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可编辑 编辑 2017 山东省 济南市 中考 英语 试卷
2017年山东省济南市中考英语试卷 Ⅰ.听力测试A)听录音,从每组句子中选出一个你所听到的句子.每个句子听一遍.(5分)1.(1分)A.That is his pencil.B.This is my grandma. C.Those are my parents.2.(1分)A.Is your father at home?B.Do you like ice cream?C.Can you play basketball?3.(1分)A.I didn't climb that hill.B.We don't eat hamburgers.C.He isn't coming tomorrow.4.(1分)A Why are they late again?B.What does she look like?C.Where is the supermarket?5.(1分)A.Have a good day!B.Welcome to my party!C.Thanks for your time. B)听录音,从每题A、B、C三幅图画中选出与听到的对话内容相符的一项.每段对话听两遍.(5分)6.(1分)7.(1分)8.(1分)9.(1分)10.(1分) C)在录音中,你将听到一段对话及五个问题.请根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案.对话及问题听两遍.(5分)11.(5分)11.A.His cousin.B.His sister.C.His parents.12.A.A comedy.B.A documentary.C.A scary movie.13.A.Boring.B.Relaxing.C.Interesting.14.A.On Center Street.B.On North Street.C.On Bridge Street.15.A.It has comfortable seats.B.It is the most popular.C.It has the best sound. D) 在录音中,你将听到一篇短文及五个问题.请根据短文内容及问题选择正确答案.短文及问题听两遍.(5分)16.(5分)16.A.Sunny and hot.B.Cold and windy.C.Rainy and wet.17.A.At a bus stop.B.In a clothes store.C.At the school gate.18.A.An old man.B.A young man.C.A young woman.19.A.Some gloves.B.Some milk.C.A scarf.20.A.He was a volunteer.B.He was a teacher.C.He was a TV reporter. Ⅱ.读音选词根据所给句意和音标,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案.(5分)21.(1分)This is not my ping﹣pong _______/bæt/.It's Tom's.(  )A.butB.batC.beatD.boat22.(1分)My school is ______/kləʊs/to the post office.(  )A.cloudB.classC.clockD.close23.(1分)I saw the little girl ____/fɔ:l/down from her bike and quickly went up to help.(  )A.fallB.feelC.fullD.fill24.(1分)I was a little _______/'n3:vas/before the exam.(  )A.noticeB.nervousC.famousD.novels25.(1分)My brother wants to be a _______/məˈdʒɪʃən/.(  )A.machineB.medicineC.magicianD.magazine26.(1分)﹣Can I help you?﹣Yes,please.I need _____ sweater. (  )A.aB.anC.theD./27.(1分)﹣Who is that girl?﹣I think _____ is Betty's friend. (  )A.heB.himC.herD.she28.(1分)Helen doesn't like ______.She likes fruit and vegetables.(  )A.pearB.meatC.carrotD.tomato29.(1分)﹣______you have an eraser,Cindy?﹣Yes.It's in my pencil box.(  )A.IsB.AreC.DoD.Does30.(1分)I can't watch TV on school nights,_____ I can watch TV onweekends.(  )A.andB.but.C.ifD.or31.(1分)﹣What do you usually eat ______ breakfast?﹣I usually eat noodles.(  )A.forB..inC.fromD.on32.(1分)﹣Jane,_____ is our School Day?﹣It's on May 18th.(  )A.whoB.howC.whereD.when33.(1分)﹣Don't worry.I'll help you find your bag.What color is it?﹣It's_______.(  )A.newB.fatC.redD.dry34.(1分)﹣I hear that you stayed in Canada for _______ days last summer.﹣Yes.I stayed there for a week.(  )A.threeB.fourC.sevenD.eleven35.(1分)﹣Jim is very sick.We must find a doctor.﹣Let's take him to the nearest _______.(  )A.bankB.hospitalC.stationD.restaurant36.(1分)My uncle and aunt live in the countryside.They _______ strawberries.(  )A.turnB.makeC.growD.play37.(1分)﹣I'd love to go to the water park with you.But I _______ swim.﹣It doesn't matter.I will teach you.(  )A.mustB.mustn'tC.canD.can't38.(1分)Sarah is ______than her sister Susan.Sarah is 166cm tall.Susan is 171cm tall.(  )A.shorterB.shortestC.tallerD.tallest39.(1分)Which of the following is good behavior?(  )A.B.C.D.40.(1分)﹣Math is too_____ for me.﹣But it is very useful.Please don't give up.(  )A.deliciousB.favoriteC.difficultD.different41.(1分)﹣Rick,could you help me cook dinner?﹣Sure,_____.(  )A.no problemB.never mindC.here you areD.you're welcome42.(1分)﹣It's important to keep healthy.﹣You're right._____ is as important as our health.(  )A.SomethingB.NothingC.AnythingD.Everything43.(1分)﹣Tony,would you like some more dumplings?﹣No,thanks.They _____ great,but I'm full.(  )A.feelB.lookC.tasteD.sound44.(1分)﹣Laura,_____out the rubbish when you leave.And I'll do thedishes.﹣OK,Dad.(  )A.takeB.takesC.tookD.to take45.(1分)﹣Oh,no!We are too late.The train _____.﹣Well,we'll have to catch the next train to Beijing.(  )A.leavesB.leftC.will leaveD.has left46.(1分)﹣Kelly always does her homework very _____.﹣Yes.That's why she makes few mistakes in her homework.(  )A.hardlyB.loudlyC.carefullyD.politely47.(1分)﹣Mom,Iwanttohaveacomputerandacamera.﹣You can have _____ a computer _____ a camera.We don't have enough money for both.(  )A.both; andB..either orC..neither; norD..not only; but also48.(1分)﹣We should keep teenagers away from the Internet.﹣_____.Sometimes they need to search the Internet for useful information.(  )A.Good ideaB.I hope soC.Sounds goodD.I disagree49.(1分)﹣I'11go for a picnic if it _____tomorrow.Will you go with me?﹣Yes,of course.(  )A.doesn't rainB.isn't rainingC.won't rainD.didn't rain50.(1分)Last night,I found a photo in an old book.It made me_____ of my primary school life.(  )A.thinkB.thinkingC.thoughtD.to think51.(1分)﹣Will you go bike riding with Sam or stay at home?﹣_____.My book report is due in two days.(  )A.Yes,I willB.No,I won'tC.I'll ride a bikeD.I'll stay at home52.(1分)﹣Steve and his two little brothers made a model plane,and they wonfirst prize.﹣_____ clever children!(  )A.HowB.WhatC.What aD.What an53.(1分)﹣How do you _____ with your classmates?﹣Very well.They are all friendly and helpful.(  )A.get offB.get onC.put off.D.put on54.(1分)﹣Is this a new piano?﹣No.I have _____ it for a long time.(  )A.hadB.joinedC.boughtD.borrowed55.(1分)﹣Could you please tell me ___?﹣Well,I always write e﹣mails to my pen pals.(  )A.how do you learn ChineseB.what is your pen pal's hobbyC.what do you do after classD.how you improve your writing Ⅳ.完形填空阅读短文,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个能填入文章中相应空白处的最佳答案.(10分)56.(10分)Have you ever worked as a volunteer?Volunteers don't get paid forwhat theydo,but the experience of helping others can be more valuable than (56)   .Thereare many charities(慈善机构)around the world.There are alwaysin need of volunteers who want to make a difference.Do you want to(57)    a volunteer?Think about what skills youhave?If you speak more than one language or you are good at(58)   things,you can find places to use your skills to help other people.Volunteers doesn't always mean doing great things.You can start with(59)   things.There is a famous saying that goes,"Charity begins at home".If people help those around them,(60)    will be in trouble.There arealways people in your neighborhood who need help(61)   sometasks,such as walking their dogs,looking after their kids,andcarrying their heavy shopping bags.You can also volunteer by giving(62)    to hospitals.These things may seem small,but they canstillmake a difference in someone else's life.Volunteers don't(63)    help people.Environmental volunteerswork hard to protect the environment.They plant trees or(64)    cityparks.Other volunteers work for animal charities which save the homeless or injured(受伤的)animals.They feedthe animals and show them love.They take care of the animals until they are(65)    enough to be put in good homes.All in all,volunteering is really a good way to make a contribution to your hometown and to the world.56.A.foodB.timeC.moneyD.coffee57A.meetB.visitC.chooseD.become58.A.eatingB.fixingC.askingD.losing59.A.smallB.bigC.rightD.cheap60.A.no oneB.someoneC.anyoneD.everyone61.A.forB intoC.fromD.with62.A.sugarB.saladC.bloodD.paper63.A.everB.justC.evenD.still64.A.cleanB.enterC.drawD.enjoy65.A.kindB.tallC.wellD.old V.补全对话阅读对话, 从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案完成对话.(5分)66.(5分)Alex:Hi,Judy!Judy:(66)   Did you have a good school trip yesterday?Alex:Yes.We had a great time.Judy:(67)   Alex:No,we didn't.We went to a farm.Judy:(68)   Alex:It is about 30miles away from our school.Judy:Oh,it's a little far.How did you get there?Alex:(69)   It took us about half an hour.The train ride was fun.Judy:What did you do there?Alex:We fed some animals.There were quite a lot of animals on thefarm.Judy:What else did you do?Alex:(70)   Judy:Sounds like you had a great school trip.66.A.Who is that?B Hi,Alex!C.What's this?D.Fine,thanks.67.A.What time is it?B.Did you go to the farm?,C.Where did you go?D.Did you go to Green Park?68.A.How far is it?B.When did you get there?C.How much is it?D.How long did it take?69.A.I came here by subway..B.I rode a horse.C.Wegot there by train.D.We took the bus.70.A.Wealso picked apples.B.We fed the chickens.C.They played volleyball.D.They went for a walk. VI.阅读理解阅读下列短文,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳答案.(15分)71.(5分)Once up a time,there was a young man.He lived in a small village.He was the only child in his family.so his parents loved him very much and did everything for him.He just hung out every day,doing nothing.One day,he met an old man in his village.The old man asked him,"My boy,why don't you work hard to achieve something when you are young?"The young man replied without care,"Why do I have to be in a hurry?I'm young,so I have plenty of time!Besides,I haven't made anyplans formy future yet.""Time waits for no man!"the old man said.Then he asked theyoung man to go into a dark house with him."I can't see anything!"the young man saidThe old man lit a match and said to the young man,"Before thematch goes out,pick something in the house as you like."By the weak light,the young man tried to see the things in it.Butbefore he found something,the match went out,and the house became dark again at once."Before I could get something,the match had gone out,"the young man said angrily.The old man said,"My boy,your youth(青春)is like the burning match,which can only last for a short time.So you shouldn't waste your time!71.The young man lived in a   .A.Small cityB.small villageC.big cityD.big town72.The old man asked the young man why he didn't   .A.work hardB.hang outC.play gamesD.do homework73.The old man led the young man into a dark   .A.shopB.museumC.houseD.kitchen74.What did the young man pick before the match went out?   A.A ring.B.A watch.C.A picture.D.Nothing.75.What can we learn from the story?   .A.Youth is like a burning match.B.It's dangerous to light matches.C.Young people have much time.D.We should look after ourselves.76.(5分)Nowadays,we are having a much busier life,and we are using our eyes more than ever before.So we often have tired eyes after a day's work or study.Here are some good methods of protecting eyes against tiredness to keep them healthy.POSTURE (坐姿)Get into the habit of paying attention to the way you sit.Try to stick to the proper posture that doctors suggest.HELPFUL PICTURESThere are some special pictures online that can help relax your eyes.You may download such pictures to your computer or smartphone.When there is nothing far away you can look at to relax your eyes,you can use one of these pictures.A picture with something like a tunnel(隧道)in it is quite popular.Try to look as far into the tunnel as you can for 30seconds(秒).Do you feel better?BREAKSThe 20﹣20﹣20rule:take a break from the screen every 20minutes for 20seconds and look at something 20feet (about 6meters) away.EYE EXERCISESStep 1.Sitting comfortably,imagine there is a clock in front of you and turn your eyes up to 12o'clock.Pause(停顿)for a second,and then lower your eyes to 6o'clock.Pause again,and then repeat this step 10times.Complete the exercise by cupping your hands over your eyes for a few seconds,letting them rest in the darkness.Step 2.Look at something on the right,Keep your eyes on it and slowly turn your head to the lest as far as possible.Then do the same thing on the left.Repeat the exercise a couple of times.Step 3.Hold your finger in front of your nose and keep looking at it.Slowly move the finger towards yourself as close as you can without losingfocus(焦点).Then look outside the window as far as possible.Repeat this several times.SPORTSTable tennis is about a small ball traveling at high speed﹣the best sport to train your eyes and relax the muscles(肌肉) in and around the eyes.Other sports like like tennis,badminton and kiteflying are also great for relaxing tired eyes.76.Which of the following methods of protecting eyes is NOT mentioned in the passage?   .A.Having the proper posture.B.Looking at something green.C.Following the 20﹣20﹣20rule.D.Playing some kinds of sports.77.According to the passage,which of the following pictures can help relax your eyes?   .78.What does the underlined word'them"refer to(指代)?   .A.Your eyes.B.Your hands..C.The doctors.D.The exercises.79.As for eye exercises,which of the following is TRUE?   .A.In Step l,you must have a large clock in front of you.B.In Step 2,you should turn left when you look to the right.C.In Step3,you should move you finger as far as you can.D.After finishing each step,you should repeat it a few times.80.Which of the following is the best title of the passage?   .A.We must take a break every 20minutes.B.How to do eye exercises properly.C.Ways to protect eyes against tiredness.D.People have tired eyes very easily.81.(5分)For years,psychologists(心理学家) have been against giving children prizes or money for their performance in school."Outwards"prizes,they say,can undermine the joy of learning for its own good and can even lead to cheating.But many economists(经济学家) and business people disagree,and their opinions often become popular in the educational market place.Prize programs that pay students are underway in many cities.In some places,students can bring home hundreds of dollars for,say,taking an Advanced Placement course and having high grades in the exams."Whether such efforts work continues to be a debate(争议),"said Barbara Marian,an assistant professor of education at Pennsylvania State.She is against using prizes as encouragement.Among parents,it often leads to very hot discussion.And in public education,a new focus on school reform(改革) pushes researchers on both sides of the debate to make more efforts to get data(数据) that may provide information on when and whether prizes work."We have to get beyond our biases(偏见),"said Roland Fryer,aneconomist at Harvard University who is planning and testing several prizeprograms."Luckily,the scientific method allows us to examine most ofthose biases and let the data do the talking."In the cash programs being studied,Roland Fryer and other economists compare the schoolperformance of groups of students who are paid and students who arenot.In the study,they find that the students who are prized get highergrades on the SAT and go to better colleges than those who are not.However,many psychologists believe that early data can be one﹣sided.Research suggests that prizes may work in the short term but havebad influences in the long term."Are they highly interested in what they are doing?Or does it feel like hard work?The same prize program might have different influences ondifferent kinds of students,"said Kirabo Jackson,a famous psychologist at Cornell University."The higher the prize is,the more harmful the result might be."81.The underlined word"undermine"in Paragraph l most probably means"   ".A.understandB.examineC.killD.protect82.From Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3,we can learn that   .A.the students'parents welcome prize programsB.prize programs are getting popular in many citiesC.Thegovernment provides money for prize programsD.all theeducation researchers support prize programs83.According to Roland Fryer and other economists'study,students who are paid   .A.have more scientific methodsB.like to discuss with other studentsC.always cheat in examinationsD.have better performance at school84.The passage mainly tells us   .A.how to use prizes to encourage the studentsB.different opinions on giving students prizesC.how to make students study hard in schoolsD.bad results caused by some prize programs85.What does the writer think of prize programs?   A.He doesn't mention it.B.He thinks they are harmful.C.He thinks they are great.D.He doesn't care about them. Ⅶ.选词填空(10分)阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的单词填空(每词限用一次).86.(5分)on what month library lovelyAnna is a little girl.She loves reading books.Last (86)   ,she and her parents went on vacation.Anna took some books with her.She read her books (87)    the plane.She read her books at the hotel.She read her books at a museum.She read her books at(88)   garden."Anna,we are here to visit interesting places,not to read books,"said Dad."Stop reading and tell us(89)    you want to see,"said Mom."I need more books,"said Anna."I want to see the(90)   ." B.阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的动词,并用其适当形式填空.有的需要加助动词或不定式符号(每词限用一次).91.(5分)make get snow clear goWhen I got up and looked out of the bedroom window,I found,tony great surprise,it (91)    heavily.I was very excited since it was thefirst snowfall this winter.I quickly got dressed and ran into the yard.Some kids were alreadythere.We(92)    some snowmen and rolled snowballs.We also enjoyedthe fun of having snowball fights.Laughing and shouting,all of us wereso happy.Suddenly we noticed that the buses and cars were moving veryslowly because of the heavy snow."Shall we(93)   to clear the snow?"someone suggested.At these words,weallran(94)    toolsandbegan to clear the snow.After the whole morning's hard work,the snow on theroad (95)    and wewent home happily. Ⅷ.改写句子按括号中的要求完成句子,每个空格填一个单词.(5分)96.(1分)This white T﹣shirt is expensive.(改为否定句)This white T﹣shirt    expensive.97.(1分)Bob likes pandas because they are very cute.(就句子画线部分提问)    Bob like pandas?98.(1分)"Do you know the way to BaotuSpring?"a tourist asked me.(改写句子,句意不变)A tourist asked me    I    the way to Baotu Spring.99.(1分)When you travel to foreign countries,you'll realize how important itis to learn English.(改写句子,句意不变)You'll realize the    of learning English when you travel   .100.(1分)Readers,a popular TV show,invites people to read poemsandarticles they like or wrote.(改写句子,句意不变)In Readers,a popular TV show,people   to readpoems and articles they like or wrote. IX.完成句子根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单.(5分)101.(1分)这家书店每天从早八点到晚七点营业.This bookstore is open   8a.m.    7p.m.102.(1分)我的父母对我要求很严格,所以我有着良好的习惯.My parents are very   me,so I have good habits.103.(1分)生活充满挑战,我们应该怀最好的希望,做最坏的准备.Life if full of challenges.We should hope for the best and   the worst.104.(1分)环境在日益恶化,人们必须开始采取行动改善它.The environment is getting worse.People have to start    to improve it.105.(1分)3D打印技术发展迅速,许多专家建议把这项技术介绍给更多的中学生.The 3﹣D printing   is developing fast.Manyexperts suggestthat it should be   to more middle school students. X.阅读理解七选五根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项.选项中有两项为多余选项.(5分)106.(5分)Shi Peng won the top prize in a college,students'start﹣up(创业) competition for setting upa website to help children find playmates(玩伴).Shi was brought up by his grandparents in avillage in Hubei Province.(106)    Later,the 22﹣year﹣old student at a university in Wuhan decided to setup a specialwebsite for children.He hoped that his website could help children meet new friends of the same age and feel less lonely.(107)   According to his research one about 6,000children in citieslike Guangzhou,Wuhan and Stizhou,most of them don't havebrothers orsisters and they are in need of playmates."From my own experience,I think it's a great idea to have such a website on which children can findplaymates,"Shi said.The website is set up mainly for pre﹣school children in kindergarten(幼儿园) and their parents.All the users of the website must use theirreal names.(108)   Through the website,parents who are busy duringthe day can get in touch with other parents who are free and willing tofind some playmates for their children.As it gets more and more popular among children and parents,thewebsite now holds many colorful offline activities.(109)   The websitealso provides parents with valuable chances to communicate with eachother.Ni Wufan is one of the professors in Shi's university.He said,"(110)    He also agrees that our society needs more creative ideas likeShi's to deal with children's problems.A.This is to make sure that the children are safe.B.I have some different opinions about Shi's website.C.The website is a great example of start﹣up projects.D.He hardly had any playmates growing up as a child.E.There're many interesting online games for children to play.F.Shi Peng did some research before he set up the website.G.They include scientific tests and group games for children. Ⅺ.书面表达(10分)111.(10分)如图描述了李华今年春节得到压岁钱(lucky money)之后,他和父母对于如何花压岁钱产生的不同观点.请根据图片提示,用英语写一篇100词左右的短文.要求:1.完整叙述图片内容.2.结合自己的实际陈述个人观点. 2017年山东省济南市中考英语试卷参考答案与试题解析 Ⅰ.听力测试A)听录音,从每组句子中选出一个你所听到的句子.每个句子听一遍.(5分)1.(1分)A.That is his pencil.B.This is my grandma. C.Those are my parents.【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 2.(1分)A.Is your father at home?B.Do you like ice cream?C.Can you play basketball?【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 3.(1分)A.I didn't climb that hill.B.We don't eat hamburgers.C.He isn't coming tomorrow.【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 4.(1分)A Why are they late again?B.What does she look like?C.Where is the supermarket?【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 5.(1分)A.Have a good day!B.Welcome to my party!C.Thanks for your time.【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 B)听录音,从每题A、B、C三幅图画中选出与听到的对话内容相符的一项.每段对话听两遍.(5分)6.(1分)【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 7.(1分)【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 8.(1分)【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 9.(1分)【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 10.(1分)【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 C)在录音中,你将听到一段对话及五个问题.请根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案.对话及问题听两遍.(5分)11.(5分)11.A.His cousin.B.His sister.C.His parents.12.A.A comedy.B.A documentary.C.A scary movie.13.A.Boring.B.Relaxing.C.Interesting.14.A.On Center Street.B.On North Street.C.On Bridge Street.15.A.It has comfortable seats.B.It is the most popular.C.It has the best sound.【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 D) 在录音中,你将听到一篇短文及五个问题.请根据短文内容及问题选择正确答案.短文及问题听两遍.(5分)16.(5分)16.A.Sunny and hot.B.Cold and windy.C.Rainy and wet.17.A.At a bus stop.B.In a clothes store.C.At the school gate.18.A.An old man.B.A young man.C.A young woman.19.A.Some gloves.B.Some milk.C.A scarf.20.A.He was a volunteer.B.He was a teacher.C.He was a TV reporter.【分析】略【解答】略【点评】略 Ⅱ.读音选词根据所给句意和音标,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案.(5分)21.(1分)This is not my ping﹣pong _______/bæt/.It's Tom's.(  )A.butB.batC.beatD.boat【分析】这个不是我的乒乓球拍,它是汤姆的.【解答】答案:B.根据给出的音标是"/bæt/"又结合前面的词语是"This is not my ping﹣pong"因此可知这句话的意思是"这个不是我的乒乓球拍,"结合给出的单词提示,故选B.【点评】首先要掌握句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 22.(1分)My school is ______/kləʊs/to the post office.(  )A.cloudB.classC.clockD.close【分析】我的学校距离邮局很近.【解答】答案:D.cloud的音标是[klaʊd];class的音标是[klɑ:s];clock的音标是[klɒk];close的音标是[kləʊs].根据给出的音标是[kləʊs].因此可知close这个词音标与D项的音标一致,因此可知这句话的意思是"我的学校距离邮局很近.".综上所述,故选D.【点评】首先要掌握这个单词的发音,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 23.(1分)I saw the little girl ____/fɔ:l/down from her bike and quickly went up to help.(  )A.fallB.feelC.fullD.fill【分析】我看到那个小女孩从自行车上跌落下来,我就迅速的上前去帮她.【解答】答案:Afall的音标是[fɔ:l];feel的音标是[fi:l];full的音标是[fʊl];fill的音标是[fɪl].根据给出的音标是[fɔ:l],因此可知fall这个词音标与A项的音标一致,因此可知这句话的意思是"我看到那个小女孩从自行车上跌落下来,我就迅速的上前去帮她."综上所述,故选A.【点评】首先要掌握这个单词的发音,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 24.(1分)I was a little _______/'n3:vas/before the exam.(  )A.noticeB.nervousC.famousD.novels【分析】在考试前,我有点紧张.【解答】答案:B.notice的音标是[ˈnəʊtɪs];nervous的音标是['n3:vas];famous的音标是ˈfeɪməs];novels的音标是['nɒvlz].根据给出的音标是['n3:vas],因此可知nervous这个词音标与所给出的音标一致,因此可知这句话的意思是"在考试前,我有点紧张.".综上所述,故选B.【点评】首先要掌握这个单词的发音,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 25.(1分)My brother wants to be a _______/məˈdʒɪʃən/.(  )A.machineB.medicineC.magicianD.magazine【分析】找出与所给音标相符的单词【解答】答案:C.machine的音标是[məˈʃi:n];medicine的音标是[ˈmedsn];magician的音标是[məˈdʒɪʃn];magazine的音标是[ˌmægəˈzi:n.根据给出的音标是[məˈdʒɪʃən],因此可知magician这个词音标与C项的音标一致,综上所述,故选C.【点评】首先要掌握这个单词的发音,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 26.(1分)﹣Can I help you?﹣Yes,please.I need _____ sweater. (  )A.aB.anC.theD./【分析】﹣﹣我能帮你吗?﹣﹣是的,我想买一件毛衣.【解答】答案:A结合语境推断句意是"﹣﹣我能帮你吗?﹣﹣是的,我想买一件毛衣.",不定冠词a,an表示泛指,定冠词the表示特指. a用于辅音音素前,而an则用于元音音素前,本题中的名词表示泛指,设空处后面的 sweater发音时是辅音发音开头,所以用不定冠词a,故选A.【点评】本题考查冠词的用法,熟练掌握冠词的用法是做好此类题的关键.注意以元音因素(不是元音字母)开头的名词前用不定冠词an,以辅音因素开头的名词前用a.表示特指或双方都知道的名词前用the. 27.(1分)﹣Who is that girl?﹣I think _____ is Betty's friend. (  )A.heB.himC.herD.she【分析】﹣那个女孩是谁?﹣我认为她是贝蒂的朋友.【解答】答案:D根据题意"我认为她是贝蒂的朋友",可知题干缺少的是主语,要用主格,girl对应的人称代词主格是she,故选D.【点评】熟悉人称代词的基本用法,结合题意,给出答案. 28.(1分)Helen doesn't like ______.She likes fruit and vegetables.(  )A.pearB.meatC.carrotD.tomato【分析】Helen不喜欢肉,她喜欢水果和蔬菜.【解答】答案:B.首先明确选项中每个单词或短语的意思,A:梨;B:肉;C:




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