes fungi different from plants and animals? An animal can move around by itself. Fungi get around too, but they don't have feet, wings, or tails. They have to wait for wind or some other outside force to move them. Plants are different from fungi because they have chlorophyll(叶绿素), It helps them make food from the energy in sunlight. Fungi do not have chlorophyll. Some fungi are bad, while others are not. ~me fungi cause diseases, such as athlete's foot, which makes feet uncomfortable. Other kinds of fungi can be used to make medicines, which have saved many lives. Fungi clean up more than wounds, though. They are the world's first recyclers. Without fungi, our world would be a mess. Since fungi cannot make their own food as plants do, they must get their f0bd elsewhere. Many fungi get their food from dead plants. They break them down and turn them into soil. The fungi get a meal, and the world gets a housecleaning !( ) 23. What does the underlined word "disgusting" most probably mean? A. strong B. unpleasant C. active D. small( )24. According to the passage, . A. fungi can move everywhere by themselves B. fungi are unable to survive in cold conditions C. some fungi can make food from the energy in sunlight D. some fungi are useful to humans and the environment( )25. Where can you most probably find this passage? A. In a social report. B. In a biology book. C. In a geography magazine. D. In a farming book. B When was the last time you saw three men running down a forest trail (,小径) in the rain wearing flip-flops(拖鞋)? That's what my friend Brandon, Josh and I were doing last autumn. We were looking for a waterfall(瀑布). We didn't have much time to get to the waterfall and back, so we were running. We were wearing flip-flops to prevent our shoes getting dirty. It was raining, but lightly. It kept us cool as we climbed over giant stones and through a shallow(浅的) stream. We followed red arrows (箭头 ) and crossed that stream several times, walking on toward the promised waterfall. Time was not on our side, however, and we were forced to turn around. As we started back, we looked at the shallow stream we had just crossed. Where did this rushing river come from? That was when we realized a flash flood was around! In the few minutes the water rose at a fast speed. Now there were no big stones to be seen--only what looked like lumps (隆起) covered with rushing water. We had no choice but to move our way back carefully in the rushing water--in flip-flops. We had crossed the stream not once or twice, but six times in search of a waterfall that we never even reached! With most of the crossings,we needed each other's help if we didn't want to be washed away by water. Wet all over, we felt relaxed after we made the last crossing. "My dad always told me to keep off a river when travelling in the rain," Josh said as we hurried back down the path. "Why didn't you tell us that earlier?" I laughed. "Would it have made a difference?" came the reply. He had a point. ( ) 26. Why were there no big stones to be seen in the stream when they came back? A. The big stones were moved away by someone else. B. They were running too fast to notice the big stones. C. The big stones were covered with rushing water. D. The big stones were washed away by rushing water. ( ) 27. Why didn't they find the waterfall in the end? A. Because they were short of time. B. Because they were wearing flip-flops. C. Because Josh kept warning them not to go any further. D. Because the flood prevented them from going forward. ( ) 28. We can infer(~ItN) from the passage that the writer and his friends______. A. were crazy about outdoor activities B. made full preparations before the trip C. crossed rushing water easily in the end D. had much experience in travelling in the rainC While it is common for restaurant owners to connect with their customers, a restaurant owner in the U.S. is taking it to a whole new level. Tim Harris gives out free hugs(拥抱) to every customer at the end of each meal. The atmosphere (气氛) at his restaurant "Tim's Place" is so positive(积极的) that customers restaurant often call it the "World's friendliest ". "Tim's Hug" is in fact an item on the menu, described as a "love" treat. Tim's hugs are doubly special because of everything, he has achieved. The 26-year-old is probably the only Down syndrome sufferer(唐氏综合征患者) in the U.S. to own a restaurant, but he has several other things to be proud of--he's a skillful special Olympian, an excellent sailor, and an experienced fisherman. He was also chosen as Homecoming King and Student of the Year in high school! So when a man like Tim hugs you, it is sure to be a special and unforgettable experience. When Tim expressed interest in opening a restaurant, Keith, a small businessman himself, supported him. Tim hired other people to manage the place and do the cooking, and he introduced the idea of free hugs. He realized that people want to feel at home at a restaurant. That is why he included "love" as an item on the menu. Customers can order the free hug from Tim, and even if they don't, he'll probably hug them anyway. The restaurant has been around since 2010, and Tim has given out over 19,000 hugs in the past five years--he keeps count using a special Hug Counter. Many customers love visiting "Tim's Place". "I've been coming here once a week," said Michelle Garth-Jones, a regular customer. "I love local restaurants, and this special one has a story that stays with you. " ( ) 29. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Customers prefer to feel relaxed at a restaurant. B. Unless you order Tim's Hug, he will not hug you. C. As soon as you enter Tim's Place, you will get a warm hug. D. Michelle Garth-Jones loves listening to the-story in the restaurant. ( ) 30. Which of the following words can best describe Tim Harris? A. Humorous. B. Creative. C. Serious. D. Curious. ( )31. What may be the best title for this passage? A. Tim's Achievements B. A Special Experience C. A Down Syndrome Sufferer D. The World's Friendliest Restaurant D Many expressions that we use in American English come from novels. Today we will look at some of them from Lewis Carroll's famous novel "Alice in Wonderland" in detail. The story is about a young girl falling down a rabbit hole. When she finally lands, she finds herself in a strange world and meets some strange characters. The first character Alice meets is the White Rabbit, who runs past her and says some strange words. Alice chases(追赶) him, and that is where her adventures begin. In English, chasing a white rabbit means chasing an impossible clue and finding yourself in a misleading situation. Then, as she runs after the rabbit, she falls down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. To fall down the rabbit hole can mean to enter a confusing(令人困惑的)situation. However, usually we use this expression to mean we get interested in something to the point of distraction(分神 ). It often happens by accident and is about something not that meaningful. Later in the story, Alice meets the March Hare and the Hatter at a crazy tea party. Hares(野兔) have tong been thought to behave excitedly in March, which is their mating(交配) season. Scientifically, this may not be true. But to be mad as a March Hare means that someone is completely mad, or crazy. The expression mad as a Hatter also means to be completely crazy. Of the two, mad as a Hatter is more common. But don't tell the March Hare. Who knows how hewill react(反应) ! Near the end of the story, Alice meets the Queen of Hearts. A woman who is called a Queen of Hearts likes controlling others and always tries to control everything and everyone around her. ( ) 32. Which of the following situations best fits the expression to fall down a rabbit hole ? A. When Tom was taking a walk in the forest, he suddenly fell over onto the ground. B. When Mary turned on the TV, she chose to watch the talk show programme as usual. C. When Jim was looking for a sport book online, he lost himself in many reports on superstars. D. When Lily was thinking about how to solve a math problem, she came up with a good idea.( ) 33. According to the passage, the expression to be mad as a March Hare . A. describes how hares behave in March B. shows hares' characteristics in a scientific way C. is used more often than the expression mad as a Hatter D. has the same meaning as the expression mad as a Hatter( ) 34. Which character in "Alice in Wonderland" wants others to obey his or her orders in every situation? A. Alice. B. The March Hare. C. The Hatter. D. The Queen of Hearts.( )35. The writer mainly wants to in this passage. A. introduce a famous novel and its language style B. introduce a famous writer Lewis Carroll and his novels C. explore some English expressions from a famous novel D. explain why many expressions in English come from novel四、阅读表达(共5小题;每小题l分,满分5分)阅读下面短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。每个空格里只填一个单词。The Internet nowadays opens a wide world to people, including teenagers, but many parents worry that their children may meet with something unhealthy when searching online. In order to solve this problem, a new search engine for children called Kiddle has appeared. Search results are filtered(过滤 ), so only safe websites are shown and descriptions are written in simple language. Searches with bad words are shut off, too. Kiddle uses the same colors as Google in its logo and a similar design, on its homepage, too--with an extra robot picture. The top three Kiddle search results show safe websites and pages written specially for kids, and those websites and pages are well chosen and checked by Kiddie developers. The fourth to seventh results will be safe and trusted websites that are not written specially for kids, but have content written inn a simple way. These results are also chosen and checked. Results on the eighth and onwards pages are safe and famous websites that are written for adults. They provide expert content, but are harder for kids to understand Unlike on Google, most results appear along with large thumbnail pictures (缩略图) to make it easier for children to find what they are looking for. For example, when searching for "meow meow", Google produces pages for information about a drug(毒品) that has "meow meow" as its nickname(绰号), but Kiddle lists information only about cats, even with some cat cartoon .pictures. The company explained,” Websites which appear in Kiddle search results satisfy family-friendly requirements, as we filter websites with unhealthy content. " Kiddle-一一a Child-Friendly Search EngineCharacteristicsl Only safe websites are shown.l Descriptions are written in simple language.l 36 bad words appear Logo It uses the same colors as Google with a robot picture.ContentThe top three search resultsWebsites and pages are written 37 for kids,after being well chosen and checked.The fourth to seventh resultsWebsites are also worth 38 and have content written in a simple way.The eighth and onwards resultsWebsites are safe and famous,written for adults,and they are not 39 for kids to understand.40 from Googlel Kiddle has many thumbnail pictures.l Kiddle only gives safe information.AdvantageKiddie satisfies family-friendly requirements. 36______ 37.______ 38._______ 39._________ 40._________五、词汇(共8小题;每小题l分,满分8分)A)根据句子意思,用括号中所给词的正确形式填空,每空填一词。41. Don't touch the (break) glass. It may hurt your hand.42. More action must be taken to stop (pollute). 43. We hope that more (China) will win honour for our country.44. (luck), he got better before the important competition.B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空填一词。45.Every year,___________(百万) of people donate money to the Hope Project.46.I will be happy if Sandy _________(接受 ) my offer.47.I’ve never_______( 后悔 ) the decision to work in West China.48. He has a special _________(能力 ) to write with two hands at the same time.六、用括号内所给动词的正确形式填空(共5小题;每小题l分,满分5分)49.I didn’t know how ______________(teach) children when I started to work in a primary school. 50. --Why didn't you come to open the door for me? ---I (wash) dishes in the kitchen and didn't hear the doorbell.51. My computer fan doesn't work. Where can I have it_________ (repai r)?52. I don't think he stole the painting. When he__________ (ask) what he was doing at 7 yesterday evening, he was very calm. 53. --Is there any mistake in your homework, Jim? --I'm not sure. I (not check) it carefully.七、根据所给中文完成句子(共6小题;每小题l.5分,满分9分)54.David是一个如此诚实的人,以至于他从不撒谎。David is_______________________________________________________________________.55.你介意给我一些建议吗?Would you ____________________________________________________________________?56.保护野生动物是多么有必要啊!How______________________________________!57.虽然Sandy失败过很多次,但是她从不放弃.Though_______________________________________________.58.我想知道你为什么不允许我熬夜。I wonder___________________________________.59.宋先生加人排球俱乐部已经三年了。Mr. Song ______________________________________ for three years.八、书面表达(共一题,满分15分)假设你叫王华,收到即将升入初三的英语笔友徐丽的email。她向你请教如何合理安排暑假生活,以提高他自己的综合能力来更好地适应初三的学习和生活。请你根据夏利提示用英语护肤徐丽的email。建议理由1.锻炼身体…2.旅游观光…3.公益活动…4.自主学习…注意:1.不得使用真实的姓名和学校名;2.回信需要包括所有要点,并适当发挥; 3.语句通顺,意思连贯,书写整洁; 4.字数100字左右(文章开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数)Hi Xu Li, How time flies! I’m happy to talk about your coming summer vacation._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m looking forward to your reply about your meaningful summer vacation.参考答案一、 单项选择1-5 CBDAB 6-10 DAACD二、 完形填空11-15 DCBBD 16-20 CABAD 21-22 AC三、 阅读理解23-25 BDB 26-28 CDA 29-31 DBD 32-35 CDDC四、 阅读表达36. No. 37.specially 38.trusting 39. easy 40.Differences五、词汇A)41.broken 42.polluting 43.Chinese 44.Luckily B)45.millions 46.accepts 47.regretted 48.ability六、用括号里的所给动词的正确形式填空49.to teach 50.was washing 51.repaired 52.was asked 53.haven’t checked七、根据所给中午完成句子54.so honest that he never tells a lie/lies55.mind giving me some advice56.necessary wildlife protection is57.failed many times, she never gave up58. has been in the Volleyball Club八、书面表达范文:Hi Xu Li, How time flies! I'm happy to talk about your coming summer vacation. We have different plans for it. First, I think you can take up some forms of exercises, such as walking, running, swimming, to keep fit. Secondly, you can visit some places of interest. These beautiful places can make you feel relaxed. Third, you can also take part in social activities. It is meaningful to help others in need. And you can make new friends. Finally, you will learn by yourself because learning can help you get more knowledge, at the same time you can prepare for the future studies. I'm looking forward to your reply about your meaningful summer vacation.




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