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可编辑 编辑 2018 北京 高考 一模单选 汇编
1、 【海淀一模】1. The course is designed to help students learn to show respect for .A.othersB.bothC. thoseD.either2. He will never make progress in math he really wants to learn it.A.ifB.as long asC. unlessD.in case3. A report on food safety in Beijing on January 15th, 2018 and it has received positive reviews.A. publishedB. was published C. has publishedD. has been published4. good air quality, the government is replacing coal fuel with natural gas.A. GuaranteedB. GuaranteeingC. To guarantee D. Guarantee5. leaves the classroom last should turn off the lights.A. WhichB. WhoC. Whichever D .Whoever6.This problem again? We it many times!A. are discussingB. discussed C. had discussedD. have discussed7.On Sunday morning, Nancy plans for the trip when her mother walked in.A.is reviewingB_will reviewC.was reviewing D . reviewed8.——I went to the concert last night. It was fantastic!—You were so lucky! How I wish I the ticket too.A.had gotB. would getC.got D. get9.Once by the soccer team, yourself need to train three times a week.A.acceptingB.acceptedC.to accept D. accept10.— Have you heard that Space X sent a Tesla car into space?—Yes. they have achieved is amazing.A.WhereB. HowC.That D. What11. It is through decades of hard work China has progressed to a new stage.A.thatB. whereC.whichD. what12.The mayor made a statement his concern for the misuse of shared bicycles.A. voicedB. voice C. voicing D. having voiced13. Michael was happy that he had a roof _ his head when it rained.A. on B. overC. upD. around14. You something great, otherwise you wouldn’t have got the promotion.A. should doB. must doC. should have done D. must have done15.Across the street is the research center Stephen Hawking made his ground-breaking discoveries in physics.A.whereB. thatC. whenD. which二、【西城一模】1. —Is there a hospital nearby? I hurt my ankle, and cannot move now. —It’s about 3 blocks away. I _____ you there. A. took B. take C. will take D. have taken2. Rosa _____ this washing machine for more than ten years. She is thinking about buying a new one. A. is using B. used C. had used D. has been using3. This course is of great interest to students, _____ to improve their writing skills. A. hope B. to hope C. hoping D. hoped4. —Vivien, you look blue. What’s wrong? —There are so many papers _____. I’m really busy recently. A. finish B. to finish C. finishing D. finished5. _____ at the differences between her culture and theirs, Annie wanted to return home. A. Confusing  B. Confused  C. Having confused  D. To confuse6. The old bank, _____ appearance is not a pretty sight, is extremely beautiful on the inside. A. whose B. where C. when D. which7. The famous player tried again and again after each failure. That’s _____ he succeeded at last. A. what B. when C. whether D. why8. Usually Beijing Roast Duck _____ together with special pancakes, green onions and sweet sauce. A. was served B. will serve C. is served D. served9. _____ gas prices are rising, people are looking for less expensive ways to get around. A. Now that B. Even if C. Although D. Unless10. _____ annoys the teacher most is that all the students are too quiet in class. A. What B. That C. When D. Who11. Passengers _____ talk to the driver while the bus is moving, because it will take his focus off the road. A. would not B. must not C. may not D. need not12. _____ to manage time wisely, and you can make the most out of each day. A. Learning B. To learn C. Learned D. Learn13. It rained this morning, _____ actually didn’t bother me because I like walking in the rain. A. what B. when C. where D. which14. Parents need to encourage kids to develop their potential _____ putting too much pressure on them. A. without B. besides C. by D. for15. —What a shame! We misunderstood each other for such a long time. —Yes, I wish I _____ with you earlier. A. communicateB. had communicated C. communicated D. would communicate三、【朝阳一模】21. You can smoke here _____ you leave a window open to let the smoke out.A. even thoughB. so thatC. in caseD. as long as22. —Can we play on the football field now?—No, the grass _____.A. will be cutB. is being cutC. was cut D. has been cut23. It hasn’t been announced _____ the plane is to take off.A. whereB. whenC. howD. why24. The problem is _____ his ability and I don’t think he can solve it.A. beyondB. toC. againstD. within25. _____ around the school, the retired teachers were impressed by its new look.A. ShowingB. To be shownC. Having shownD. Shown26. Travelling abroad is a great way to find out _____ life is like in another part of the world.A. whatB. howC. whereD. that27. —You seem to be familiar with the school. —I _____ here for three years. It’s great to be back.A. studiedB. have studiedC. had studiedD. study28. The goals _____ he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him.A. after whichB. with whichC. for whichD. at which29. The agreement _____ between the two companies last week will come into effect soon.A. to signB. to be signedC. signedD. signing30. —What kind of food do you prefer?—_____ but Japanese.A. SomethingB. AnythingC. EverythingD. Nothing31. Sir Denis has made it known that he _____ much of his collection to the nation after his death.A. has leftB. leftC. would leaveD. will leave32. —What’s the matter with Coco?—She has a headache because she _____ too long; she ought to stop working now.A. has been readingB. was readingC. readsD. had read33. I saw them whispering to each other; obviously they did not want _____ by others.A. to hearB. to be heardC. hearingD. being heard34. —Mom, I’m going to Diana’s birthday party tomorrow. —OK, but you _____ stay there too late. Be sure to get home before 10 pm.A. couldn’tB. wouldn’tC. mustn’tD. might not35. If Nina _____ that her husband would go to the bus stop to meet her, she wouldn’t have walked back home.A. knowsB. knewC. has knownD. had known四、【丰台一模】1. Teenagers get less and less sleep, them at a higher risk of physical and mental health problems. A. puttingB. put C. to putD. being put2. —Isn’t that Ann’s brother over there?—No. It be him. He never wears glasses.A. won’t B. must not C. can’t D. may not3. A splendid eight-minute show on Beijing at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. A. staged B. will be stagedC. had staged D. was staged 4. Jack is determined to get a seat for the concert it means standing in a queue all night. A. so thatB. in case C. even thoughD. as if5. —Winter is over at last. Time to put away my gloves and boots. — Great! I for this for months.A. will waitB. have been waiting C. was waitingD. waited6. —A bookbar is being built near our school.—Yes. It is said that the bar soon.A. has openedB. will open C. would openD. opened 7. Beijing plans to build its first bicycle lane connects a residential area with a business center.A. which B. who C. what D. where8. Travel Frog by a Japanese game studio has become a hit in China. A. to be created B. created C. being created D. creating9. In a meeting, Xi Jinping shared a story on his parents passed down important moral values to him. A. what B. which C. how D. when10. students to exercise, a university in Wuhan recently launched a fitness app.A. To encourageB. Having encouraged C. Encouraged D. Encouraging11. —Our country is developing at an amazing speed!—Yes. This is makes me feel so proud.A. which B. why C. where D. what12. —Thank you for reminding me of the time,otherwise I late yesterday.—Don’t mention it.A. had beenB. would have been C. should be D. would be13. Information technology is taught in most schools, we have entered the information society.A. soB. whileC. andD. for14. In the UK the clocks forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March, and back 1 hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October.A. wentB. are going C. go D. have gone 15. It’s important for a girl to know what colors look good her skin.A. atB. onC. above D. against五、【石景山一模】1. — How can I wake up so early?—Set the alarm at 5:00 am., you will make it.A. and B. but C. or D. so2. After class, the teacher couldn’t leave, by the students.A. surrounded B. to surround C. was surrounded D. surrounding3. I keep the picture where I can see it every day, reminds me of the days in my hometown.A. that B. which C. who D. when4. Self confidence is a kind of quality and that is it takes to do everything well.A. why B. that C. what D. which5. ~Why do you drink so much coffee?~Well, it doesn’t keep me awake in the night, I see no harm in it.A. when B. as long as C. as though D. while6. As is known, only hard leads to happiness.A. work B. works C. worked D. working7. After college, he was employed in a middle school and there ever since.A. would worked B. had worked C. worked D. has worked8. It is reported the housing prices in some big cities fall in different degrees.A. which B. what C. that D. where9. ~Where was I?~You you didn’t like your job.A. had said B. said C. were saying D. has said10. students English well, the teacher tries to speak English in class very often.A. Teaching B. Taught C. To teach D. Teach11. If the traffic so heavy, I could have been back by 6 o’clock.A. hadn’t been B. wasn’t C. couldn’t be D. hasn’t been12. We are living in an age most of things are done on cell phones.A. which B. that C. whose D. when13. She was such a proud person that she would die she would admit she was wrong.A. since B. when C. unless D. before14. The accident have been caused by a dog running across the road, but we don’t know for sure.A. might B. should C. will D. must15. Star skater Wu Dajing won China’s first gold medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games breaking world record in short track men’s 500m.A. to B. by C. with D. in六、【东城一模】1. Scientists are building a powerful instrument, which ______ them see deep into space.A. has helped B. will help C. helped D. would helped2. Large groups that want to visit the museum have to get permission ______ they visit.A. unless B. where C. as D. before3. Since 18th January, 2018, some airlines in China ______ mobile phone use on their aircrafts. A. allow B. allowed C. have allowed D. had allowed 4. The dictionary has 100 new words _________ into its latest edition.A. add B. adding C. added D. being added 5. Moving abroad means entering a culture ______ the customs and the language are different. A. where B. when C. which D. whose 6. —Could you tell me ______ the train from New York will be arriving on time? —Yes, sir. It should be arriving in 10 minutes. A. when B. how C. why D. if 7. The snowstorm ______ several days before it hit the northern areas. A. would predict B. had predicted C. would be predicted D. had been predicted8. I ______ not have her new telephone number; let me check. A. may B. must C. shall D. need 9. Once Jason becomes interested in some topic, he can’t help thinking about it ______ he goes. A. however B. wherever C. whenever D. whomever 10. The book ______ next year is supposed to be a best-seller.A. publishing B. being published C. to be published D. to have published11. The trouble is ______ we can reach the conference center within twenty minutes in the rush hour.A. what B. how C. when D. why12. Mike hasn’t appeared for two weeks, ______ his friends are wondering what has happened to him. A. so B. but C. or D. for 13. Electric cars produce about 80 percent less pollution than cars ______ gas-powered motors.A. from B. by C. for D. with 14. ______ that he had fallen behind, Peter started to quicken his pace.A. Realized B. To realize C. Having realized D. Having been realized 15. Can you imagine what the modern world ______ like without smartphones? A. were B. would be C. had been D. would have been 一、海淀一模1-5ACBCD 6-10DCABD 11-15 ACBDA 二、西城一模1-5CDCBB 6-10 ADCAA 11-15BDDAB三、朝阳一模21—25 DBBAD 26—30 AACCB 31—35 DABCD四、丰台一模 1-5ACDCB 6-10BABCA 11-15 DBDCD五、石景山一模 1--5AABCB 6--10 DDCBC 11-15 ADAAB6、 东城一模: 1-5BDCCA 6-10 DDABC 11-15 BADCB




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