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. 非谓语动词经典句子撷英(非谓语动词)Ford found a way to mass-produce the motor car cheaply, making it possible for many more people to own one. 福特想了个办法便宜地大批量生产汽车,使更多的人有可能拥有一辆车。(北师大版M3 U9 Culture Corner)(非谓语动词)Looking ahead, scientists believe that global warming could be one of the biggest environmental problems facing the 21st century. 展望未来,科学家们认为全球变暖可能是21世纪所面临的最严重的环境问题之一。(北师大版M8 U23 L3)(非谓语动词)Given this data, it seems that the link between human activities and rising global temperatures is not merely a coincidence. 根据这一数据推断,人类活动与全球变暖之间的关系不仅仅只是一个巧合。 (北师大版M8 U22L1)(非谓语动词)In the last three years, Indonesia has had a rough time, suffering several killer quakes and it is still recovering from the Asian tsunami caused by an offshore earthquake on December 26th, 2004. 在过去的三年里,印尼饱受自然灾害之苦,它遭受了几次致命的大地震,至今仍然处于2004年12月26日发生的亚洲海啸所造成的创伤的恢复期中,那次海啸是由一次离岸地震所引起的。(北师大版M8 U22L3)(非谓语动词)The children played in the courtyards and because of the hutongs, courtyards were joined together for miles around creating a network of people working, playing and living together—a real community. 孩子们在院子里一起玩耍,方圆好几里的四合院被连接起来,构成了人们一起工作、一起娱乐、一起起居的网络和一个真正的社区。(北师大版M8 U24L3)(非谓语动词)The hutongs not only link Beijing’s streets and communities after all, but also its past and present, showing that Beijing is truly an ancient yet modern city. 胡同不仅连接了北京的街道和社区,它还联系着北京的过去和现在,它证明了北京的确是一座古老而现代的城市。(北师大版M8 U24L3)Eighty-year-old retired tailor, James Mckay, spent Saturday night in jail after hitting thirty-year-old Keith Smith over the head with his walking stick. 81岁的退休裁缝吉姆斯 · 迈奇,在用拐杖打了30岁的科思· 史密斯的头之后,在监狱里度过了星期六的夜晚。(北师大版M8 U23L1)(非谓语动词)Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by. "Hello, Lao Li," he called. "Your usual?" But Li Chang seemed not to hear.突然间,他看到自己的朋友李昌匆匆地走过。他喊道,“喂,老李!你还是吃老一套的吧?”可是李昌似乎没有听到。(新人教版必修3Unit1P10)(非谓语动词)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! He had better do some research! 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们后跑掉。他最好做一番调查!(新人教版必修3Unit1P10)(非谓语动词)At the library Wang Peng was surprised to find that his restaurant served far too much fat and Yong Hui’s far too little. 在图书馆,王鹏很惊讶地发现,他餐馆的食物脂肪含量太高,而雍慧餐馆的食物脂肪含量又太低。(新人教必修3Unit2P10)(非谓语动词)Yong Hui agreed to stay and soon they were both enjoying dumplings and breast of chicken cooked with garlic. 雍慧同意留下来。没过一会,他们两人就津津有味地吃起饺子和蒜蓉鸡胸。(新人教必修3Unit2P14)(非谓语动词)At this moment, they see a penniless young man wandering on the pavement outside their house. 这时他们看见一个身无分文的年轻人在房子外面的人行道上游荡。(新人教必修3Unit3P17)(非谓语动词)Just having you sit here is a great honour! As for the bill, sir, please forget it. 您就是在这儿坐一下也是我们莫大的荣幸!至于说账单吗,先生,请您把它忘了吧。(新人教必修3Unit3P22)(非谓语动词)As a result of this, many scientists believe the earth may become too hot to live on. 因此,许多科学家相信地球可能会变得太热而不适合生物的生存。(新人教必修3Unit4P26)(非谓语动词)Last month I was lucky enough to have a chance to make a trip into space with my friend Li Yanping, an astronomer. 我的朋友李彦平是一位飞行员,上个月我有幸得到一个机会同他一起去太空旅行。(新人教必修3Unit4P30)(非谓语动词)We watched, amazed as fire broke out on the outside of the spaceship as the earth's gravity increased. 我们惊奇地看着,随着地球引力的增加,宇宙飞船的外层燃烧起火。(新人教必修3Unit4P31)(非谓语动词)Li Daiyu and her cousin Liu Qian were on a trip to Canada to visit their cousins in Montreal on the Atlantic coast. 李黛予和她的表妹刘倩要去加拿大大西洋海岸的蒙特利尔市看望他们的表兄妹们。(新人教必修3Unit5P34)(非谓语动词)Going eastward, you'll pass mountains and thousands of lakes and forests, as well as wide rivers and large cities. 一路向东行,你们会经过一座座山脉,上千个湖泊,森林,还有宽阔的河流和许多大城市。(新人教必修3Unit5P34)(非谓语动词)They spent the afternoon in lovely shops and visiting artists in their workplaces beside the water. 整个下午他们穿梭于布局可爱的商店,还拜访了水边工作坊里的艺术家。(新人教必修3Unit5P38)Many of them have a gift for riding wild horses and can win thousands of dollars in prizes. 他们中许多人都有骑野马的才能,他们能赢得几千美元的奖金。(新人教必修3Unit5P34)(非谓语动词)Skiing in the Rocky Mountains and sailing in the harbour make Vancouver one of Canada's most popular cities to live in. 洛基山可以滑雪,海港供你杨帆,这些使得温哥华成为加拿大最受欢迎的居住城市之一。(新人教必修3Unit5P34)(非谓语动词)People say it is Canada's most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 人们说温哥华是加拿大最美丽的城市,被大山和太平洋环抱。(新人教必修3Unit5P34)(非谓语动词)The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as thought it is covered with pink snow. (节日里)整个国度到处是盛开的樱花,看上去就像覆盖了一层粉红色的血。(新人教版必修3Unit1P2)(非谓语动词)Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. He would drown his sadness in coffee. 他不想屏息等他来道歉,他要用咖啡来解愁。(新人教版必修3Unit1P7)(非谓语动词)While Ashrita makes standing on top of a 75 cm Swiss ball look easy, it is not. It takes a lot of concentration and a great sense of balance to stay on it. 当阿西里塔站在75厘米高的瑞士球上时,看起来虽然很轻松容易,其实不然。呆在球上得一直全神贯注,还需要有极强的注意力和极好的平衡感。(新人教必修9Unit1P2)(非谓语动词)Covering a mile in the fastest time while doing gymnastically correct lunges is yet another event in which Ashrita is outstanding. 做标准的体操弓箭步动作向前,以最快的节奏走完一英里的路程是阿西里塔又一个出色的项目。(新人教必修9Unit1P2)(非谓语动词)An early method of measuring speed involved throwing a knotted rope tied to a log over the side of the ship. 早期测量速度的方法是沿着船边拉一根打结的绳子。(新人教必修9Unit2P13)(非谓语动词)It measured how high stars were above the horizon using a quarter circle rather than the full circle of the astrolabe. 它利用星盘的1/4圆周而不是整个圆来测量星星在水平线上的高度。(新人教必修9Unit2P13)(非谓语动词)It was extremely difficult for us to get a correct reading from the quadrant as the boat moved constantly. 因为船只总是在晃动,所以我们很难从四分仪上得到正确的读数。(新人教必修9Unit2P18)(非谓语动词)It was starvation quantities but the extreme lack of water was the hardest to cope with psychologically. 这点份量的食物只能让人处于饥饿之中,可是我们心里上最难承受的却是极度缺水。(新人教必修9Unit2P18)(非谓语动词)You could not imagine a more disturbing sight than what we looked like when arriving in Timor over forty days after being set loose in our small boat. 你简直无法想像我们被放在小船上漂泊了40天后在帝汶岛登陆时的凄惨样子。(新人教必修9Unit2P18)(非谓语动词)At that time, there were restrictions on the movement of Europeans and so, in order to travel unnoticed, he developed his fluency in Chinese and dressed as a Chinese man, even shaving his head in the Chinese style. 那时候,欧洲人在中国的活动受到种种限制,因此为了在旅行中不引起别人注意,他努力使自己的汉语讲得很流利,并且穿着中国人的服装,甚至像中国人一样削发(留辫)。(新人教必修9Unit4P33)(非谓语动词)This invention, called the Wardian case, allowed plants to be transported on long journeys. (新人教必修9Unit4P32)这项发明被称为沃德箱,可以用来进行远距离的植物运输。(非谓语动词)Brave young men took the opportunity of going on botanical expeditions, often facing many dangers including disease,near-starvation, severe environments and conflicts with the local people. 勇敢的年轻人借机进行植物探索活动,他们常常面临许多危险,如疾病、饥饿、严酷的环境以及同当地居民的冲突。(新人教必修9Unit4P32)(非谓语动词)You might think that with all these dangerous animals Australia is an unsafe place to live in or visit. However, this is far from the truth. 澳大利亚有这么多的危险动物,你也许会认为到这里居住或到这里旅游很不安全。但事实并非如此。(新人教必修9Unit3P28)(非谓语动词)With so many messages from advertisers filling our daily lives, it is important to understand how advertisements work. 我们的日常生活中充满了众多的广告信息,可见了解广告如何发挥作用是很重要的事情。(新人教必修9Unit5P42)(非谓语动词)Having identified the target group, researchers find out as much as possible about those in the target group, such as their likes and dislikes, and how the product would fit into their lives. 明确了广告的目标群体后,研究人员就会尽量收集这个群体的有关信息,例如他们的好恶,以及如何使产品适应他们的生活。(新人教必修9Unit5P42)(非谓语动词)However, it would be no use advertising products on radio if the ad relies on visual effects. 但是,如果一项产品的广告要依靠视觉效果,那么它在收音机里播出就毫无意义了。(新人教必修9Unit5P43)(非谓语动词)On the other hand, being constantly exposed to advertisements can help to change our opinions over time. 另一方面,经常处于广告的包围中,我们的想法有可能随着时间的流逝而变化。(新人教必修9Unit5P43)(非谓语动词)A consumer can complain to the organization, giving reasons for their complaint, and if the complaint is correct, the organization can make the company stop using the offending advertisement. 消费者可以向这个机构投诉,提出投诉的理由,如果投诉是正确的,该机构可以责令该公司停止使用这种令人不愉快的广告。(新人教必修9Unit5P49)(非谓语动词)At 12 years old she won a Guinness Record when she became the youngest female to win the women's world title for platform diving at the World Championships in Australia in 1991. 1991年,12岁的伏明霞就获得了一项吉尼斯纪录,当时她参加了在澳大利亚举行的跳台跳水世界锦标赛,成为最年轻的女子世界冠军。(新人教必修9Unit1P8)(非谓语动词)She retired from diving after Atlanta and went to study economics at university. While there she decided to make a comeback and went on to compete at the Sydney Olympic Games, where she won her fourth Olympic gold, again making Olympic history. 在亚特兰大之后,伏明霞退役,到大学里学习经济。读书期间,她决定复出参加悉尼奥运会,结果她又获得了自己的第四枚奥运金牌,再次改写了奥运会历史。(新人教必修9Unit1P8)(非谓语动词)His heart racing, and tears filling his eyes, Jack carefully unlocked the box. 杰克心跳加快,双眼含泪,小心翼翼地打开这个盒子。(2008江苏卷阅读D)(非谓语动词)Complete with “red carpet” interviews and various awards, the festival has much in common with events for more experienced moviemakers, except for the age of the participants: about 8 to 18. 有“红毯”采访和各种奖项,这个电影节除了参与者的年龄是大约8至18岁,它与有更有经验的制片人参与的电影节有许多共同之处。(2008山东卷阅读A)(非谓语动词)In no time, the Del Monte Gold took the market by storm, rapidly becoming the world’s best-selling pineapple variety, and delivering natural levels of sweetness in the mouth, up until then only found in tinned pineapple. 德尔蒙金菠萝立刻占有了市场,很快成为世界上销售最好的菠萝,吃到嘴里有一种天然的甜味,在那之前,只有罐装菠萝才有这种味儿。(2008全国I卷阅读B)(非谓语动词)My earliest memories of my father are of a tall, handsome successful man devoted to his work and family, but uncomfortable with his children. 我对父亲的最早的记忆是一个个子高的英俊的成功男士,热爱工作和家庭,但是和孩子么在一起时让人不舒服。2008全国I卷阅读A (非谓语动词)In spite of ups and downs, she never take her fate lying down. In her splendid life, she has won an amazing eleven gold medals, four silvers and one bronze in series of Paralympics- a top lever athletic career covering two decades. 尽管有起起伏伏,她从来不甘心接受命运,在她辉煌的生命中,她在一系列的残疾人运动会中,令人惊喜地赢得11枚金牌,4枚银牌和一枚铜牌,长达20年她的运动生涯达到顶峰。 (2008福建卷阅读 A)(非谓语动词)For example, there're the obvious tendency to smile when smiled at and there are less obvious changes that reflect emotions of surprise, anger or sadness such as a change in our heart rate and blood pressure. 例如,别人朝你笑你很可能笑,有不太明显的反映惊讶,愤怒或悲伤的变化,如我们的心率和血压的变化。(2008湖南卷阅读C)(非谓语动词)Fans used to be crazy about a specific film, but now the public tends to base its consumption(消费) on the interest of celebrity attached to any given product. 粉丝过去会对一部具体的电影而疯狂,但是现在,公众倾向于把消费建立在与某种指定的产品有联系的名人的兴趣上。(2008湖南卷阅读D)(非谓语动词)The hotels themselves will vary greatly----from being quite simple in the early days to huge luxury structure at a later date.,从早期的非常简洁到后来的结构豪华,这些宾馆本身很不一样。(2008江西卷阅读E)(非谓语动词)The best way to get rid of a negative serf-image is to realize that your image is far from objective, and to actively convince yourself of your positive qualities. 摆脱负面的自我形象的最好办法是意识到你的形象远远不是客观的,同时积极的使你相信自己或者你的积极的品质。(2008广东卷阅读 B)(非谓语动词)Their study found that theobromine, found in cocoa, was nearly a third more effective in stopping coughs than codeine, which was considered the best cough medicine at present. 他们的研究发现可可含有的可可碱治疗咳嗽的有效性比可待因高三分之一,可待因目前被认为是最好的治咳嗽的药。(2008全国II卷阅读 D)(非谓语动词)Based on my experience, jogging is the most overvalued form of exercise around, and judging from the number of the people who left our neighborhood jogging army, I’m not alone in my opinion. 根据我的经验,慢跑是最被人高估的运动形式,从退出我们的慢跑大军的人数判断,不只是我有这种观点。(2008浙江阅读D)l (非谓语动词)Supported by his academic research, Professor Salovey suggests that when predicting someone’s future success, their character, as measured by EQ tests, might actually matter more than their IQ. (北师大版M5 Unit 13 lesson 1 EQ:IQ)萨洛维教授在他学术研究的基础上提出, 在预测一个人未来的成功时, 他的性格,即通过情商测验来衡量, 也许比他的智商更为重要. l (非谓语动词) To get ahead in the world and lead a happy successful life means getting on with other people and being able to understand and react to situations in the best way possible. (北师大版M5 Unit 13 lesson 1 EQ:IQ)在这个世界中生存并快乐的生活意味着能够与其他人很好的相处, 能够理解形势并以最好的方式作出反应. l (非谓语动词) I couldn’t help laughing at this and I invited her back to my apartment for a quick cup of tea. (北师大版M5 Unit 13 lesson 4 First Impressions)我禁不住笑了, 然后我邀请她去我家喝杯茶. l (非谓语动词) Pliny described a cloud coming down the mountain, blocking out the sun and burying everything in its path, including whole villages and towns. (M6 Unit 16 lesson 1 Stories form History) 普利尼描述,当时一团云自山颠而降,遮天蔽日,将所经之处,包括整座村庄和城市,统统吞没。l (非谓语动词/定语从句) Having scared the little beings, I began struggling to get loose and managed to break the strings that tied my left arm and slightly moved the strings that tied down my hair. (北师大版M6 Unit 17 Communication Workshop )吓跑了小人,我开始挣扎以使绳子松开,终于挣断了绑着左臂的绳子,并轻轻地解开绑着头发的绳子。l (非谓语动词) Inspired by this, I decided to realize my dream, even though some of my family members and my doctor were against it. (2011年北京卷 阅读A)受到启发, 我决定去实现我的梦想, 即使我的一些家人和医生反对. l (非谓语动词) Cats and dogs can learn how to read each other’s body signals, suggesting that the two may have more in common than was previously suspected. (2011年广东卷阅读 B )猫和狗能够学会如何读懂对方的身体信号, 表明两者拥有的共同之处比先前猜想的要多. l (非谓语动词) Noticing that the driver was struggling to see through the snow covering the windshield, she found herself wondering why there couldn’t be a built-in device for cleaning the window. (2011年江苏卷 阅读A)注意到司机要很费力的透过覆盖在挡风玻璃上的雪向外看,她不禁想为什么不能有一个内置的设备来清除雪呢。l (非谓语动词) Shay didn’t make it to another summer and died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making his father so happy and coming home and seeing his mother tearfully hug her little hero of the day! (2011年江苏卷 阅读D)Shay 在那一年的冬天死了,没有活到第二年的夏天,他永远也忘不掉自己当英雄以及让自己的爸爸如此高兴,跑回家看到含泪的妈妈抱住这个小英雄的场景。l (非谓语动词) For example, many companies now have to invest a lot of money in information technology and staff training in order to cope with the “phone rage” –caused by delays in answering calls, being cut off in mid-conversation or left waiting for long periods. (2011年浙江卷 阅读C)例如,许多公司现在不得不在信息技术和职员培训上投资很多钱以便处理电话投诉----未及时接电话、谈话中线路中断或让等候太久-l (非谓语动词) To get rid of alcohol from the body is a very slow process and it is not possible to speed it up with any measures like taking a shower or having a cup of tea or coffee. (2011年福建卷 阅读A)把酒精从体内消除是个缓慢的过程,也不可能通过任何措施如洗澡或喝杯茶或咖啡来加速其消除的过程。l (非谓语动词) In the fall of 1985, I was a bright-eyed girl heading off to Howard University, aiming at a legal career and dreaming of sitting on a Super Court bench Somewhere. (2011年天津卷 阅读B)1985年的秋天,我兴致勃勃地去哈佛大学学习,目的是从事法律工作并梦想着坐在某处最高法院的法官席上。l (非谓语动词) In addition to encouraging reading as a pursuit to be enjoyed by all, the program allows strangers to communicate by discussing the book on the bus, as well as promoting reading as an experience to be shared in families and schools. (2011年天津卷 阅读C)除了鼓励把阅读当作所有的人的一种追求外,这个项目还允许陌生人在汽车上通过讨论交流,同时宣传把阅读当作家庭和学校共享的一次体验。l (非谓语动词) Renting your home out as a “film set” could earn you hundreds of pounds a day, depending on the film production company and how long you home is needed. (2011年四川卷 阅读B)把房子租出去当电影摄影场能让你一天挣数百磅,这取决于电影公司和你的租期。非谓语动词l (非谓语动词) Some modern art is abstract; that is, the painter doesn’t attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes, but instead concentrates on certain qualities of the object, using color, line and shape to represent them. (人教版 M6 Unit 1 A Short History of Western Painting)有些现代艺术是抽象的,也就是说,画家并不打算把我们眼睛看到的东西如实地画出来,而是集中展现物体的某些品质特征, 用色彩、线条和形状把它们呈现出来。l (非谓语动词) Henry Clay Frick, a rich New Yorker, died in 1919, leaving his house, furniture and art collection to the American people. (人教版 M 6 Unit 1 The Best Of Manhattan’s Art Galleries )亨利 克莱 弗里克 是纽约的一位富豪,于1919年去世,把他的房子、家具和艺术收藏品全部留给了美国人民。l (非谓语动词) Sometimes working outdoors, sometimes in an office, sometimes using scientific instruments in my work and sometimes meeting with local people and tourists, I am never bored. (人教版 M 6 Unit 5 An Exciting Job )l (非谓语动词) Having collected and evaluated the information, I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow nest and how fast it will flow. (人教版 M 6 Unit 5 An Exciting Job )收集和评估了这些信息之后,我就帮助其他科学家一起预测下次火上熔岩将流往何处,流速是多少。l (非谓语动词) Having experienced quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn’t take much notice. (人教版 M 6 Unit 5 An Exciting Job )因为我在夏威夷曾经经历过多次地震, 所以对这种声音我并不在意. l (非谓语动词) The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them. (人教版 M 6 Unit 5 An Exciting Job )另外两个人攀下火山口去收集供日后研究用的岩浆, 我是第一次经历这样的事, 所以留在山顶上观察他们. l (非谓语动词) Having studied volcanoes now for more than twenty years, I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. (人教版 M 6 Unit 5 An Exciting Job )虽然我从事火山研究很多年了, 但是我对火山的壮丽景色以及它那潜在的巨大破坏力至今仍然感到惊愕不已. l (非谓语动词) Worried about the preparations for the feast, Lala quickly turned for home with her collection of nuts, melons and other fruits. (人教版 M 8 Unit 5 The Feast : 18,000 BC )拉拉担心她这次盛宴的准备工作,所以赶紧把坚果和水果收拾起来就快步回家了。l (非谓语动词) Having heard wolves howling in the forest, Lala accelerated her walk up the path to the caves fearing that there might be wild beasts lying in wait for her. (人教版 M 8 Unit 5 The Feast : 18,000 BC )拉拉沿着回洞穴的路走着,她的步伐加快了,担心会有野兽在等她。




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