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可编辑 编辑 2018 济宁 中考 英语 word 详细 解析
山东省济宁市2018年中考英语真题试题第Ⅰ卷一、听力选择 (一)请听录音中五个句子。从下面所给的A、B、C三图片中,选出与句子内容相符的图片。(每个句子仅读一遍)4. Who is the girl in a red skirt?A. Alice.   B. Rose     C. Rose’s classmate5. What is the man doing now?A. Watching the new.    B. Watching TV plays.    C. Watching Animal world.6. Where does the woman live?A. In the city.    B. In the town    C. In the mountains7. Why is Tom feeling bad?A. Because he failed the Reading exam.B. Because he is afraid to talk with his teacher.C. Because he doesn't know whom to talk with8. What is the relationship between the two speakers?A. Husband and wife.   B. Father and daughter.   C. Neighbors(二)请听录音中两段较长的对话,每段对话后有几个小题,从中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出能国答所给间题的最佳答案。(每段对话读两遍),听第一段较长的对话,完成第9至第11三个小题。温馨提示: 1. sightseeing 观光  2. book 预定9. How long does the trip take?A. 4 days   B. 5 days.    C. 7 days10. What transportation will the man take?A. Train and subway.B. Plane and sightseeing bus.C. Train and sightseeing bus.11. How much will the man pay?A.14000ya  B. 2,000 yuan,   C. 3,000 yuan,听第二段较长的对话,完成第12至第15四个小题12. what's wrong with the boy?A. He has a cold and a feverB. He has a headache and a feverC. He has a stomachache and a headache13. What caused the boys headache?A. Having a bad cold and a fever.B. Eating fast food and no breakfast.C. Spending too much time on the computer.14. Which is the woman’s advice?A. Try to have a good eating habit.B. Do morning exercises every day.C. Don’t do too much work on computer.15. Where does the conversation take place?A. In a hospital.B. In a restaurant.C. At home.注意:请同学们翻到第8页,找到第Ⅱ卷第三大题,继坡做听力填词题。2、 阅读理解阅读下面短文,从每小题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出能回答所提问题的最佳答案。 A Maps are pictures of places. You must have seen a map of the world, of your home country and even of your home city. They show us towns, cities, roads, parks, schools, hospitals, and more. There are also many other types( 类型) of maps. Each gives a special kind of information. There are street maps, tourist maps, and even maps of the air and sea.Here is a simple road map. 1. Which is the biggest town on the map?A. Greenton. B. Bluetown. C. Smalltown. D. Bigtow.2. If you drive from Smalltown to Bluetown, which is the best way to choose?A. M3    B. M13. C. M23    D. R673. What does the writer mainly want to tell us?A. Ways to choose maps.    B. Ways to read maps.C. Some types of maps.    D. The importance of maps.【答案】1. A    2. B    3. D【解析】这是一篇介绍地图的小短文,主要介绍了地图上的图例,并以一副小地图作为实例进行了介绍以说明地图的重要性。1. 句意:地图上最大的城镇是哪个?通过图例发现空心圆圈是“large town”(大城镇),找到对应的地名是“Greentown”,故选A。2. 句意:如果你从Smalltown开车到Bluetown,最好选择哪条路?在地图上找到Smalltown和Bluetown两个地方,发现连接两地的有两条路线M13和R67,从图例中看出实心细线表示“Road”(道路),虚线表示“Rough Track”(崎岖小路),故如果驾车最好选择M13道路,故选B。3. 句意:作者主要想告诉我们什么?选项A.选择地图的方法。选项B.阅读地图的方法。选项C.一些类型的地图。选项D.地图的重要性。本文主要是在介绍地图,用地图能看到什么,地图能表示什么,并通过一副地图形象地说明了这点,所以主题是关于“地图的重要性”的,没有提到如何选择地图,没有提到如何阅读地图,也没对地图的类型进行介绍,故选D。点睛:这样类型的阅读更加考察新时期环境下运用英语解决问题的能力,需要读懂图片,这直接与本篇阅读的1、2题的解答有直接的关系,用英语正确读懂题图的图例对解决这道题有很大的帮助,这就说明在日常中要培养跨学科的意识,要把一些基础的其他学科的知识运用在英语阅读中,如果不知道图片中左下角的图例或是直接忽视这幅图片做题就会造成不必要的丢分。 B It's that time of the year--graduation. The end of school year is nearly in sight, and it's an especially big deal if you're finishing high school or college.One amazing 16-year-old Florida girl, Grace Bush, graduated from both high school and college this week! She actually got her college diploma before her high school diploma. How did she manage to do that? "Hard work and great attention, " she told a local TV news station, "have made me succeed in doing high school and college at the same time." She started taking college courses when she was just 13. She would often get up at 5: 30 a m. and go to bed after 11: 00 p. m. Doing both at the same time is a huge achievement, and it has also helped her family save money. She's one of the 9 children, all home-schooled until the age of 13. Her father is a math professor while her mother is a part-time history teacher in a high school. Grace Bush has earned her college degree in law, with a nearly perfect GPA of 3.8 and she hopes to become a lawyer one day, although her parents expect her to teach at university. By the way. she also played basketball in her college team in her spare time.4. In what way is Grace amazing?A. She is a 16-year-old Florida girlB. She finished high school this week.C. She worked very hard at her lessons every day.D. She graduated from both high school and college at 16.5. Which picture might Graces diploma look like? 6. What is the key to grace's success?A. Taking college courses at 13.B. Working hard at her courses.C. Growing up in a professor’s family.D. Having a dream of becoming a teacher.7. Which of the following is TRUE according to the last paragraph?A. The Bushes have 13 children altogether.B. Graces mother is a full-time history teacher.C. Grace wants to teach at university in the future.D. Grace received her education at home before 13.【答案】4. D    5. C    6. B    7. D【解析】本文介绍了一位令人惊奇的女孩,她16岁就同时获得了高中和大学的毕业证。文章还描述了她成功的原因、家庭背景、未来规划、日常生活等其他事项。4. 句意:格蕾丝“惊人的”地方是什么?选项A.她是一名16岁的佛罗里达女孩。选项B.她本周上完高中。选项C.她每天都在努力学习她的课程。选项D.她16岁毕业于高中和大学。原文“One amazing 16-year-old Florida girl, Grace Bush, graduated from both high school and college this week!”(一位出色的16岁佛罗里达女孩Grace,Grace本周毕业于高中和大学!),从这里知道她“令人惊异”的地方在于16岁同时从高中和大学毕业,故选D。5. 句意:哪张图片可能是Graces的文凭的样子?仔细观察图片,可以发现选项A像是一本护照(passport),选项B是一本字典(dictionary),选项C就是文凭,毕业证书(certificate of graduation, diploma),选项D是驾照“drivers license”。Grace毕业后获得的自然是毕业证书,故选C。6. 句意:Grace成功的关键是什么?选项A.在13岁上大学课程。选项B.努力学习她的课程。选项C.在教授家庭长大。选项D.梦想成为一名教师。原文“Hard work and great attention, have made me succeed in doing high school and college at the same time.”(勤奋和高度注意,使我成功地同时学习高中和大学的内容。)说明成功的秘诀在于“努力学习”,故选B。7. 句意:根据最后一段,以下哪项是对的?选项A. Bush一家一共有13个孩子。选项B. Graces的母亲是一位全职历史老师。选项C. Grace希望未来在大学教书。选项D.Grace在13岁前在家接受了教育。原文“She's one of the 9 children”说明家里一共9个孩子,故A错。原文“her mother is a part-time history teacher”说明她的妈妈是一位兼职的历史老师,不是全职,故B错。选项C未提及,错误。原文“all home-schooled until the age of 13.”(直到13岁的她在家学习),选项D正确,故选D。 C In America, boys and girls often join clubs. The members of a club work together. They also learn certain skills and share good times. Many boys belong to Boy Scouts. Boy scouts enjoy hiking and camping out together, and they learn many things. Scouts learn safety rules, first aid, and what to do when in danger. Members have a chance to learn outdoor living. They learn to build fires and cook out in the open. Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Girls are clubs for girls. These two clubs give their members a chance to have fun and learn. The girls in a group take trips, have parties and go hiking and camping together. The Camp Fire Girls earn honor beads( 荣誉珠) for learning such skills as swimming and cooking. The Girl Scouts earn badges(徽章).Both boys and girls can be members of 4-h clubs, Children who live in either the city or the country may belong to 4-h. A project such as raising a pig or a calf can be carried on only by farm children, while city children can take part in gardening and cooking projects. In all these clubs the boys and girls learn to be good and useful citizens.8. Why do boys and girls join clubs according to the passage?A. To make their parents happy.B. To earn honor beads and badges.C. To learn skills and share good times.D. To enjoy hiking and camping out.9. What does Para. 2 mainly talk about?A. What to do when in danger.B. Some activities of Boy Scouts.C. What Boy Scouts really enjoy.D. Some skills about outdoor living.10. What can we know from Para. 3?A. In America there are many clubs for girls.B. Camp Fire Girls is quite popular in America.C. Girls can go hiking and camping with the boys.D. Girls are encouraged to learn swimming and cooking.11. What is the passage mainly about?A. Members of 4-h clubs in America.B. Clubs for boys and girls in America.C. Different kinds of clubs in America.D. Children who are interested in clubs.【答案】8. C    9. C    10. A    11. B【解析】本文简单介绍了几种美国开设的专为男孩、女孩活动的俱乐部。8. 句意:根据这篇文章,为什么男孩女孩加入俱乐部?选项A.让父母高兴。选项B.获得荣誉珠和徽章。选项C.学习技巧并共享美好时光。选项D.享受远足和露营。原文“They also learn certain skills and share good times.”(他们也学习某些技能并共享美好时光。)得出他们参加俱乐部的原因。故选C。9. 句意:第二段主要讲什么?选项A.遇到危险时应该怎么做。选项B.童子军的一些活动。选项C.童子军真正喜欢什么。选项D.关于户外生活的一些技巧。第二段主要讲在童子军中的男生的相关情况,原文“Boy scouts enjoy hiking and camping out together,”(童子军喜欢徒步旅行和一起露营),后面进行了补充说明,所以这一段主要是在描述童子军喜欢的内容是什么?即(徒步旅行和野营),故选C。 11. 句意:这篇文章主要是关于什么?选项A.美国4小时俱乐部的会员。选项B.美国为男孩和女孩设立的俱乐部。选项C.美国不同类型的俱乐部。选项D.对俱乐部感兴趣的孩子。这篇文章主要是在讨论俱乐部,尤其是讨论为男孩女孩设立的俱乐部,并举了几个案例,其它选项不完整,不具有概括性,故选B。 D Inventions make our life easier and better than before. What are the best inventions of last year? Here are three amazing things in Time magazines list of the 25 best inventions of 2017. Smart mug It's hard to keep coffee or tea warm, especially in winter. But this smart mug from US company Ember Technologies can solve this problem. There is an app for the mug that allows people to set the mug to a certain temperature between 48"C and 62"C. Then, the mug keeps your coffee or tea at that temperature for about an hour, and even longer if you put the mug on a charging(充电)plate.Social robot  Can robots talk to us like humans? Jibo, a robot made by US company Jibo Inc, can do this. With a big, round head and a big body, Jibo looks like a cartoon character. And its voice sounds like a 10-year-old boy. As soon as you say "Hey, Jibo, " it dances and turns to face you. When it talks to you, it moves its head and body to communicate with you. Its appearance, tone of voice and humor make you feel that you have a little friend Jibo is able to tell stories to children, take pictures just by hearing your order "Jibo, take a picture", and do hundreds of other jobs. Although its creators think that Jibo still has a lot to learn, it's available with a price of $ 899;  a good price for a pretty smart and friendly robot!Fidget spinner What is the most popular toy this year? The answer is probably fidget spinners. They are small plastic or metal toys with a bearing(滚珠轴承)in the middle. The toys can keep turning around on your fingertip for a few minutes after you start them. Once they are turning, you can put them on any other flat surface, such as a ruler or even the nose of a pet dog. This toy is very popular among young people around the world. Some people say that it helps them calm down and relax. But it may not   be a good thing to spend too much time playing with it.12. Why is the smart mug special?A. It's not easy to get broken in winter.B. It can heat coffee or tea up to 48 °C. C. It can solve many difficult problems.D. It has an app to control the temperature.13. What does the underlined sentence mean?A. Jibo is not perfect yet but worth buying.B. Although Jibo is cheap, it's not worth buying.C. Although Jibo is expensive, it is worth the money.D. The creators have to learn a lot to make Jibo perfect.14. What is a fidget spinner used for?A. Having fun. B. Cleaning finger.C. Doing homework. D. Answering questions.15. What's the best title for the whole text?A. Inventions and our life. B. Time magazines list.C. Best inventions of 2017. D. Mugs, robots and toys.【答案】12. D    13. A    14. A    15. C【解析】本文介绍了3件2017年入选时代周刊杂志年度最佳发明的令人惊奇的物件。12. 句意:为什么智能杯很特别?选项A.冬天不容易破碎。选项B.可以将咖啡或茶加热至48°。选项C.它可以解决许多难题。选项D.它有一个应用程序可以用来控制温度。原文“There is an app for the mug that allows people to set the mug to a certain temperature between 48"C and 62"C.”(有一个针对这种杯子的应用程序,可以让人们将杯子的温度设置在48°C和62°C之间的某个温度。),其他选项未提及,不正确,故选D。13. 句意:划线句子是什么意思?选项A. Jibo并不完美,但值得购买。选项B.虽然Jibo便宜,但不值得购买。选项C.虽然Jibo价格昂贵,但它是值这个价格。选项D.创造者必须学习很多才能使Jibo完美。原文划线句的意思是“虽然它的创作者认为对于Jibo仍然有很多需要学习的东西,但它的售价899美元是可以的;对于这样一个非常聪明和友好的机器人,这是一个好价钱!”说明虽然机器人不那么完美,但是值得购买,值得上那个价格,故选A。14. 句意:指尖陀螺是用于什么的?选项A.玩的开心。选项B.清洁手指。选项C.做作业。选项D.回答问题。原文“What is the most popular toy this year?”(本年度最流行的玩具是什么?),加之本段中多次提到“toy”一词,足以说明指尖陀螺是一种玩具,是用来玩的,故选A。15. 句意:本文最佳标题是什么?选项A.发明和我们的生活。选项B.《时代》杂志列表。选项C. 2017年的最佳发明。选项D.马克杯,机器人和玩具。本文按照顺序介绍了2017年的3种最佳发明,其它选项表意不明确,不能完全概括文章,故选C。点睛:本文结构非常清晰,大体上就是三个部分,讲了三种发明,所以当题干提到某一种的时候直接锁定对应的段落即可,例如第1题,为什么智能杯很特别?锁定第一段,仔细观察对照,就能得出正确答案了(有一个针对这种杯子的应用程序,可以让人们将杯子的温度设置在48°C和62°C之间的某个温度。),其他的选项都是无中生有。 第 Ⅲ 卷听力填词请听下面一段独白。根据所听到的内容,写出可以填入下表1-5空格处的适当单词,每空限填一词。(独白读两遍) A 1._______competitionTime On the evening of 2._______12th from 6:30 to 8:30.Place In the 3._______of our school.Clothes Wear white shirts and dark 4._______trousers.Phone number Call us here at 5_______.四、单词拼写与运用根据句意完成已给出首字母或汉语提示的单词,使补全后的句子意思通,语法正确。16. In the north of China, leaves usually fall down when a_______ comes.17. A p_______ at a school is a place for students to play and do sports.18. In China more and more people r_______ shared bikes to and from work.19. Don’t worry about the children. They are old enough to look after t_______.20. People often fly kites on sunny and _______(多风)days.21. It's a good habit to brush your_______(牙齿) after a meal.22. The stamp I bought yesterday_______(花费)me 20 yuan.23. When we left, the kids said goodbye to us_______(礼貌).【答案】16. autumn    17. playground    18. ride    19. themselves    20. windy    21. teeth    22. cost    23. politely【解析】16. 句意:在中国北方,叶子通常会在秋天来临时掉下来。大树落叶通常是发生在秋天的时候,故这里填季节“秋天,即”“autumn”。17. 句意:学校的操场是学生玩耍和做运动的地方。通过后句的描述知道这是一个学校里可以用来玩耍和运动的地方,结合首字母,得出是“操场”(playground)。18. 句意:在中国,越来越多的人骑共享自行车上下班。“ride bikes”为“骑自行车”,这里是“ride shared bikes”(骑共享单车),表示的是一种常态,使用一般现在时即可,故填“ride”。19. 句意:别担心孩子。他们年龄已经足够大,能够照顾他们自己了。“look after sb”是“照看某人”,这里是说孩子已经够大了,能够照顾“他们自己”了,故这里填反身代词“themselves”。20. 句意:人们经常在阳光和多风的时候放风筝。“多风的”为“cloudy”,做形容词修饰“days”,故填“cloudy”。21. 句意:饭后刷牙是个好习惯。“刷牙”是“brush teeth”,刷的不止一颗牙齿,需要使用复数(teeth),故填“teeth”。22. 句意:我昨天买的那张邮票花了我20英镑。“某物花费某人多少钱”是“sth cost(s) sb + 钱数”,从“The stamp I bought yesterday”看得出邮票是昨天买的,故句子谓语需要使用一般过去时,是“过去花费”的,故这里填cost。23. 句意:当我们离开时,孩子们礼貌地告别了我们。这里的“礼貌”是用于修饰“说再见”这个动作的,表示“礼貌地说再见”,需要使用副词,故这里填“politely”。点睛:单词拼写一定要注意所填句子的语境,尤其是人称和时态,例如本题第7题,需要首先判断出“I bought yesterday”是“stamp”的定语从句,表示“我昨天买的那张邮票”,所以“买”动作发生在过去,再结合“某物花费某人多少钱”是“sth cost(s) sb + 钱数”这个结构,句子谓语需要使用一般过去时,是“过去花费”的,在这里填cost。还有这里也要正确区分几个有关“花费”的表达,可以看出这句话的主语是“物”,所以直接可以判定动词不能用“spend”或“pay”,只能是cost。五、语法填空阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。 A There were many people on a bus. An old man ____24____(look) here and there. He wanted to find ____25____ empty seat. Then he saw one and went to it. A small bag was on the seat. And a young man was beside it. “Is this seat empty? ” asked the old man. " No, it's ____26____ an old woman. She went to buy some bananas.” said the young man. " Well, let me sit here, please. I'll leave here when she ____27____(come) back, "replied the old man. After a few minutes, the bus started. "The old woman ____28____(not come), but her bag is here. Let me give her the bag. "Then the old man threw the bag out of the bus window. The young man jumped up and shouted, "Don’t throw! It's my bag!"【答案】24. looked    25. an    26. for    27. comes    28. hasn’t【解析】本文讲了一个年轻人把自己的包放在一个空座上占座不想给一位老人让座的故事,最后老人戳穿了这个年轻人。24. 句意:一位老人四处看着。前句点明了本文的时态,所以这里需要使用一般过去时,故填looked。    25. 句意:他想要找一个空位置。他是一个人,所以想要找的是“一个”空位置,本题填不定冠词an。    26. 句意:它是给一位老妇女的。这句话是年轻人的回答,他回答这个座位不是空的,所以是留给某人的,这里用介词“for sb”表示“给某人,为某人”,故填 for。    27. 句意:当她回来的时候我会离开这里的。这句话使用了主将从现,表示“她一回来,我就离开”,故“回来”这个动作在从句中使用一般现在时,填comes。    28. 句意:老妇女没有来,但是包还在这儿。这句话是在描述现在的状态,使用现在完成时,故填hasn'’t。 B A Spring Morning This spring morning in bed I’m lying, Not to awake till the birds are crying. After one night of wind and showers, How many are the fallen flowers! (Translated by Xu Yuanchong) This poem____29____ (write) by Meng Haoran (689-740), who lived during the Tang Dynasty. It might be one of the ____30____ (famous) Poems about spring in China. People like to read it ____31____they wake up on a spring morning. Meng didn’t directly say how much he loved spring. Instead, he wrote about the details(细节) of the season:the birds,wind, rain showers and fallen flowers. His descriptions(描述)of these things showed____32____ (we) the joy he felt during springtime. Meng chose to write about the sounds of spring. These sounds allow readers ____33____ (picture) spring using their own imagination.【答案】29. was written    30. most famous    31. when    32. us    33. to picture【解析】本文由孟浩然的“春晓”开头,简单讨论了这首诗的主题、人们对它的喜爱以及对这首诗简要的分析。29. 句意:这首诗是由孟浩然写的。“诗”肯定是“被写的”,而且是过去“被写的”,所以要使用一般过去时的被动语态,故填was written。    30. 句意:它可能是关于中国春天的最著名的诗歌之一。“one of”后要加“形容词的最高级形式”,故这里要用“famous”的最高级,填most famous。31. 句意:人们喜欢在春天的早晨醒来时阅读它。“人们喜欢阅读它”是发生在“他们在早上醒来”的时候,两个动作几乎是同时,使用连词“when”表示“当…的时候”,故这里填when。    32. 句意:他对这些事物的描述向我们展示了他在春日里感受到的快乐。“show sb sth”为“向某人展示某物”,sb在动词后,需要使用宾格,故这里填we的宾格us。    33. 句意:这些声音让读者可以用自己的想象力来描绘春天。“允许某人做某事”是“allow sb to do sth”,这里是说“允许读者去描绘”,“picture”在这里是动词,故填to picture。六、完形填空阅读下面短文,从方框中选择适当的词语填空,方框中有两个词语为多余选项。 rule, none, again, note, firs,t directly, another, set, out, gave up One day, a student asked his teacher, "what is greed?" The teacher didn’t answer his question___34___ , but asked the student to walk through the chocolate factory next to their school and pick out the biggest chocolate bar(条、块) he could find.But there was a ___35___: as he passed through the factory, he could not turn back. The student went to the chocolate factory. As he walked, he saw a large chocolate bar. He liked it, but thought he might be able to find an even bigger one if he kept going. He kept walking and saw ___36___ chocolate bar. This one was a little bigger. But ___37___ , he thought he could find an even bigger one if he kept going. As he neared the end of the factory, he saw fewer chocolate bars, and ___38___ of them were as large as the earlier ones. He started to regret his decision to keep going. Finally, he ___39___. He went back to his teacher empty-handed and explained what had happened. The teacher told him, “ You liked the ___40___chocolate bar, but you kept looking for a bigger one. And later, you realized that you had given up the best chocolate bar because you thought you could do better. That is called greed.”【答案】34. directly    35. rule    36. another    37. again    38. none    39. gave up    40. first【解析】本文讲了一位老师带一个学生去巧克力工厂,让他步行穿过工厂并沿途可以挑选巧克力棒,但前提是不能回头,结果最后男孩由于总想着前面的巧克力棒更大而一无所获。老师以此教育了学生,告诉了他什么是“贪婪”。34. 句意:老师没有直接地回答他的问题。这里是说老师在听到学生的问题后,没有直接回答,而是让学生去做了一件事,使用副词“directly”表示“直接地”,填 directly。    35. 句意:但是有一条规则:当他穿过工厂时,他不能再回头。可以看到冒号后面的内容是一条规则,一种约定,故这里填rule。    36. 句意:他继续走并且看到另一个巧克力棒。看到一个巧克力棒以为自己还能找到更大的于是选择继续前行,所以再次看到的肯定是“另一个”(another)巧克力棒,故填another。    37. 句意:但是,再一次,他认为如果他继续前进,他会发现更大的一个。这里是心态的再次重演,他的想法没变,所以这里是“再一次”(again)这样认为,故填again。    38. 句意:当他接近工厂的尽头时,他看到的巧克力棒越来越少,没有一个像以前那样大。后面的“as large as the earlier ones”指“像前面的那样大”,外加后句中说他开始遗憾了,说明这里的情况不太好,没有一个(none)像之前的那样大,故填none。    39. 句意:最后,他放弃了。这里是说他的心情崩溃了,因为到最后反而没什么好的巧克力棒了,而且他也什么都没得到,所以他应该是“gave up”放弃了,动词要使用一般过去时,故填 gave up。    40. 句意:你喜欢第一个巧克力棒,但你一直在寻找一个更大的巧克力棒。这里是老师的话,在描述学生的行为,学生喜欢的是第一个,但一直在找更大的,故这里填first。七、阅读表达阅读短文,根据要求完成文后的题目。 There was once a King and he wanted to find out who could paint the best picture of peace. And he would offer a prize to the artist. Many artists tried. The King looked at all the pictures but there were only two he really liked and he had to choose between them. One picture was of a calm(平静的) lake. The lake was a perfect mirror for peaceful mountains all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with white soft clouds. Everyone thought that was a perfect picture of peace. The other picture had mountains too. But these were rugged(崎岖的) and bare(无遮蔽的). Above was an angry sky, And it was raining and lightening. Down the side of the mountain, a waterfall fell quickly. This did not look peaceful at all. But when the King looked carefully, he saw behind the waterfall a bush(矮树丛)growing in a crack(裂缝) in the rock. In the bush a mother bird had built her nest(巢,窝), There, she sat on her nest ... in perfect peace. Which picture do you think won the prize? The King chose the second picture."Because, "said the King, "peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the middle of all those things and still be calm in your heart. That is the real meaning of peace.41. What did the King want the artists to do? (no more than 10 words)___________________________________________________42. What did everyone think of the 1st picture? (no more than 7 words)____________________________________________________43. Why did the King choose the 2nd picture?(no more than 11 words)____________________________________________________44. 请将文中画线的句子翻译成汉语____________________________________________________45. 请给短文拟一个适当的英文题目___________________________________________________【答案】41. To paint the best picture of peace.    42. That was a perfect picture of peace    43. Because he thought it had the real meaning of peace.    44. 身处如此多的烦扰之中,而依然能心存安宁,才是真正的宁静。    45. Real Meaning of Peace【解析】本文主要讲的是国王寻找关于和平的最佳画作的故事,在评价环节出现了两幅画作,国王却喜欢那副大众不在意的,画面中充满噪音、喧闹的画作,后来国王以独特的视角做出了解释,认为真正的平和是内心的平和。41. 题干意思:国王想让艺术家做什么? (不超过10个单词)。文章首句“There was once a King and he wanted to find out who could paint the best picture of peace.”(曾经有一位国王,他想找出谁可以画出关于和平的最佳画作。),所以可以得出国王的目的,这里用不定式结构来表达目的,填To paint the best picture of peace.    42. 题干意思:每个人对第一张照片有什么看法?(不超过7个单词),原文“Everyone thought that was a perfect picture of peace.”(每个人都认为这是和平的完美图景。),从这里可以得出每个人对第一张图的观点,故填That was a perfect picture of peace.    43. 题干意思:为什么国王选择了第二张照片?(不超过11个单词),原文“Because peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work.”(因为和平并不意味着在没有噪音,麻烦或辛勤工作的地方。),这句话是国王做出的解释,为了用限定的字数回答问题,可以改写成“他认为这幅画拥有和平的真实含义”,填Because he thought it had the real meaning of peace.    44. “mean”为“意思是”;“those things”指的是“noise, trouble, or hard work”这些烦扰之事,“be calm in your heart”意思是“内心要宁静,要冷静”,整合起来,就是:身处如此多的烦扰之中,而依然能心存安宁,才是真正的宁静。    45. 本文主要讲的是国王寻找关于和平的最佳画作的故事,在评价环节,国王以独特的视角解释了和平真正的含义,所以标题可以选“Real Meaning of Peace”。八、写作某英文网站的“ Student Life”栏目正在向中学生征文,标题为“ A time when I made someone happy”,请你写一篇英文稿件,内容需包括以下要点:1. Who was the person you made happy?2. When was it?3. What did you say or do?4. Why did it make him/her happy?5. How did you feel at that moment?注意:1.词数:100左右(题目不计入总词数)。2.文中不得出现可能透考生真实身份的任何信息。【参考范文】Last summer, though it was hot,I volunteered to teach children English in rural area. When I arrived there,I couldn't adjust to the weather and life style. However, as time went by, I found myself quite happy when I saw the students I was teaching made great progress. In order to teach them, I had to keep on learning as well. As a result, my English improved a lot. Also, I made friends with some of my students. We are still keeping in touch by letter now. In a word, not only did I help those in need, but also I myself learn a lot that summer. If I have another chance to do volunteer work,I am ready to go.【解析】写作分析:这是一篇给定标题的材料作文,需要逐条完成要点问题的回答,描述一次自己让别人开心快乐的经历,是一篇记叙文,首先要读懂5个问题,其次要用恰当的语言和衔接手段把这五个问题的回答联系在一起,变成一篇短文,同时也要注意在描述过去的故事的时候要正确运用过去时态。




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