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可编辑 编辑 2017 深圳市 中考 英语 答案 解析
2017年深圳市初中毕业生学业考试(英语试卷)从下面每小题的A、B、C三个选项中选出可以替换划线部分的最佳选项。The ancient Greeks used a giant wooden horse to capture the city of Troy.A.hugeB.wonderfulC.wide【答案】Agiant,形容词,意为“巨大的,特大的”;A选项huge意为“巨大的,庞大的”;B选项wonderful意为“令人惊叹的,奇妙的,极好的”;C选项wide意为“宽广的”。可知答案选A。—I worked as a volunteer in the school library last Friday afternoon. —Really? Can I go with you next time?A.hadB.madeC.was【答案】Cworked as,动词短语,意为“担任,以…身份工作”,A选项had意为“有”;B选项made意为“做,制作”;C选项was意为“是”。结合句意可知答案选C。—I have difficulty in learning Chinese. Could you give me some help? —Sure. Reading a lot will help you improve your Chinese.A.questionsB.problemsC.tasks【答案】Bdifficulty,名词,意为“困难,困境”;A选项questions表示“需要寻找答案的问题”;B选项problems表示“认为难以解决的问题”;C选项tasks表示“工作,任务”,可知答案选B。—China’s first large passenger plane C919 flew successfully on May 5.—Yes. What's more, it was built on our own in Shanghai.A.with some helpB.from our friendsC.by ourselves【答案】C原题意为:——中国的第一架大型客机C919在5月5日成功首飞。——是的,此外,是我们在上海自主制造的。on our own表示“凭我们自己”;A选项意为“得到一些帮助”;B选项表示“来自我们的朋友”;C选项表示“无他人帮助地;我们独立地”,根据题意选择C。—Hi, Bob! What’s going on over there?—Oh, Tom and Dick are playing chess, with a crowd of students watching them.A.happeningB.appearingC.working【答案】A原题意为:——嗨,鲍勃!那边在发生什么事?——噢,汤姆和迪克正在下象棋,一群学生在观看。go on表示“发生”,选项均为动词的现在分词形式,A选项表示“发生”;B选项表示“出现”;C选项表示“工作”,根据题意选择A。—Ding Ning beat Miu Hirano, a Japanese player, in the 2017 World Table Tennis Championship entering the final.—We were all excited at the good news.A.fought withB.won againstC.lost by【答案】B原题意为:——在2017年世界乒乓球锦标赛中,丁宁打败了日本选手平野美宇,进入了决赛。——听到这个消息,我们都很兴奋。beat,动词,表示“打败;战胜”;A选项意为“与…(共同)战争”;B选项意为“赢,打败”;C选项意为“因…而吃亏,因…而遭受损失”,可知答案为B。—Did you see the movie Dangal(《摔跤吧,爸爸》)last weekend?—No, I hardly go to the cinema these days. I am busy writing a book report.A.oftenB.alwaysC.seldom【答案】Chardly,程度副词,意为“几乎不”,A选项意为“经常”;B选项意为“总是,常常”;C选项意为“很少”,可知答案选C。—In Shenzhen the city center will be connected to all the districts by metro in several years.—Great, I’m proud of living in Shenzhen.A.closed toB.joined toC.added to【答案】Bbe connected to表示“与…相连接”,A选项意为“对…关闭”;B选项意为“与…相连接”;C选项意为“添加,增加”,可知答案选B。根据句子意思,从下面每小题的A、B、C三个选项中选出恰当的词语完成句子。You look pretty today. Your shoes color __________ your dress. Their color really go well together.A.catchB.matchC.meet【答案】BA选项表示“抓住”;B选项表示“匹配,相称”;C选项表示“遇见,迎合,满足”,根据题干意思“你鞋子的颜色和裙子很配”,可知答案为B。__________ is the quality to be brave when you are facing a difficult or dangerous situation.A.CourageB.PrideC.Humor【答案】ACourage为名词,表示“勇气,胆量”;B选项表示“骄傲”;C选项表示“幽默”,本题所指的是“勇气是当你面对困难的时候表现出来的勇敢品质”,因此答案选A。—It’s going to rain. Remember to __________ your umbrella with you when you go to school, dear. —All right, Mum. Bye!A.takeB.buyC.put【答案】Atake something with somebody表示随身携带某物,根据介词搭配以及题目意思,答案选A。—The scenery of Shenzhen is amazing, __________ is spring.—I think so. You can see green trees and flowers everywhere.A.exactlyB.especiallyC.actually【答案】B原题题意为“深圳的景色很美,尤其是在春天”。A选项表示“准确的”,B选项表示“尤其地,特别地”;C选项表示“实际上”,因此答案选B。—My daughter will __________ for America to study next month. —Maybe you will miss her very much.A.set downB.set offC.set up【答案】B根据回答,上文的意思应该为“我的女儿下个月即将出发去美国学习”,A选项表示“记下,写下”;B选项表示“出发,动身”;C选项表示“建立”,根据题意选B。—Anne, the information you gave is really __________. Thank you very much. —Not at all. I am happy I can help you.A.uselessB.ordinaryC.valuable【答案】C根据回答,上文的意思是你提供的信息非常有价值,选项A表示“没用的”;B选项表示“普通的,平常的”;C选项表示“珍贵的,有价值的”,故选C。—I've got a full mark in the math exam, and my parents are __________ the result.—Congratulations!A.satisfied withB.tired ofC.worried about【答案】A根据题意,她在数学考试中得了满分,她的父母对她很满意。A选项表示“对…满意”;B选项表示“对…感到厌烦”;C选项表示“为…担心”,因此答案选A。阅读下列短文,从短文后所给的A、B、C三个选项中,选出一个最佳选项。An old man lived on his farm in the mountains with his young grandson. Every morning, he got up early, sat at the kitchen table, and read his book. The grandson wanted to be just like his grandfather, in every __1 __ he could.One day the grandson asked, “Grandpa, I try to read a book just as you do, but I don’t understand most of it, and I forget whatever I do understand __2__ I close the book. So what good is it for me to __3__?”The grandfather, who was putting __4__ on the fire, quietly turned and said, “Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water.”The boy did as he was told, but he __5__.with an empty basket.The grandfather laughed and sent the boy to do the same job for several times. At this point the boy knew it was __6__ to complete the task. He sighed, “See grandpa? It’s useless."“So you think it is useless?” the old man asked, “Then __7__ the basket.”The boy looked at the basket and for the first time and found it was __8__. The dirty coal had been washed away and the basket was now __9__ inside and outside.“My child, that’s what happens when you read the book. You might not understand or remember everything you read, but the __10__ will change you inside and out. That is the work of reading in our lives.” The old man touched the boy, smiling happily.1. A. table B. way C. book2. A. when B. since C. until3. A. sit at the table B. get up early C. read the book4. A. coal B. wood C. grass5. A. left B. returned C. cried6. A. difficult B. easy C. impossible7. A. look at B. bring back C. send for8. A. new B. different C. wonderful9. A. clean B. broken C. good10. A. water B. baskets C. words【答案】BACCB CABAC1. 考查上下文语境与名词词义解释,句意为他的孙子想要尝试各种可能的方法去模仿他,way意为“方法”。2.考查连词词义解析,句意为当我合上书的时候总是忘记它。when意为“当……时候”;故用when,until意为“直到……时候”,since意为“自从”。3. 考查上下文语境,从上文“try to read book”可知后面孙子是想问读书的好处。4. 考查上下文语境,从下文“take this coal basket down”可知爷爷正在往火炉里添煤。5. 考查上下文语境,根据上下文可知在孙子回家前篮子已经空了,return意为“返回”。6. 考查上下文语境与形容词词义解析,孙子认为这个任务(用篮子装水)是不可能完成的,故用impossible。7. 考查上下文语境与动词短语解析,从下文“The boy looked at the basket”可知,应选择B。look at意为“看”;look after意为“照顾”;look for意为“寻找”。8. 考查上下文语境与形容词词义解析,从下文“instead of a dirty old coal basket”中可知,孙子意识到篮子是不同的。9. 考查上下文语境与形容词词义解析,经过水的清洗,原本装煤的脏篮子由内而外被清洗干净,故用clean。10.考查名词词义解析。根据文意,我们无法理解或记住书本中的所有东西,但是书中的字词会由内而外地改变我们。阅读下列短文,从每小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。What's better for learning; hands-on projects or tests?We did a survey about two, days to study in our school. 73% of the students prefer hands-on (动手的) projects while the rest think tests are better for learning. Here are four students' ideas。Hands-on projects require time and hard work to complete. It teaches kids not to put things off. Some kids might get bored and be less interested in studying for a test. Studying also doesn't prepare you as much for the future, since jobs at times will have more difficult tasks than simply studying for a test. Also, completing a project is good for spending time with your friends or family.—BrunoWith a hands-on project you can be creative while you lean. It's also a lot more fun than sitting at a desk with flash cards, memorizing information they'll forget about after the test. Besides, with a hands-on project you can learn more than you expected, like problem solving, creativity, and different ways of thinking.—DavidWhen people study, they remember what was in the book. If they know they have a test, they will most likely take notes on all the important information to help them with the test, so they will learn it better.—AliceI think kids learn better studying for tests. If you actually sit and study what you are supposed to learn, you will remember it. Hands-on projects might end up making a kid feel stressed if they are trying to finish on time, and if you are stressed, you might not learn as much.—MattAccording to the survey, how many students like studying for tests better?A.73% B.50% C.27% D.100%【答案】C细节题。根据文章开头“73% of students prefer hands-on…”,通过计算可知,只有27%的学生认为课堂测试比较好,故选C。What does Bruno think of hands-on projects?A.They may be less interesting and more difficult.B.They can make children learn to put off tasks.C.They are much easier than studying for tests.D.They may help children to improve friendship.【答案】D细节题。A选项less interesting指的是test;B选项原文无提及;C选项错误;D选项根据第二段最后一句可得,故选D。How many reasons does David give why he prefers hands-on projects?A.Two.B.Three.C.Four.D.Five.【答案】B细节题。根据表格中David的观点"you can learn a lot from hands-on, like solving the problems…"可知共有三个,故选B。Which sentence describes Matt and Alice's point of view (观点) of studying for tests?A.Students will focus on studying for tests better.B.Students will be more creative while studying.C.Students will be more active in and after class.D.Students will forget the information after tests.【答案】A细节题。根据支持考试的两位同学的观点,可得出该题选A。 (Shenzhen, Wednesday, 31 May)—Shenzhen traffic police fined 4,251 private cars 300 yuan each because they used the bus lane(公交车道) during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The bus lane on the Luosha Road and Huishen Coastal Expressway(惠深沿海高速) to Dapeng was put into use on Sunday, the first day of the holiday.The bus lane only allows buses between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. during holidays and weekends.To make sure traffic on the bus lane moved smoothly, police officers were sent to work along the road using cameras and drones (无人机) to get information and photos of the vehicles (车辆) that entered the bus lane against the traffic rules.Information from police shows the bus lane has reduced the time it takes buses to get to the east of the city. A tourist took a holiday bus to Dapeng at noon from the Luohu Stadium Stop, while his friend drove a private car. The bus arrived at 12:48 p.m. The private car arrived at 2:05 p.m.According to police, the bus lane can also be used as the rescue passage for accidents that happen in the tunnels.According to the news, when did the Dragon Boat Festival holiday begin?A. On 27 May.B. On 28 May.C. On 29 May.D. On 30 May.【答案】B推断题。根据5月31号是周三,以及 “Yesterday since it was put into use Sunday, the first day of the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday”推算可知,周日是5月28号,故答案选B。When can a private car use the bus lane during the holidays and weekends?A. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.B. From 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.C. On Saturday or Sunday.D. When there is an accident in the tunnel.【答案】B推断题。由“The bus lane bans eastbound vehicles except buses between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. during holiday and weekends.”一句推断可知,晚上九点至早上九点私家车可以行使公交专用道。故答案选B。How many minutes earlier did the bus arrive at Dapeng than the private car?A. About 48 minutes.B. Less than 60 minutes.C. About 77 minutes.D. More than 120 minutes.【答案】C细节题:由文章"The bus arrived at 12:48 p.m. The private car arrived at 2:05 p.m."可知,巴士比私家车早到77分钟。故答案选C。Which of the following is the main idea for the news report?A. Police fined 4,251 private cars for using the bus lane during the holiday.B. Police said it was easier to go to Daneng by bus than by car during the holiday.C. Police used cameras and drones to fine private cars if they entered the bus lane.D. Police used the bus lane and the tunnels for rescue in accidents during the holiday.【答案】A主旨题。需要通读全文再加以概括,但是一般新闻报道类的文章结构为总分结构,所以可以重点看文章开头。A选项为文章首句,故选A。Liang Xianghua, a 22-year-old girl from Guangxi University, has been well-known in China for her sand painting since her first work was used by CCTV.Sand paintings really attracted me while I was watching a video performance, I was surprised by how this artwork melted people's heart in minutes," said Liang, "I fell in love with the way the sand pictures, music and the light combined (融合) with each other to make a flow of emotion (情感). You can express things freely."In order to master the skills, Liang practised for several hours every day. She said that she couldn't even do the first step well of throwing sand onto the glass. But she didn't give up.After finding success with her first show, she was invited to do many performances. This made her quite tired. She decided to give a stop and focus on her study. But an invitation from Malaysia changed her mind just as she was about to wash the sand from her hands. This spring, she was invited by a Malaysia middle school to give a performance, Liang didn't want to do a live show, but agreed to do a video for the school showing its development over the years.She received praise for her work and the performance was described as an eye-opener for the students. This made her wonder if her art would be more meaningful if she made it for the poor students.As a volunteer this time, she plans to take part in a summer programme offering help to pupils in a mountain area, and give the most wonderful show in her life.Which of the following helps you understand the underlined word “performance”?A. show B. paintingC. successD. invitation【答案】A猜词题。根据划线词所在句子的句意,女孩在电视上看到沙画表演,推算可知performance是表演的意思,故选A,其他选项不符合句意。Why did Liang fall in love with sand painting?A. Because she wanted to be famous.B. Because she wanted to be a volunteer.C. Because sand paintings melted her heart.D. Because she loved watching video programmes.【答案】C推断题。由“The sand panting melted many people’s heart”一句推断可知,小女孩因为喜欢上沙画才去学习沙画,故选C。What is the implied (隐含) meaning of the underlined sentence "...she... hands," in Paragraph 4?A. It means Liang decided to wash the sand off her sands.B. It means Liang wanted to make a new sand painting.C. It means Liang wanted to do voluntary work in summer.D. It means Liang decided to give up doing sand paintings.【答案】D推断题。根据前文,她想集中精力学习,放弃沙画,故选D。What's the writers purpose of writing the third paragraph?A. To tell us that Liang is good at making sand pictures.B. To explain why Liang fell in love with sand pictures.C. To show that Liang's success comes from hard work.D. To express that Liang enjoys throwing sand onto the glass.【答案】C推断题。通读全文可知,故选A。Dear daughters, Most parents tell their children, "You can be anything you want when you grow up." I feel the same and I say this often. But I also want you to understand that the dream itself comes from hard work, some good luck and good timing.Girls, here are some words of wisdom (智慧) as you make your way in the world, from your mom.Be open-minded to changing your path (even several times) along the way.In high school, I wanted to be an official. I left my hometown and entered a college in Washington D.C. There, I discovered that I'm creative, a strong leader and great at marketing As a result, I moved on to the head of a national organization. Becoming a mother while in that job opened my mind to starting a business. Now I run a successful company I started up all by myself.Work out what you are good at and what you are interested in. Keep an open mind and change what you are doing based on what you are learning about yourself.Failure is very important to your success.I won't tell you to feel good about failure. Failure can be heartbreaking. But I will tell you that every failure I've had along the way has certainly made me better.Failing the big math exam in high school and going to summer school were embarrassing. I finally passed, and I've never failed an exam again. I learned from that experience to ask for help. Now, I ask for help in business all the time.I'm proud to be a role model to you as a mom and a company owner. I hope I can help you believe that you can be anything you want and you can have everything on your list. I will be very glad to watch your lives unfold before my eyes.Love,Your momAccording to the letter, what should the daughters think about if they want to change what they are doing?A. Advantage and interest.B. Wisdom and dreams.C. Good luck and timing.D. Experience and help【答案】A细节题。根据第五段Work out what you are good at and what you are interested in. Keep an open mind and change what you are doing based on what you are learning about yourself.可知,故选D。According to the mother, how should her daughters deal with the failure?A. They should feel good about the failure.B. They should be sad about the failure.C. They should learn from the failure.D. They should avoid any failure.【答案】C细节题。根据母亲的数学考试经历可得,答案为C。Which of the following best describes the mother?A. Worried and wise.B. Unlucky and unsuccessful.C. Opened-minded but cold.D. Kind and successful.【答案】D归纳题。从文中对母亲的态度和母亲给女儿的建议等描述中可知,答案为D。What’s the letter mainly about?A. Mom and daughters.B. Mother’s advice to daughtersC. Being open-minded..D. Failure is the mother of success.【答案】B考查学生对文章内容的理解和把握,通过通读全文可知,主要内容围绕母亲给两个女儿写信,并告诉她们一些建议,要改变她们现在做事的方法,故答案为B。Recently, China announced it had achieved success in drilling fire ice or methane hydrate (天然气水合物,即可燃冰), from the seabed in the Shenhu area of the South China Sea. If Produces high amount of energy when it is burned, leaving nothing but dioxide and water.Many countries, including the United States and Japan, have long beeaban doing research on methane hydrate, but taking it from bottom of the sea has been a common problem they are facing. According to reports, China succeeded in drilling methane hydrate for a number of days continuously and got an average of over 16, 000 m3 daily. It is believed to be a big breakthrough.Scientists say there is about 21,000 trillion (万亿) m3 of methane hydrate in the world. If we can use it, it can meet the world's energy need for 1,000 years. However, it is too early to say a new energy source (来源) has been found because we are still facing two main challenges—environmental risk and economic (经济的) cost. When methane hydrate is taken from the seabed, it may go into the air easily. That's very bad for the environment because methane is one of the worst greenhouse gases. Besides, drilling methane hydrate is very expensive as well.However, China s technology breakthrough is very important because it shows the way researchers across the world should take. It also raises hopes that one day we can drill methane hydrate as a source of energy.What is Paragraph I mainly about?A. China is producing a large amount of energy from fire ice.B. China is making good use of fire ice throughout the country.C. China has already succeeded in drilling fire ice from the seabed.D. China has turned fire ice from the South China Sea into daily energy.【答案】C主旨题。考查学生对文章段落的理解和把握,第一段主要说的是开采可燃冰技术取得成功,所以选C。What's the common problem many countries are facing when doing research on fire ice?A. How to take it out from the bottom of the sea.B. How to turn it into useful energy at the lowest cost.C. How to make it cheap on the future energy market.D. How to change it into a traditional form of energy.【答案】A细节题。根据Many countries, including the United States and Japan, have long beeaban doing research on methane hydrate, but taking it from bottom of the sea has been a common problem they are facing,故选A。Why is it too early to say a new energy source has been found?A. Because it's too difficult to find the place where the fire ice lies and how to drill it.B. Because it's not easy for the fire ice to go into the air and be good for the environment.C. Because it's quite impossible for fire ice to take the place of other sources of energy.D. Because it's expensive to drill fire ice and it may do great harm to the environment.【答案】D细节题。通过文章提到的environmental risk和economic cost后面的详细叙述可知,开采可燃冰对环境是存在危害的,且开采费用昂贵,故选D。Where can we probably read the article?A. In a story book.B. In a newspaper.C. In a travel guide.D. In an advertisement.【答案】B推测题。通过阅读全文可知,这是一篇科学技术报道,出现在报纸上的可能性相对更大,答案选B。阅读下面短文,在空白处填入一个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。In a small house outside London lives an old man. People often see him look(1)__________ his flowers in his garden all the time.One day, a young painter(2)__________ (go) by the old man's house. He looked at this nice garden, and the special house, picturing how happy he could be if he lived in such a(3)__________ (beauty) place. Suddenly he found the old gardener was(4)__________ (terrible) blind. Shocked, the painter walked to him and asked. “Why are you busy taking care of these flowers every day which you can't see?"The old man smiled, "I can tell you four reasons. First, I was (5)__________ gardener when I was young, and I really love this job. Second, although I can’t see these flowers, I can touch them. Third, I can smell the sweetness of them. As to the last one, that’s you.”"Me? But you don't know me," answered the painter, still puzzled."Yeah,it's true that I don't know you.(6)__________ I know flowers are the gifts which everyone loves."The old man's words surprised me greatly(7)__________ (please). Now I've realized that he grows flowers(8)__________ (make) other enjoy the warm sunshine in spring. He can't see the beauty he created, just like Beethoven, who can't hear his wonderful music(9)__________ (he).The old man in the garden is alone but not lonely. All of his flowers are his friends and neighbors. They(10)__________ (grow) in his heart, and he can surely hear the voice of flowers..【答案】1. after2. went3. beautiful4. terribly5. a6. But7. pleasure8. to make9. himself10. are grown/ are growing/ grow/ have grown/ have been grown1. 考查动词词组里的介词,look after 照料;料理;打理。2. 考查时态里的一般过去时,由下文looked可判断出用过去时。3. 考查名词与形容词直接的转换,place为名词,故前面用形容词beautiful。4. 考查形容词与副词之间的转换,blind为形容词,故用副词terribly来修饰。5. 考查不定冠词,gardener为可数名词,由题意知“我是一名园丁”。6. 考查并列连词,由题意可知,与前一句是转折关系,故用but表转折,位于句首注意用大写。7. 考查动词与名词之间的转换,由题意知with pleasure固定搭配。8. 考查动词不定式,由题意可知to make动词不定式在此表目的。9. 考查反身代词,由题意可知贝多芬自己听不到音乐。10. 考查被动语态,由题意可知这些话被种植在老人的心中。三年的初中生活即将结束,同学们在毕业纪念册上互赠留言。假如你是李华,你曾在英语学习方面遇到了困难,你的外籍同学Sam主动关心,帮助你,使你走出了困境。临近毕业,你想对他表示感谢。请按下面表格的内容和要求,在Sam的毕业纪念册上用英语写一段赠言。内 容要 求1. 英语学习上所遇到的困难2. Sam对你的帮助、建议及措施多听多读多看英语电影,多唱英语歌曲.....(自由发挥,至少一条)3. 你的收获、感谢和祝福写 作要 求1. 不得出现真实的校名和人名2. 80词左右(开头和结尾已给出,不计入总次数)Dear Sam,How time flies! It's time for us to say goodbye. Yours,Li Hua【答案】Dear Sam,How time flies! It's time for us to say goodbye.You have offered me so much help that I think words to show thanks are far from being enough. I still remember three years ago, I had difficulties in learning English. It was very hard for me to memorize so many words and understand what people are saying, let alone speaking and writing. However, I am so lucky to meet you who are kind-hearted, wise and patient. Firstly, you taught me to listen more and read more, which really helped me a lot.Besides, you also suggested that I should watch English movies and sing classic English songs. Your recommendation Titanic is still my favorite. Furthermore, you also advised me to form the habit of reading aloud in the morning and reading novels before going to bed. As a result, I finally made great progress.Thank you for all your help and best wishes for you.Yours,Li Hua




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