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可编辑 编辑 2017 上海 各区 英语 翻译
2017年上海各区一模翻译考点汇总一、考点分布简单句并列句宾语从句主语从句表语从句同位语从句非谓语定语从句原因状语结果状语时间状语方式状语让步状语固定结构倒装句型考点1123331851321468二、例句分析I. 简单句1.顾客购物时总是注重品牌形象。(focus) 宝山Customers are always focusing too much on brand image /packaging.2.你是否赞成为贫困学生设立一项基金?(approve) 崇明Do you approve of setting up a fund for poor students? (1+1+1)approve 1)vt.赞成,同意;赞许 -- 批准;认可The professor does not approve the government's foreign policy.The city council has now approved the scheme for the erection of a new public library.2)vi赞成;赞许I'm afraid your parents won't approve of your going there.3. 环保组织呼叮公众投票反对这个项目。(appeal) 奉贤The environmental protection organization appeals to the public to vote against this project.vote for 投票支持appeal to 呼吁;吸引;恳求;号召(call on)4. 干嘛不去看场电影放松一下自己?(Why)虹口Why not / Why don’t you go to the cinema to relax yourself?5. 全市所有的公园都应 对市民免费开放。(accessible)虹口All the parks in the city are supposed to / should be accessible to the citizens / public for free / nothing.be inaccessible to 对……不开放;不让……进入6. 这款手表不防水。(resistant) 黄埔This type of watch is not resistant to water.7. 保持身体健康是硬道理。(primary)嘉定Maintaining good health/Maintaining healthy/Keeping in good health/Keeping healthy is the primary principle.基石 footstone conerstone垫脚石 stepping stone8. 互联网经济在为中国的国内外贸易提供新的机遇。( provide) 静安 Internet economy is providing new opportunities for/ to China’s foreign and domestic trade.Internet economy is providing China’s foreign and domestic trade with new opportunities.海内外 at home and abroad电子商务 e-business e-commerce海外贸易 overseas trade9. 三轮激烈的电视辩论之后, Trump 当选为美国总统。(elect)普陀After three heated TV debates, Trump was elected (as) President of America.the last/next president 上届/下届总统 10. 中午的欢迎会已推迟到下周三。(put) 青浦The reception at noon has been put off till next Wednesday.迎新晚会 welcome party接待会;招待会 reception记者(招待)会 press comference; news conference11. 每月她都会留出一部分钱以备不时之需。(in case) 徐汇She sets aside some money monthly in case of need.II. 并列句1. 这款电子产品存在严重的质量问题,几乎无消费者问津。(exist) 闵行Serious quality problems exist in the electronic product and few customers show interest in it.exist vi. sth exist in sth 2. 务必保管好你的密码,否则别人会获取你储存在电脑中的重要信息。 (access)松江Do keep your password safe, or others can have access to the important information stored in your computer.III. 宾语从句1. 专家建议推销活动要面向农村地区。(propose) 青浦Specialists propose that sales drives should be held in rural areas.促销活动 (sales) promotion大甩卖 a big sale 2. 我以为你会和我一起乘高铁去北京。(think) 徐汇I thought you would go to Beijing with me by high-speed rail.3. 你认为谁该为这起严重的事故负责?(responsible) 闵行Who do you think should be responsible for the serious accident?飞机失事;;坠机事件;空难 air crash海难 ship wreckIV.主语从句1. 人生最重要的不是我们置身何处,而是我们将前往何处。(matter) 奉贤What matters in our life is not where we are, but where we are going .2. 人们理所当然地认为颜值高的人有可能受到雇主的青睐。(grant) 杨浦It’s taken for granted that those with good physical appearance are more likely to be favored by their employers.相信;大家相信;人们相信;据说 it is believed that3. 任何为实现梦想而付诸行动的人都应受到尊敬。 (deserve)松江Whoever/ Anyone who takes action to realize his dream deserves our respect.V. 表语从句1. 这本书备受推崇的原因是它给人以希望和启迪。(…why…) 宝山The reason why the book is highly recommended is that it provides us with hope and inspiration.灵感; 启发;启迪2. 有些动物灭绝的原因是它们无法适应新的环境,因此我们必须注意保持生态平衡。 (adapt) 金山The reason why some animals became extinct was that they couldn’t adapt to the new environment , so we must pay attention to keeping the balance of nature.生态系统 ecosystem熄灭;扑灭 extinguish3. 随着各种支付方式的出现,许多人越来越担心的是,和现金或信用卡相比,他们的电子钱包是否足够安全。(concern) 奉贤With various payment methods emerging , what many people are more and more concerned about is whether their e-walkers are safe enough , compared with cash or credit card.支付宝 alipay零花钱 pocket money 零钱 changeVI. 同位语从句1. 消息传来在新西兰发生地震后,中国政府立即租用直升机实施救援,为此国人感到十分自豪。(word) 杨浦Word came that the Chinese government rented helicopters to rescue victims/ carry out rescue operations immediately after the earthquake hit New Zealand, which made Chinese people very proud.VII. 非谓语动词1. 我再也抑制不住看篮球比赛的冲动。(no longer) 宝山I could no longer resist the urge to watch the basketball match last night .情不自禁 can’t help doing sth2. 她经常在周末带她儿子去音乐会,让他受到艺术的熏陶。(expose) 金山She often takes her son to concerts at weekends , exposing him to art.陶冶情操 cultivate one’s mind健身方式 healthy approach fitness way健身房 gym3. 对于越来越多的城市居民而言,有车意味着得拼命去找一个停车位。(mean) 金山To / For more and more/ a growing number of city residents , having a car means trying /struggling/making efforts to find a parking place.4. 就孩子报考哪所大学,很多父母煞费苦心地做仔细调查,咨询专家。( pains) 静安A lot of parents take great pains to do / make / perform / carry out many a careful investigation and consult many specialists / experts about which university their children should apply to .5. 每年八月这个摄影师都去海外寻找美丽的瞬间。(overseas) 青浦Every August the photographer goes overseas to look for beautiful moments.6. 听到两位宇航员安然无恙返回地球的消息,人们欣喜若狂。 (wild)松江Hearing(the news that)the astronauts returned to the earth safe and sound, people were wild with joy.欣喜万分 be filled with joy7. 站在山顶,极目远望,大自然的壮美让我们惊叹不己。(amaze) 徐汇Standing at the top of the mountain and looking as far as the eyes can see, we are amazed at the magnificence of nature.8. 为了赶时髦,一些年轻人花费一个月的工资去购买新发行的电子产品。(spend) 杨浦1. To follow the fashion, some young people spend one-month salary in buying a newly-released electronic product.新发行的;最近出版的;刚出版的 newly- issued高度评价 speak highly of VIII定语从句1. 那个专门研究家庭教育的教授将受邀给这些家长做讲座。(expert)The professor who is (an) expert in/on/at family education will be invited to give a lecture to these parents. (2+1+1)专门研究 ; 专攻 specialize in 客座教授 visiting professor guest professor 副教授 associate professor 助教 teaching assistant2. 他从来都是毫不犹豫的提出那些他认为对别人有帮助的批评。(hesitate) 黄埔He never hesitates to make the criticisms that he considers helpful to others .3. 据真实故事改编的电影“深海浩劫”(Deepwater Horizon), 以其逼真的特效,吸引了许多观众。(which)嘉定Deepwater Horizon, which is based on a true story, has attracted a large audience with its special effects true to life.Deepwater Horizon, based on a true story, has attracted a large audience with its special effects which are true to life.4. 有时我们发现自己处于这样的窘境:即便觉得自己所做的不对,也要勉强为之。( where) 静安Sometimes we find ourselves in embrassing situations ,where we do certain things even if we feel what we are doing is wrong.险境 dangerous situation 困境hardship5. 最近上映的这部电影旨在唤起公众对于警察的关注, 他们冒着生命危险, 不惜一切代价捍卫国家尊严。(concern)评分标准:满分5分 普陀This newly released movie is intended/ meant to arouse the public’s concern about 0.5 1 1the border/ frontier policemen, who risk their life/ take the risk of losing their life 1to defend the national dignity/ the honor of the country at all costs/ at any cost. 1 0.5VIIII 状语从句一、结果状语从句1. 她的有关个人奋斗的演讲很真诚,让我们感动得几乎流泪。(…such …that…)宝山She made/ delivered such a heartfelt/sincere speech that we were almost moved to tears.2. 大多数孩子很少与父母和老师之外的成年人有密切的接触,他们对大人的生活鲜有概念。 (idea) 浦东Most children have so little close contact with adults except/apart from their parents and teachers that they have little idea (of) what adult life is like. Or: …have little idea of adult life. 3. 网购存在风险,因此下单之前的深思熟虑有助于避免不必要的损失。(exist) 杨浦There exist risks in online shopping, so careful consideration before placing an order can help avoid unnecessary losses.点单 order买单 pay the bill二、原因状语从句1. 这篇文章值得下载,它不仅给读者提供了很多该课程的相关信息,而且还有大量的实用网址。(provide) 黄埔The article is worth downloading , for it not only provides readers with much information about the course but also a lot of practical websites.输入文字 type words上传图片 upload pictures三、时间状语从句1. 货到后,你应该立即付款。(suppose)嘉定You are supposed to pay right after the goods are delivered (to your home)/the arriving of the goods/you receive the goods.2. 这段30分钟的视频上传网上只有两小时,就有成千上万的人观看过。( after)Thousands of people viewed the 30- minite video only two hours after it was posted on the web.四、让步状语从句1. 不管学生提出什么问题,这位老师总是耐心回答。(patience) 闵行Whatever question the students may ask , the teacher would answer them with patience.2. 这家饭店虽然地段不佳,但因菜肴丰富,服务优良而深受食客青睐。(locate) 闵行Although this restaurant is nor ideally located , it is quite popular among dinners because of its rich dishes and excellent services.3. 无论多忙,我们都应该花点时间锻炼身体。(spend) 普陀No matter how/ However busy we are, we should spend some time 1 1doing (physical) exercise/ getting some exercise. 14. 无论是短途旅行还是参加体育比赛,你最好把健康保险考虑在内。(whether) 青浦Whether you will( go on )an excursion/ a trip or participate in a sports event , you had better take health insurance into consideration.五、方式状语从句1. 先进的电脑技术正在逐渐改变我们的购物方式。 (way) 浦东Advanced computer technology is gradually changing/transforming the way we shop/do shopping. Or: …changing/transforming our way of doing shopping. VV固定句型1. 不可否认的是上海迪斯尼乐园每天人满为患。(deny) 崇明There is no denying that Shanghai Disneyland Park is crowded with people every day. (1+2)It can’t be denied that…2. 现代互联网技术的发展越先进,人们在现实生活中的人际关系可能就会越疏远。(likely)虹口The more advanced the development of modern Internet technology is, the more distant the relationships between people / people’s relationships are likely to be / become in the real life / world.3. 这是他第一次出国,是吗?(It) 黄埔It’s the first time that he has been abroad , isn’ t it?4. 圣诞节来临,购物中心里人潮涌动,这已经不足为奇了。(It)嘉定It is common/not surprising that shopping centers are crowded with people when Christmas is approaching/drawing near/coming.5. 解除病人的痛苦是医生的职责。 (relieve) 浦东It is a/the doctors’ responsibility/duty to relieve patients of their pain. Or: Relieving patients’ pain is a/the doctors’ responsibility/duty. 6. 被称为“发展屮国家”并不一定是坏事,只有这样我们才能永远在发展的路上前进,追 求更为高远的目标。(It) 徐汇It is not necessarily a bad thing to be called “developing country”, since only in this way can we stick to the road of developing forever for higher goals.VVI倒装结构1. 垃圾分类不仅有助于环境保护还有利于废物循环利用,所以人人要行动起来。(Not only) 崇明Not only does classifying/sorting rubbish(动名词) help protect the environment, but also it helps recycle waste materials, so everyone should take action. (1+2+1+1) n.垃圾分类rubbish classification/sorting2. 只有充分利用你遇到的每个机会,你才能实现自己的梦想。(Only)奉贤Only by making full use of every chance that you come across can you realize your dream.3. 杰克难得去老师那儿寻求帮助,他觉得自学会使自己受益更多。(Seldom)Seldom did / does Jack go / turn to / ask his teacher(s) for help, because he thought / thinks self-study / teaching himself would / will benefit himself more / give (bring) more benefits to him.4. 我做梦也想不到会在这次化学竞赛中获一等奖。(Little)Little did I dream of being able to win the first prize in this chemistry contest.物理/生物竞赛 physics /biology contest/competition不亚于 be bot second to sb冠军/亚军/季军 the first/second/third place the first/second/third winner( in the contest)金/银/铜牌 gold(en)/silver/bronze medal名列前茅 reach the top place in …… at the top of the list come out in front 5. 他伤得很严重,应该马上送医院。(So...) 闵行So badly was he wounded/ hurt that he should be sent to hospital immediately.6. 志愿者活动不仅能使青少年学到如何帮助残疾人,还可以提高他们与陌生人合作的意识。 (Not only…) 浦东Not only can volunteer activities enable teenagers to learn how to help the disabled, but they can also raise teenagers’ awareness to cooperate with strangers. (注意主语的位置)Or: Not only can volunteer activities make teenagers learn how to help the disabled, but they can raise teenagers’ awareness to cooperate with strangers as well. 7. 手机在人们日常生活中起着如此重要的作用,没有人敢不带手机去旅行。(So…)评分标准:满分4分 普陀So important a role/ part does the mobile phone / do mobile phones play 1 1 in people’s daily life that no one dares to travel without it. 0.5 1 0.58. 他高中一毕业就迫不及待地出国旅游去了。 (Hardly)松江Hardly had he graduated from the high school when he hurried to travel aboard.10




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