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可编辑 编辑 2017 上海 英语 高三二模 翻译 汇编
长宁卷72. 只有多练,你才能提高驾驶技术。(Only)73. 在旅游旺季机票订得越早越便宜。(book)74. 无论白天在学校发生了什么事情,晚上要尽量把负担卸下。(No matter)75. 随着互联网的发展,海量信息唾手可得,或许你觉得在也没有必要去图书馆了。 (need n.)72. Only through frequent practice can you improve your driving skills 73. The earlier you book a plane ticket in a tourist season , the lower its price will be . 74. No matter what happens at school during the day , as early in the evening as you can , put all your burden down. 或者..., burdens should be put down as many as possible in the evening. 75. With the development / growth of the Internet , an enormous amount of information is at hand./ at our fingertips / available so that you may think there is no need to go to the library .杨浦卷1. 新颁布的禁烟令得到了广大市民的支持。(ban) 2. 出乎我的意料,年轻人对中国古诗词显示出了极大的热情。(passion) 3. 共享单车不仅解决了最后一里路的问题,而且还有助于改善空气质量。(Not only) 4. 一考定终身的日子已经一去不复返了,但不可否认的是考试越多,学生压力越大。 (denying) 72. The newly-issued ban on smoking has been supported by most citizens 73. Beyond my expectation, young people showed tremendous passion for ancient Chinese poetry. 74. Not only do shared bicycles solve the last-mile problem but also they help improve air quality 75. Gone are the days when one examination could determine students' fate, but there is no denying that the more examinations they have, the more stressful they will feel.青浦卷72. 演讲前,花点时间看一下提纲,你会更自信。(spend) 73. 两年后这个主题公园将对公众开放,但是它是否会盈利尚未确定。(remain) 74. 诗歌大赛吸引了大批观众,他们从中领略到了汉语的魅力。(which) 75. 不管那个推销员如何极力鼓动,我还是能保持冷静没有买那套位于城东的房子。(No natter)72. Before making a speech, spend some time taking a look at the outline so that you will be more confident. 73. This theme park will be open to the public in two years, but whether it will make profits remains to be seen. 74. Poetry contest attracted a large audience, from which they had a taste of the charm of Chinese. 75.No matter how hard the salesman urged me, I still kept cool/calm and didn't buy the flat located east of the city.宝山卷72.她在舞台上的表现让她成了“网红”。(become) 73.李教授写的这本书是面向学术读者的。(intend) 74.当球迷们向篮球队员献花时,队员们激动得热泪盈眶。(So...) 75.一项新的研究发现,那些拥有年轻心态的人比自我感觉年龄大的人更加长寿。(those who )72. She has become famous online/She has become an online star/ celebrity because of her performance on the stage . 73. The book (written) by Professor Li is intended for academic audience/ readers. 74. So excited were the basketball players when their fans presented flowers to them that their eyes were filled with tears. 75.A new study has found that people who are young(er) at heart live longer than those who feel older than they truly are.普陀卷72. 想和我一起看电影的人请举手。 (those) 73. 背包旅行( backpacking )不仅是一种度假形式,也是一种受教育方式。(Not only) 74. 人们理所当然地认为花的钱越多就越有可能获得高品质的服务。(grant ) 75. 网购是一种电子商务, 它让顾客可以足不出户地购买心仪的商品或服务。(commerce)72. Those who want to see the movie with me, please raise/put up your hands. 73. Not only is backpacking a way of taking a holiday/going on holiday/ spending a vacation, but also it is/ but it also is a means of being educated/ education. 74. People take it for granted that the more you spend, the more likely you are to get a quality experience. 或者It is taken for granted that the more you spend, the more likely you will get quality experiences.75. Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce, which allows consumers topurchase ideal goods or service without stepping out of their houses.闵行卷72. 看孩子们在沙滩上打排球很有趣。 (fun) 73. 我刚交卷就意识到少回答了一个问题。 (Hardly…) 74. 这本词典需要做彻底修改,什么时候再版还不得而知。 (revise) 75. 这种收音机已经很落伍了,不增加新功能的话很难有销路。 (unless)76. 公共场所全面禁言有助于人们养成健康的生活习惯,并能有效预防某些疾病的发生。(prevent)72. It’s fun to look at the children playing volleyball on the beach . 73. Hardly had I handed in the test paper when I realized I missed a question 74. The dictionary needs to be thoroughly revised , and it’s unknown when it will be republished . 75. This kind of radio is quite out of fashion , so it’s hard to sell unless new features/ functions are added (to it). 76. The comprehensive ban on smoking in public places can help people develop healthy lifestyles and effectively prevent certain diseases from happening .徐汇卷72. 铃声一响,孩子们就冲了出来。(Out) 73. 出事后不久,朱莉(Julie)就被停职了。(suspend)74. 会当凌绝顶,一览众山小。 (when) 75. 一些欧洲国家一直不愿接受非洲移民,部分原因是他们担心社会安全问题。(reluctant)72. Out rushed the children as soon as the bell rang. 73. Julie was suspended from her job shortly after the incident. 74. When I stand on the top of Mount. Tai, the other mountains appear so small. // When reaching the top of Mount. Tai, I hold all other mountains in a single glance. (注:本句中未提及泰山,不扣分,只要提及站在高山顶。) 75. Some European countries have been reluctant to admit African immigrants, partly because they are concerned about social security problems.黄浦卷72. 永远不要对你孩子的缺点熟视无睹。(blind) 73. 任何情况下,你都不应该恶意评论他人。(Under…) 74. 申请人必须精通英语,否则他无法胜任这个岗位。(command) 75. 除了美味的咖啡和甜品,这间咖啡馆还提供各种书籍,从小说到诗歌,应有尽有,足以让你安静地 度过一个下午。 (range)72. Never turn a blind eye to your kid's shortcoming(s). 或者Never be blind to your kid's shortcoming(s). 73. Under no circumstances should you make ill/ evil/ bad comments on others. 74. The applicant must have a good command of English/ command English well, or he won't be qualified for the job. 75. Besides nice coffee and dessert, the café provides all kinds of books, ranging from novels to poetry, so that you can stay for a whole quiet afternoon. 崇明卷72. 这只训练有素的警犬对任何声响都很警觉。(alert) 73. 利用好图书馆无疑会对你的学习有益。(doubt) 74.新的交通法规规定,机动车在任何情况下都得避让行人。(way) 75. 共享单车不仅使用方便,而且价格合理,为短途出行提供了一种额外选择。(Not only)72.The well-trained police dog is alert to any sound. 73. There is no doubt that taking advantage of the library will benefit your study. No doubt/ Without doubt, taking advantage of the library will benefit your study. Taking advantage of the library, without doubt, is good for your study. 74. The new traffic regulations make it a rule that vehicles must give way to pedestrians in any case/ under any circumstance. 75. Not only are shared bikes convenient to use, but also their prices are reasonable, so they provide an additional choice for short trips.奉贤卷72. 根据最新颁布的交通法,车内任何人员都必须系好安全带。(fasten) 73. 这是一个简单的故事,但是简单并不代表缺乏深度。(lack) 74. 正是他良好的英语听说能力使他在这次英语演讲比赛中脱颖而出。(it) 75. 说起健康时,世界各地的人都将增加睡眠放在第一位,而非饮食健康、加强锻炼或补充 维生素。(priority)72. According to the newly-issued traffic laws, anyone in a car must fasten the seat belt. 73. This is a simple story, but simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of depth. 74. It was his English listening and speaking ability that enabled him to stand out in the English speech contest. 75. When it comes to being healthy, the top priority for people all over the world is having more sleep rather than eating health food, exercising more or taking vitamins. 或:When it comes to health, people all over the world give priority to having more sleep rather than …或:When it comes to health, people all over the world think their first priority is having more sleep rather than …嘉定卷72. 现如今人们越来越关注自己的生活品质。(concerned) 73. 春游的小学生们没能抵制住商贩们的花言巧语。(resist) 74. 只有通过参与志愿者活动才能有效地增强中学生服务大众的责任感。(Only ) 75. 家用轿车普及带来的便利不容否认,但随之产生的能源浪费、空气污染和交通拥堵等问题发人深思。(While)72. Nowadays people are more and more concerned about the quality of their own life. 73. The children going for a spring outing/ attending the spring excursion failed to / couldn't resist the sweet words of the dealers/ vendors. 74. Only by participating in volunteer/ voluntary activities can high school students enhance/ improve/ strengthen their sense of responsibility to serve the public effectively. 75. While the convenience brought by the popularity of private cars can't be denied, the consequent(ial) problems such as waste of energy, air pollution and traffic jams set people thinking/ are thought-provoking. While there is no denying that the popularity of private cars brings convenience, ...虹口卷72. 看到他的表情,我忍不住把实情告诉了他。(resist) 73. 随着时间的推移,那本日记上的字迹现在已模糊不清,难以辨认。(With)74. 把难记的单词或句子同一件有趣的事情联系起来,记住它们就轻而易举了。(associate)75. 正是因为学习方法因人而异,所以在学习和生活中适合你的不一定就适合我。(vary)72. Seeing his facial expressions/ look, I couldn’t resist telling him the truth/ telling the truth to him. 73. With time passing by, the writing/ handwriting in the diary has now become so faint/ illegible/ vague that it is hard to identify/ recognize/ make out/ distinguish. 74. It will be/ is very easy to memorize difficult words or sentences if / when you associate them with interesting/ funny things. … if / when they are associated with interesting/ funny things. 75. It is because learning methods vary from person to person that what is suitable for you may not/ doesn’t necessarily suit me in study and life. 浦东卷72. 正巧这几天有空,去公园散步如何?(happen) 73. 一幅油画赠与了该美术馆,以纪念两个城市间的珍贵友谊。(honor)74. 与诗歌欣赏有关的电视节目倍受欢迎,以至于越来越多的人开始关注中国古典文学。(So…) 75. 这位年轻的科学家把获得的众多突出成就归功于从高中时期开始就博览群书、做事持之以恒、不甘落后。(owe) 72. It (so) happens that we are / I am free these days. What about / How about taking / having a walk in the park?或者What about having a walk in the park as / since we / I happen to be free these days?73. An oil painting/A painting/ A picture was given/presented/has been given/has been presented to the gallery/art museum in honor of/to honor/honoring the precious/valuable friendship between (the) two cities.74. So popular/well-received are the TV programs about poetry appreciation thatmore and more people are beginning to pay attention to Chinese classic/classical literature.或者So well are the TV programs about poetry appreciation received that…75. The young scientist owed many of his outstanding/ great/ marked/ remarked/ distinguished achievements/ much success to reading widely/ extensively/ many books, persevering/ persisting in (doing) everything/ what he was doing/ keeping doing everything/ things and being unwilling to lag behind/ fall behind/ be left behind since (he entered senior) high school. 或… to the fact that he (had) read widely/extensively, (had) persevered/persisted in everything/what he was doing and was/had been unwilling/reluctant to …静安卷72. 由于缺乏独特的文化,一些地方将不再吸引游客。( lack ) 73. 自律和有经验的员工非常受青睐。( prefer ) 74. 嘉宾们的故事以及他们朗读的文章如此感人鼓舞人心,在大众中激起了读书的热情。 ( So ) 75. 虽然他之前的表现出挑,但由于对公司文化一无所知,他还是没通过面试。( ignorance )72. Lacking unique/ peculiar culture, some places will not attract tourists / visitors any more.For lack of unique/peculiar culture, some places will no longer attract tourists / visitors. 73. Self-disciplined / Self-managed and experienced staff are most / much preferred. 74. So moving / touching and inspiring are the guests' stories and the articles they read that a passion / enthusiasm for reading has been aroused / stirred (up) among the (general) public. 75. Despite/In spite of his previous remarkable performance, he failed in /didn’t pass the interview because he was in ignorance of the company culture . Although/Though his previous performance was remarkable/ outstanding/ extraordinary/ amazing, he failed in /didn’t pass the interview due to/ owing to because of his ignorance of the company culture. 名师押题卷1. 他由于缺乏日常训练而未通过驾驶考试。(lack)2. 直到上了地铁二号线她才想起把书包忘在上海科技馆了。(Not)3. 以牺牲健康为代价而减肥的人应该意识到改变这种生活方式的重要性。(cost)4. 尽管几天来非常劳累,战士们还是迅速赶到另一水灾地区实施救援。(despite)1. He failed to pass the driving test for lack of daily training. / because he lacked daily training. 2. Not until she got on the Metro/ Subway Line 2 did it occur to her/ she remember that she had left her bag in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. 3. Those who try to lose weight at the cost of their health should realize the importance of changing their way life/ lifestyle. 4. Despite/ In spite of the great tiredness for days, the soldiers still rushed to another flooded area/ another flood-stricken area for the rescue/ to carry out the rescue. 8